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  • “End of an era”? The era of graffiti?

    I think the era’s end that was worth noting was when Coppi’s and Utopia closed. I still miss Utopia and, while Coppi’s did eventually reopen in Cleveland Park they had many fans on U Street.

  • Anyone remember if Zig Zag Cafe was on this block or the next one over back in the early ’90’s?

  • Linc Park SE

    Did we ever find out who mirdered the Coppi’s owner?

  • Utopia “Re-opening in 2013” Whatever happened with that?

  • Honestly, I really think the owner’s should have kept the graffiti. I found it charming to see all the little changes as I walked past every day. (Although honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it started popping up again despite their painting over it.)

  • I take it U-topia never reopened? Now that place was really from another era. From a U Street that no longer exists.

    • Loved the vibe of Utopia. First place I hung out at when I moved to DC in early 2009. Its amazing how much U Street (among other places) has changed in 8 years.

  • My first or second day as a DC resident, I was walking down that block when I felt something splash on my legs. I looked down, and it was blood. Someone had just had a seizure and been taken away, but no one had cleaned up the blood. I didn’t have any open cuts on me, thankfully, but I still freaked out — wouldn’t you, if you were wearing flip flops and suddenly had someone else’s blood on your legs and feet?

    I ran into Utopia almost sobbing, asking to use their bathroom, and they were so nice and brought me paper towels and water and helped me calm down, all without me spending a dime. Of course I later went back and spent a lot in thanks, but still.

    In sum, I miss Utopia.

  • i wonder if Utopia’s resident rat is still around

  • While I am opposed to painting brick in general, I am really baffled why someone would paint red brick…red.

  • Are they actually operating a liquor still under a residential building? That doesn’t sound safe.

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