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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Terrorist attack in Turkey.
    Rant: No air conditioning on the metro train this morning.
    Rave: Having lunch with a good friend today.
    Rant: Very dear friends are suffering so much loss and lots of family upheaval right now. It is hard to know how to support them through this time.

  • rant and revel? Im starting a new high profile assignment in my organization soon, but will be ‘splitting my time’ 50/50 with my old assignment initially, as the new assignment folks want me to begin asap. Im grateful to be considered for the new role, but am unwilling to work 100/100 because, frankly, Im not 20 anymore and cant pull all nighters. Nervous about how this will work for the months of overlap….

    • I did this for many months once, because no one from the old position reassigned my assignments. After many months, my manager on the new assignment told me that I should have had my old assignments reassigned. I didn’t know I had the power to do so (I really didn’t have that power.) There was no talk of 50-50 in my case, I was just reassigned, but my trailing workload in the old job wasn’t reassigned. I felt like management, who moved me to the new job, should have worked that out amongst themselves. What I learned: if you are willing to do two jobs, no one will stop you. (I wasn’t 20, but late 30s, and worked crazy hours). But your new management will not be happy about it, though they won’t take steps to relieve you. It is up to you to call them together and say, hey, I have a new job, give my old assignments to someone else. Then leave the room and let them figure it out, if need be, if they can’t do some constructive problem solving. You have to let them know you are serious about it.

  • Had a blue back pack stolen yesterday at the AVA H Street apartments. It’s a canvas backpack with a laptop and two very important hard drives. The young men that stole it had dreads and looked to be brothers. If anyone knows anything, please let us know! 708-778-2271

  • Rave: My new roommate came with a dog. He is the best dog ever, very even tempered and loves to snuggle.

    Rant: I have to keep reminding myself to watch my food around him. I haven’t lived with a dog since I was a kid. I’ve gone from eating dinner on the couch, to eating dinner at the table which is too high for him to get to. At least I think its too high for him to get to.

  • Rave: finally cleaning my room.
    Rant: Can not believe how much stuff I own and spent a lot of my money on things I really do not need.

    Goal: Shop on a budget. Learn to live life simple without having the need to fill my life with materials.

    • its funny how stuff just sneaks up on you. I have bags of clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore, yet haven’t gotten around to getting rid of under my bed. I have been in “shop in my own closet” mode for the past few years. Unless an item doesn’t fit, I try to create new outfits with rarely worn clothes.

    • I am with you on the stuff-creep. I’ve been in my current apartment for over ten years – the longest I’ve lived in once place since I was a kid – and am really starting to feel oppressed by all the stuff, most of which is nothing valuable or worth getting sentimental over.
      I have had some success at getting rid of things, but there’s a lot to go. Definitely a moratorium on bring any new stuff in. Unless it’s organizers. (And maybe some shoes….)

    • I feel you on this. I have decided that if I haven’t worn something in two years (unless it’s like a formal dress or suit or something) or if it doesn’t make me feel good when I wear it, it’s going in the giveaway pile. No more questions asked. I have a real clothes hoarding issue and can’t wait to someday have a simplified, good-fitting, awesome wardrobe.

    • I am exactly where you are. When I moved, I could not believe the amount of clothes I have. A lot don’t fit me any more, but still there are other pieces that I bought and never wore, and likely never will wear. For example, I am some how the proud owner of not one, but three different sequin dresses – black, gold, and pewter. I have worn one. The other two still have the tags on. I need to stop saying “oh, I’ll just buy it, and if it doesn’t work, return it” because I never end up returning anything!

      • I confessed once here that I was going through my closet and discovered that I had THREE black dresses with mesh necklines.

      • When I cleaned out my closet I found 4 pairs of black work pants. I tried them all on and each one had a different fit issue – too short, too small, too big, too long, etc. It’s like I kept buying black work pants in hopes that one day they will magically fit perfectly? I don’t know what I was thinking.

        • My thought on reading that was “Only 4 pairs of black work pants”? 😉
          I am afraid to think about how many pairs of black work pants I own. I don’t think any of them have a problem with the fit, though.

      • My issue is all the work pants and jackets I have bought, that I like and were on sale, so I got them at good prices, and yet I haven’t in years had the leg and sleeve hems shortened so I can wear them. It is ridiculous that everything needs to be taken somewhere else to be tailored. If I buy something in a department store, I have them do the hems right away. But so many women’s clothing stores don’t offer this service, and everybody needs it.

    • All of you should consider selling your old clothes on Poshmark. You can make serious money if you do! (It takes 1 minute to download the app from the App Store and set up an account.) As for me; I finally got inspired to clean out my closet and rid myself of any piece that I don’t absolutely love and feel good in. But I didn’t want to just throw out or donate some of the things I no longer needed. Enter — Poshmark! It’s a platform that makes it super easy sell your used clothes to women around the country. Snap a picture, upload a description, and wait for it to sell. Buyer pays shipping and the post office provides free boxes (and will even pick up your shipment for you). Poshmark does take a small fee off the top, but it’s more than worth it in my view. I’ve made $550 in the past few months — just from selling items I never even wear. I love the site and tell everyone I know IRL about it. You should consider signing up too. If you use my referral code when you sign up (which is: PDGLL) we’ll both get a $5 credit!

  • Rant: Am I a horrible person for not being a fan of jazz in the garden? My friends get so excited to go, but I just don’t see the appeal of being caged in this enclosed space surrounded by interns and awkward dates where the only food or drink options if you don’t bring your own are waiting in line for an hour for overpriced sangria at the sculpture garden cafe. I keep trying to get them to come to Yards Park, but they looooove jazz in the garden. I don’t get it, you can hardly even hear the music (does anyone actually go for the music?).
    Rave: Beautiful running weather this morning.

    • I haven’t been yet all summer and there is a good chance I might not make it. I like hanging with my friends, but yeah, not a fan of the crowds and lines for Sangria. You’d think after all these years they would find a solution to the Sangria lines, and yet here were are. I love the Yards Concert series, but haven’t been since the opening for Tour De Fat. How is the crowd since they banned BYOB?

