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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rant: The first day back to work after a holiday weekend is always the worst. I want to crawl back into bed.
    Rant: Heard from a friend that Sibley has a reputation for not being particularly welcoming to people of color, which is concerning since my husband is black. Anyone else hear this or have experience there? So not what I want to be worried about as I am trying to birth a child.
    Rave: The little man has been kicking up a storm all weekend. It’s so reassuring to feel him moving around in there, especially since I haven’t seen him on an ultrasound in almost 7 weeks!

    • My ex had surgery there, and I didn’t have any issues. They even let me stay later than visiting hours.

    • I’ve never heard that about Sibley and a few folks in my childbirth class of color were delivering there. Is there a reason you’re choosing Sibley? they don’t have private rooms (which is a deal breaker for some)

      • Bear

        Sibley is the only hospital affiliated with my OB practice, and I don’t want to leave them. They do have private rooms – previously for a charge but they’re building a new wing with all private rooms that will be available free of charge. It should be done by the time I deliver.

        • oh that’s good news! then you should be fine! I considered going there (but I got a red light camera ticket on my way to meet with an OB there, so I nixed that!)

          • You dropped a doctor from consideration because you got a traffic ticket on the way there? That seems odd.

          • She wasn’t my doctor, it was a pre-conception appointment to decide if I wanted to be with that practice when I got pregnant/had a kid. And when you’re pregnant and post-partum, dealing with the distance and traffic to appointments is a giant headache I didn’t want. So yep, the ticket was part of it – I opted for a place I could metro to and I was fortunate to have a choice.

  • Rant: Guy sitting in the seat in front of me on the plane had a “service dog” that was too precious to keep in its carrier. The guy even bragged about how all you need is a friend who’s a psychiatrist to say you need it and you get to bring your pet on the plane. My allergies aren’t bad enough to really complain (I’d taken some Zyrtec earlier, so I just had stingy eyes, and the flight attendants were all going ga-ga over the rat dog), but it’s so inconsiderate. Someone with legit allergies would be miserable, and if I’d sat in the seat on the next flight, I would’ve been itchy all over and had no idea why.
    Rave: Smooth flight on the flight back after a super bumpy flight on the way down. Despite flying pretty often, I’m still a super nervous flier and this flight was remarkably smooth with all nasty weather around.

    • Re: your rant. I know someone with a “service dog” and it bugs me, but at least it’s a hypoallergenic dog, which is at least semi-considerate. Not sure if keeping it in the crate would have helped with those allergies though.

    • You don’t even need a psychiatrist. You just need to go online and pay $50 for some bullshit certificate, and voila, “therapy animal”. It’s really galling to see language about “protect your rights!” “Avoid hassles and annoying questions!” Not to mention “emotional support dogs do not require training.”
      Knowing what actual service dogs go through in terms of selection and training, I find this appalling and would really like to see these “certification” outfits shut down.

      • I 10000% agree, galling is the right word for this nonsense!

      • Thanks – didn’t know that was an option. Two service dogs, coming up!

      • Agree. This really makes me mad. And it makes real service dogs who are truly needed for medical reasons look bad.
        My brother works at a high end restaurant in LA. People all of the time bring their poorly trained “emotional support dogs” in to the restaurant. The dogs jump all over the chairs and other patrons. But the staff has been taught that the ADA bars them from asking to see proof that it’s a real service dog (I have no idea if this is correct).

        • Girl on a Hill

          This is correct. My friend bought a service dog vest, slapped it on her dog, and flew cross-country with the dog no questions asked. It was not a small dog either and sat at her feet the whole time. Not good for allergy sufferers, but at least the dog was on the floor and just slept.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I once hosted a meeting for a church group and one member invited a guest who brought a poorly-trained emotional support doggie that she had no interest in supervising or controlling. I spent the entirety of the meeting trying to prevent the emotional support doggie from knocking stuff off of shelves, chewing up my cat’s toys, and chasing and possibly attacking my 17-year-old cat which weighs 7 pounds. I don’t host those meetings any more.

      • It really does a disservice to real service animals. This was a very fuzzy Pomeranian so definitely not hypoallergenic. At least if it had been in the carrier it’s fur balls would have been somewhat contained. I’m not sure if he ended up doing it, but before we took off he was offering to take the dog to the back of the plane to play with another passenger.

