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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • ?: I wasn’t planning on getting into Pokemon Go but it’s become a nice little routine for my mornings after Starbucks…I wander around the zoo until it gets too hot and then go on with my day (or not)
    Revel: Warped tour this weekend
    Rant: Can’t find a concert buddy. Anybody here interested? I’ll drive!
    Rant: My psychiatrist’s phone line is “unavailable” and I really need to reschedule!
    Rant/revel: Great night catching up with some friends yesterday at Sushi Para, but holy crap are they slow. We arrived at 7:15, and left around 10:00. We did order a second round but still!

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: WABA was out last night in Adams Morgan handing out KIND bars to cyclists at red lights. It totally caught me off guard but was a nice little token for enduring the face melting ride home last night.

    RANT: It was unfortunately a Chocolate Coconut KIND bar and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing I hate more than the taste of coconut. Oh well. Can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    RAVE: Flat tire on the bike justified stopping for Thai food last night and driving today, instead of melting.

  • Rave: Almost Friday!

    Rant: Job ends in 3 weeks, haven’t found another job yet. Being a non-big firm lawyer kinda sucks (then again, it seems like being a big firm lawyer sucks too).

    Rave: Beach vacation next month!
    Rant: Will be a fifth wheel with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend and my body is SO not beach ready (in my view).

  • Mega Rave: My federal tax refund FINALLY came through!!!
    Sorta-rave: Have my several-months-delayed annual eye exam tomorrow. Here’s hoping for a clean bill of eye health! and hooray for new glasses/contacts soon! (sorry, accountering, I’m just too scared to do the Lasik!)
    Related question: Does anyone here just get their glasses Rx from their eye doc and then take it to Warby Parker? Any experience (good, bad, ugly) with using Warby Parker for heavy-duty Rx glasses? (even though I mostly wear contacts, I always need back-up glasses)
    Rant: One of the fluorescent lights in my office is buzzing super loud every couple minutes. Driving me nuts!
    Rant: this heat – oy!

    • Warby parker glasses are fine but they are pretty clunky and uncomfortable. I enjoyed mine for about 3 years but just upgraded to oakleys which are light years better and more comfortable (all-be-it a pain in the ass to actually get!). But yes you can get a Rx and go buy warby’s just like any other glasses

  • Any recommendations for a good mortgage broker experienced in reno loan options?

    • Andie302

      Chris Jordan does 203k loan, and you could contact him to see if there are other renovation programs (I think you’ll need 20% equity or more, after the cost of the renovation). Google Chris Jordan mortgage – he has an online application and is very responsive.

    • I had a great experience with Nick Dourian at Monarch Bank….we had a complicated mortgage situation and he’s very responsive. Definitely worth emailing him.

    • Accountering

      I have refinanced 6 times now, and used Chris two of them. He is light years ahead of the average mortgage broker, and his rates/closing costs are competitive as well. You should definitely give him an email/call.

      • Bear

        Hi Andie and Accountering, we’re about to refinance to do a renovation. I think we’ll be able to go with a traditional refi but we’re looking for a good broker. Our last one was fine, but the company they sold our mortgage to is pretty effing terrible. Does Chris work with any one bank in particular, or is it a crapshoot after closing?

  • maxwell smart

    Warby Parker, I believe, maxes out at a certain prescription level. You might check their website – I want to say anything over an 8. I almost got frames there, but then decided on somewhere else (not because of prescription issues…. I realized the frames I was looking at no less than 4 other co-workers also have).

  • Rave: Job offer and they sent the offer letter over yesterday and the standard work week is 35 hours?! Sweeeeeet.
    Rant: Waiting on them to make a few changes…
    Rave: This long, tiring process will be over soon.

  • Rant: While I’ve known it was going to happen eventually, the reality is sinking in that my mom is going to lose her house, and we’re not sure where she’ll go since she is post-retirement age and disabled, and even senior living apartments are very expensive (despite not living in a big city).
    Does anyone know of any resources to help low-income senior or disabled individuals become homeowners or subsidize rent, national or local (aside from county/city homeownership centers)? (Habitat for Humanity is already out because neither her nor I would be able to devote the required labor to build.) At this point, I’m thinking I just need to win the lottery… or enter a lot of HGTV home contests….

