“we can prove that Emma. C from Yelp is not the girl that pooped at their restaurant”

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Update on the, uh, Nick’s/Emma C. situation:

“Dear PoPville,

I am a friend of Emma C. from the Yelp saga. I was with her the night of the poop accident at Nick’s Riverside Grill. I have been helping her since she has broken English and do not want her to get taken advantage of more than has happened already. We are in contact with the owner of Nick’s Riverside Grill and he has agreed to meet with us in person so we can prove that Emma. C from Yelp is not the girl that pooped at their restaurant. We were considering having a lawyer present in case he is not willing to publicly apologize and set the record straight. The false claim that Emma C is the girl that pooped is affecting her life personally so this needs to be resolved. Please email JusticeforEmmaC(at)gmail.com if you know a DC lawyer to work with Emma C. pro bono. Thank you.”

Update 12:55pm:

FYI The owner of Nick’s called Emma C. and admitted they were wrong and apologized for it over the phone. They are releasing a formal apology to Washington City Paper and confirmed it was not Emma C. because the girl who pooped had a tattoo on her shoulder and Emma C. does not. Feel free to use that information and look out for the apology email.

No need for a lawyer now.”

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  • This is the kind of reporting that keeps me coming back – I’m glad Emma C.’s name was cleared and hope that the investigation continues to bring the girl with a pooper tattoo to justice

  • literally everything about this story is terrible, up to and including the hashtag

  • god bless popville for helping to put an end to this. Poor Emma, and great job on not having a shoulder tattoo.

  • justinbc

    This was going to worry me all weekend. Thank heavens it’s been resolved!

  • andy

    Why is everyone accepting that the poop was an accident?

  • Justice! haha I’m so glad we got an update.

  • This has to be one of those “Slow Friday” posts similar to the WiseGuys Pizza rant from several months back. Right? RIGHT?

  • Can’t believe Emma shat herself… SMH

  • Why aren’t we talking about the fact that the pooper remains at large? This is going to haunt my weekend until the pooper is caught and brought to justice.

  • HOOZAH! I am glad Emma C prevailed. Also, Nick’s Riverside Grill better be issuing a seriously great apology. How do you get that wrong?! When you publicly accuse a customer of something like that you better be certain…. and now we all know that someone pooped in their restaurant and sat in it for 2 hours. Won’t exactly be running there anytime soon.

  • To borrow from Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel, you can’t really dust for poop.

  • I will #neverforget poor Emma C. and the injustice she had to suffer at the hands of Nick’s. Maybe next time they decide to respond to a 1-star review, they won’t accuse that patron of defecating in public. Can’t wait to hear the convoluted series of excuses.

  • Good. The best way to ensure she is not taken advantage of is by keeping this nightmare in front of the public.

  • I think the real takeaway here is that any future restaurant poopers will be shrug/BTDT news at best.

  • please popville tell me the girl did not have a tattoo of a lotus flower on her shoulder please please please please!! :/

  • How is this affecting her life personally?? It’s a Yelp review, grow up!!

    • Her Yelp review had her name, last initial, a photo of the lower part of her face, and her location. That’s some awfully identifying information. No one would want the entire blogosphere to think — incorrectly — that one was guilty of pooping in someone’s restaurant and being totally blase about it.

      • So random strangers are seeing her on the street and pointing her out from a picture of the lower half (nose down?) of her face? Are they saying, hey that’s probably Emma C of Yelp pooping fame? Or is it people she already knows picking on her? If that’s the case these friends ought to have solved this internally instead of putting it on blast all over dc. Regardless this whole lawyer up thing is the most spoiled DC transplant thing ever.

        • Spoiled? What if this happened to you? Ridiculous

        • I doubt people are recognizing her on the street, but there’s enough identifying information that anyone who already knew her — even just by name — would recognize her.
          I was reading a rather timely fiction piece in the New Yorker the other day, about what it can mean to become a viral Internet phenomenon:
          Have a little compassion.

        • Security clearances through DoD now check social media accounts. Someone who pooped in a bar and sat in it for 2 hours probably wouldn’t be my idea of a stable person, and I think that might affect their chances of getting a clearance.
          So there’s a possibility for you.

          • Eh, I guess it’s possible. But, specious and opaque as those processes might be, I don’t think they’re going to take a Yelp review response as solid evidence for anything.
            I too remain curious about what the real-life effects of a Yelp review (that’s been deleted and reproduced mostly only in pieces debunking or at least calling into question the accusations) are having. And think the lawyering up stuff is kinda weird. Regardless, I’m glad for her that it’s been resolved.

          • I Google everyone I hire. If she hadn’t cleared her name, it absolutely could have impacted her ability to be hired anywhere. At the very least, it’s an awkward thing to have to explain for the rest of your life (or until she did something more publicly noteworthy).

    • Anonymous internet commenter declares unjust public shaming of woman for pooping in a restaurant “not a big deal”

  • How do we know for sure there wasn’t a second pooper?? I for one am not satisfied we know the whole truth.

    • Get to work on the Sarah Koenig. Not sure if Emma would be the Hae Min or the Adnan in this situation, but this serial would be way better than season 2.

    • After looking closely at the CCTV recordings you can see someone fart on the grass knoll

    • Take a look at the tapes and you’ll see there’s something being hidden from us here. Look at the motion of the pooper as it slides out: back and to the left, back and to the left.

    • I’m personally a proponent of the Magic Poop Theory.