    • LOL but you have to like Jazz in the Garden its like Beyoncé

    • Keep them at Jazz in the Garden! Keep Yards Park a secret! 🙂

    • You have to get there super early for it be enjoyable, you can get a good spot and your pitchers of sangria before the crowds come. But no, I don’t think anyone goes there for the music.

    • Jazz in the garden stopped being fun about 6 years ago because of the crazy crowds. And LESS fun about 3 years ago when they banned BYOB. Shout out to the clever people I’ve seen wrapping boxed wine to look like birthday presents to sneak it in! But in general unless you get there super early you are generally too far to even hear the jazz and are practically sitting on each others laps.

      • I know someone who rolls in with full bottles of wine AND mixed drinks. She is stealth AF. Wrapped box wine is pretty genius.

        • Yeah, we always snuck it in. Wondering how easy it’ll be at Yards Park since you’re more out in the open. Haven’t been yet this year.

      • Hasn’t BYOB always been banned there? Or was it just not strictly enforced until then?

        • I suppose you are right! But never enforced till 2 or 3 years ago with guards checking bags at entrances.

      • I went on a first date there once, and the guy shoved a bottle of wine into the hedges when the guards weren’t looking, then after we were let in, he went into the hedges to retrieve the wine. I was wildly impressed. Also, agree about jazz in the garden being overrated. haven’t been in a long time.

    • Yeah, never been a big fan (but also not really a fan of Beyonce). I don’t love crowds, jazz, or overpriced sangria.

      • I don’t dislike Beyonce, but not really a big fan either. Now that I think about it, my friends also LOVE Beyonce. It’s a good thing they have other redeeming qualities.

        • I went from being not a huge fan of Beyonce to full blown member of the Beyhive. Her last two albums have converted me. I like that she’s willing to experiment and push the boundaries of her sound.

    • I used to love JntG back in the day before it got super crowded. I haven’t even been in the past two years – too hot, too packed, lines too long. Thank God for Yards Park!

    • Went twice since I moved to DC and hated it each time (once while still BYOB and once after they banned BYOB). Was miserably hot and crowded each time, couldn’t even enjoy the music. I made the mistake of wearing my work clothes – guys definitely need to bring a change of more comfortable clothes to wear prior to arriving. Plus people’s sherpa-like work bags are EVERYWHERE. It’s a sh#tshow.

    • Can I also throw out that screen on the green was not fun either? It’s hot, buggy and uncomfortable to sit on the ground and try to watch a movie. I don’t get the love.

    • Jazz in the Garden can be a little too crowded for my taste… maybe it’s not the Jazz in the Garden you avoid, but the intense crowd? It whispers a sweet song of a pleasant summer night, but in fact can be a stressful jam-packed affair…

  • Anyone know what was up with the military (marine?) helicopters circling in Petworth this morning?

  • That One Guy

    Tokado HH today, I’m realistically going to get there around 6:15~6:30. I’ll be the nondescript Asian guy wearing a hat, with facial hair and pink striped shirt.
    If in the alternative there’s little interest in HH today, skj8, textdoc and Friday girl I’m willing to treat you to dinner. You’ll have to discuss amongst the three of you where you want to go. Please be reasonable with your choice. If there’s someone else who expressed interest in HH and I didn’t mention there’s room in my car for one more person if the location is non-metro convenient. 🙂

  • Query: I know there have been suggestions for people to work with for refinancing, but I can’t find them–any suggestions? Sounds like rates have dropped again.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Check local credit unions that you might be eligible to join. I am in the middle of refinancing with mine (NIH Federal Credit Union). I found their rates to be slightly better and closing costs significantly lower than most other alternatives. (I locked in my rate a week before Brexit. Oh well, 3.5% is way better than I have now. They are presently offering 3.375% on a 30-year fixed rate with 1/8 point or 3.50% with 0 points.

      • I got a letter yesterday for a 0 point, no fee refinance at about 3.65% I think, but the first year the lender will knock 1% off. Is this a total scam?
        I refinanced last year to a very good rate, but there is a serious temptation to do so again to get 2.65% for a year.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I have never heard of such a thing and would be skeptical. By no fee do they mean no additional fees associated with the borrowing of the money (not that unusual) or actually no closing costs (i.e., they waive the appraisal fee, title search fee, etc), which would be not altogether unheard of but much less common. And this is a fixed rate and for a term that makes sense to you, correct? (i.e., not a 10-year fixed rate, or an adjustable rate loan). And compare this to other options, too. Is 2.65% for a year and 3.65% thereafter better or worse, in ways that matter to you, than a.) your current rate, and b.) other options available today from reputable lenders, e.g., 3.50% with 0 points or 3.375% with 1/8 point?

      • Good call–we might also look into rates for a 20-year loan instead of 15. Based on what I’m seeing online, rates for a 20-year loan might give us similar monthly payments as what we have now for our 30-year loan, and if we continue to pre-pay such that our total monthly payment is the same as what we’re sending in each month now, we’d knock an additional year off the loan.

    • Andie302

      Chris Jordan, Hilary Legrain, and Greg Kingsbury – google any of their names plus the word mortgage. They all three have online applications. Let me know how it turns out!

    • I am currently refinancing with Sebonic Financial at a 3.375% rate for a 30 year fixed. I did a lot of research and they had the lowest rates with very low closing costs plus great reviews on Lending Tree. The process has been very simple and they have been extremely responsive to all of my questions.

  • Rant: Instabul. I’m flying Turkish airlines to Ataturk on Monday night. Do I cancel? Nope, you can’t. These a**holes want you to live in fear, and we can’t give in.
    Rave: This time next week I’ll be drinking Turkish Coffee overlooking the Bosphorus.
    Rant: That open letter on pop yesterday. Well the letter was a rave, but the stories were so frustrating. And of course, my friend’s backpack was stolen last night with all his wallet, phone, computer. We got the phone back thanks to a good Samaritan who found it and called me, but wtf!!!
    Rave: Thai Iced Coffee from Buttercream Bakeshop this morning just because. Sometimes the little things can just cheer you up.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: A friend gave me a bunch of lemon mint, and the cat is obsessed with it. It’s so funny.
    Rave: It’s also great in iced tea.
    Rave: New sofa should be arriving next month. Finally!