    • binntp

      Google the Eldercare Locator, which is a service of the Adminstration on Aging. They can connect you to a local aging/disability resource center for housing counseling and would know best what might be available to your mom.

  • YAY! Congrats on the new job!!!

  • Clueless

    Rant: Makeup literally melting off my face this morning
    Rave: The office is usually an icebox and I typically hate it, but today I VERY much appreciate it.

    • Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Used this during a summer wedding, it was a godsend!

    • I finally, after much trial and error, have gotten my eye shadow to last ALL day. I must have the oiliest eyelids ever because mine would crease after 2 hours.
      I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer and let it set while I brush my teeth, when I apply my eye shadow I spray each brush with two sprays of make up setting spray for each eye, then when I’m done with my makeup I spray my face twice. I’m currently using Maybeline setting spray, I tried Urban Decay’s, but I don’t see a big difference when I do it this way.

      • Too Faced Shadow Insurance – yes! That stuff is amazing! I’ve never tried spraying the actual brushes with the setting spray – do you do spray it before or after you apply the shadow? Dip the wet brush in the shadow?

        • I spray it before I apply the shadow, I put the damp brush in the shadow, then apply.
          I go the gym and lunch and I am way too lazy to bring my makeup with me, so I don’t ouch up after, and it is still all in place when I get home.

    • Clueless

      Thanks for the suggestions/tips jeslett and LBP! Don’t know what’s keeping me from using setting sprays but I’ve watched countless YouTube makeup gurus use them and and they always look flawless. I’ve got to give it a shot.

  • Rant: I *just* found out I’m going to be having a high school intern reporting to me next week. Oh, and it’s an executive’s kid. Wtf direct report who’s conveniently on vacation and said this was okay?
    Rave: more motivation to actually start job hunting.
    Rant: so, I went to bed early again last night, though not quite as early as the night before, and it was not as good. I woke up a bunch of times and do not feel well rested.
    Rant: my dog is refusing his walk of the night pretty regularly and it has me worried.

    • Andie302

      Could he be refusing because of the heat? Do you need to shave him (preferably like a lion)? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It might be, though I thought he kind of got that night isn’t as bad.
        I don’t know if he’d be down for shaving. He’s got pretty thick fur, but it’s not really long, so the lion cut wouldn’t be really obvious. It would be funny though.

      • Shaving dogs is generally discouraged by groomers and other experts. You could take him to a groomer and see what they say? The discouragement is because that’s how your dog will sunburn apparently.

        • I don’t think I’d shave him. I’m not sure how much of a difference it would make considering his fairly short hair.
          He’s large, black, and old, so this is just a rough time for him. Although he did want to add on the further part of the walk yesterday. But he was overheated by the end of it, even with two water breaks.

  • Rant: Guy walking three big dogs off-leash in Mt P. All three crossed the (busy, but fortunately no cars were coming) street before he noticed. My dog did not appreciate being approached by three big off-leash dogs
    Rant: Guy had a “no big deal” response
    Rant: Cobwebs on my bike – not a good sign
    Rave: Turning some not-so-great fruit into fruit shrubs; perfect for hothazyhumid summer days
    Reminder to self: Don’t be tempted by sale prices; I know that strawberries from California bear no resemblence to local strawberries

  • Hey PoP, why are my replies to other people showing up at the bottom of the chain on all the posts today? Do you know? (I hope I’m not being moderated somehow…) That comment above about the job was supposed to be for Formerly ParkViewRes.

  • Ranty question: I asked someone to write me a letter of recommendation, and they haven’t replied in 5 days. It’s time-sensitive. Would it be rude to ask someone else instead? How long should I wait?
    Rant: Really not in the mood to work on this grant application right now.
    Rave: It’s almost the weekend.

    • I would send a follow up email this morning to bring it back to their attention. If no response, ask someone else tomorrow.

  • It would be worth checking if her town has an entity that offers resources for aging or disabled people (for example, in DC it is the DC Aging & Disability Resource Center). They would likely have at least some ideas about how to move forward. I’m really sorry this is happening.

  • OK, that was supposed to be a reply to anon for this about his/her mom’s house. Sorry about that.

  • Congratulations!!

  • OK, there is definitely something wrong with the threading of replies today. My post above was supposed to be in response to Formerly ParkViewRes’s post about landing a job.

