“Spice of Bukhara, the food is fantastic”

204 Michigan Avenue, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Spice of Bukhara (Best taste of Indian, Pakistani, Afghani and Irani foods) is getting all the buzz over in our neighborhood. Have you checked it out?
The food is fantastic.”

Check out their menu here.

Anyone else take a taste?

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  • Do they deliver and why aren’t they on Yelp?

  • Agreed 100%! I tried them last week and had an amazing very spicy vindaloo, naan and mango lassi. The wait was a little long as they were overwhelmed with the orders that evening but I’m sure it’s just growing pains. Welcome addition to the neighborhood.

    • Kukki Bakemono

      Good to hear. I’ll have to try their vindaloo then. So far only Cusbah on H Street can make vindaloo hot enough to make me happy (after I request them to make it hotter, but still).

      • justinbc

        Yeah I was really disappointed with the spice level at Cusbah, they promised significantly hotter and it was just weak. I need to go back and ask for NWP version.

        • Kukki Bakemono

          lol @NWP version. Yea, I always run into “resistance” when I ask restaurants to make it hotter than they normally do. Indigo is the most recent place to disappoint me in heat level, but I appreciate all the random comic book and bottle cap decorations they have. I understand why places are hesitant to make things spicy…there’s always that one person who says they can handle heat but wind up in a pool of their own sweat complaining they made it too hot.

      • albany

        Have you tried Salt and Pepper grill on Georgia? I found their Vinadloo to be quite spicy.

      • This is true. I got the chicken vindaloo and it kicked my ass, and I’m not a stranger to spicy. It was Panda Gourmet mapo tofu level hot.

  • It’s great and reasonably priced! Better than Indigo and much cheaper for the amount of food you get. We spent $42 on 4 dishes and ate for 3 meals.

  • We had a great meal, generous portions, and the guys were super nice and friendly.

  • Looks tasty, but I don’t see anything Bukharan about it!

  • If its like anything like the previous tenant DC Wings the food will be fantastic the trick is getting people to drive over there. Its a little off the beaten path for CoHi resident but it was always worth the trip.

  • The food is really good… no dining in yet, but they have space. I liked the saag paneer and makhani, well, anything. The samosas are great. Still working out service kinks- they forgot my rice in my takeout order.

    If you don’t want to wait they have a “hot bar” where you can choose one main and a couple vegetables for around $10-$11?

  • How is the Kabob House next door? Or is it the same restaurant? A lot of the “grilled meat with spicy sauces” places seem to get lumped together these days.

    • Looks like it’s the same place. The logo between Kabob and House is the same as the one on Bukhara’s menu and the menu says “Bukhara Kabob House.”

  • I ate here about two weeks ago! I had the chicken marsala and the okra dish. Both were delicious and came with rice. We ordered naan, which was enormous, on the side. It all came to about 25 bucks.

    I asked and they intend to deliver at some point.

    As a pointer, I would recommend calling ahead with your order because it can take a little bit because they cook to order.

  • Unfortunately we did not have a good experience. They told us rice was included with entrees but didn’t include it and the potatoes were raw- by the time we discovered this we were at home. Without any rice it was expensive ($50 for three dishes and samosas). The biriani was very good and a large portion though. I’d try them again but check very carefully that the order was complete before leaving next time. (Though that wouldn’t solve the raw potatoes issue).

  • Just a heads up, for now it is take out only. They will ha e delivery and dine-in eventually, but there are no tables yet. I recommend calling ahead because they make everything to order and it takes 20-30 minutes.

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