GDoN “right next to historic Frederick Douglas home” edition

1501 W Street Southeast

This house is located at 1501 W Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“Spacious, open floor plan, huge detached home in superb location right next to historic Frederick Douglas home. Basically rebuilt 4 bed/3.5 ba home w/2car carport, large kitchen w/separate dining room. Morning room leading to patio. Finished walkout basement w/bedroom & full bath w/kitchenette could be income producing! Close to Downtown D.C./Northern VA, restaurants & new shops in Anacostia!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $750,000.

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  • Are houses really selling for that across the river? I’m doomed.

    • Yeah, I’m either totally out of touch with the EOTR market, or this is one of the least-good GDONs ever.

  • HOLY SHIT! 750K in Anacostia?! I just fell off the couch. I love the look of the outside, but not a fan of the open floor plan and finishes on the inside. And again 750k in Anacostia? Plus all the concrete in the backyard??! 🙁 Ugh no, not a good deal.

  • Nice house, ridiculous price for this location. For $750k you could buy a similar house in a nicer, safer neighborhood.
    $700k+ will buy you a house in pretty much any better location.

  • I am sorry but I still don’t think EOTR is the market for a house that is about three quarters of a million dollars though it is literally next to the Frederik Douglas house.

  • In the last 60 days Alone, there were 2 murders, 11 violent crimes, 3 burglaries, 7 thefts, and 3 stolen cars within 1000 feet of this address.

    One of those murders was 500 feet away…

    Not happening people.

    • You’re looking at 2015 stats. Doesn’t change much but you could at least report the right year.

    • Sounds like you’re quoting Eckington stats.

    • Sound like Colombia Heights… and the market there supports 700k and upwards.

      • Except for the metro station and the dozen bus lines and the incredibly dense retail and dining options… other than that, I’m sure Anacostia is just like Columbia Heights.

        • Anacostia does have a metro station. It’s called…Anacostia.

          There are also easily a dozen bus lines that go through Anacostia or along its major boundary roads (MLK and Good Hope).

          At least do some research before you get snarky.

          Now, retail is a difference, but that will come on line once enough houses start moving near the price range above…Busboys and Poets is coming to Anacostia soon…which CH doesn’t have…

          • Anacostia metro is .7 miles from this property. You get .7 miles away from the CH metro, and you’re in Petworth or Pleasant Plains or U Street or Mt. Pleasant. Not still in the same neighborhood you started out in. In addition, these are all places that people living in CH might want to go. Where can you go in under 20 minutes from 15th & W St SE?
            Also, all that retail is open today. Useful today. Not in some potential future after housing prices have gone up.
            I don’t know why anyone is arguing that a less walkable neighborhood with few amenities should fetch the same prices as a very developed, very dense neighborhood that began its economic renewal almost two decades ago.

          • HaileUnlikely

            In fairness to Alan, and speaking as a guy who strongly dislikes Columbia Heights (the stated attractions don’t have much pull for me) this house would probably be over $1M in CH.

          • Busboy and Poets is a quick jaunt down 14th on the Southern end of Columbia Heights but either way trying to compare Anacostia to CH is ridiculous. Besides having 50 times more commercial options than Anacostia, it is walkable to U St., Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, and Mt. Pleasant and sits atop a Metro. Not even a close comparison between the neighorhoods!

          • wdc,

            You went from saying the neighborhood didn’t have a metro at all to quoting the distance from the house. Just admit you were wrong and didn’t know there was a Metro in the area.

            As for what neighborhood is 0.7 miles from CH metro, you do realize that not every neighborhood in the city is the same size, right? Sure, technically Anacostia metro is on the other side of MLK from historic Anacostia proper, but let’s not pretend a healthy person couldn’t easily walk from this house to that Metro station on a regular basis.

    • There have been zero homicides with 1500 feet of this address in the last year.

  • horrible deal

  • Whoever priced this is out of their damn mind. They’re probably thinking some buyer will think they’re getting a steal at 600, but honestly it’s overpriced even at 500.

  • HaileUnlikely

    A renovated semi-detached (rowhouse end unit) 2 blocks down just sold for $370K. This one arguably has nicer finishes, more bathrooms, and is fully detached, but I can’t imagine what would lead a sane person to conclude that this house is worth *twice* that one.

    • +1 Even if they can find some chump to sign a contract at this price there is zero chance it will appraise.

  • Not to be a Debbie Downer but exactly what is the lofty significance of living next to a Frederick Douglas house, when Mr. Douglas himself traveled and lived in quite a few other places.

  • *thud*
    It’s not even by a metro or the river. No, no, no.

    • It’s walking distance to Anacostia metro.

    • It’s a 15 minute walk, surely that won’t kill you

      • Missing the point! The only way you can get that kind of money for a house is with nearby amenities. Such as good schools, good public transportation (like 5 minutes away, not 15), good commercial options, or just peace/ quiet/ safety.
        Which of these does that house have to justify the pricetag?

  • Let’s play the short story game. Here’s mine:
    Before buying this property, the flipper accidentally looked up values for 1500 W St. *NW.* He’s still blissfully unaware of his error.

