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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant/Revel: got a job offer to be a summer camp shadow for a kid with special needs that I never applied to. Turned it down though because I want a relaxing summer. Felt nice to be asked though.
    Revel: caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in months
    Revel: trip to spa world later this week!

  • Rant: DC jaywalkers. Seriously, what are people thinking when they just blindly walk into traffic, often mid-block? This morning a pregnant woman was nearly hit by my bus as she sauntered across PA Ave despite having a no-walk signal. WTF?!?!

    • I second this rant. It horrifies me when people dash across the street against the light while pushing a stroller. I invested way too much time in my spawn to take that risk. I will gladly wait for the crosswalk signal and be late for work, thank you very much.

    • Agreed. People really don’t pay attention. I once saw a woman almost get hit by a taxi because she crossed without the walk sign at 16th and U — didn’t even look, just walked right out into the street without stopping. She made some angry gestures at the taxi until I politely informed her that she did not have the walk sign, and thankfully, just quickly scampered away instead of being defensive about it…

    • I Dont Get It

      Pokemon Go?

    • People have ingrained the idea that the “pedestrian has the right of way” is absolute and will insist on it even when it’s horribly dangerous.

      • I think it’s more like “_I_ have the right of way. When I’m a pedestrian, I have the right of way. When I’m a driver, I have the right of way.”
        Yesterday I was driving on Georgia Avenue during rush hour. In Brightwood Park, there was a guy who started crossing just before the light changed, and thus ended up doing 2/3 of his crossing against the light, with lines of cars on both sides of the intersection. He wasn’t in any hurry, either.
        I suspect that Georgia Avenue has more jaywalking than any other major street in Northwest.

    • It’s the long honored DC right-of-way. “DGAF jaywalking” seems to be this city’s traditional past time. I feel like there’s an unspoken contest to see who can jaywalk more egregiously than anyone else.
      Some forms of jaywalking that would impress me:
      1. Pregnant and doing backflips across traffic
      2. Pushing a video game machine across Pennsylvania Ave, a la the Seinfeld “Frogger” episode
      3. 5 yogis doing a full vinyasa in the middle of rush hour while jaywalking

    • I know. It’s really bad and I used to deal with it every day when I drove to and from Virginia from work. I am always paying extra attention in the city because there are a lot of things going on, but many drivers don’t! I am surprised more people don’t get hit in DC. It’s a huge problem up in Toronto, but it’s more so because the drivers are AWFUL. I was almost hit by two cars last week when I was legally crossing!

    • I jaywalk pretty much every day and, done with appropriate attention to traffic and good timing, not appreciably more dangerous than a crosswalk. I still feel as though the new, midblock crosswalk and light on Connecticut Ave. have taken much of the excitement out of shopping trips to Cleveland Park. On the other hand, entitled jaywalkers bug me. Once, on Mt. Pleasant Street, some scrawny hipster winged a water bottle at my car when I didn’t stop for him. I don’t think he expected and middle aged guy in a suite to pull up in the middle of the street and threaten to put him through a place glass window.

      • Ha! Wish I could have witnessed that! I’m a jaywalker, but only appropriately/cautiously so. I do not trust drivers/cyclists to not hit me, so I wait for a break in traffic and good visibility.

      • Yeah — jaywalking when there are no cars coming is fine. But if you’re jaywalking and cars have to either slow down for you or come to a complete stop… you’re doing it wrong.

        • “jaywalking when there are no cars coming is fine”
          I won’t agree with that because so many people aren’t good at knowing there are no cars coming. They don’t see the ones just exiting a driveway, pulling out of parking spaces, making legal turns from the other side of the intersection, and so many other cases where the vehicle has the right of way. So many cases where people *think* there are no cars coming because they’re not looking for the cars in the right places.

          • Fair enough. I think it’s not a good idea to jaywalk unless you’re in an area where you’re VERY familiar with the patterns as far as the traffic, sequence of lights, etc.
            I always got annoyed when I was on the north side of the Columbia/Ontario intersection and bicyclists/pedestrians who weren’t familiar with the pattern of the lights (a long green for traffic going east/west on Columbia, then a ~40-second green for traffic coming from the south, then a ~20-second green for traffic from the north). _Most_ of the time there’s not that much traffic coming from the north. I routinely saw (perhaps because of this) pedestrians walking against the light and bicyclists blowing through the light, not realizing that cars had a green light.

