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  • Ugh, when did this happen? I was going to return something there this weekend. (I’m glad I didn’t go last weekend if they were already closed….) Guess I have to make the 45 minute trek to Georgetown now…

  • Rats, that’s the one that has kids’ clothes. My daughters live in those $5 tank dresses.

    • Blithe

      I haven’t been there in a while, but I’m pretty sure that the one in Friendship Heights also has kid’s clothes.

      • I thought the Georgetown one did too? It’s actually my favorite location since they moved to the bigger space but it’s so far away.

    • As someone who shops in the boys 8-14 section, they closed it down at this particular H&M. So sad. Silver Spring has an ok selection but the best I’ve seen as at the Outlets in Nat’l Harbor.

  • It was a mad house two weeks ago when I went in there. Everything was 50-70% off and all the remaining inventory was on the first level.

  • According to H&M staff I spoke to the weekend before they closed apparently kids is coming out of that store.

  • Darn, some of my favorite blazers actually came from the kids’ section of that store!

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