  • There are age-restricted affordable apartments for seniors in many jurisdictions – both those that are fully subsidized (think Section 8) and those that are restricted to seniors below certain income levels and have capped rents. It depends a lot of where she lives, but there should be a local office on aging or senior resource center or something that can help you sort out options.

  • Does get town have any sort of section 8/voucher program? I’d look into that as the waitlist can be long.
    The homeowner programs that come to mind are for first time buyers unfortunately.

  • Woo, yay for the fed tax return finally coming!!

  • It’s okay. Thanks. I’ll try with a new username for today, maybe that will work.

  • I’d mention it again if you didn’t tell them the deadline, but I’d look elsewhere if you did.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Had first package stolen off our porch in a long time, only the 2nd one in over 3 years. Found the ripped open box in the bushes this morning, thanks to Fedex leaving it on the door stop rather than over the fence like UPS usually does. Had been on the fence about getting a good camera due to our relative luck so far, but now I guess I’ll have to go ahead and do it. Is it even worth reporting to the cops? (the company is replacing the goods, so not worried about that)

  • Mine are weird too…hmm like my comment to LBP went to the bottom?!

  • PoP – new username didn’t work. Still having issues — that was actually supposed to be in response to your response above. Glad to know it’s not just me.

  • I would give person #1 a polite nudge, and reach out to someone else as backup. The worst that could happen is you have two recommendations rather than none.

  • Rave: My RatZapper has zapped a rat! (Outdoors, on a covered patio.)
    When I’d tried it before, it had no success, maybe because I was too impatient to follow the directions. (You’re supposed to bait it but leave it unarmed for a few nights before arming it.) And maybe also because I had baited it only with dog food — this time, I put the kibble in a paper cupcake liner and smeared peanut butter on top.
    Rant: Having to dispose of the rat. It wasn’t messy or anything (the way I imagine it would’ve been with a snap trap), but it still made me shudder.

    • Andie302

      I had to pick up our first dead rat of the season last week (the cleaner found it, and accountering was working late and I didn’t want our airbnb guests to be greeted with a dead rodent!) So gross! At least you didn’t have to touch it. If anyone was watching me they were probably wondering why I had two dog poop bags on each hand! Yuck!

  • *test to see if this is going to thread correctly

  • That was what I had in Pennsylvania, too. Wonder if it’s more common there.

  • Mis-placed post. I had a 35 hour work week with an hour lunch that wasn’t counted. Still a 9-5 job.

  • Yeah, it’s actually 35 hours because anything over 35 hours is eligible for overtime pay. I think it’s just different up here. I remember when my wife received her offer letter and it said the work week was 37.5 hours, which is pretty crazy for an attorney. Now she doesn’t work 37.5 hours, but a lot of people do and she works about 40 hours–still awesome. Yes, full benefits–retirement, eye, dental, drugs, STD, LTD. Thanks for all the congrats too, and sorry if this doesn’t thread correctly!!

  • Disposing of mice with the RatZapper was still pretty gross. I mean technically you shouldn’t see it, but just knowing its in there made my skin crawl.

  • My puppy is actively hiding when I break out the leash. All of our dog friends say their dogs are pretty much doing the same. Dog days of summer, I guess!

  • Rant: Best friend starts chemo today…she is way way way too young to be dealing with this, and we’re hoping the side effects will be as minimal as possible.
    Rave: We have each other for support, and we’re both going to learn a lot along the way.

  • I just ordered my first pair of WPs yesterday! Many of my friends have them and love them, though most don’t have heavy-duty Rx. My eyes are pretty bad, but like you I mostly wear my contacts so I’m not too worried about what intense use will do to the glasses.

  • I just ordered my first pair of WPs yesterday! Many of my friends have them and love them, though most donโ€™t have heavy-duty Rx. My eyes are pretty bad, but like you I mostly wear my contacts so Iโ€™m not too worried about what intense use will do to the glasses.

    • Thanks, BRP! I appreciate the input! I don’t wear my glasses that much, so if I can get cute ones without paying an arm and a leg, that would be the way I’d prefer to go.

  • ugh, fail. I keep trying to leave this in response to LBP above! sorry, guys.

  • I love my RatZapper because usually you don’t really have to see what’s in there, but I did find a rat the size of a possum once, and had to pinch it’s legs together to get it out!