          • “I think it’s not a good idea to jaywalk unless you’re in an area where you’re VERY familiar with the patterns as far as the traffic, sequence of lights, etc.”
            Familiarity cuts both ways though. You might know the patterns better but you’re far more likely to just assume you know where and when the cars are going to be rather than actually look for all possibilities. There are so many reasons why people fail to properly assess what’s happening around them that it just makes more sense to me to not agree with jaywalking. But I do realize I’m mostly alone in that regard (literally, because I’m the only one still on the sidewalk waiting for the walk signal).

      • So it’s alright for St. Irving to jaywalk when and where St. Irving wants based on St. Irving’s own precepts and rules, but “entitled jaywalkers bug [you]” and risk an a$$ kicking. OK, got it…..

        • But he had a suit on!

        • Presumably the scrawny hipster wasn’t exercising the “appropriate attention to traffic and good timing” that Irving St. exercises.

        • Unentitled jaywalkers consider it polite to stay out of cars’ way and consider it ill-mannered to make them slow, stop or swerve, as I do. Life is short; look both ways and cross in the middle of the block.
          I generally don’t threaten or even flip off the entitled type of jaywalker, though they can be annoying, but if they start throwing stuff at me they might get more of a reaction than they expected. To be clear, I’m not especially proud of said incident, and I did not actually kick anybody’s a$$.

      • Yes, crossing Connecticut between Macomb and Ordway in Cleveland Park used to be taking your life in your hands (and was often necessary, given the particularly bad street planning given all the shops around there). But they should have put in a regular light rather than a hawk – many drivers don’t understand them, and so crossing is still dangerous – I hate crossing at the hawks, and often feel safer jaywalking.

    • +1 people really need to pay more attention to their surroundings and stop stepping out into traffic! the worst is when they saunter slowly along and have a no walk sign and there is a green light for oncoming traffic.

    • Bear

      As a pregnant lady, I can attest that pregnancy brain is a real thing. I’ve aught myself about to step off a curb without checking the walk signal – not because I think I should always have the right of way, but because my parasite seems to be eating all of my brain cells.

  • Rave: Baby Artie is four months old today. We have kept him alive and thriving for more than one fiscal quarter!
    Rant: Poor baby did not want to get out of his bassinet this morning; vaccines wipe him out.
    Rave: Work has been busier, which is good in terms of engaging my brain.
    Rant: I feel like I have limited brain cells to engage.

    • Congratulations on keeping the baby alive! No, seriously. It’s a great feeling. And four-month-olds are the best. All chub and giggles. Until you have a five-, six-, or seven-month-old. Then *that’s* the best. Much to enjoy, much to look forward to!

  • RANT: Not enough weekend days in the summer compared to Weekdays. I think we would do much better with a 4/3 schedule between Memorial day and Labor day.

    Rave: Dad up next week for work which means we get a couple of dinners together while he is in town!

    • I second your rant. In the winter I mind being at work less because what else am I doing when it’s dark and cold out? But in the summer I feel like I’d be much more productive if I knew I had a longer weekend (even if it meant an hour or two extra some weekdays).

      • A lot of companies have “summer hours” up here, which is nice. My wife’s firm closes at 3:30 every Friday (not huge, but nice for a law firm!) and a family friend’s office closes at noon every Friday!

        • My DC-based company does that. We close at 2pm on Fridays. But I feel like it has the effect of making people take Fridays less seriously, so as a manager, I’m not actually a fan. As an employee, it’s nice, but not necessary.

          • God, it’s hard enough to get work out of people on a Friday as it is (myself included). This would make it impossible.

    • Clueless

      Amen to your rant. I’d even be happy with working a half-day type of schedule every Friday (though I think some offices/goverment agencies already do something like this?)

      • I think to do that, you have to do a CWS (Compressed Work Schedule), which means working longer hours on the other days.

        • Clueless

          Gotcha. I don’t work in a gov’t job but have plenty of friends that do – if I had the option to do a CWS at my own office, I’d definitely do it!

        • That’s true about burning leave. So many people at my past offices have had tons of use-or-lose leave and end up either taking like weeks off at a time or lengthening their weekends spread out.