  • Rant – Landlord is selling our apartment forcing us to figure out what our next step should be… should we buy it? Try to buy a house? Move a new neighborhood? Move out of DC to a new city?
    Rave – Landlord gave us plenty of notice so we have some time to figure stuff out.

    • Any interest in buying your place? Your landlord could avoid the 5-6% realtor fee by negotiating directly with you (have flat-fee attorneys review your contract), which leads to a lower price for you. Win-win.

      • We’ve been thinking about it. It is a great condo with a great location, but our long term goal was to buy a house with a yard for us and the dog.

        • Andie302

          Could that wait for 3-5 years? If so, this might be worth buying the current place at the slight discount. Rates are the lowest since 2012, so you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck in that way. If it’s rented to you, that means that you could hold onto it and rent it to someone down the line when you’re ready to move to a bigger place. That being said, with rates where they are it might be time to consider what you can afford in a single family home. Your landlord should be happy to have you leave early and not deal with TOPA if you find something sooner rather than later!

          • We were thinking of buying a home in the next 1-2 years. I guess figuring out how much house we could afford now would be a good first step? I’m a complete newbie to home-buying.

          • Andie302

            Yes – that’s an excellent first step. Find out what you’re comfortable spending and get pre-qualified before you ever pull up a listing! I’ve had so many clients tell me “oh I found the perfect house but wasn’t ready to move on it” – don’t torture yourself! Happy to chat through the steps with you if you need some advice/insight! The landlord seems to sort of be forcing your hand on this – but that might not end up being a terrible thing in the end!

          • Not a fan of the plan to buy for 3-5 years if it isn’t what you want longer-term. Many people do this, and are surprised to end up with little to no price appreciation when they want to move on. This is very variable, depending on what you paid, location and how that went up (or not) in those years, and how your particular unit is renovated (or not) and how it appeals to buyers. Then they find they have to write a big check for closing costs (on the new and old place) in order to move. I think you are smarter to move to a new rental and start looking for the house you really want (if you can’t get that house before having to move on from this place.) And getting your place at a discount may be tough.
            If you do TOPA, you have to match the price of the contract obtained, even if sale to tenants is carved out of agreement with their broker (if you are thinking of buying it, ask for that from your landlord – it will give you both some breathing room on price.) Without this, you would need to contract to buy BEFORE the landlord gets offers from others. Even so, getting a discount that way can be hard, if your landlord is not realistic about what the place is really worth – if your landlord is like the ones I’ve had here, they think their place is worth far more than it is, and want to put it on the market for the fabulous offers they think they will get (my last landlord mainly got laughed at when he did this.)

  • Rant: Planning a temporary move is stressful! To that end, question:
    What do you think is an appropriate rent amount to ask for a short-term rental for an approx. 850 sf, nicely furnished, nearly new 2b/ba condo on the border of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant? The condo has a private backyard, would come with a visitor parking pass for Zone 1, and is only 3 blocks from the Metro.

    • $2600. You probably won’t have roommates moving in together on a short term basis, so you’ll need to price it for a single person or a couple. Are both bedrooms relatively similar?

      • There is a master with an en suite bath and double vanity, and a second bedroom right next to the second bath. Rooms are roughly similar in size, although the master is a tad bit larger.

    • I’d say more like $3000-$3100…

    • I should also mention that the rent would include cable ($150) and all utilities (~$100).

    • Similar question: I am looking for an apartment in either Columbia Heights or Petworth. What should I be expecting to pay for a nice one bedroom no more than four or five blocks to the metro?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: This morning I burned the bacon a bit and when I offered Lucy a piece, she sniffed it, turned around and decided she could after all climb up the stairs to my bedroom for the day.
    Rave: I don’t want to jinx it yet, but our division has ALMOST made it to the end of the fiscal year tomorrow without a layoff. Props to a CIO who actually values experienced people!
    Rant: Rick(y) Schroder is on the Today Show right now and is aging much better than me. Maybe he doesn’t eat bacon?

    • ….more likely he has a talented surgeon!

      • exactly! and if I have to choose between aging well and bacon, I’m choosing bacon!

        • I truly miss bacon. And ham steak. I feel that I am unable to age gracefully because of the lack of pork in my life.

          • Can you eat turkey bacon? I’ve never really eaten pork products, but my wife now prefers turkey bacon over the real deal because that’s what we’ve eaten at home for so long.

          • Yes, I can, and do eat turkey bacon. The funny thing is, I used to prefer it to real bacon. I honestly think now that it’s a ‘forbidden fruit’ kinda thing – I know I can’t have it, which makes me want it even more. It doesn’t help that I end up cooking bacon at least once a week since I make breakfast for everyone on the weekends.

          • In that case, I suggest making turkey bacon for everyone and then you don’t have it taunting you. Sorry, though, that sucks. You’ll probably get used to it, though. I’ve gotten remarkably used to not having cheese (one of my favorite foods!) in the last 5ish months. Then again, I know I’ll be able to try eating it again in the not-so-distant future, so that may be different.

          • Most of the time, I’m perfectly ok with it, but every now and then, I get hit with a craving. Then again, I took a bite of middle anonachild’s leftover bacon cheeseburger (completely absent mindedly, we all had cheeseburgers, mine just had no bacon) and the issues from one little bite were a good reminder as to why I stay away from it!

          • I Dont Get It

            Have you ever noticed that if you rearrange the letters in “turkey bacon” it spells “satan”?

            Well, if not is should!

        • I always choose bacon.

        • I Dont Get It

          Can’t we have bacon AND still look like we are in our 20s?

    • Glad to hear that bacon seems to have lifted Lucy’s spirits/energy!

    • That One Guy

      From time to time Harris Teeter has buy one get one free deals on bacon. I secretly go shopping there when I see this deal.

      • I Dont Get It

        I have some bacon in my freezer from the H/T deal!

        • I don’t eat bacon, but whenever they have buy one get one on shrimp (or the even more lucrative buy 2 get 3 shredded cheese) I’m all over it!