  • If it’s 9-5 and you’re given an hour for lunch, that’s 7 work hours a day, 35 work hours a week.
    Most of us who say we work a 40-hour week are at the office 8.5 hours a day, including an unpaid half-hour lunch. Consider yourself lucky.

  • Yeah. This rat was big enough that its hind claws were sticking out from the RatZapper. (That seems to be the standard size for D.C. rats, though.)
    What I should’ve done was to pick up the RatZapper with my disposable-gloved hand. I was so skeeved out that I had the glove on AND was holding two sheets of paper towels. Because of the paper towels, I couldn’t get any purchase on the RatZapper and instead used them to pull the rat out by its tail.

  • Yeah, now that I think about it the offer letter says hours are 8:30-4:30 with an hour for lunch. Now I guess it depends if people *really* take that lunch break whether I’d consider it 35 hours. My wife’s is 37.5 b/c they have 30 minutes for lunch–but people actually take 1-1.5 hours and don’t make it up. In my last job I never took a lunch break, some people did and then they worked an extra hour to make up for it. I guess it depends on how you see it. If there really is an hour lunch break it will be nice for me as I am a 10 minute walk from home and a 5 minute walk from my wife’s office.

  • Andie — Was this outdoors, or indoors?

  • Ha…small world. I used Chris Jordan to facilitate my loan with a 203K, then to refinance after the work was done to get an even better rate. He was responsive and knowledgable. I would also recommend.

  • Oo good to know. I have oily eyelids too, though fairly dry skin (funny the things we find out about ourselves). I’ve used all sorts of expensive concoctions with no luck. Will give this a try. Do you find you have trouble blending when you use eye shadow primers? Everyone at Sephora swears by Urban Decay and not only does it not seem to last, it also makes blending awful

    • I’ve never had a problem blending with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, don’t know whether it would be affected using jeslett’s method, but I’m going to give it a try tomorrow!

      • I was about to buy the Urban Decay primer at Sephora, but a woman who works there stopped me and suggested the Too Faced and I’m glad she did.
        I can’t speak too much to the blending, I usually just use a lid color and an outer V color and sometimes I do a quick blend, but it’s with a plushy brush and just to soften the edges a bit. I’m not a serious blender.

  • My eye shadow comment was in response to jeslett

  • I would strongly, strongly recommend that you do not rely on contests to secure her housing (forgive me if this was just a flippant remark, but I have seen this so many times where people do genuinely rely on contests or the lottery or whatever for this sort of thing). I would also strongly recommend that you and your siblings, and your mother be realistic about housing options. I started my career in long term health care, and there was nothing worse than having a person come in to short term rehab and have no place to go home to.
    There are resources out thee and people who can help. There are a lot of resources for the elderly. If your mom is of retirement age AND disabled (as in, formally disabled with a disability determination) she should already have a Medicaid/Medicare case worker who can assist her. Other than that, you or one of your siblings should get in contact with the local health department’s office on aging; they should have a social worker who can assist. Outside of this, and depending on where your mom lives, there is AARP, which is an excellent resource for information. If your mom or your father was a veteran, the VA administration can also help. If your mom is disabled, an assisted living facility or independent living facility may be a great option. They are not cheap, but continuing care communities provide a great deal of reassurance for individuals and families as they allow for aging in place. There are several in the region, many of which are excellent.
    Best wishes to you and your family, I know this is a challenging and frightening time.

  • Wahoo on the refund!
    For the record, I do not miss those lights! The people, the work, all of that I miss! But you can keep that office suite, lol

  • Gah! This was for LBP above

  • I love my Warby Parker glasses. I bought two pairs earlier this year after I found out I was not a candidate for lasik. They are really cute and I get compliments on them all the time ๐Ÿ™‚
    The process was easy – if you have an eye doc that will release the RX to WP, WP will call and do all the work for you. If not, you call your eye doc and follow their RX release process and then scan it over to your POC at WP (their staff is very helpful and texts you through your ordering process). I would have WP try to call your doc first.

  • I’d also recommend googling “HUD Information for Senior Citizens”, which includes housing counseling links by state, and checking with your mom’s state and local governments for senior citizen affairs ombudsman/department. It’s really hard when your parents need your help.

  • Oops – this was supposed to be in reply to LBP above.

  • Oops, sorry anon for this @ 9:50am, tried to reply to you.