  • Rant: ended up nixing the trip to Cape May. We may get our deposit back, too. And so I enter my 13th year without an actual relaxing vacation. Less because of the money and moreso because my husband has 42 OCIs for next summer that go in to the week of our vacation, despite me asking him multiple times if the week I booked was OK.
    Rant: May not be able to get my kid in to camp that week, so it may end up being way more work for me.
    Rant: I’m just physically and emotionally exhausted. Was looking forward to a break.
    Rave: Long weekend in DC coming up, so open mouth, insert le diplomat burger, compass cold brew, and merveilleuxs from un je ne sais quoi. NOM NOM NOM. Oh yeah, my son gets to visit spray parks and the hotel pool.

  • Rant: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dehumidifier? Preferably under $250. Mine is on the way out and I’m looking to buy a new one this weekend. It doesn’t need to be for a huge space- my basement apartment is probably around 600 square feet.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Cranky AF this morning
    Rant: Made it worse by trying to see if Trump has actually outlined ANY policies – what crap
    Rant: Feeling like doing some face-punching for no other reason than my stupid hormones
    Sole Rave: Thanks Pixie for mentioning How to Build A Girl. I didn’t see the initial recommendation on here, but am really enjoying it!

  • Rant: Back pain that I believe was caused by stress.
    Rave: Got new meds for depression that so far have no side effects.
    Rave: Will go to the doctor tomorrow for physical to hopefully find out everything that’s wrong with me and how fat I am.
    Rant: I have been taking leave from work during every pay period for a awhile and now I feel kind of embarrassed on my job. Mostly it’s for sickness (that I am trying to get resolved now) but still. My mid year review went well but I still feel funny about it.

    • If you have the leave, don’t feel guilty about using it. That’s what it’s for!

      • It can be a little awkward when you’re missing work because of depression, though. I told my boss only because I sort of had to (I’d missed that much time). Some of my co-workers probably thought I was just pretending to be sick.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Continued lack of sleep and resulting fatigued mind. I thought I saw a golden retreiver when in reality it was a person carrying a grocery bag.
    Rant: Mom up all night coughing and now is running a fever too. Ugh. Bought some over the counter medicine for her this morning. She must really feel sick because I plopped down a bottle of whiskey along with the honey and fake lemon for her to make hot toady and she didn’t put up a Prohibitionist protest.
    Rave: Wednesday. It is Wednesday, right?

  • Rave: Georgetown cupcake delivery yesterday from my awesome boss. It’s part of her birthday tradition of doing something nice for others on her b-day to let them know they are appreciated. I will being adopting this tradition because I think it’s great!
    Rave: I made really, really good chicken tortilla soup on Sunday and am enjoying eating it throughout the week. I love it when I make something that comes out delicious.
    Rant: Making yummy food makes keeping track of calories way harder – it’s one thing to use an app to scan a UPC code and automatically add the information from the nutrition panel; it’s a whole other thing to try to enter a recipe as accurately as possible and hope that everything gets calculated correctly, and then have to estimate a lot of other stuff. Grr.. this is part of why I stopped tracking. Also, avoidance issues.
    Rant: Gross, disgusting weather and the (literal) headaches that come with it.

    • topscallop

      I love that idea from your boss! I always feel awkward being the center of attention on my birthday.

  • Rant: Facebook memories reminding me that a year ago my cat died. Wish I could turn off that stupid feature.
    Rave: Looking forward to cooking for a crowd, going to try a vegan moussaka recipe. Spice blend already made and smelled delicious.

    • So sorry about the FB reminder of your loss. 🙁

    • I’m sorry about that, Tall E! I noticed that Facebook actually does have a feature where you can filter out/block memories from showing up from certain dates (and I think with certain people?). I can’t remember how I got to that settings page but you should look around — I’m sure you could find it.

    • I always see people sharing their facebook memories, but I don’t know where they come from. Was this a feature you turned on at some point?

      • Andie302

        Not all people have it! I didn’t know this until a friend asked the same question and we looked at her feed. For the people that share them, they normally pop up at the top of your feed when you open facebook (so it’s easy to see them and share). Sorry – it sounds like there’s no way to request facebook to add this feature for you if it isn’t automatically there.