    • An informative (and entertaining) New Yorker article on the “emotional support animal” phenomenon:

    • i don’t have allergies, fortunately, so i really enjoyed the sweet and beautiful whippet service dog on my flight from LAX to DEN last thursday. she was obviously a working service dog (rather than an emotional support one), which is always warms my heart.

  • Revel: Happy to be back in DC
    Rant: It’s hard to be traveling with whoever at the hostel seems nice on a given day for so long. I probably should have taken some time to just be by myself because I was mentally drained toward the end.
    Revel: My first day of summer vacation/sitting around doing absolutely nothing!
    Rant: I still need to sell my car. Anybody in the market for a 16 year old Honda Accord?

  • Rave: Palisades Parade was low-key fun, as usual. Daughter was in the parade, and had a great time, despite being stung by a bee.
    Rave-ish: Went for an early breakfast at Slim’s diner on Sunday. Perfectly acceptable – they have some kinks to work out, but it’s early. The biggest impediment I see is that there are so few tables – only 10 or so – and the food is so cheap they’ll have turn them really quickly to make a profit. Hope it works out.
    Rant: Look, I’m a staunch defender of parents bringing kids out, and people who go to pieces if a kid makes a sound just need to deal. But. Parents have to try to get acceptable behavior out of their kids. They may not succeed, but the key part is the attempt. You, mother of two at Slim’s at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, made no attempt to keep your kids under control – jumping and swinging on counter chairs, grabbing onto tables where diners were eating, and so on. You are the parent who gives the rest of us a bad reputation.
    Rant: Low cloud cover made it impossible to see Mall fireworks from Columbia Heights. At least it didn’t rain.

    • Andie302

      We tried to watch from a rooftop at 17th and I St NW and couldn’t see a thing!!!! We saw more on the bike/walk home. The poor pooch had to sleep in her thundershirt last night.

  • Rant: Baby Artie was just a mess on Monday, waking up from every nap in tears and crying for an hour straight.
    Rave: The little monster made up for it be sleeping 7.5 hours straight last night. This is the most sleep I have had in months.
    Rave: NASA probe landed on Jupiter. So cool. A friend who worked for NASA recently passed. I like to think that his happening so close to her death is a way to honor her spirit.
    Rant: So hard getting back into the swing of work after a long weekend.

    • Oh man, what is going on with these babies??? Mtpbaby has been largely napping well over the weekend, but is back to being up twice at night, and having a really hard time going back to sleep the first time. Teething? Remaining discomfort from the dairy challenge over a week ago? Something else? Argh!

      • My monster seems to nap so much better at daycare. We’re still working on it at home.

        And I really wish we could do a Vulcan mind meld and truly know what is bothering them. It is frustrating for babies and moms. Hang in there!

        • Oh man–so true on the napping better at daycare! Both my kids didn’t really take quality naps at home until 7-8 months+. Hope you’re hanging in there too!

  • “Worst weekend EVER.” -DOG
    Rant: we will not be staying in town for another July 4th weekend. For fear of a bladder infection, I dragged, then carried, then dragged my 85 pound baby out of the house, down the stairs, and around the block. He slept in the bathroom, cowered in fear constantly, and only went out twice a day. I was a little bit shocked he willingly went out this morning.
    Rant: tried to eat at Slim’s Friday afternoon and they were taking a 45 minute break. I got there at the very start of it. I get that there are kinks, but they had taken an hour break not long before and place was half full. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m still annoyed.
    Rave: Went paddle boarding and took a photo walk this weekend. I took a good picture!

    • Awww! Poor DOG! I hope he starts feeling safer and more secure soon! I’m very impressed you were able to lug him anywhere, considering his size!

      • It wasn’t pretty, but I’m lucky he’s very compliant.
        I’m just worried about the amount of psychological damage I’ve wrought upon him in the past 4 days. I hope there are no longer issues from it.

    • Oh, poor DOG! Sorry to hear he (and consequently you) had such a rough time of it.
      That’s discouraging to hear that Slim’s still doesn’t quite have its act together. I tried to go there Thursday around 1:15, but they said they were “fully booked.” (They also said they didn’t take reservations, so I wasn’t quite clear what the situation was.)
      I meant to try again over the weekend but never got around to it.
      On a related note… has anyone been to Timber Pizza yet?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Poor DOG. It’s a tough weekend for dogs.

    • Awww poor DOG.

