1900 Lose Power in Petworth “no estimated restoration time”


From DC Alerts:

“Pepco reports a power outage in the District, impacting approximately 1900 customers in the Petworth neighborhood. There’s no estimated restoration time is at this time. Please take all precautions.”


“Pepco reports the Petworth neighborhood power outage affected population has decreased significantly (under 20 customers). The approximate restoration time is 7pm.”

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  • I’m confused. The Pepco outage map says this is a “planned outage” and service will be restored at 4:00 PM. What’s the deal? Was this planned? If so, why weren’t customers notified?

  • Pepco outage map reports this as a “planned outage” with a 4 PM restoration time.

  • Pepco and DC government neck and neck for most incompetent organization award today.

  • The Pepco Outrage map shows this as “unplanned Pepco outrage.”

    • west_egg

      I’m still seeing “planned outage,” but it’s also been updated to say that only 16 customers are affected with an estimated restoration time of 7 p.m. Hopefully this means they’ve made some progress.

    • I’m also seeing “planned outage.”

    • Wouldn’t it be awesome if Pepco’s site had an Outrage map? With color coding. Yellow for mildly annoyed, orange for pretty pissed, and red for full outrage status.

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