      • I usually get a prompt at the top of my newsfeed.
        I’m not actually sure how to access it directly if I’m not given the prompt. There must be a way, though.

    • There is a way to put a stop to those jarring memories, as I discovered after Facebook reminded me of the joyous event that was my wife’s wake.

    • I’m so sorry. My dog passed 3 years ago, and I’d say 90% of my FB memories are of him – which is just really, really cruel.

    • You can turn this off – look for “on this day” in your list of apps. Hover over the title and a settings gear should show up to the left of title. Click on this, and turn off the app notifications.

  • Rant: Couldn’t figure out why I’ve felt like crap the last 36 hours and then realized what I thought were gluten-free Newman-Os (fake Oreos) were actually just wheat-free but not gluten-free. What is the point of these?! So few people have straight wheat allergies. Hoping I come out of this soon…
    Rant: Generally bad day.
    Rave: Heading home this weekend to see my parents.

    • Oh no! I have Celiac disease and that terrifies me!! I have seen that wheat free phase on packaging, which is very deceiving. If I eat any gluten I am out for the count for the rest of the day. Hope you feel better soon!

      • Thanks, Ashley! I’m usually very careful but apparently my need for cookies was greater than my attention to detail this time. 🙁

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My downstairs broom broke and brooms at Amazon Prime are crazy expensive. I know this isn’t much of a rant but it means that I have to go up the hill now to Target. Expect soon
    Anticipatory Rant: I went to Target to buy a broom and they were out.
    Rant: My sister msgd me that IDGI Sr was up on the roof of his Hoosier house trying to find a leak.
    Rave: 86 year olds up on the roof?
    More: I have a very clogged bathtub drain and I’ve tried plunging, Drano, etc. I don’t want to pay a plumber plus I’d have to scrub the tub not to mention clean the house. Do those plumbing snakes actually work? Any other options that weren’t covered with etc. above?

    • Yes! The plumbing snake is amazingly effective. I would try it before calling a plumber.

    • Andie302

      For brooms: what about the Ace hardware store on 14th? I bet they have them, and I bet they’re pretty reasonable. Accountering used a snake on our drain and it worked perfectly! It’s worth a shot. If that doesn’t work, I’ve got a guy. He doesn’t seem judgmental.

    • I don’t recommend an actual plumbing snake (plumbing auger) before the drain has metal pieces that (at least in my case) meant I couldn’t poke the snake through them.
      Instead, I recommend a plastic snake-thing called “ZipIt.” It’s less than $3 (if I remember correctly) and works like a charm.

    • I am disappointed that Wiccan Dog Sitter isn’t keeping your house supplied with brooms. Some witch he is!!

    • janie4

      Snakes work, I’ve used them. Have you tried vinegar? Worked on my sink. I know you’re supposed to mix it with baking soda, but I just kept pouring it in straight from the gallon containers for a couple of days. It’s probably about the same price as a good snake.

    • Metal hanger untwisted with the hook part made into a smaller hook then use it to pull out the clog. You’ll get more reach than a zipit.

  • Rant: My excellent cleaning person, a retired woman who cleans my vacation rental apt. 3-4 times a month, is moving to Florida because she just can’t find affordable housing here in DC. If anyone has a basement apt. that you haven’t been renting out because of no CofO or just fear of bad tenants, let me know. She is totally trustworthy and low-key. She can only afford about $600.00/month, but could also clean your house!

  • @PoP + PoPville — did Stanton & Greene close? I tried to go on Saturday evening for dinner but it was locked, dark, and all of the chairs were up.

  • Blithe

    Rant/Rave-ish/Rant/Query? : I chipped a tooth. So I finally made an appointment with a local dentist who was recommended in a long ago post in PoPville — but she doesn’t take my insurance. So, long shot question: Does anyone have a recommendation for a dentist who takes the Kaiser Permanente Dominion National Dental plan?
    Rant: Reading an article about playing Pokemon Go — while Black and male. It gave me the chills, and was filled with all-too familiar warnings. I’d really like to know what it’s like to walk, run, skip, and just live in this world — without the warnings.
    Rave: Doing my bit to let my elders know how much I treasure their active presence in my life.
    Rant-ish: Breakfast cookies. Awful idea, very yummy. Calling them “biscuits” really doesn’t change the fact that they’re healthy-ish cookies.