    • I’m pretty sure Freya just held it for like 16 hours last night into this morning. I managed to get her to go outside around 10 but she just stood there trembling with her tail between her legs. I wanted to be like “toughen up! you’re a pit bull!”

      • Aww, I feel you. DOG is the same. Did you have to forcibly pull her outside? I’m worried I’m going to hurt my old man fighting to get him out.

        • My dog also refused go outside and held it in for over 12 hours. I tried three times to get her to pee yesterday. We made it out of the building but she then just flattened herself on to the sidewalk and refused to move, so I didn’t force her. This morning she was totally fine.

        • we have an enclosed back yard so I basically followed her out and walked behind her until she got to the area where she normally does her business. but she just stared at me pathetically till I let her come back in.

  • Rave: Fun weekend visiting family! Especially fun to see my nephew, I hate living so far away from him, but everyone does the best they can. Also fun to see my almost-sis-in-law and brother who are house-hunting and may end up very close to my parents.
    Rant: It was depressing to know that they could buy a decent-sized twin home for less money than a studio apartment in DC. I mean, I get that it’s all relative, but still…
    Rant: The end of a long weekend. Soooo hard to get my head back into work mode.
    Rant: There is a big spider watching me from the ceiling about 8 feet away.
    Rave: Fireworks last night were fun, even if it was no where near as much of a party as last year. I’m very glad and grateful that my pets are completely nonplussed by fireworks.

  • Rant: kind of out of savings since we moved here – I mean, it only took a year. And that’s cash savings, not investments.
    Rant: How little I get paid.
    Rant: We are considering getting a small student loan to float us until my husband gets a summer associate job next year. Is that totally stupid? like a $10k loan to help us with expenses (i.e. preschool….). Is this smarter than a 0% credit card?
    Rant: I hate thinking about how much better off financially we would be if we had stayed in DC. Granted, we were miserable but still. living on 1/4 of what we were is very hard because expenses are not THAT much different for now.

    • I thought the mortgage/cost of living in Philly was going to be cheaper. No?

    • Is your current salary near the top of what you’re qualified for? I’d look hard for a better paying job (even if it meant less flexibility or whatever reason you took a low-paying job in the first place) way before I’d consider a loan.

      • I’m about halfway to the top, and I haven’t been here a year yet (almost). The flexibility ends up saving us money (fewer hours of preschool, I don’t need a babysitter between school and camp or all the Jewish holidays school is closed). Which definitely adds up. That’s why I am currently sticking it out (and if my husband works long hours, it gives me the chance to balance that out with flexibility)

    • Most law students take out extra loans especially during the first year when full timers can’t work. I imagine the loan has a smaller interest rate. However, a paying summer associate gig isn’t guatanteed; have you figured this situation into your options re: what’s best?

      • definitely not a guarantee – almost all 2Ls that aren’t working in the public sector for the summer end up as summer associates. He’s on work study now, so at least that’s something.

    • Accountering

      If husband is in school and will see a considerable salary increase once complete or once he has a summer associate role, I don’t think it is unreasonable in the least to take a student loan to hold you over in the meantime, especially if you are only talking $10K.

      • +1. Seems fine to me – especially if he plans to go to a firm next summer.

        • yeah I am trying to find out at what point you receive summer associate offers. Do they come in by a certain date? we are OK for a few months, but childcare needs to be covered….I’m also canceling our vacation. The first vacation I had planned in 12 years. Yes, I haven’t had a vacation that didn’t involve visiting family for 12 years. so much for that! lol

          • It depends on when the school does interview week and the city you’re hoping to work in. For example, NYC moves faster than the rest of the country. Sorry to hear about your vacation, hopefully you’ll be in a very different position in a couple of years. 🙂

          • He’s obviously staying in Philly. He has Philly and Wilmington firms on his list. Wilmington….where you can be sued by everyone!

          • Sorry if this is getting too personal, but didn’t you sell two DC properties for a sizeable profit? And your husband is at a very good law school, which is being paid for by the GI bill? Take the 10k loan and take a vacation. You need to LIVE! Not having a vacation in 12 years is insane to me.

