Major Fire at Climax at 9th and V/Florida NW Across from 9:30 Club

Photo by Joe Heaton

Photo by DC9

Thanks to all who’ve emailed and tweeted @PoPville:

“9th St above U St shut down due to fire at Climax Bar. @PoPville”

Photo by Adam Nekola ‏

“@PoPville Looks contained. Just a few new holes in the roof and six fewer upstairs window panes.”

Photo by Karen Love

Photo by Ashley Bruggemann

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  • Has anyone ever actually gone to this place? Every time I go to the 9:30 it’s half empty and sketchy AF.

  • Upstairs had an awesome hookah lounge with $5 whiskey cokes. It’s not sketchy at all, though the name is very highly questionable.

  • The anticlimax of climax!

  • Went there many times when it was Bella Cafe and they let bands play shows there. Zero times since it became Climax. Pretty shocked this place still existed.

  • Went here to play a few rounds of pool after a show at 9:30. Woke up the next morning to a call from my bank saying my card was compromised. When the CSA asked if I had made a purchase at “Climax Bar” I said that had to be a fraudulent charge, I had never been in or heard of such a place. I quickly Googled while they went through the other, actual fraudulent charges, then had to sheepishly let her know that in fact it turns out the Climax charges were correct. There was a long pause before she continued listing charges.

    I have no idea if my card was compromised here (the charges were in a Buffalo, NY grocery store 6 hours later, not sure how these things work but that seems like a pretty quick turnaround), but I thought it was a fun, low pressure bar in an area where that is rapidly becoming extinct. Hope they can get back on their feet.

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