  • Rant: Apparently the B6/Unisom combo for morning sickness makes me sleep forever and wake up in a fog.
    Rave: It make last night totally tolerable and I slept for almost 10 hours!
    Rave: Vegetable broth and popsicles may in fact be the greatest food on the face of the planet.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit brought up the possibility of an end of summer beach trip. I’m thinking of going somewhere we’ve never been before. Maybe the Hamptoms?

  • Question: So many new, hip places opening up that an old guy like me can’t keep them straight. Any suggestions for a mid-priced, midweek dinner?

    • I can’t keep them straight and I’m not an old guy. Haha. I am also curious about this.

    • ANXO was awesome last night!

      • Was it awash in humanity already? Girlfriend tends to work until 7:30-8 and I have a 4:30am wake-up call so showing up at 8:15 and waiting an hour is not a preferred strategy. But, lest I sound whiny, looks like a great place and especially apt as Girlfriend has gotten it into her head that I only go to the cool, new places with other friends. What could be cooler and new than this? Gràcies.

        • Heh, I’d definitely skip it this week unless you get a reservation. Official opening is tonight and space is scarce. Though you might be fine closer to 9?

  • Can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker that can work with me to identify the best loan for my house renovation? Thanks!

  • Rave: I went to bed at 9pm last night and I actually felt good when I woke up.
    Rant: I don’t think that’s a sustainable plan to feel good everyday.
    Rave: running to LBP this morning. Nice seeing you!
    Rant: I think I’m getting blown off by a guy I was looking forward to going out with.
    Rave: day drinking at work. It was fun.
    Question: let’s say you buy a giant inflatable flamingo as a spontaneous purchase on Prime Day and you don’t have a pool. Where can you operate this small craft legally in DC? Can I just hop in the Potomac and float around?

    • I don’t think getting in the Potomac is a good idea. How about one of DPR’s pools — maybe Upshur or Banneker?

      • yeah, definitely not the potomac; check out Lake Anna other other nearby state parks

      • Sadly, “2.11. No toys, floating devices, snorkels or masks allowed in pool unless part of a DPR authorized class”

      • +1 I was thinking Banneker as it’s a pretty big pool. Do they allow large floats?

      • I’ve been in the Potomac several times. Never contracted typhus. Lots of really shallow spots near Three Sisters and other odd spots.

        • Me too. We swim in the Potomac a few times a year, always near the 3 Sisters. The water is generally cleaner north of the Key Bridge. Our rule of thumb is not to swim right after a huge thunder storm because that’s when you run the risk of sewage in the river. We have never had a problem.

          • Cool. So I can just go park on the street near there and go in the water, right?

          • I don’t know about parking and just jumping in — I’ve never done it or seen it done. I’ve always been in a rented canoe or something.

          • Key Bridge Boat House may let you put it in from their dock. It’s beneath the Whitehurst right before the start of the C&O trail. They let me put my canoe in there. If not, there is a patch of public parkland next door where you can access the river, though it might be tough with a large floatie. Good luck!

          • Thanks for the tip KenyonDweller. I’m going kayaking there this weekend, I’ll ask. Maybe I’ll even bring it, just in case I want a relaxing float after.

          • I’m taking my son canoeing this weekend. If I spot a gigantic flamingo, we’ll say hi.

    • So, you know that going to bed early makes you feel good, so you know what works.
      Now, you get to choose between having a life and feeling good, it seems like.
      At least you know you CAN go to sleep at 9 – I never could.

      • Well, I was pretty tired after day drinking in the sun all afternoon. But you’re right. It’s a choice between having a life (and just getting normal stuff done) and getting more sleep.
        Blackout shades help.

    • Ha! I am dying to see where you end up taking this giant floating flamingo! Nice seeing you too, wish I could day-drink at work!

    • Blithe

      I’m hoping that your giant inflatable flamingo shows up in Animal Fix! (fingers crossed) Possibly wearing a PoPville t shirt — and covering all the topics. lol

  • Rave: Just got (free) tickets to live BackStory with the American History Guys show at GW next Tues – topic is Presidents and the Press. Should be an interesting event!
    Rant: Slow growing vegetable plants, c’mon homegrown tomatoes….

