Great Garden Haul Vol. 15 – Anacostia/Fairlawn

garden haul

“Beets, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, kale, eggplant and Hungarian wax peppers!”

Ed. Note: When your gardens start to get full of tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever you’re growing – send an email to [email protected] with Garden Haul in the title and please include the neighborhood where you grew it.

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  • Linc Park SE

    That photo makes me want to hit a Farmer’s Market- great pic!

  • Emmaleigh504


  • Do most people get their soil tested before growing vegetables in it? I ask this because my friends who live in Park View had theirs tested and there were measurable levels of lead in it. Is this common in the District?

    • We totally did and our lead levels were crazy high. We had to have a crap ton of soil removed and organic soil put in (and a landscape barrier below)…When the basements were dug out for the houses in our area (and most other areas too) all that soil went into the yards, from what I understand…

  • Most people I know assume their soil is contaminated and built raised beds with all new soil and a barrier underneath. Still not 100% since the barrier can degrade but probably sufficient.

  • Great job! So cool that you are still getting lettuce even though it has been so hot.

  • That’s amazing! I love all the beets, and peppers!
    Re soil testing – UMass Soil Testing Lab is a great place to get your soil tested. I had my soil tested in my backyard and in my community garden plot and there was nothing to worry about.

  • Very nice!

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