Duke’s Counter Opens Across from the Zoo – Have a First Look Inside and at the Menu

3000 Connecticut Ave, NW

Boom! Duke’s Counter from the owners of Duke Grocery in Dupont soft opened on Friday across the street from the Zoo. It was certainly sad to lose Zoo Bar but Duke’s Counter is looking like a worthy replacement. This is a huge score for the Woodley/Cleveland Park crowd. Hell this is a huge score for those with little kids who go to the Zoo a couple times a month/week. Seriously, while the space was still being set up when I stopped by Sunday morning – you can get a good idea of how awesome the space turned out. The dark interior from the Zoo Bar days (good for Blues and Jazz) have been completely brightened:

mural still in progress

More shots and a look at the menu after the jump.






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  • Enough with the truffle oil!

  • This is the greatest news ever. Finally somewhere worth going to in my neighborhood!

  • We just happened to be walking by on our way to eat when they opened the doors on Friday. We’d never eaten at Dukes and this place is delicious.

  • Looks awesome, but where’s the fish and chips? Hopefully coming soon.

  • $9 for elotes? I hate to be the one to complain about prices, but come on. That’s street food you buy from a cart.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m sure you can finder cheaper on the streets of Mexico – this is true.

    • maxwell smart

      I was assuming the last word was ‘tacos’ – like they were corn tacos. But it’s hard to tell. It also looks like locos. And yes, then $9 for grilled corn would be loco.

    • I believe I have bought an ear of corn from a woman on the street in Columbia Heights for $3 or $4. This is a bowl of corn, which is likely 2-3 ears and, no offense to the woman whose corn was delicious, but the quality of the ingredients and level of preparation is probably a bit higher here. Plus they have more overhead than a steam basket and a milk crate. Maybe a bit high, but not nearly as outrageous as some things in this town.

  • Nothing will ever beat Zoo Bar. RIP entertainment.

  • Just in time for Brew at the Zoo! I know where I’m grabbing dinner on Thursday.

  • RIP entertainment

  • I will miss Zoo Bar for sure, but they did a great job with the space and the food that I’ve had so far (admittedly, only the hummus plate) was great. Also: blackberry bourbon lemonade. Delicious, and no joke. Welcome to the neighborhood, Duke’s.

  • Only hipsters would have a 18 post argument over the price of corn. Never a dull moment…Duke’s is awesome, great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Not commenting about the dish itself, or its worth, but there is also a corn shortage all over the region right now. It is currently hitting restaurant suppliers and may make it to your supermarket soon.

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