  • rant: the lack of willpower that comes with depression. I summoned the energy about 8 weeks ago to get on meds for the first time. The psych was recommended to me by my therapist (neither of whom take insurance), so just to get the script was $300. But I was pretty desparate so whatever I paid. I was told a follow on appointment would be $200, and he was only going to write me enough of a ‘script for like 4-5 weeks so we could reassess. So, I ran out, cold turkey. And I cant bring myself to pay the 200 to see the Dr. And I can’t really emotionally invest the energy toward finding a new Dr. who takes my insurance (which I know is the right thing to do, but not taking care of yourself-it’s a depression thing). I’m pretty down. I hate my job, but feel stuck. My therapy continues without much progress (side question, how long do you have to give therapy until you see results or determine if its a bad fit?). Anyway. That’s my rant.

    • Do you have a primary care doc that’s covered by your insurance and who you can get an appointment with relatively quickly? If so you can see him/her to ask for a longer-term scrip. You can then do your own assessment as to how well the meds work, and decide whether to go back to the psychiatrist.

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

      • +1 to what ZetteZelle and Blithe said. Your primary care provider/general practitioner can write a prescription for antidepressants, and then if you feel like it later, you can look at your insurance’s list of approved psychiatrists.
        Sounds like you should also ditch your therapist. If you’re feeling like there’s no progress AND this therapist doesn’t take insurance, it’s just your money down the drain. Look at your insurance’s list of approved providers (which will probably be psychologists and licensed clinical social workers), and choose one of them.

      • I don’t really have a PCP, I’ve been going to Urgent Care when I need a DR, every few years or so. I think my Urgent Care DR does take regular patients, do you think I can try that?

        • Definitely worth a try. Even if the doctor can’t take you on as a regular patient, he/she should be able to write you a prescription for antidepressants.

    • Blithe

      Would your primary care doctor write you a prescription if you explain the situation? And/or would your pcp make a referral to a psychiatrist who takes your insurance?

      • This can be overwhelming too. Back when I went through this my PCP did give me a list of about 15 psychologists. It was phone call after phone call…”I am not accepting new patients” “I don’t take your insurance” “I’m booked for months” and I actually ended up finding my psychologist on my own b/c no one on the list worked out.

        • Blithe

          I agree — this can be overwhelming, and the process of finding a therapist that you feel you can work well with and who takes your insurance can be an arduous one. My comment was only intended to address the prescription part of this. It’s possible that the pcp would feel comfortable continuing a prescription — particularly if it was initially started by a psychiatrist. The pcp might also have a working relationship with one or more psychiatrists for prescribing psychotropic medications — since this is an issue that comes up regularly.
          My thought was that it would be good for aftr to get a script asap since many antidepressants take several weeks to fully kick in, and a break in taking the meds might mean starting from scratch.
          – I’m holding back on commenting on the “therapist” part of the question, in part because assessing the results of therapy and/or the “fit” with the therapist might be hugely impacted by the medication management piece. I.E.: Depression can have a major impact on pretty much everything, including relationships. So, unless there are clear problems with the therapist or the treatment, it could make sense to wait to assess how well the therapist can meet aftr’s needs once some of the depressive symptoms have been managed. I realize, though, that all of these decisions can become exponentially more difficult when your providers aren’t covered by your insurance.

          • Yes, definitely agree it’s worth talking to the PCP about prescribing the antidepressant. I know a few people who have gone that route.

    • I was in therapy for a little over a year, but I felt it working after about 3 months and probably made a huge difference around 5-6 months. However, we made a great deal of progress on some issues, so it was probably a combination of things. I think if you’re not clicking after a couple months it might not be a good fit. Hell, I saw another therapist once and knew it was not a fit at all.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. The barriers that so many people face trying to get access to mental health care are appalling. Do you have any trusted friends or family members who you could task with finding a new doctor who DOES take your insurance, since you’re not feeling up to it yourself? As for determining if a particular therapist was a good / bad fit, I’ve found I’ve pretty much been able to assess fit after about 3 visits. Hoping you’re able to get the care you need soon!