  • Rant: I still don’t understand why they call it morning sickness… it happens all day long.
    Rave: Dividing my normal breakfast into two portions eaten about 1.5-2 hours apart seems to be helping.
    Rant: I think I took the apple oatmeal coffee cake out of the oven too early. The center has fallen.
    Rave: One more sleep until I get to pick up the Other Mrs. Rabbit from the airport. And it will likely only be a partial sleep since her flight gets in really, really early.

    • Rant 1 was me. Through 3 pregnancies. Good god, I feel your pain! Peppermint tea and ginger thins helped somewhat for me, but everyone is different. Good luck, hopefully it will pass soon!

    • At one point in my first trimester while on the bus riding past Planned Parenthood, I remember thinking, “I have never been more pro-choice than in this moment because no woman should have to go through this unless she wants to be pregnant.” For me, morning sickness felt like having a bad hangover for weeks on end. But hang in there – it does get better. Ginger ale, ginger chews, seabands, lemonade, and all the plain bland carbs seemed to help me.

    • Another thing that may help: don’t let yourself get hungry. I was fortunate enough to not suffer from terrible morning sickness (but the fatigue…holy naptime Batman), but it definitely came on when I let myself get hungry. I had a small snack every 2 hours (whatever you can tolerate), and it really seemed to help. But as Anonamom said, everyone is different.

    • I ended up losing 12-15 pounds with my first because of morning sickness. Nothing helped with that. For my second, eating simple carbs (lots of pancakes and french toast) and never getting hungry helped.

  • Rave: Sunshine – so much easier to wake up and get out of bed when there’s sunshine pouring through your windows
    Rant: Feeling like a complete failure at adulting.
    Rant: About to give up completely on dating apps. Maybe dating attempts completely.
    Rant: Not wanting to give up on dating completely because I have delusions of finding a partner in this crazy thing called life.
    Rave: Going to see my nephew and family soon!
    Rave: Having good friends

    • eHarmony! It takes some effort to set up the profile but is worth it in the end.

      • But don’t they cost $? And besides, aren’t they owned/started by that religious guy and not allow for non-hetero relationships? I’m straight, but I prefer not to support anti-gay businesses….

        • Right there with you, LBP. I have a coffee date today and a dinner date tomorrow (not holding out hope for either, but making an effort anyway, because I might be surprised) and then I’m going to deactivate my OKC profile and dating apps for a bit. Even though I want a partner, it should not have to be this hard!

          EHarmony made me angry. They’re very expensive, they have misleading pricing on their site, and I actually had to go to a YouTube tutorial to find out how to cancel my membership because their site is not intuitive. Plus 2 different customer service reps had to be called before I could get my money back.

          • I too am on Dating app hiatus. I deleted all my accounts when I found myself entirely too jaded and could predict when a potential date was going to no show or cancel at the last min.

            When I have my optimism restored, I will try again.

        • Yes they cost money, but sometimes that weeds out the people who are less serious about it or aren’t looking for longer term stuff. eHarmony has a same-sex version.
          As for online dating, I’ll say that it totally sucks until it doesn’t. I pretty much hated it, but then I was matched with someone (on OKC) whom I’m marrying this summer. I wouldn’t want to sift through that again, but I am so happy I did.

          • The same sex version doesn’t have the same effort put into matching and they only have it because they got sued.

    • AND so much easier to workout at night when it isn’t dark at 5pm. I love walking out of the gym at 8pm and don’t feel like I’ve lost the whole evening . Doesn’t do great things for my bed time, but meh.

    • Feel you on your rants. I was having a discussion with a friend how we didn’t appreciate how easy it was when we were kids. I have reached head in the sand mode when it comes to dating. I can’t deal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: even with 2 reminders set, I forgot brother in law’s birthday.
    Rave: I’m only a day late, not a week late with birthday wishes.

  • Rant: I NEED to get better at meal planning. Not just for my health, but for sanity and budget. I end up going shopping and realizing when I get home that we have 1 egg left and my son is almost out of “white dip” (ranch dressing…don’t judge).
    Does anyone have a preferred meal planning app that won’t take me 5 years to load all of my recipes from pinterest?
    Rant: Physically exhausted – working out all the time, torn meniscus and knee cap dislocation to boot. Started PT so I’m super sore.
    Rave: Getting a great blood panel back. That’s what really matters.

    • Ooof! I tore a meniscus 6 years ago, not fun, but the PT really helped. Hope it helps you too and that you get to feeling better soon!

      • Thanks – the worst part is how expensive PT is. $80 a week. That’s crazy. I’ve got my knee taped up now and it’s starting to bother me. But the pain is probably because the tape has moved my kneecap somewhat in to a more normal position. Ugh.

        • yikes, yeah. I had to do 8 weeks of PT, but I think it was $20 per visit, so significantly cheaper. I really liked the tape they used and found it very helpful, but that was after a lot of the swelling had gone down. Maybe some advil/ibuprofen and or ice might help?

        • I Dont Get It

          My p/t for my shoulder is around $95 per session *after* the discount of which I have to pay a $40 a deductble.

    • I don’t have a meal-planning app, but I do have a list of things that I buy (almost) every week, so I’ve trained myself to check on those or add to the list automatically. I also add things to the list when I’m close to running out–would it help to have a running list on the fridge or somewhere else in the kitchen to make it easy to add things as you go along?

      • I’ve used an app before called “Out of Milk” that’s supposed to help you keep track of what you have already, and what you need. It’s pretty handy, when I remember to use it!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      For meal planning, I have liked using the packages like Blue Apron or Plated. I live alone so Blue Apron is too much food at once but I have gotten Food Saver so will try it again. My sister uses it regularly and takes left overs for her lunch.

    • My husband and I use Wunderlist. Whenever we notice that we’re running low on something, we add it to our shared grocery list on our phones–it at least helps avoid running out of “normal” things. Then I meal plan every Sunday and add more things to the Wunderlist, and he shops.

    • I eat cucumber slices with “white dip” most nights and have for most of my life… totally understand how this is a pantry staple!