          • yes, we sold them and then had to deal with the cost of moving, repaying a loan for needed home renovations (dangerous electric, for example). then no significant income coming in but childcare costs coming out and other expenses (ones that seem stupid like parking on campus, which we do because we both are on campus and public transit is more expensive for two people). We have the house at Cape May booked, but it may have to wait until next year. It’s not a big deal. School is free, the GI bill covers part of our mortgage. So every month we are in the red with my salary being what pays for childcare, car insurance, cell phone bill, dog food….not much wiggle room. It’s not a big deal – when you haven’t really had a vacation in so long, you don’t miss it! I don’t really know how to relax anymore TBH (but I am on anti-anxiety meds so there’s that! lol)

      • Though why take a loan at all if you have “investments”?

    • Go for a student loan, over a 0% credit card, as the 0% won’t be that for all that long. The student loan also has the advantage of deferring/forbearing payments should luck in getting jobs after law school not be so great – ad you can then put them on longer payment plans and pay them off slowly (over decades) if you must. There’s much more flexibility built in. On the other hand, you can’t discharge student loans in bankruptcy, as you can credit card balances – but assuming you won’t be going there, student loans provide the best flexibility.

      • thanks for the input – the other thing is that interest is tax deductible. If we get a 10k one, it would pay for childcare and give us breathing room. Can you pay back student loans before you are finished school? For example, if my husband gets a summer job that pays well next year, we could repay a $10k loan rather quickly and then go without for the following year….or do they compound until you’re finished your education? (neither of us have any loans. we are very, very lucky)

        • Most student loans don’t have pre-payment penalties, but you should read the fine print to be sure. I don’t see a problem taking out a loan – getting out of a good law school with $10,000 in debt is no mean feat in this day and age. One piece of advice I wish someone gave me is to pay the interest on the loan each month, and don’t capitalize it into the principal. This loan is for a small amount, and intended to be short term, so it shouldn’t make that much difference, but it’s a relatively nominal amount (on a $10,000 loan, at 8.4% interest, it’d be $70 per month), and absolutely worth doing. I capitalized interest for 3 years of law school, on multiple loans, and the amount it added to my total indebtedness is insane.
          The one caveat is that student debt isn’t dischargeable in bankruptcy, and CC debt is. That’s worst case scenario, of course, but still worth mentioning.

          • HaileUnlikely

            “I capitalized interest for 3 years of law school, on multiple loans…”
            Gee, did you ever think about buying lottery tickets to get them paid off more quickly?

          • great info, thanks. I don’t foresee bankruptcy because if times DID get tough (like actually tough, not “should we spend a week at the shore?” tough) we have investments. But they’re doing well and are for the long term whereas the need is more short term (text books are a good example)

          • Campusi dot com is a great site for books. If he’s buying them all from the campus store, he’s paying too much.

          • Andie302

            +1 on the capitalized interest – I’m with you on the 3 years worth, and was astonished when I made a big payment and my tax statement said I paid over $7k in interest in a single year. Things I wish I knew BEFORE I finished school.

          • “Gee, did you ever think about buying lottery tickets to get them paid off more quickly?”
            I did, but I’m not an idiot.

        • Just a quick note that almost all of the “pros” mentioned here are for federal loans only. If you’re looking at a private loan, through a bank and not through the government, you don’t often have deferring/forbearing payment options and sometimes there is a pre-payment penalty.

        • Legally, student loans must be used on educational expenses in order to qualify for the interest deduction. (And I don’t remember, but you may also have to sign something at the beginning that you will be using them for education only.)

          • Yes, but shifting the money we allocate to educational expenses to other expenses currently and getting a small student to support his education is fine. I lived off my staffords in grad school.

          • I’m late to this discussion, so not sure if it will be seen. But, some loans and grants are also geared to pay for expenses associated with living in order to go to school. I was in college after I had my first child and was told that I could use my grant for child care expenses.

    • Not necessarily advocating a credit card over a loan, but I did do the 0% credit card to help pay for expenses when I first bought my apartment. It wasn’t that bad, I had planned to pay it off in a year (when the 0% expired) and couldn’t, so I got an offer from another company to transfer my balance and have 0% for an additional 18 months. I think there was a fee, but it was fairly small, and I paid it before the offer on the second card expired.
      So, it can work, but you need to be very proactive and on top of your payments so you don’t get hit with finance charges and interest. It can get out of hand extremely quickly if you’re not careful (I’m terrified of that, so I was anal about everything). I also have a really good credit score and get offers like this all the time, whereas others may not have that opportunity. The loan is safer, and could potentially have the other benefits people mention (tax deduction, forbearance), but a credit card isn’t necessarily a terrible option.