  • the developer owner bought it for 255k last April.

  • Sounds like some salty people on here talking about EoTR like they’re familiar beyond what they’ve “heard” or happen to read. The same people were saying things about Brookland and Woodridge 4 years ago. While I agree that this is overpriced (probably more due to greed than an accurate reflection of comps in the area) I do feel in a few years the area will be supporting such outrageous prices. And for those who don’t know this house is literally a 5-10 min drive to Nats Park and Cap Hill, walking distance to Anacostia river park across from the yards and will be about a 5 min walk to the 11th street bridge. Its walking distance to the metro but its a longer walk than the aforementioned destinations. Its also quick access to 395 and 295

    • Key phrase: In a few years.

    • In a few years sure. Now, you can buy an equal size house on that block for $350, spend $200k in upgrades nicer than this, and still have a nice nest egg of $200,000.

      Or buy this house today and live with the murders happening down the block.

      Not salty, realistic.

    • People get so offended on GDoNs. FWIW, I like Anacostia and my wife and I actually considered buying there. However, 750k is A LOT OF MONEY so no it’s not a good deal. I would say the same thing about my own house if it was listed for 750k. And part of city living (for me) is being within walking distance so a 5-10 minute drive to Nats Park or Cap Hill isn’t a selling point especially when I lived in Navy Yard, which has a ton of amenities compared to Anacostia.

      • I would hope you wouldn’t list your own house for 750k and then say your own list price wasn’t a good deal. LOL.

    • If the same people were saying that an equivalent home wasn’t a good deal in Brookland or Woodridge 4 years ago, they were correct then, too.

      • One could argue that Brookland/Woodridge had more inherent risk then than Anacostia does now, partially owed to the additional datapoint that Brookland/Woodridge created.
        It seems inaccurate to me to confidently say some real estate “will be” worth a lot but isn’t yet. The market is efficient and should capture all certain appreciation accordingly. The key factor here isn’t time; it’s risk. I think the more appropriate way to phrase it is “Anacostia isn’t a sure enough thing yet. Brookland/Woodridge are continuously walkable to the urban core and Anacostia is separated by a river, so it may not appreciate on the same trajectory.”

        • (note: that was more a semantic point than anything. I def agree with everyone that this is not a good deal just based on comparable properties one could easily buy today for less money.)

  • FWIW the Redfin Estimate is $720k, assuming it’s accurate, being $30k off on a price over $600k is not the worst thing in the world

    • Redfin accidentally looked up the values for 1500 W St. NW. Still blissfully unaware of its error.
      (Psst…the “Zestimate” is under $300K. Comps have been mentioned above. Those computers aren’t always perfect.)

      • I don’t think Redfin accidentally looked up the wrong address, I think Zillow’s Zestimate hasn’t been updated to reflect the renovation, the Zestimate would quicker reflect the pre-renovation estimate, which would be way more accurate, as a homebuyer looking in this area, I can assure you that a completely renovated home (and at least a high end looking kitchen) with 4 beds / 4 baths and 2k sqft is not going for under $450, if not higher.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t think Redfin mistook this for NW, but did check out Redfin’s 6 comps that purport to substantiate this price, and they range for $240K to $442K save for one not-remotely-comparable comp designed by notable architect John Earley which sold for $550K. I often wonder about Redfin’s estimates. On major renovations they seem to often be strangely close to the asking price, even when there are plenty of decent comps that are nowhere close to the asking price and the asking price is totally goofy.

    • Ally

      Some of those sites are notoriously inaccurate. I bought my house 5 or 6 years ago for $550,000 in Hill East. It now is showing on Zestimate for over $800,000. There is no way in hell, unless I threw in a goose laying golden eggs, that I’d ever get $800,000 for our house right now. ~$650,000-$750,000, MAYBE.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I just had an appraisal that came in at over $100k below my Zestimate, and in all honesty, I think the appraisal was about right and was pleased with the appraisal. The Zestimate for my house is goofy nonsense.

      • I’m also in Hill East – our Zestimate is about $100k less than what it appraised for 4 months ago.

      • In a city where 6-8 blocks can make 100k-200k or even more difference in price, redfin and zillow are not ever going to be all that accurate on a house by house basis.

  • Ugh. Seriously dislike the kitchen, the open floor plan, the wood (?) floors, the finishes. No redeeming features, and overpriced at that.
    Bad deal

  • Regardless of GDON, I have found that neighborhood to be quite loud. I took a walking tour on a Sunday morning starting at the Frederick Douglass house and spent a few hours walking around their nearby neighborhood. Couldn’t believe how loud the helicopters coming in and out of Bolling were with nonstop helicopter traffic on a Sunday morning. I worked on the Washington Navy Yard 2009-2014 and that was so quiet compared to that neighborhood.

    • I live a few blocks from there and barely notice any helicopters. Different level of sensitivity, I guess. When I lived near Washington Hospital Center, I heard a bunch of ambulances, though. Still, you get used to these things. Or at least, I did.

  • Invest EOTR!

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