    • I desperately want there to be an app that takes a group of recipes from the web and magically turns them into a shopping list, but so far I don’t think this exists. My guess is that NYT Cooking may be the first to nail it — you can already save recipes there from anyplace online in their recipe box, and they have pretty impressive tech, generally — but they don’t have a shopping list feature yet. I think it’s a technical challenge because every recipe site has a totally recipe different format from every other, so it’s not easy to automatically integrate the lists.

  • Rant: Today is only Wednesday.
    Rave: Good friend coming all the way to Georgetown for lunch today!
    Rant: Obnoxious coworker still not looking at or speaking to me. Although she needs something from me today, so we’ll see what happens.
    Rave: Feeling less depressed!

    • Just wanted to say your user name gives me a smile every time I see it, probably because I always picture hippos dancing to hiphop.

      • Wasn’t there a Flight of the Conchords episode about the HipHipapotomus, whose lyrics were bottomless or something? I just think of Brett and Jemaine!

  • Rave: 4 days until the beach!! We’re going to the Delaware beaches and I’ve never been, any suggestions on things to do, places to eat? Staying in Bethany, but the others are close enough to travel to.
    Rant: Bathing suit shopping. I don’t get how I can be the most confident woman in clothes or out of clothes, but put me in a bathing suit and I suddenly have all that confidence zapped.
    Mega Rant: My brother was supposed to keep my dog and bailed late on me, so now I am scrambling to find a place for her. I really, really don’t want to board her, but that may be my only option. Her companion dog has to stay at the vets since she is still under treatment, and I feel bad that she may have to be in a strange place, in a kennel, all alone.

    • I’m from Delaware so spent a lot of time at the beaches growing up. In Rehoboth, be sure to have Thrashers french fries and Kohr Bros frozen custard (the beach, in my mind, is not for healthy eating). You can also get fudge at Candy Kitchen and salt water taffy at Dolle’s, if you are into that sort of thing. The kids will probably enjoy Funland (lots of rides and games) at the end of the boardwalk in Rehoboth.

      • Thanks!! Rehoboth is definitely in the plans. I didn’t know there was a fair-type place, the kids will love that!

        • It has been family run business for decades. And it is something of a tradition. I have pictures of my little sister and me riding the fire trucks and boats and carousel. I put my nephew on the same rides 14 years ago when he was a toddler. And I will definitely be doing the same with Baby Artie next summer or the one after. Great memories there.

      • Andie302

        Absolutely to all of these plus caramel corn at Dolly’s too! And Grotto Pizza is a Delaware thing. Some people love it, and some hate it, it is definitely different! If you’re up for a good seafood meal go to Big Fish Grill on Rt. 1 just south of Dewey (sort of west of Rehoboth). I have worked in a LOT of restaurants, some of which I will never visit again because of the way they were run – but that place is a machine and puts out great food consistently! (If you order a martini it comes with a sidecar – it’s like two drinks in one, key lime is glorious!) Go for a lot of small dishes, they have so many delicious things!

        • Grotto is also very close to where we are staying – definitely going on the list. I’m adding Big Fish too – thanks!

        • Oh, and a Nicoboli at Nicola’s. I definitely prefer it to Grotto Pizza (blasphemy, I know).

          • Many, many moons ago, I dated a woman whose parents had a home on the beach in North Bethany. The only think I remember from the time that I spent there is a Nicoboli.

    • I highly recommend Off the Hook. It’s a smaller restaurant in a strip mall in Bethany (about 5 minutes or so from the Boardwalk) but it has some of the best food I’ve eaten in the area. And if you happen to be near Rehoboth, go to The Ice Cream Store. Ridiculously good.

      • +a million for Off the Hook.

      • Off the Hook is just a few blocks from where we are staying – we will definitely check it out!

        • It does tend to have long waits because it is a very small place, so if you can do an early or late meal, you have a better chance of getting in. Or just walk over to put your name in and have apps/drinks at your place!

    • “I don’t get how I can be the most confident woman in clothes or out of clothes, but put me in a bathing suit and I suddenly have all that confidence zapped.”
      Because when you’re in or out of clothes you’re busy doing something (generally with people you know) and not worried about your appearance so much while in a bathing suit you’re just lounging around “on display?” I think it’s a common feeling.
      I personally like to get my inner frat boy on and head to Dewey, especially the Bottle and Cork, which actually has some excellent acts (saw Trombone Shorty there with about 20 other people). Also, depending on the kids’ age and time constraints, I like to take a road trip down to Ocean City, where miniature golf is omnipresent, beer is cheap, and the boardwalk is a great, tacky delight with a million-foot-high Ferris Wheel that will fit the whole family. My experience as a food snob is that “upscale” restaurants on the shore disappoint (though, maybe a good escape?) so you may as well eat pizza or cook something easy. As I recall, Lingo’s in Rehoboth has gourmet-ish wares and there is good seafood to be had on that main drag.

      • You are probably spot on about the bathing suit thing, Irving!
        If the grownups can pawn the kids off on the nanas, I think we may be up for reliving some college days – thanks for the advice!

        • Andie302

          Jam Session starts at 5pm on Saturday’s. It will be insane, but if the weather is nice it’s so awesome to be (sort of) outside with tons of people drinking delicious cold drinks. They only take cash, but of course they have an ATM inside! Ahhh I miss Dewey Beach

      • Rehoboth has some really wonderful restaurants if you want some more “grown-up” fare. Eden is a favorite, and Cultured Pearl is fantastic for sushi. Call for reservations!

    • GROTTO PIZZA!!!!

  • Rant: the map of Senate seats in a wapo articles includes DC.
    Rant: itunes. I can’t figure out how to access my library any more. I’m about to hire someone to figure this out for me.
    Rave: last day of work before going to the beach for a week
    Rant: bringing work with me to the beach

  • Rant: The person I was seeing decided that he isn’t ready for something serious right now (for a lot of understandable reasons) but said he’d reach out again when he has it all together. Who says they’ll do that? Not holding my breath he’ll reach out again, and I am pretty devastated.
    Rave: My friends have been incredibly supportive
    Rave: Finally feeling motivated to hit the gym again since I don’t have any dates planned anymore
    Rant: I don’t have any dates planned

    • Ugh. Well, at least he was upfront? Don’t waste your time waiting – you deserve to have someone who will make shit work to be with you, instead of the other way around. If he does come back around then see how you feel, but don’t give more than one chance.

