About that Helicopter in Dupont Last Night

copter dupont

Kristin (and many others) tweeted us last night:

“@PoPville loud helicopter has been hovering at a total standstill over Dupont area for over 10 minutes- super creepy”

N Wyre replied:

“there was a training exercise scheduled for yesterday… Not sure if this is it. 20 mins over our heads is long enough!”

MPD confirmed the military exercise though they said operation (not sure if that’s just semantics):

“My understanding from our command center is that it is a military helicopter conducting some sort of operation. They should be gone shortly.”

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  • Probably trying to catch the Pokémon that lives on top of the fountain in the middle of Dupont Circle. When I look at my phone, I can see it from my office.

  • Is there a place where we can find information about training exercises?

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