  • Rant: Migraine yesterday, nausea this morning. (Definitely not pregnant!) Wonder what this is all about. Feel like crap today.
    Rant: Spending so much money lately on my business, yet business is a bit slow so it’s not quite balancing out quite the way I’d like it to. There goes the bank account.
    Rave: Didn’t have too many fireworks in the neighborhood and luckily dog didn’t mind the ones that were going off.
    Rant: Oh man that July humidity is coming on strong.
    Rant: Too many rants today.

    • Ugh, I’m so sorry about the migraine! I sometimes have an upset stomach separate from the headache, but usually it comes on the day before the migraine pain for me. Any chance it’s residual from the migraine or any medication you took for it?

    • sinuses by any chance…? feel better!

  • Rant: Felt like shit this weekend. feeling side effects of medications: crazy depressive thoughts, nausea, muscle spasms, dry mouth and dizziness made me feel like crap.
    Rave: Feeling better today after spending yesterday in bed.
    Rant: Dude on metro escalator who was insisting that I take his flyer. He tapped me on my shoulder and stood next to me on the left holding up a whole line of folks behind him. He stood there for I don’t know how long until he shoved the piece of paper in my hand and said forcefully “Here take it. You might know someone who needs it.” I didn’t even look at the paper. I threw it in the 1st trash can I saw in the Metro station. He got mad and started yelling at me. If you give someone a flyer, they can do whatever they want to with it.
    Rave: Creepy security guard at work has stopped bothering me. My ignoring him seems to be working!

  • Andie302

    Rant: My liver hurts
    Rave: Limoncello sangria was a hit this weekend
    Rant: Woken up in the middle of the night several times by fireworks, and then this morning by the same person that we’ve had to call the 9-1-1 on before. I’m not sure if it’s a drug issue or mental health, but he lays down on the sidewalk and makes loud yelping noises. It makes me very sad that he’s unable or unwilling to get some help.

  • Rant – I did not have a good weekend. Visiting the in laws is always stressful, and this weekend was exceptionally bad.
    Rave – I’m glad the weather was crappy yesterday because I didn’t feel bad about staying on the sofa watching TV instead of going out to see the fireworks.
    Rave – I started reading How to Build a Girl because someone here recommended it, and I LOVE it. Thank you, readers of PoPville.

    • Excellent on rave #2! I haven’t read “How To Build a Girl,” but I LOVED Caitlin Moran’s “How To Be a Woman.”

  • rave: fun weekend, nice weather, good food!
    rant: watched the fireworks on tv and they used video of past year’s fireworks! so lame.

  • Rave: Mtpkiddo’s birthday party was a raging success. She was so excited about her friends coming over for her birthday party, that she was practically vibrating from wake-up until party time. Wow. But everyone had fun, the kids played together really well, I had fun chatting with other parents, and everything went smoothly.
    Rave: We had lots of leftovers, so I have tons of bagels in the freezer and were able to send our new-parent friends a bunch of easy-to-grab food.
    Rave: Mtpbaby started pseudo-crawling! He sort of drags a leg, but he’ll get there.
    Rant: Really anxious about sleeping arrangements for OBX family reunion next week. Fingers crossed we can at least have mtpkiddo sleep in a different room from mtpbaby so he doesn’t wake her up constantly.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: sleep schedule is off kilter, and it’s starting to affect my ability to function properly.
    Rave: funny text exchange with friend last night.

  • Rave: Great visit with the fiance for the long weekend. SO glad to know that these next four weeks are the end of a year of long distance!
    Rant: I continue to be incredibly bad at living with roommates. I think I’m in trouble for something but I’m not sure what. Cleaning out the fridge? Not wanting to hang out in my free time? Unclear.
    Rave: Really nice long run on Sunday. 9 miles has never felt so easy. I’m super slow but felt strong so calling it a win.

  • Rant: The joys of home ownership are compounding right now: the master bath toilet needs new hardware, the master bath shower needs to be retiled (bad fix from a few years ago has come undone), the floor of the master bath needs to be redone entirely, and the panty needs to be rewired. This is going to be an expensive summer at the Rabbit house.
    Rave: Somehow I slept through all the fireworks last night. That was pretty awesome.
    Rave: My schedule is somehow free today so I’m going to attempt to tackle what seems like the world’s most messy pantry (it’s probably not but it desperately needs to be organized).