    • that’s ONE magic turd

  • What’s unfortunate is that Nick’s retraction/apology is unlikely to get anywhere near as much Internet traction as the original postings — especially since it’s a Friday.

  • What a shit story. I’m just here to read the comments.

  • I would definitely talk to a lawyer. Nick’s banks ridiculous money and should be flush with cash. If there’s a case, I’d think she could find someone to work on commission, without having to front all of the money herself.
    Then again, she publicly stated that the apology letter might suffice, which would work against her in court.

    • What exactly do you think she could sue for here (and win without being laughed out of court)?

      • It could adversely affect her employment prospects in certain industries that require background checks. As another poster mentioned above: “Security clearances through DoD now check social media accounts. Someone who pooped in a bar and sat in it for 2 hours probably wouldn’t be my idea of a stable person, and I think that might affect their chances of getting a clearance.” This isn’t something you want to be brought up in an interview.
        Also, personal distress. “Emma C” is now the butt of many internet jokes across the country, even though she had nothing to do with the situation. This would be tougher to argue now that she said she might accept a letter of apology, but there’s still an argument to be made here.

      • Defecation. Er, I mean defamation.

      • Libel and defamation of character. I’m guessing she wouldn’t get much, but maybe it would make Nick’s think twice before attacking their customers for voicing complaints online.

        • @ both Anons – She’d have to prove actual damages to recover ANYTHING, not just future potential harm, at least in DC. She’d actually have to be denied a job/security clearance before she could recover.

    • justinbc

      There aren’t as many “starving lawyers” willing to work for free as artists.

  • Something isn’t adding up for me on this. This friend says that Emma C “has broken English,” but her quote in the City Paper’s 6/1/16 update was definitely written by someone who has a pretty good mastery of the English language.

    Now, it could very well be that Emma C’s friends have been taking care of the situation on her behalf since the beginning, which I don’t necessarily have a problem with. But the City Paper quote was held out as coming directly from Emma C, which seems not to be the case. Maybe that’s just CP’s mistake.

    The larger issue, in my opinion, would be that other people were involved on Emma C’s end, which means that the response has potentially been distorted to reflect their own views and opinions rather than Emma C’s. This only matters to me insomuch as their public response has brought more attention to the situation in ways that may actually negatively affect her reputation. (The oblique threat of lawyering up definitely doesn’t improve my opinion of her, for example.)

    • The response in the 6/1 update was without a doubt edited by someone else.
      I don’t see how Emma C’s friends being involved is in any way problematic. Emma C’s English is obviously not that of a native speaker, and with an accusation like that, she needed all the help she could get.

      • I guess my point is that her friends may not be acting in her best interest. It is my personal opinion that they are not.

    • You might think that implying that she might lawyer up might “actually negatively affect her reputation,” but 1) I doubt most people would blame her for at least contemplating the prospect and 2) it’s far more serious to have a reputation as an unrepentant public pooper and a liar than it is to have a reputation as being overly litigious.

  • If only we could harness all this energy for productive purposes we might actually be able to make America great again.

  • I hereby dub this place PooPville.

  • We had a phantom pooper at a sports camp I used to work at. We’d come in from the swim portion of the day and poop would be in the shower. Every.Day.

    Finally caught him. Needless to say, parents were called. He wasn’t allowed back.

    • A friend of mine was a phantom pooper in college. Ashcans in the science building, and in the stacks in the library. It seemed funny at the time.

    • Ha ha ha. All kids should get to go to camp at least once in their lives, if for no other reason than to have a few stories like this.

    • The Bob’s Burgers episode of the Mad Pooper comes to mind. Love that show!

    • Oh god, we did too. He preferred to poop right NEXT to the toilet rather than in it. It was a week-long sleep away camp and he did it every single day at various times. He was a crafty little jerk. We never did catch him.

  • David

    Seriously? Almost two hours in and not a single “poopville” joke?

  • This is why I never stir shit up on Yelp.

  • Happy to see Emma C’s slate wiped clean. Bidet late than never, I always say.

  • There must have been a second pooper

  • if she didn’t shit, you must acquit!

  • What the heck? This whole thing is incredibly childish. Another case of owners/managers/servers at restaurants taking out their bad business on their customers, and in this case, attacking someone who may well have had a medical condition. So immature. Never heard of this place but will never be visiting.

    • Agree. Even if she had been the pooper, the restaurant’s response was completely inappropriate and out of proportion.
      This started with a dispute over ONE drink charge. So, prob $10. There never would have been a Yelp review in the first place if they’d just refunded $10. Even if the customer was wrong – it’s not like she wanted her whole check comped or something. Sounds like she was there with several people, the total bill was prob over $100. Don’t get in a pissing match with a customer over 10 bucks, especially when it’s a fraction of the bill. That was petty, short sighted, and bad business.
      Then to get so butt hurt over the Yelp review? No one is going to avoid an establishment over one Yelp review that says the service was bad. But you better believe I’m not interested in going to a restaurant that’s LITERALLY just a drunken shit show, which is how the restaurant presented itself in the Yelp response. What in that response was supposed to make me want to go eat there? “Oh, I’ll go there now bc it sounds like the service is fine, it just has poop all over the dining area that probably was only superficially cleaned.” IDIOTIC. Just so amazingly short sighted.

  • HA ha! Great tag, “poopgate”.

  • Did she ever get a refund on the extra drink she was charged for?

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