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  • a dramatic improvement. So glad that ugly popeyes is gone.

  • They just painted the middle building’d bricks in yellow today – which is too bad.

  • too bad they didn’t keep/replace the cool windows on La Villa building; new ones are bland.

  • this suxssssss

  • Been there and it’s one of the best I’ve been to. Yes, I like it.

    • Whoops, commenting on the Popeyes instead of the building. No opinion on that, but I stand by my Popeyes love!

  • This sucks. We need a Popeye’s far more than we need yet another condo/office.

    • Popeye’s moved right across the street…

    • You’re in luck! Popeyes moved just across the street into a nicer space.

      • Although for being new, the line/wait setup is terrible.

      • The former version of Popeye’s had a drive-thru around the building, so cars that were waiting for food could order and get food, while out of traffic. Unfortunately, the new version does not, so there are a lot of cars that simply leave their cars idling in the bike lane, or double-park across traffic lanes on 14th Street, to run in and get their Popeye’s fix. So, in that respect, it’s not an improvement.

        • You know what could fix that? Traffic/parking enforcement that actually did its job, instead of just looking for imaginary ROSA violations.

        • Or, you know, the city could enforce their traffic laws. But I guess that’s asking too much.

    • The Popeyes is still there, it’s literally across the street.

  • figby

    I really hope a new Sweetgreen goes in here! Or Lululemon or maybe a J. Crew!!! That would be so great.

    Actually what the street needs is another gelato place.

    • Lululemon? Seriously?? Is there really that much of a demand for $100 yoga pants? (Or are you being sarcastic?)

      • This would be sarcasm.

      • There’s already a Lululemon across from Whole Foods :). J. Crew is sooooo 2009. I’m thinking something along the lines of Kit + Ace. I need another spot to pick up $90 “technical” tank tops.

    • J Crew men’s shop is opening up on 14th next to Barcelona if I’m not mistaken. Thre’s already a J Crew in Penn Quarter, just take the 54 bus 🙂

      There’s a Sweetgreen on 14th and W.

      NO MORE GELATO PLACES! Please lawd nooooooo.

  • The drive thru being gone is a good thing…their dumpster area was always pretty bad and popular with the rats.

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