      • That’s pretty much how I feel about it. He alluded to it being preemptive believing that if we kept seeing each other I’d just end up hating/resenting him and there’d be no chance of us working out. I’m not waiting but I’m taking a lot of time to deal with it.

  • Rant: I’ve found that in the past couple months I’ve been exhibiting a lot of signs of stress–I’m easily frustrated, have had more headaches, and have had a bunch of eczema outbreaks. I had chalked it up to a combination of personal frustration that some goals weren’t going as well as I wanted and overall anxiety about the state of the world (for example: mass shootings, bombings, and the 2016 election). But after reading the Columbia Heights letter yesterday, I’m wondering if DC burnout might be part of it. I have never experienced anything like what the letter writer described, and overall I do still love this city. Plus, I’ve been here for almost 2 decades (my entire adult life!) and have a hard time imagining rebuilding my career, friendships, and level of community engagement elsewhere. But this city does wear on me sometimes–and lately it seems like everyone I encounter is as tense as I am. What I think I really need is a sabbatical–a little time away that is longer than a vacation but not a permanent move. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option for me professionally right now.
    Rave: Careful application of both Zicam and Airborne seem to have headed off the cold that was developing earlier this week
    Rave: today is my Friday!
    Revel: It is my Friday because I’m headed out of town tomorrow to spend the holiday weekend with some good friends. Maybe it’s just the mini-reprieve I need to (at least temporarily) lift my funk!

  • Rant: friend/colleague had the old car checked by his mechanic and the list of potential issues was too lengthy for it to be a reasonable purchase for his college-aged son. Bummer. Didn’t realize the car was perhaps aging less well than we realized. Oh well.

  • Rant: apt building has been pumping air freshener through a plug in fan in the lobby and its so strong. i think it smells awful, gives me a headache just walking through the lobby and i can smell it sometimes in my apt that is not too far from the lobby. i’ve said something to the front desk, but have a feeling that nothing will be done since the small smell is as strong in the building manager’s office.
    rave: 5 am runs/workout in the mornings! so proud of myself for waking up that early

    • OMG, I think I might live in your building! It’s like living in Yankee Candle shop, so gross.

      • it’s exactly like yankee candle shop! i wonder if it is the same building. have you said anything about it? maybe if enough people complained.
        i think they don’t take anything i say seriously after my complaints about plumbing construction in the apt

      • For the record, cooking onions is one of the most wonderful smells in the world.

      • They installed these things all over my building, but we don’t have a front desk so maybe not the same bldg. Borger Mgmt?
        I emailed the building manager the first day asking why they were installed and letting him know I could smell it in my apartment. I never heard anything but the dispensor closest to my apt was taken down. Still gross in the lobby and halls but at least not in my apartment. I would definitely join in a building action to get them all removed.

    • Ugh. I think people who like air fresheners, scented detergent, etc. don’t realize how strong of an effect they can have on other people.

    • I once asked a leasing agent about the air freshener smell in their building while she was giving me a tour, and she said they use different “signature scents” to enhance the vibe of the community. The entire building smelled like bad hotel air freshener, and they used a different scent in the model apartment (it smelled like vanilla or baked goods). This was in a Buzzuto building.

      • -shudder-

      • Thanks for the tip. Being highly allergic to such “scents” (nasty carcinogenic chemicals mostly, that are largely banned in many countries in Europe), I will never attempt to live in a Bozzuto building.

  • Rant: Boss who I love being pushed out at work for ridiculous not well thought through reasons.
    Rave: Leaving for Montreal and Quebec City tomorrow!

    • Ohhh, just went to Montreal for the first time 2 weeks ago. Enjoy! It’s a really cool city.

      • Any recommendations especially for food?

        • This might just be me, but we had so much fun renting a scooter for an hour and doing a little tour. We used Montreal Scooter down by the water and cannot recommend them enough. Definitely go get a cocktail at Big In Japan at 4175 Boulevard-Saint-Laurent…kind of hard to spot, but I think the door is black. We didn’t get to go to Kazu because it was so beyond busy and it’s a small space, but supposed to be really good!

        • Olive and Gourmando
          La Banquise for poutine

          • Olive & Gourmando (bakery/patisserie) is delicious. I still have fond memories of the rhubarb muffin I ate there.

          • As do I. And the Cuban sandwich.
            Pro-tip: eat breakfast there and enjoy the parties, get your cuban to go, bikeshare to Parc Jean Drapeau and eat it there
            Have fun trying to find the CaBi bike!

          • Another vote for Olive & Gourmando (breakfast or lunch). Also, a Kouign Amann from Patisserie Kouign Amann. Montreal bagels from Fairmount and/or St-Viateur. And smoked meats from Schwartz’s Deli. Also, Au Pied de Cochon (sit down restaurant) is excellent.
            Not food related, but if you like animals, the Biodome (different from the Biosphere) is really really cool. And if you’re a fan of bugs you’ll love the Insectarium.

    • Have a great trip! And please report back on QC ideas (considering it for a mini honeymoon)!

  • That One Guy

    Rave/Rant: mom trying to use emoji to text her friend but being scared to because she didn’t know what they meant.
    To be honest I don’t know what those crazy Kakao emoji are either.

    • AH Kakao emojis are my favorite though. I especially like the duck with the tidal wave behind him….

  • Rave: Upcoming surgery is going to be a lot less debilitating than I imagined. Instead of imagining myself completely out of order for two weeks, I’m now envisioning two weeks of naps, long walks and time at the spa. And maybe on PoPville is I end up waking up early enough
    Rant: I still don’t understand about a quarter of the advertisements on billboards in SF and don’t even know who their target audience may be. This has been an ongoing mystery since my first trip here. If I figure out more, I’ll report back 🙂 [An example of one I mostly understand, but which is borderline difficult for me, is for Braintree, which allows for websites and apps to accept a huge variety of payment types, from credit cards to Apple Pay to bitcoin to… There are a lot of ads like this, which I think are basically ads to developers from developers (???) Also, what does the company Salesforce even do, anyway? They have So Many Employees and So Much Officespace]

    • Re: your rant — i had some of the same questions when I was in the Bay last summer! haha… I don’t even try to understand, honestly. i’m okay with tech not being my thing.