    • I totally believe therapy can do great things, really. But my experience every time I have done it (in hindsight) has been that it was either almost completely useless, or even somewhat harmful. The thing is, most therapists out there aren’t any good. It is challenging to find a good one – you have to keep looking until you find one (a challenge I was never up for when I needed one.) I did therapy longish-term (a few years) a few times with a few people, and also shortish another time, and really should have asked myself whether the experience did me any good, realized no, and tried out others. I think they get away with this because just having someone to talk to about everything that is going on can feel like a relief so you keep going – but that itself doesn’t make it good therapy. Do try others, since your feeling like it is not doing you good is already a good sign. Good luck to you.

    • Ugh, that sucks. Depression sucks, and it doubley sucks when it gets in the way of getting treatment. I’ve gone through it, and just to reiterate: IT SUCKS. But, being reliably on meds is so worth the effort, you just gotta pull yourself up and do it. I’ve been on the same meds for so long (prescribed by my primary care dr), but I still fall in the trap of not taking the full dose (2 pills/day), and that often makes me fall into the hole every now and again, but it’s no where near as debilitating as full-on-no-meds depression. I echo the suggestion of seeking a RX from your primary care doctor, but suggest you also consider seeing the other Dr (or any other Psych) to monitor the meds, until you feel comfortable with them.
      Also, did you explain to the Psych that one of your symptoms is a lack of motivation to schedule appointments, to see if there was any workaround for providing a longer RX? Perhaps a phone call or skype appt to discuss how the meds are working? As a not-quite-analogous example, long ago a Dr and I discovered that when I’m experiencing my worst depression I either no-show, cancel or don’t make appointments, and we set up a system for her to contact me if I did that two appts in a row or went so long without seeing her.
      Hang in there, and please get help. I’ve been going through this for 20+ years and it still amazes me 1) how much better I feel and function on meds, and 2) how frequently I can justify going off meds.

    • Do you have a close friend or partner you would trust to do some of the legwork to find providers who take your insurance & are accepting new patients? A process like that is daunting if you’re healthy, but if you’re in the middle of feeling awful it just seems impossible. See if you can recruit a friend to wade through the worst of it for you, and then present you with a list of 2-3 options you can make an appointment with.

    • I’ve had good experiences with One Medical and its broad range of services and the ease of getting meds and appointments b/c you can do most of it online. The website lists anxiety, depression, and insomnia as issues OM handles. I’m pulling for you.

    • Axis in Kensington takes insurance. Or look for a psychiatrist on zocdoc. You can input your insurance and they’ll help you find one that takes yours.

    • Have you tried writing or calling the psychiatrist who wrote you the original script? Explain that you are out of meds but cannot afford another visit right now. A psychiatrist does not want you to go cold turkey. Ask them to write you a new, 90-day script on the basis that it’s cheaper. Or buy your meds online, which is often cheaper anyway.
      You might also try calling the outpatient part of the Psychiatric Institute of Washington (800-369-2273 main, 202-885-5799 outpatient dept). PIW offers a sliding scale and payment plans, and if you have any insurance at all they will work with it. Tell them you are out of meds and money and they will try to work with you. Sometimes routing yourself to the admin office can get you someone to talk logistics with.
      Hang in there. You can do this.

      • to be honest, I dont think the psych would care. and it isnt important enough to call anyone. (I know thats the depression talking but it’s louder and stronger). ugh. thanks everyone for the support. I’ll see if I can make an appt to see the doc I liked at the urgent care. I just would hate to show up and have them not be able to help. you guys are great people.

  • Bear

    Rant: Have a feeling I was just declined for an Airbnb rental because of my husband’s skin color (he’s in my profile picture). They just confirmed via email yesterday that they had a cabin available for our dates, I couldn’t get them on the phone, so I found them on Airbnb and put in a request – which was then declined. If it hadn’t happened multiple times before I might not think anything of it, but it’s really starting to piss me off. Hopefully I’m just being paranoid…

    • Yea, I’d like to believe that too…
      Noirbnb will hopefully be up and running soon.

    • Maybe they didn’t put two and two together and declined the Air B n B request since they were already holding the cabin for per your email. They’d probably rather deal with you directly and have the full revenue rather than paying Air B n B a cut. Just a thought.

      • Bear

        I put in my request that I was the person they’d been playing email/phone tag with. And followed up with an email/voicemail saying the same thing. Today? Radio silence.

