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  • Bye bye 8th and H crew. Been a lot cleaner since they erected the gates at that corner last week. Praise da Lawd!! Free at last !!!

  • Good riddance to that horrible Rite-Aid! It was likely the worst Rite-Aid known to mankind.

    • I disagree completely. My husband has brain cancer, and the pharmacists took the time to learn all his meds, and had everything in stock. They were kind, proactive and organized. They sorted everything out with insurance. They greeted everyone with respect. It was probably the best pharmacy/Rite Aid int he country. (it might not have looked like much, but that’s just style over substance)

  • The density that people were requesting in favor of the Chic-Fil-A is here and on the site of the church that was purchased and the old car lot further up Hst near MD Ave…

    • And thank goodness for that. I’m sure the increase in foot traffic will deter some of the sketchiness that happens around the 8th and H bus stop.

  • H Street Connection was just awful. Good riddance! I thought this new development would never come. Its been about 8 years since I first saw initial plans at an ANC meeting.

  • Good riddance to the whole damn place. Nothing about this I won’t miss.

  • brookland_rez

    Buh bye

  • Alright everyone, tuck your socks into your pants

  • Does anyone know when they will be releasing information on tenants in the commercial space? I’m sure everyone is interested in the type of retail/restaurants that will occupy the ground level.

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