  • Revel: Changing my sig from “Irving Streete” to “St. Irving” seems to keep my posts from being automatically moderated. Also, makes me sound more godly.
    Revel: Speaking of beatification, spent a few minutes with one of Philadelphia’s little known treasures yesterday morning: the (mummified?) body of America’s first male saint, St. John Neumann, who set of the nation’s first Catholic School system and currently resides under the altar in the basement chapel of St. Peter’s Church of Girard Avenue in the trendy Northern Liberties neighborhood.
    Revel: Won a pretty big race on Saturday, on the Schuylkill river and got a cheap but cool wristwatch (instead of a medal) for my troubles.

    • Apparently Irving Streete works now, too. But I kind of like the St. thing.

    • Congrats on the win! and I remember having to take a field trip when I was in Catholic school as a middle schooler to see St. John Neumann. It was…..odd.

      • It was quite bizarre. But I took the occasion to light a candle for my “aunt-in-law” who recently lost her husband, had a cancer operation and broke her toe. I think St. John may have brought a smile to a little old Irish lady having a tough go of things, so maybe he does intercede beneficently after all.

    • And you can be unique, too – there apparently is no St. Irving in the Catholic church yet.

  • Rant: NPS. Screw the PBS “controversy” over airing old footage of the fireworks – the NPS knew (or at least had the resources to know – hell PBS knew) the cloud cover was too low to be able to see the fireworks and went on with it anyways. What’s the point of setting off a 6 figure fireworks show that nobody can see?

    • Accountering

      I have more of a problem with all of the fencing – that is also a 6 figure expenditure, and while running along 17th along the mall this morning, some of the fencing had been opened, and some was still blocking sidewalks. When we got north to Constitution, an NPS woman on a golf cart asked us how we got through. We responded, the sidewalk, straight back there, and she told us it shouldn’t have been opened. She then closed the gate after we got through. Why…. I understand crowd control, but the event is over. Open the fences up, and get them trucked away. The problem with spending 100K on fencing is that people feel the need to use it… the morning after the event. Sigh.

      • I can’t speak for your interaction, but the fencing isn’t there for fun and games – it’s there for security and in the ground. They spend weeks putting up the fencing all around the area in DC/VA for the fireworks. To expect it all to disappear and go away in 12 hours is a bit much.

        • Accountering

          I am not expecting it to be gone in 12 hours, but I think keeping the fencing blocking the sidewalk on 17th St the morning after the fencing, and actively driving around re-connecting the fencing when people pulled it apart so they could get through the sidewalk, qualifies as the “waste” in waste, fraud, and abuse.

    • What’s the alternative — having a huge crowd on the Mall that was planning to see fireworks and telling them, “Sorry, no fireworks after all”?

      • Rescheduling it tonight…which was their announced backup plan…
        Even if it had stopped raining, putting out a release saying because of low cloud cover, the fireworks wouldn’t be visible – nobody’s (sane) is gonna argue and get all pissy about that. Everyone knew it was crappy out all day.

        • Ahh… I didn’t realize that they had a backup plan for postponing, and that they’d announced it.
          Have the National Mall fireworks ever been postponed?

          • I heard on the news last night it has been 20+ years since they’ve been postponed. I can’t remember what year they said it last happened…

          • That sounds right. I’ve been in the D.C. area for the Fourth since 1999, and I don’t remember the fireworks being postponed in that time.

  • Revel? Our oregano plant is out of control. Any suggestions for using a ton of the herb? I can only make so much pizza.

  • Rave: Good friend who had some scary (flatlined!) medical issues 6 months ago just moved into her new home! And she’s feeling a lot better (though she’ll never be completely out of the woods). Thrilled for her!

    Rave: Wegman’s. And their pre-spiraled squash, since their zucchini looked suspect. (What the hell, Wegman’s?)

    Rant: Good date last week. Made me smile for the first time (about potential) and get hope up since the beginning of the year. He said he wanted to see me again, gave me his number, gave me a kiss. I texted him a few days after the date to see if he was still interested in getting together this week, and total radio silence. Bad date last week with someone else. Super Creepy. No indication of creep factor prior to meeting him. Deactivated most of my dating apps after getting home from that date, and thinking I’ll just give up. Dating is too hard, and I’m getting too old for this bullshit. (Birthday is this month. Brings up a lot.)

