GDoN “you’ll be the envy of your friends” edition (reader request)

4728 5th Street Northwest

This house is located at 4728 5th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Petworth just got a bit hotter with this fantastic new listing! Not only are there three levels of beautiful interior living space, you’ll be the envy of your friends with the enormous fenced yard, porch & garage! The light-filled home has tasteful updates & features combined w/vintage touches. Lg rooms, tall ceilings, windows on 3 sides, HWF, subway tile, SS appls, and LOTS more! OPEN SAT & SUN!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $799,999.

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  • HaileUnlikely

    Very nice. I am delighted to see a nice move-in ready house that is not a flip (and note that it was not a flip when the current owner bought it in 2011 either – you can find online pics from its 2011 listing). It appears that the current owners renovated the kitchen and repainted the exterior.

    • We live near this place. It’s gorgeous. For people noting distance to the metro – it’s one mile to both the Petworth and Ft. Totten metros, but it’s one and two blocks from bus lines that cover this distance in 5 minutes. (The 3rd & New Hampshire stop and the Sherman Circle stops.) Transportation really isn’t an issue in this location. Several slightly smaller non-end unit houses on Decatur went well into the 700ks. The price isn’t that surprising to us.

      • I know! We live a block from here and use both the bus and metro depending the destination and day. This house is amazing and well taken care of. Besides the point, If this area wasn’t for parents with kids, why did the Washington Post just have an article about Slash/Run (the burger joint that is walking distance from this place) about parents bringing young kids at all hours?!.

  • I love it because they didn’t rip out all the walls, kept the radiators, and other character details. I even like the kitchen except for the open-shelving. It’s not too close to Petworth metro though–15 to 20 minute walk depending on your pace. It’s also very large so I think it’s a good deal for a family that needs space. Nice, big yard too!

    • I live a few blocks from this house, the 63 bus and 64 bus come very frequently right by the house making it very easy to get to both Petworth and Fort Totten if I don’t feel like walking. It’s a great part of Petworth to live in – a lot less crazy, a lot more neighbor and family feelings.

  • Very homey and tasteful. Some things aren’t exactly to my taste (super super minor things), and I’m not personally a fan of the location, but I’d love to live in a house that looked like that.

  • I can’t wait to stick it to my lame friends!

  • Happy to see someone submitted this to GDoN, because I had been curious as to why it had been sitting on the market after a price drop. The pictures suck, but it seems like a really charming end-unit. Love the kitchen.

    Location is a bit of a turnoff. If I couldn’t be walking distance to the Petworth Metro (which this really isn’t), I’d probably prefer to be closer to the upcoming development on Kennedy Street, instead of this no man’s land.

    • Closer the the upcoming development on Kennedy St? That basically puts you in an active conflict zone at this point and you’re still paying upwards of 650k.
      This is overpriced at 799, but I bet it will go for 750.

      • I’m not denying the current dodginess at points north of here, just talking about medium-term potential, which Kennedy absolutely has and is already realizing. Also, only Jefferson Street is an “active conflict zone”:-)

    • I like the non-flip with some character but agree that the location is just blah. Not close to much.

      Saw one similar to this but a little nicer last week that was tastefully renovated by owners in Park View listed for about $100k less, albeit smaller I would’ve gone for that one due to location and price.

      • Not close to much? How close do you need to be? It’s a 12min walk to the restaurants on Upshur, a 3min walk to the circle park, 3min walk to bus stops that can take you right to two metros (red, yellow & green lines) in 7min. If you have young kids, an elementary school is across the street – and a charter school (with an open soccer field) .3 miles away. A crossfit gym is .8 miles away. And so forth. I actually think you’d have trouble finding a house this big and this well-maintained in a better NW DC location for much less than this.

        • “3min walk to bus stops that can take you right to two metros (red, yellow & green lines) in 7min.”

          Sorry, this just trying to put the best face possible on not being metro walkable. It sucks when you get off the GA Ave Petworth line at 6 pm, exhausted from a day’s work and a metro ride, trying to grab your kid from daycare, only to find out SURPRISE. There’s a 7-12 minute wait for the bus. It happens all the time. It is annoying, and the single biggest drawback to “North Petworth.”

          I live in the area and love it, and would buy this home if I were in the market. But there’s no question it’s a tad isolated from transport and retail.