    • I’d love to know what Salesforce does, too. That guy has a crapton of money but I have no idea what he built. I’ve read their Wikipedia page and its a bunch of industry jargon.

      • Right?! I know they have two platforms that are very widely used — the CRM software used by many big organizations to manage sales and other “relationship” data, and the platform many big retailers use to manage customer satisfaction. But the way that translates to being a $55 billion company with 20,000 employees completely escapes me. Although I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not their target user.

      • In my mind, Salesforce = Hooli and Marc Benioff = Gavin Belson. Except that Benioff’s donation to UCSF hospital is actually a really big deal that has helped save lives, so I appreciate that part.

      • I Dont Get It

        Saleforce’s annual convention Dreamforce brings about 150,000+ to SF each October. It is one huge party with vendors competing for attention with over-the-top parties with big names as guests/performers.

        • Oh, I know! I can’t be the only one to find this super weird, right?

        • I Dont Get It

          For examples, many call centers use SF to track issues/callers. Also often those forms you submit on websites with questions/issues are routed and tracked via SF. And of course, sales organizations use SF to track all phases of the sales cycle.

          I was once matrix managed to a SF team (long story) but never touched the app and never got to go to a party where Bruno Mars performed. Boo!

      • Just out of curiosity, I went to the Salesforce website, and even there it took some digging to finally get an idea of what they do…. and even then it wasn’t all that informative.

    • Sometimes I get that feeling around here, too – the ads in the Capitol South, Union Station,Convention Center, and Pentagon metro stations are often targeted at specific narrow audiences rather than the general consuming public.

      • I am always tickled by those ads. Like some 4 star general is going to be taking the metro, see one of those ads, and decide, “you know what? I’ll take 427 of those planes after all!”

    • I’m totally with you. The ads are for B2B companies, so there’s no way we can understand what they do. Do you ever watch Silicon Valley? It’s totally that world.
      One of my very close friends does Salesforce work in SF. When I asked her what Salesforce was she thought it was funny, pointing out what different worlds we live in. The size of the convention in SF convinced me of that. The city gets so full (all of the hotels are booked) that they bring in a cruise ship for extra rooms.

  • Rant: On my way out this morning I realized my garden hose was missing.
    Rave: The thief didn’t take the pig-shaped watering can right next to it, so I still have a way of watering plants.

  • Blithe

    Very Late Day Super-Rave: I just noticed that I’ve been breathing freely, without coughing for the whole day — even though I forgot to take allergy meds this morning. Whatever evil pollen I’m allergic to has finally, FINALLY run its course. Callooh, callay, oh frabjuos day, I am positively burbling with joy.

  • Rant: WHY doesn’t eating healthy and exercising work for me? I am about 25lbs above my idea happy place (that I was at ~2yrs ago, and had been at 4 years before that). I exercise every day, and not just moderately but like 60mins sweat-drenched-by-the-end — or shorter sessions of HIIT, weights, jogging….. I eat well (very limited sweets, whole foods: home-made salads for lunch, home-made dinners — luckily i naturally like healthy things & veggies) and I am just STUCK at 140lbs. So frustrating… I should be able to control this, no!? Intake < output logic does not seem like its working!

    Rave: I am going to Brooklyn this weekend! It will be nice to see friends and my sister, and get out of the city.

    Rave: I finally planted my vegetable garden! Late, I know, but luckily I work for a garden company and perks of the job means free seedlings.

    • Are you drinking a lot of cava? Alcohol tends to have a lot more calories than people usually give it credit for.

      • Ha, good point! — but no, I hardly ever drink (partially because I know how calorific it can be).

    • There are lots of reasons – aging, hormones (I assume you are female from that 140 weight), other hormones that change how we burn fat that are affected by not sleeping enough at night. Try adding more movement when you aren’t working out – walking more distances, then walking faster, biking. It is tough – I’ve been there. And these days, I’d be ecstatic to get back anywhere near 140 (or even 160) when initially that rise to 140 was 22 pounds over what my set weight was for years when I was younger. Sometimes it seems the inevitable result of being a woman, getting older, and working at a desk.

      • I totally get the hormone thing. I’ve actually explored this option with doctors, and it seems I am “low” on all fronts — estrogen, progesterone, etc. I know something is up hormonally since I actually haven’t had a cycle for 6 years (sorry if that is just TMI for a message board — but maybe someone has experienced something similar? I am just feeling at a loss here).

        I work a desk job but at a garden company, so walking around occasionally is required. Also then make it a point to get movement in before and after work, and normally I can hit over 15k steps in a day easily.

        At under 25, is this really “getting older”? Dunno. I guess I feel like with all the effort in the world I should get some results… Its not like i’m not trying, or too busy to exercise/eat well. I am doing all the things. Sorry for the extended rant.

        • Cava, that is definitely odd. Have you sought out a reproductive endocrinologist?

          • I actually have. I was actually disappointed when her diagnosis was “Well, your not cycling naturally because nothing is firing. Lets just have you go on the pill, and then deal with this later if/when you decide to try for kids.” I do not take that as an answer… And this was from a top repro endo at NYU Langione.

          • Yeah, I wouldn’t accept that answer either. There are so many things that could possibly be screwy….”let’s worry about this later if/when you want kids” is not acceptable.

          • I would recommend getting a new OB/Gyn. There are many causes of amenorrhea, and if your hormone levels are low, there are ways to fix. Not having a period for 6 years without any BC is quite out of the ordinary.

