The Dolcezza Gelato Factory & Coffee Lab is temporarily closed behind Union Market

550 Penn Street, NE

Not a lot of info but the Dolcezza Gelato Factory & Coffee Lab at 550 Penn St. NE behind Union Market has been closed a few weeks according to a reader. After a few inquiries I’m told:

“Dolcezza Factory is temporarily closed, but hoping to be back up and running at some point later this summer.”

Updates as provided.

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  • Their stands at Nats Park were still up and running this week, so they must have a build up of stock to keep them running.

  • I thought I read somewhere that the public parts were closed (store/coffee shop) but that the factory was still operating.

    • That’s what the purported owners’ son-in-law claimed on here some time back. Makes intuitive sense – guess the owners didn’t want to risk their patrons being run over by drunk drivers?

    • With the insane amount of wholesale their increasing their production, I doubt they’ll reopen the public parts of the building ever.

  • They don’t want the public to see the Oompa Loompas

  • I would love a Dolcezza gelato & coffee shop in Petworth. So many opportunities near the Petworth metro or upper 14th St. They would do so well!

    • Upshur would be perfect for a dolcezza! There’s a ton of traffic now with Slim’s and Timber. And the closest espresso option is Quaglia.

  • dolcezza is not sold at the nats stadium, it’s another gelato maker. rumor is the tasting room at the dolcezza factory will open to the public by august. fingers crossed.

  • Not odd. This location has been closed to retail since the second car crashed into it. The factory is still up and running, producing more than ever.

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