          • I live in the area too, make this very commute daily, and I think you’re exaggerating the wait for the buses. From the Petworth metro, you are very close to two bus stops – one on Georgia, one on New Hampshire – and can take the 62, 63, or 64 north to get close to this house (which is near our house). Between those two stations and three lines, it’s actually rare that I have to wait more than 5min for a bus at 6PM on a workday. And if you do have to wait 10min for a bus that, in the case of this listing, would drop you off on Sherman Circle one block from your house in 5-7min… so what? You call that isolated? I’m sorry, but complaining about a 10min wait at a bus stop to avoid a 15min walk comes off as pampered to me.

    • I’m the one who submitted this one. We just bought a place a couple blocks away on Delafield (for far less $$) and LOVE the area. You consider this “no man’s land”? I guess it’s not immediately accessible to a lot of dining/shopping options, but it’s quiet, neighbors are friendly, and you’re close enough to plenty.

  • I don’t love the way the upstairs bedrooms? closets? are inter-connected by so many doors. It looks like there may be only one truly private bedroom upstairs.
    It sits across the street from an elementary school, which is a definite downside in my book. It’s also had one price drop & has been on the market for more than two weeks in a very hot neighborhood. I think the price is going to have to come down a bit more before it sells.

  • used to live around the corner. the elementary school was never an issue. the landscaping is beautiful, and they have maintained it meticulously. 829 was seriously ambitious, and I think 799 is still too high. 725-750 range is more reasonable, based on the nearby comps.

    • I dunno, there’s an end unit on 7th and Longfellow (considerably north of here) that was listed at 870k and went under contract almost right away. I didn’t think 829k for this was crazy (well, it is crazy in the objective sense, but you know what I mean).

      • what is the address? I don’t see it on Redfin.

        The very nice house directly across the street sold for $710K in May. It is very comparable. An end unit on the next block of 5th st also sold for $710 in May. Another good comp. This little area off the circle is wonderful. Really great neighbors. But 799 is just crazy high IMO, especially since it looks like the basement isn’t rentable.

    • Exactly. I bet the comps being looked at are middle of the row units. The end units are more desirable.

    • I don’t think $799k for this listing is unreasonable. A much smaller middle-of-the-row house sold on Illinois Ave between Grant and Sherman Circles for $805k.

  • That house has waaaay too much stuff in it. Makes it look claustrophobic and much smaller than it probably is. Also, the pictures should capture the full back view (including the garage).

    • You mean somebody lives there?

      • @neighbor. What OP means is that the house has not been properly staged. You gotta remove the stuff at least temporarily and take nice, bright airy pics to attract a crowd. Maybe that’s partly why it hasn’t sold.

        • The other part is that it is priced at $799k in that location!

        • I understood what he meant and I disagree. Typically I find the furniture used for staging obvious, tacky, and inappropriate for the space. I don’t want to imagine my future home as Bob’s Discount Warehouse showroom.
          A normal person’s furniture is much better (if they have reasonably good taste) in most cases. That’s definitely the case here.
          Indeed the pictures are less than ideal, but I think the price is just a little too high.

          • Agree that normal people’s furniture if decent taste is better than most staging – but even so, unless that person is a minimalist, one must remove at least 1/3 of the furniture (keeping the big stuff, removing the extraneous pieces) for competitive staging.
            And then must have much better photos than these.

          • ’cause if you want those high prices, you’ve got to market like you do – with perfect staging (can be done with own stuff – I did it, but I removed a ton of stuff), and really good photos taken by someone who knows how to photograph real estate.. Even in a seller’s market for houses like like this. Because buying isn’t exactly rational, you know – people remember the furniture & photos, even though they won’t be living with them once they move in.

      • I’m just saying I look at these photos and picture myself constantly bumping into tables and chairs, etc as I make my way around the house. I also have kids, and I always think about how they’d be able to move around the house. It’s a nice house and whoever buys it can decorate it as they like. However, I would think most people looking to buy in that area of Petworth have children, and would probably imagine how the kids will be able to move about the house. For that price, I would need a clearer visual.

  • nice house but I am surprised by how dark every photo is. For a house with windows on 3 sides its not getting much light inside. Or else the realtor timed the pics poorly.

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