A Lot of Confusion Over Possible Future Swimming Pool Fees – Fear Not

swimming confusion
Photo by PoPville flickr user Lorie Shaull

I’ve been getting tons of emails like this one:

DPR to start charging all residents to use pools. Aw man, this is some BS. They will start charging residents $5/day to use the pool starting after Labor Day 2016.”

This has also blown up on a few listservs as well. On Friday I emailed with DPR and was told:

“We have no plans to charge DC residents for swimming pools. Those fees have been historically waived for DC residents.”

On twitter DPR also confirmed to concerned residents:

“It shows what we can charge. Pools and fitness centers remain free to DC residents. Apologies for confusion.”

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  • I still don’t understand the point of releasing a chart that shows what they “could” charge, when in practice they waive any fees to DC residents. It just causes confusion.

  • This confusion seems to crop up every year. I remember seeing a flurry of activity about this on one of our neighborhood listservs last year too.

  • I emailed DPR about this months ago and received the same response. When I emailed back asking if that meant they could start charging DC residents whenever they wanted, I received no response.

  • Fitness centers are free to DC residents? I always had to pay when using the fitness center at the Raymond Recreation Center.

  • Conclusion: DPR really, really, really sucks at writing press releases.

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