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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rave: Took advantage of my husband working all weekend to make some major headway in the garden I realized my tomato plants aren’t producing many tomatoes because I didn’t plant any flowers this year – hence, no pollinators. So I stocked up on a bunch of native plants that should attract the bees and butterflies, cleared out the flower beds that have been woefully neglected this year, and got started on setting up an irrigation system using our rain barrels.
    Rant: My back…

  • That One Guy

    Does a Wednesday HH at Takoda work/not work for you?
    Need final input, please.

  • Rave: Done with my Master’s! And an A in my last class, no less. Hallelujah!
    Rave: Looking forward to PoPville happy hour this week, and work happy hour later this week.
    Rant: Migraine. Again. Ugh!
    Rave: Back on Coffee Meets Bagel. It didn’t work for me at all the first time around a year or so ago so hopefully there will be better results this time.

    • Congrats on finishing your Master’s!!!

    • Congrats on your Master’s! Finishing that last class is seriously the best feeling ever, isn’t it? I can still remember literally skipping down the street to the metro after I presented my thesis.

    • Congrats on finishing! I remember when I hit the “send” button, sending my Master’s thesis off in a email and knowing that it was done, I burst into hysterical tears and sobbed for 20 straight minutes – it was a combination of dread (“I’m going to fail! This paper is a mess!”), relief at it being done, and a bit of sadness at closing that hard but wonderful chapter in my life. But mostly, it was the 4 hours of sleep I’d gotten in the last 50 hours. 🙂

    • Congrats on finishing! That’s awesome news!

    • I Dont Get It

      Rave #1: Congrats!
      Rave#2: Have fun!
      Rave #3: Good luck and keep us updated!

    • Congratulations on finishing your Masters!!

    • Congrats on finishing! That’s great!

    • Thanks, everyone! There is really no better feeling — I jumped up and down and shrieked a few times, and was grinning the rest of the weekend. What a relief.

      • Congrats!!! You are reminding me of that feeling of joy I had on graduation day for my graduate degree – joy because it was over!!! I need to be reminded of that, as I find myself contemplating going back to school yet again, 20+ years later. I need to be reminded of the relief at being done, so I can also remember why I was so happy to be done – the pain of it all – which I guess I have forgotten if I can be thinking about doing it again.

    • justinbc

      Well done, time to make that bank! Perhaps the good fortune will spill over into the final rave…

  • That Game of Thrones episode tho? WOW.

    • YUP!

    • Clueless

      Amazing episode/series finale. I yelled a lot.

      • Series finale? Really? I haven’t watched this season yet (and thanks all for avoiding spoilers), but I hadn’t heard the series was ending.
        If that’s true, I’m fine with it – maybe Martin will get back to the damn books!

    • SO GOOD! While avoiding spoilers, I have to say the biggest surprises for me were Arya and Tommen’s storylines.

    • That One Guy

      This season’s finale felt like a deus ex machina for me. It’s been five years of build up and suspense on top of more build up and suspense and now it’s like a reboot with a more streamlined story line on all fronts.

  • Rant: I dropped the other Mrs. Rabbit off at Dulles this morning. This is the first time that we’ve been apart in about 7 years. I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself.
    Rave: We did have an awesome weekend together.
    Rant: Maybe cooking cod for dinner last night wasn’t the greatest idea… the house still smelled of it when I got back from the airport and kicked off another round of morning sickness.
    Rave: 4 inches of hair was cut off this weekend and somehow my hair still reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades.

  • Rant: Depressed live-in family member who can’t/won’t hold a job, refuses help/goes off meds, and idealizes/threatens suicide.

    PoPville, what resources have you found helpful in dealing with suicidal family members?

    I’m at my wits end and come to the conclusion that our approach – providing a safe, nice, free home, supportive advice, and absolutely no responsibilities or expectations – is simply enabling destructive/not constructive behavior. Something needs to change because I cannot keep living like a hostage in my own home.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’m so sorry. A friend and colleague took his life in late May. I don’t know what to say except NIMI can be helpful.

