Adams Morgan BID Burgled “$1k no-questions-asked reward” offered


From the Adams Morgan BID:

“Adams Morgan Partnership BID office was broken into over the weekend. Our office, along with several other offices in the Festival Center, was broken into over the holiday weekend. We are offering a $1k no-questions-asked reward for the return of the two Dell laptops if they are returned in the condition that they were taken.”

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  • “two Dell laptops” – I’d consider this a net loss for the burglars if they don’t take the BID up on their offer. $1k is MUCH more than they are actually worth.

  • What is this new thing with people offering large cash rewards (no questions asked) for dogs, computers and hard drives? The thieves must be laughing their asses off at everyone!

    And I am a huge dog lover, but I don’t have 10K to hand over for my little pup.

    • No doubt! This is just asking people to continue stealing laptops.

      But it also raises a question — just what kind of Anthony Wiener-esque photos were on those laptops?

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