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  • There’s an older man in my neighborhood who I see repeatedly going out with a large trash bag and picking up all the trash around our neighborhood, which is quite a lot (I HATE seeing those 7-11 red and white big bite boxes or the wing boxes). The next time I see him I am personally going to thank him. He deserves way more credit and so do a lot of people who continually clean up because others are just so messy and won’t take care of the environment. Try to thank someone who does this the next time that you see them!

    • I do that, too, on my way to get coffee on the weekends (at least, when it’s not so miserably hot). Meander around and pick it up as I go. Typically I get three bags full in the course of 2.25 files. It absolutely makes my day when someone says thank you. (Once, someone didn’t say thank you, and just pointed at some cigarette butts I skipped over – I use a little claw-grabber, and small things are especially hard, so I save that thumb-strength for syringes and razor blades, and otherwise just get the “big” stuff — anyway, they’re were just “you missed some” and all I could say was “file a complaint with my boss. oh, wait…”)
      99% of people who say something are awesome, though.

      • Thank you for doing that!

      • I always had mixed feelings when people thanked me for picking up the entire block’s litter (which I eventually had to stop doing, because repeated use of the claw grabber gave me tendinitis).
        I didn’t really want people’s thanks — what I would have preferred was their HELP in picking up the litter. If enough people picked up litter not only in front of their own houses, but also (say) the two houses on either side, it could have a huge impact.

  • I’m curious if people actually use this trash can. Along Georgia Ave there are trash cans at every bus stop (and often more frequently than that, so at least every two blocks) yet there is still trash everywhere. I occasionally see people throwing trash on the ground NEXT TO the trash can. (sigh)

    • I live a few houses down. People definitely do use it. There’s an absolute dearth of public trash cans in our neighborhood, so even though it may not be used by everyone this little bucket is much appreciated (and almost always full).

      • +1

      • I was trying to get DPW to install more trash cans in my neighborhood, but they avoid putting them on residential streets, because of the noise when the trucks empty them at night (bus routes through neighborhood tend to be the exception). I managed to get one, basically because there were others on the same street three blocks away. But, we still have makeshift cans on the corners where people congregate, that neighbors empty themselves.
        A couple of years ago the Alice Ferguson Foundation (FergusonFoundation dot org) was giving away free trash cans – basically a plastic barrel with the top cut off – for people to strategically place to help with litter. My friend left the organization to move elsewhere, but I if you email (trash at fergusonfoundation dot org) they might still be doing it; and can help with a whole litter monitoring campaign.

        • I live right next to a DPW trashcan, and it’s very noisy when they unload it, but I think it only happens once a week. Small price to pay for the benefit of having one right there!

  • I’m very excited that i have finally gotten around to planning a small bbq and trash pick up for our neighborhood. We won’t invite everyone since we are providing food, but if we do this a few times a year it’s a great way to both clean up the neighborhood and help the neighbors all get to know each other. Just please let it not be so hot in a few weeks!!

    • FYI, DPW has a program where they’ll bring you trash bags, rakes, and brooms for your clean up, and also do a special bulk trash pick up from 3 locations. I found the tools were not super helpful, but free bags were nice, and not having to move the bags to one central location was also good. dpw.dc.gov/service/helping-hand-neighborhood-clean
      Also, for anyone who has a clean up organized with the DPW program, if you want more volunteers, CSOSA is always looking for events to send people who have court mandated community service. (It’s really handy in my neighborhood, where we have a lot of elderly people. I station some old people at a table with the supplies/extra trash bags, and lemonade and dixie cups, and send everyone under age 70 out to pick up trash.) http://www.csosa.gov

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