J Crew coming to Logan Circle “will be men’s only product”

1618 14th Street, NW

From J Crew:

“We’re currently a TBD on timing of this store opening based on our construction team and working on schedules etc. but it still looks like sometime in 2016. This could of course change. That being said, it will be men’s only product, with some exciting partnerships featured.”

This was the location of a “Questionable Death” at an underground gay sex club back in 2009. Quite a transformation.


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  • i guess it’s appropriate that it will be mens only. great work by the historical society! (j/k)

  • Everybody pack it up and go home – this comment wins the thread.

  • Quite apropos!
    PS. JCrew downtown has great fitting rooms for … ahem, trying on clothes.

  • If I knew about it, it couldn’t have been very underground.

  • I thought that all they sold was men’s clothes. But really, pinning a gender on the clothes you sell is so last century, right?

  • I can still shop there if I wasn’t born with a “men’s only product”?

  • The strange issue is: why is this taking so long? The exterior renovation was complete months ago, and now nothing seems to be happening at all. Someone is paying taxes on the property; J Crew are missing an entire season of sales. I just don’t understand the economics of this.

  • Thanks for the update, I was wondering when the J Crew Club would be opening.

  • The cruising on 14th has gotten so bad that there’s now two Crew Clubs to accomodate that oh so haute crowd, one with an indoor sauna and one with out.

  • The building isn’t owned by J Crew. The owner may have renovated the property and then taken time to shop it to potential tenants, negotiate the lease, etc.
    That said, they need to get a move on. I’m excited about a J Crew walking distance from my house.

  • “I’m excited about a J Crew walking distance from my house…”

    Really? I’m dismayed by the idea.

  • Because it sells clothes or because its a large corporation?

  • the cruising has gotten so bad.. really… pretty tuned into that cruising I see.. don’t forget how pioneered and made it hip, chic and trendy for you to live in.. don’t like it .. move …

  • justinbc

    Hopefully this is like the J Crew “Liquor Store” in Tribeca, which is all sorts of awesome.

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