GDoN “2 balconies” edition

800 4th Street Southwest

This unit is located at 800 4th Street Southwest. The listing says:

“Metro!Dining!Grocery! Largest 1bed/bath+den flr plan at pet friendly Potomac Place Towers. Nearly 1000 sf w/covered PARKING, large storage unit & 2 balconies in SW/Waterfront near WHARF development! Tons of closet space, pantry & open kitchen w/ breakfast bar. 3 fitness rooms, outdoor pool, business cntr w/ internet, community lounge, & 24hr desk. Walk everywhere! Condo fee includes ALL utilities!”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $399,900 ($540 monthly fee.)

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  • I always thought of a “den” as being a contained room with an actual door, not the small end of an L-shaped room.

    • I don’t think a door is necessary, but it should be a mostly enclosed room. This is a dining space not a den.

    • Agreed. From the floor plan, it looks pretty clear that the so-called “den” is a dining area.

  • Do one-bedrooms in non-spanking-new buildings in this part of SW really go for $400K these days?? That sounds rather high to me.

    • I sold mine for a little over 300 without a parking spot, storage unit or bedroom attached to it. So yeah, there was a “1 bedroom” that sold for about 320 a couple of months ago. I put that in quotes b/c all the owner did was add a 3/4 wall. This place has a parking spot which is probably 20K in itself, a storage unit and 2 balconies. I think 400K is a bit high, but 350+ and up is doable.

      I lived in this building, compared to what you’re getting in the new condos, it’s pretty good value. The new condos are like half a million for 600 square feet, with no parking. Ridiculous.

    • Maybe not – but being a rather large one-bedroom (over 900 sq ft), with a decent kitchen, and fitness, pool, and mostly parking included, this isn’t as much of a stretch as most one-bedrooms would be. (Though of course I hate those concrete things outside the windows.)

      • Terra cotta not concrete.

        • Those window things are my favorite part! I’ve driven by this building before and thought it must be really cool inside, but this is really bland with ugly carpet. At least it’s big I guess.

          • Ditto! I have a thing for those mid century modern screens. Easily my favorite thing about this listing. But that’s a very subjective thing obviously.

    • Whether it’s a good deal or not seems pretty irrelevant to whether someone will pay their price. $400 a square foot for 50 year-old mid-grade condo units is far from a good deal. Even in the DC market, that’s closer to $300 a square. but there are too many entry-level buyers in DC who just want to get a foot in the door regardless of price (so long as they can swing the monthly payment).

    • Ahh — somehow I wasn’t paying attention to the square footage. Yeah, 900+ square feet is humongous for a one-bedroom. Actually, that’s so much square footage it seems like a waste not to have carved out a second bedroom from it. I remember when I lived in a 750-square-foot apartment in the ‘burbs, the living/dining area was HUGE — way more than I needed.

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