  • Definitely ask someone else for the letter of recommendation.

  • Hi Andie, I take it from you talking about 203k loans that you have had one (or more?) in the past. Would you be willing to give me a little information about them? Mostly just to get it started and how you go about getting 203k approved contractors and mortgage brokers (I am considering doing this in another state, so I guess one of my questions would be if mortgage brokers can help with the loan across state lines so to speak). I am interested in doing one in the future (I don’t have the house yet, but would like to get some information before embarking on it). I’m happy to give you my email address if you would be willing to talk with me about it. Thanks!

  • HaileUnlikely

    203K Loan – I do not have direct experience with the following, but JustinBC, who is way smarter than me with respect to real estate, has previously recommended looking into the Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan in some purchase or refi situations that involve significant renovations. (Note – not to be confused with HomePath – that is a totally different thing.) I’m not recommending HomeStyle per se, but I would recommend trying to learn more about it and figuring out whether it might make sense in your situation.

  • Rant: Pokemon Go has hit my house. Now, on the surface, I really don’t care. But, last night, but partner took the kids to a Pokespot that turned pout to be a cemetery. There were tons of people there collecting Pokeballs, and it’s just very off putting to me that a game would take place in a cemetery.
    Revel: Having a partner who treats my kids like his own and is not only willing, but happy to do things like this with them.
    Rant: Having to explain to the person at my Credit Union handling my request for title change that no, DC is not in Maryland, and yes, I’m sure I need to have the title changed.

  • You can get lots of information here on loans, but I believe mortgage brokers are licensed by states to operate only where licensed.

  • Revel: Bought a giant hunk of fresh jackfruit at H-Mart yesterday. Just spent 20 minutes or so getting the edible part out, had fun with it, and its’ delicious!

  • Rant: so humid and gross
    Rant: It is noon, and I have only had half a cup of coffee.
    Rave: I think this justifies a visit to Philz later.

  • Thank you, thank you!!! My email is mkass23 @ yahoo.com. I really, really appreciate it.

  • Thank you! More options the better.

  • maxwell smart

    If I ever found a rat inside my apartment, I would immediately pack up my essential belongs, vacate the building while setting it on fire and find somewhere else to live.

  • Yeah, I’ve mostly worked at non-profits, and they advertise a 35 hour work week, but that just means 9-5 with an hour for lunch.

  • Yeah, that’s what’s called making a smaller problem not a much bigger one, compete with criminal liability for arson, and potentially homicide, depending on who and what gets burned up.

  • I got WPs a few years ago, and was so surprised when they came with coke-bottle type lenses. I just wear them at night, but they kind of play tricks on my mind with depth perception, and the outer edges of what I’m seeing is kind of warped. I wouldn’t recommend them for a high-ish prescription–FWIW, the strength of my contacts is 5.5.

  • 9-5 with an hour for lunch is pretty generous. My experience in the private sector and the federal government has been that you work 8 hours a day PLUS an unpaid half-hour for lunch.

  • Doggone it — replies are still not threading properly (at least for me).

  • DupontDC — May I ask why you were ruled out for LASIK?
    (I ask partly because I suspect I’m going to be deemed ineligible for LASIK.)

  • Agree with textdoc. If you get to take an hour lunch and work 7 hours, that’s a 35 hour work week to me. In all my past jobs you worked 8 hours and if you took lunch it was on top of the 8 hours. (Taking a lunch was also mostly frowned upon in my last job–not taking a lunch was like a badge of honor). Either way, offer letter signed and they’re fronting me vacation days so I can take my family vacation to the beach next month, which is really nice. I offered to take it unpaid so wasn’t expecting to have a paid vacation so early after starting.

  • Was reading very carelessly – it’s almost 5:00pm – and I thought these comment were about the high school intern. First something about the heat which didn’t sound right but didn’t quite get my attention, but the shaving comment got a big “Whaaaaaat?” from me.
    Almost time to go home.

  • Which of course seems loopier with the threading issues, which I hadn’t even noticed until now.
    Time for me to go home.

  • I’m not sure who these nice past clients are of mine leaving such nice comments on here, but thank you.

    In regards to anyone’s questions about renovation loans, traditional loans, refinancing, purchasing, or anything else mortgage related, feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

    [email protected] Office: 301- 562-9540 Office Direct -240-485-1773

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