    Rave: I actually like working out, now that I’ve been doing it for 30 minutes almost every day. What is happening? And people notice that something is happening (I can’t tell, and the scale doesn’t move) so that means something’s going right.

    Rant: Friends who make plans with you, you turn down other awesome-sounding plans as you’ve got plans with Friend and then when you contact them mid-day to say “We’re still on for tonight?” says “Let’s reschedule.” Were you planning on actually saying anything if I didn’t contact you? Totally inconsiderate.

    Rave: We have a competent temp as our receptionist. Hoping she remains here!

    • Wegmans…where you check out for $300 and then realize you have nothing to cook for dinner. (J/K, I lurve wegmans)

      • Hahaha, right? I love them too but where’s the fresh vegetables?

        • it’s hit or miss – I think a lot of it is that they actually DO source locally, so if the produce isn’t ready, they won’t have it. Whole Foods has “summer” produce from California and Chile. I’d rather wait for it to be available locally to be honest

          • I agree — I just really wanted fresh zucchini and there were hardly any left and what little was left looked sketchy. If you can call zucchini sketchy.

          • Ever since I got a particularly gross zucchini one time, I agree that zucchini can be sketchy. (If there were discounts for sketchy produce I’d probably still give it a shot but…)

    • That rant about friends canceling after you’ve already turned down other plans, that pisses me off to an extraordinary degree. This habit ends friendships.

      • This person doesn’t know I turned down other plans because I had plans with them. I don’t know if I should even mention it or not. But this isn’t the first time they’ve cancelled abruptly the day we’re supposed to do something.

        • Yep, call the friend out on it. (Unless you think it’s not worth trying to maintain the friendship — for me, when I’ve had friends who habitually bailed, I stopped making plans with them.)

      • +1 to wdc. I have very little tolerance for things like that. I tend to be more blunt than I should, so I would probably tell them you missed out on other plans and that you really need to know earlier if they have the slightest doubt about being able to do something…

    • Ditto about the dating. As I get older the dating pool gets worse and worse. I wonder what men must think of me still being single at 35, because I surely question them!

  • Rave: Had a really awesome long weekend, which included buying a brand new car (well, the fiance did, I don’t drive), lots of time with friends, a hike in the rain at Great Falls, and watching the fireworks from the top of a friend’s office building.
    Rave: While the DC fireworks kinda sucked with the weather, due to our location we had a 360 degree view of fireworks all around the region. T’was awesome!
    Rant: Coming back to work after a long weekend to a job I don’t really care about. It’s been a slow morning.

  • Oh, y’all will love this! Yesterday a man went to lock his bike to a railing around a treebox in a commercial area. A police officer walking past told him he couldn’t do that, because there were signs saying “do not lock bikes to fence”. She said “You can lock it to the tree.”

  • Rave: I put in my two weeks at my current job and accepted an awesome new position at an education tech firm.
    Rave: Test drove a bunch of cars this weekend and decided on a 2016 Jetta SEL to buy this week!
    Rant: My pillows are getting old and uncomfortable so I have very sore neck and back these days. Any suggestions for a good pillow is appreciated! (I’m a side sleeper)

    • One of those memory foam ergnomic pillows actually did me a lot of good. It was uncomfortable for the first week or so, but once I adjusted, it made a significant different in my daily neck and shoulder pain. I didn’t spend a ton on it; maybe $35? I know there are others that are much more expensive.

    • I don’t know the brand but we have pillows filled with water! I absolutely love it, once you get used to a little sloshing.

  • RANT: iTunes ate 200 CDs of music. They were backed-up at one point, but somehow I couldn’t access the back-ups either (something with iTunes – it only saves the last 3 versions of my library on the backup drive and deletes the others). anyone know how to stop this from happening again?

    Seeing the bright side – a lot of my CDs were poorly organized when I imported them, particularly my classical CDs, so I have a chance to organize them the way I want to.

    RAVE – I need to get this done soon because I only have THREE more weeks of work before I head out for an awesome 4 month adventure.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Issues with family, animals, and finances. Trip to Indiana tomorrow. It’s a hot day so I’ll not bother you with them.

  • Rant: I must’ve misread the weather forecast — somehow I thought the multiple-day stretch of highs in the 90s wasn’t going to start until tomorrow.
    Rave: Air conditioning.

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