Smoke at Chinatown Metro – Major Delays and Crowding

Photo by Ben

DC Fire EMS writes:

“Civilian possible smoke inhalation at Gallery Place Metro tx to hospital for further evaluation. No other Pts. Our units clearing scene.”

Kristen sends the smoke:

“visible smoke at gallery place. Fun.”


Matt writes:

“Metro smoke/fire(?) at Gallery Place, probably from green/yellow lines.


Eileen sends the shot from Archives:


Craig sends the photo below from Chinatown:


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  • Green/yellow is shut down between L’efant and Gallery place.

    Going to be a nightmare come post game if it’s not fixed…

  • I was coming from Union Station. Why did they let us disembark at Chinatown?! I got off the metro, headed downstairs to the Green/Yellow line, but saw the smoke and loitered near top of the escalator. Then I saw the firemen on the lower level and decided to leave the station. The gates you could just walk through without using SmartTrip. I reached the top of the escalator and there was yellow caution tape and tons of police and other response crew. Again, why did they let us off the train at Chinatown. Ridiculous.

  • So it turns out that train operators’ discarded pee bottles – some dating back to the Carter Administration – ARE in fact flammable.

  • General Grant Circle

    I was there but down the track when the train came in and stopped and the driver got out with the extinguisher, looks like a piece of trash was flaming up down the track. Wasnt that big a fire but they mustve unloaded the whole extinguisher on it which caused all the smoke

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