Today in Urban Wildlife – Bambi and “99% sure this is a vulture??”


Thanks to Steven for sending on Saturday “in Fort Totten park.”


Thanks to Jay for sending the shot above from P St. NW between 15th and 16th this morning:

“i don’t know a lot about birds but i’m 99% sure this is a vulture?? it was very unafraid of people and cars”

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  • It would be very hard for me not to mess with Bambi if I found him like that. Even knowing that he’s just fine and mama will be back shortly.
    Probably a juvenile or a female vulture (aka buzzard). The males have red heads, I think. Did you get close enough to smell it? They STINK.

  • Yup, that’s a black vulture. Probably looking for some roadkill to eat.

  • It’s almost certainly an immature turkey vulture. Both male and female adult turkey vultures have pink heads. It’s easy to tell black and turkey vultures apart when they’re flying (bvs have a short, square tail, tvs have a longer, fan shaped tail, and bvs are much lighter on the underside of their wings), and of course in the winter there are no juveniles, so grey head=bv, pink head=tv, but the giveaway in this pick is the neck. A black vultures black feathers would extend further up the neck towards the head. Turkey Vultures have bare skin further down the neck. That being said, it’s a juvenile, and the young of these two species are hard to tell apart. Just by the numbers, though, turkey vultures are WAY more common, so…

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