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  • I love Tony’s- they have delicious breakfasts. But, I can’t imagine it as a bar. It’s just a quintessential greasy spoon.

  • Presumably they intend to serve the residents of the soon to arrive shelter?

  • justinbc

    Didn’t realize there was more than one location. For anyone unfamiliar, there used to be a place on H Street called “Tony’s Breakfast”, which was forced out by the landlord, and when the owners moved across the street with their same name the old landlord opened up a place in their previous location called “Tony’s Place”, serving essentially the same food, but with lower quality. So now they’re right across from each other, and the landlord is capitalizing off of the name confusion for sure…apparently enough so they’re able to open another location. (The Tony’s Breakfast folks are still doing well too, they’ve also opened up a Korean place on H Street.)
    tldr; if you’re on H Street, make sure you go to Tony’s Breakfast, not Tony’s Place. If you’re in Petworth and there are no better options then this place probably won’t kill you.

  • Tony’s is a gem. Holdover from another time (in atmosphere and price) and still serving up greasy goodness. I think you posted a while back they were expanding next door. Is that where the bar will be? Looking forward to it.

  • I have had the breakfast a couple times. Solid greasy spoon food, which I can always appreciate. Cheap, quick, classic and simple.

  • K street neighbor – you’re so right! Homeless children love to get drunk!

  • A few others already said it but I’ll put in my 2 cents. Its tasty, cheap, and greasy diner style food. I do take out there from time to time. I would def suggest it. Try the club sandwich.

  • It should also be noted that Tony’s is planning to expand into the adjacent space so they can offer a full interior dining area. As it stands now, the dining inside is rather limited. I would imagine the alcohol license is part and parcel with the expansion plans.

  • Love Tony’s for breakfast but the alcohol license is weird… They close at 6pm. :-/

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