        • If you are still checking this, I would not take lack of cycles at your age lightly – it is likely a sign of something, and likely something that can be fixed. (When I said “hormones” above, I was talking about lots of female hormones, not a lack of them.) I would consider the hormone lack to be far more serious than the weight gain. No, 25 is not “older” when it comes to gaining weight if you exercising like you are.
          I knew someone who lost her cycle in her 30s and did NOT have the hormones when tested to show that it was early menopause. Turns out, it was caused by a benign pituitary tumor (which was successfully removed, by microsurgery through the nose – they are common, and hardly ever cancerous, but can cause hormone disruptions.) As her endocrinologist explained, when the pituitary is under stress from a tumor, it stops making giving signals for making the hormones that are the least necessary for life, and sex hormones are not necessary for living as some others are. This was not discovered by further testing for her condition, but when the tumor broke through something and caused an infection. This is just an example of one thing that can disrupt hormone production – there are many. If whatever is disrupting hormone production is also affecting other necessary hormones, that could potentially be the cause of the weight gain.
          I don’t like your doc’s solution – hormones are useful to have a normal levels for all kinds of bodily health, not just for having babies. I would research all potential causes for early cycle loss, and keep working with docs ’til a cause is found. Since you are gaining weight, I doubt it is from overexercise and no body fat, which has happened to some very, very skinny women I’ve known who work out a lot.

        • Oh, skip what I said above about tumors and looking for causes – I just read further and saw the part about having had anorexia – talk about omitting the relevant information in your first post!!! Anorexia can screw up your body and hormones for a long time. I’d stop worrying about getting back to 115 if you are a former anorexia patient and focus on staying healthy first, and getting my cycles back, second.

    • Blithe

      You haven’t mentioned portion sizes — which could be an issue, particularly for things like salad dressing, nuts, cheeses — which are “healthy” but high in calories. Also, things like age, and whether or not you have lost significant amounts of weight before can have an impact on your metabolism. Another possibility is that given your height and your activity level, you are at a good weight for your body now. If you are active and muscular, it’s quite possible that 140 pounds is a good weight for your height and body type — even if for other reasons it’s not your “happy place”.
      – I’m now reading two books: “Why Diets Make Us Fat” and “Self-Compassion”, which have given me a very different way of understanding and approaching my efforts to lose weight.

      • I eat practically the same things every day, so I can safely say my intake stays around or even sometimes significantly lower than 1,500/day. Sometimes I wonder if i’m not eating enough. And I know this is accurate, because I used to measure out foods… because, FULL DISCLOSURE, I used to have an eating disorder in college (anorexia).

        Maybe I need to take a look at those books. I consider myself in a “safe place” mentally and physically but as many will tell you, you never ever fully recover from an ED.

        Just frustrated that what used to be easy (losing weight), to the point of it putting me in danger, has now become impossible — now that I finally have my head right and just want to to diet to a weight still in the healthy range.

        • For what it’s worth… this might not be applicable to you, but apparently most people underestimate the calories they consume and overestimate the calories they burn through exercise.

          • Yes, certainly. I think with my past issues, underestimating is unlikely (at least not super drastically. I try not to think super hard about calories, just because of my past obsession about it, but I used to measure everything so I have a good idea just by eyeballing it). But I suppose possible.
            Even so, even with +/- 300cals on top of 1,500, considering my basal metabolic rate is ~1350 (what someone my age/height/weight needs just to lay comatose) and that I do walk at least 15k steps per day…. what gives!

      • Blithe

        Correction: I’m reading “The Self-Compassion Diet” — by Jean Fain, NOT “Self-Compassion” by Neff.

    • How many calories are you eating? How many calories are you burning daily? Are you doing the same workout every day? If your diet and/or workout has been the same for a long time, you’ve likely hit a plateau.
      If you’re under eating, that will cause you to hold weight as well while your body goes into starvation mode. Lots of reasons that could cause things to be stuck.

      • Yeah… I am thinking this may be the case (see above). I think i’m just in denial/scared to stop what i’m doing. I think maybe its time to revisit a registered dietician. Years of abuse to my body aren’t just going to magically go away.

        On that note… any recommendations, anyone?

        • No recommendations, but sending you virtual hugs! Take care of yourself and seek out the professionals you need!

        • If I’m doing the math correctly… did you stop having cycles when you had anorexia? That’s a common side effect of anorexia… but I would’ve thought that once you were back to a certain percentage of body fat, your cycles would resume.

          • Yes, I did. Obviously for the year I was underweight we attributed it to that. However, after getting and staying at a healthy weight for 2 years we figured things would come back… and they didn’t. Interestingly enough, when I went back to consider everything, my cycles stopped in September 2010 — I didnt start having ED issues until January 2011, months after. So who knows what came first (obviously, having my nutrition issues didnt help what ever was perhaps already going on).

          • Hmm, that’s weird. All the more reason to get it checked out, if it started before the food issues and has continued long afterward.
            Not sure if the right professional to see is an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, or both, but there was a thread in October 2015 with LOTS of recommendations on OB-GYNs:

        • First, if what you’re doing isn’t working, why are you afraid to stop it? Second why is 115 the magic number? Third have you considered your head isn’t back to 100% only a few years out?

          My first guess only going off what you’ve said is that you’re not eating enough. Your body was starved at one point, so it may be more prone than others to hold weight when it thinks things are slipping back into that routine. Second I’d like to know what you’re doing in that hour because sweating a lot doesn’t equate to burning lots of calories necessarily. Adding in potential hormonal issues, you may need to work harder than many ppl to see the results you want.

          • Cava Pony, since you’re new here… be aware that Anon Spock tends to take a somewhat “tough love”/confrontational approach when giving advice. Don’t take it personally.

          • I think its irrational too, but probably lingering fear/exercise addiction from my struggles before. 115 isnt necessarily the magic number — I guess I just look back at pictures of myself at 115-125 and like it a lot better than where I am now. Third: see my response to number 1; definitely know i’m not 100%, but I am a darn good deal better.
            I agree with you on the other points. I think I need to revisit a nutritionist/dietician to get my exercise and eating aligned, in whatever direction. For one hour in the AM I do an elliptical/full-incline treadmill fast paced walk. Then, later in the day after work I either do: a 30 min run outside, a 30 minute HIIT workout, weight lifting session (usually warm up with 15 minute cardio intervals).

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