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Back in May CNN reported:

“President Barack Obama took a detour on his Asia trip Monday when he dined with celebrity chef and adventurous eater Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam.

After finishing up at Hanoi restaurant Bún chả Hương Liên, Bourdain tweeted that he had picked up the $6 tab on a shared “bun Cha dinner.”

And Pho 18 rolled with it!!  Anyone try it?

pho 18
1915 18th Street, NW

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  • Woohoo! I’ve been trying to find good bun cha since I got addicted on a trip to Hanoi and nothing in Eden center or anywhere else in the area has really delivered – northern Vietnamese cuisine seems to be hard to find in the states for historic reasons. I’ll be trying theirs!!

    • read: THANKS OBAMA

    • Hmm, I’ve found bun cha at most vietnamese restaurants in the DC region. They’ve varied somewhat but all have been pretty good.

    • chle70

      Good for Pho18 for seizing the opportunity! Haven’t tried them yet, but for really authentic Bun Cha, try the Eden Center (a Vietnamese mall) in Falls Church, VA. Many good restaurants, but I prefer Banh Cuon Saigon.

      • I’ve never visited this restaurant, but by virtue of the name alone (Saigon in the name) they’re probably serving the southern version of the dish (bun thit nuong). The dishes are fairly similar (all on one plate versus a plate with broth and sauce on the side; slightly different noodles), but if you really want the northern bun cha version, the southern bun thit nuong isn’t a perfect subsitute.
        I mean, no one would would tell you a Carolina-style BBQ is the same as a Kansas City-style BBQ, right?

    • Bun Cha Hanoi at Rice Paper in Eden Center is very good. On par with some (not all) I had in Hanoi

      Same with Hai Duong (also at Eden Center)

      • Regarding Edan center, I found the grilled pork good but the pork belly, which is supposed to be wrapped in banana leaves, just doesn’t compare with Hanoi, like not even close. Just a thought; #stilldreamingofsmallplasticchairs

        • Totally agree!! The operative term I used in my search was GOOD bun cha, that could be on par w the real deal, not just any ol’ bun cha. But I suppose that’s why we still have to travel for things 🙂

  • This place was quick! They had that sign out maybe 2 days after the story about Obama and Anthony Bourdain broke.

  • We got take out from them this week, it was quite good. No bun cha, but if their pho broth is any indication, they’ll do a good job.

  • I want the Hugo Chavez meal: That’s where they put some overpriced flour on a shelf, and everybody fights over it.

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