    • Take a look at Homeaway.com. You don’t have to post a photo, and it is a more professional site in general for things like cabins and real vacation places. They just started charging the booking fee like abb does, but you can still circumvent that and email & book directly with the owner.

      • Bear

        I did, unfortunately they don’t have anything in the area where we’re looking – it’s in the middle of nowhere near a national park we’re visiting, so options are limited. Which makes it doubly annoying because the next option (and only other one in our budget that isn’t a shitty road side motel) is $30 more a night.

    • Maybe yes, maybe no. For what it’s worth, I’ve been rejected more times than I’ve been accepted on AirBnB (and I’m a conventionally attractive white male). Many owners don’t keep their calendars updated.
      Good luck with your search! That said, I think AirBnB should do analysis on owners’ rejection rates. If an owner is overwhelmingly rejecting minority renters, they should be booted from the site. No warning, no second chances.

      • Accountering

        They do this – people like Andie and I – good hosts, show up at the top of the search results, so more people see us. They score hosts based on response rate, how often they update their calendar, acceptance rate etc.
        I don’t think they have built in any sort of minority screening system, as that would be quite challenging, but the good hosts do rise to the top of search results.

    • Andie302

      You could test your theory by creating another account with either your picture or someone else, make a similar inquiry, and see how it goes.

  • Revel: Have completed Day 2 out of 4 in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People class. It’s actually really interesting and the guy teaching is very passionate about it.
    Rant: Currently in ‘Quadrant 4’ mode by writing about it on a blog.
    Revel: Pokemon Go. I know it’s obnoxious and is usually not my kind of thing, but found it really amusing this morning when there was a Pokemon sitting on the lap of the woman across from me. I would have taken a picture except she was wearing a skirt.

  • RAVE: Louis CK tonight at DAR!!!
    Inquiry: any good places to grab a bite nearby? We were thinking Old Ebbit as our usual standby….but we’re open to trying something new.
    Also, anyone know if there’s issues bringing our work bags into DAR?

    • Andie302

      Tonic near Foggy Bottom? It was decent last time I was there, and the server was accommodating when we asked for the bill quickly (because we were sneaking up behind friends that were about to get engaged)

      • I Dont Get It

        I was coming here also to suggest Tonic. I’m not crazy about it but you’re in a bit of a food desert down there once all the government cafeterias close.

  • The shyest of my current foster kittens just suddenly turned 180 and became a total lush for affection. He jumps into any available lap, and when petted, starts rolling and burrowing into your hand, ecstatic pawing at the air and purring like crazy. Check out the “Rowdy Six!” http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5668708704.html

    • Those are some very cute kittens!
      In pic #9… does that kitten have something wrong with his eye? (Or maybe something used to be wrong but has been resolved since the photo was taken?)

      • Popeye has 1 eye per the description in the ad.

        • Ahh. It looked on my screen like “There are 4 grey & white boys, and 2 all black girls” was the end of the ad.

          • Mobile browser v not mobile browser…maybe. There is a description for each kitten right after that starting with popeye for me.

          • Yes, there is a description of each kitten after that.
            However, “There are 4 grey & white boys, and 2 all black girls” was at the bottom of my screen, with space below it. It looked to me like it was the end of the ad. (Possibly because I was preoccupied with the photos of cute kittens.)

      • Popeye had an eye infection and will have the eye removed by Helping Hands in Richmond on July 19. (I don’t suppose anyone drives home to Fairfax Station after work in DC who could give him a ride? I need to get him there in the evening or by 6:30 a.m. to join a transport of other cats & dogs getting care.)
        Popeye is one of the sweetest & most playfull & affectionate kittens!

  • Rave: Thanks to the people here who recommended Dr. Jeff Andrews (gynecologist) earlier this year. He referred me to a physical therapist who’s excellent (Rene Lawson).
    Rant: Got hit with a $150 copay from my insurance for the visit to Dr. Andrews. The insurance considers the procedure code to be surgery, even though there was absolutely no surgery involved.

    • I’d appeal, to see if another code can be used. The definition of surgery hasn’t changed, after all, whatever they want to call it. (We aren’t living in one of those old British TV shows where the doc’s office is called the “surgery.”)

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