    • I haven’t personally dealt with them but there is the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. http://psychinstitute.com/

    • Tough situation – hope you can find useful resources. Try the National Alliance on Mental Illness (look for family support section); DC, MD and VA all have local organizations

    • Ugh – so sorry for what you are dealing with. I have a family member with bipolar and have found good resources on the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance website. There are chat groups, there is a crisis page that gives some tips for dealing someone in crisis, etc.
      NAMI has a good family-to-family training program although you may need help faster than that – not shockingly, the MD and VA chapters are way better organized than DC. The family-to-family thing is a free, six-week session that gives you a lot of tools. There is one starting in College Park on July 19; DC’s isn’t until October 20.

    • I think your approach needs to be different based on whether this person is actually mentally ill, or if they are one of the people who cannot find a job in this difficult market (there are whole groups of people who, due to education and experience (too much or too little of either), or age (too much), who cannot find jobs) which can cause situational depression, and even suicidal thoughts if this all stems from the job market. The approach to one will be different from the other. One will focus on meds/improving mental health, so that one can realistically be job hunting, or getting on disability if the impairment is such that that is appropriate; the other will focus on helping this person to get a job, which doesn’t mean antidepressants or other needs meds may not be useful as well if the depression doesn’t lift with a concerted job=hunting plan – classes/workshops in job hunting, resume writing help help, concentrated networking, etc. – depending on the situation.
      Figuring out what is the cause, and the correct diagnosis, is key. I have had friends whom antidepressants did not help at all until they were finally diagnosed (after years) as bipolar, and the proper drugs for that worked amazingly and they were then very successful in their careers.

  • RANT: Car accident a couple of weeks ago with a bad concussion … still dealing with confusion and other very strange concussion side effects. I wish the healing of my brain was faster! But in the meantime I’m feeling like I’m in Groundhog Day.

    RAVE: Weather was beautiful yesterday

    RANT: Frustrated at the USMNT Soccer game on Friday.

    RAVE: A lot of people on vacation this week so the office is relatively quiet (and hopefully slow). My brain needs time to heal.

    • Did you get a CAT scan? I bumped my head two weeks ago, and have a self-diagnosed minor concussion, I think – my only symptoms were headache and tiredness – I may be making bad decisions, too, but I’m a poor judge of that in my condition 😉 – I’m bummed that after two weeks, I still have a still somewhat tender bump on the back of my head and intermittent headaches, and wondering if I will eventually have to go to a doctor and get a CAT scan. What are your symptoms? You may need to consult a doctor about them, and how you are healing, and find out if you need any (further) diagnostic tests. You may also need to take some time off to rest your brain more, from what I’ve been reading.

    • I had a concussion in high school and it took a while to recover. Be patient and be sure to track your symptoms. If you seem to be regressing head to the DR ASAP.

  • Rave: Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare Theater. What a crazy fun rendition of it! Funny to have the actors hanging out by the exits, apologizing for the misogyny.
    Rave: Enjoying the new car.
    Rant: dairy test did NOT go well for the baby. Ugh. Guess we’ll try again in a couple of months.
    Rave: His discomfort seemed to be largely gone by the end of the day.
    Rant: But he still has a cold. Yuck!
    Rant: Kind of overwhelmed with life right now. But not quite as bad as last week?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I never thought I would say this but “Wow, that’s a really nice TJ Maxx in Georgetown!” I only found it while looking for a restroom in Georgetown Park, which has seemed to mostly disappear. The whole point of this rare trip to Georgetown was to go to Goorin Brothers to get a hat (thanks Emmaleigh504) and I was ultimately successful.
    Rave: I’m planning on becoming even more trollish here after reading all the great British tweets in response to Donald Trump’s Brexit tweet. I’m not sure when I will use “you weapons-grade plum” but I have it in my arsenal now, so to speak.
    Rant: Me. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, and was not a fan of ice cream but I’ve been craving it, a crave I’ve given into most nights over the past two weeks. Oh and don’t forget the caramel sauce! I’m not sure what has changed!

  • Rave: I’m engaged!
    Rant: Have to figure out what to do with my condo.
    Rave: Lucky enough to have a few options.
    Question: I know many POP readers are landlords. Would anyone be willing to share a drafted lease with me?

  • Rave: I had a fun time with my brother this weekend. His trip got cut short, so I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to with him. But we still were able to grab dinner at Crisp and drinks and Boundary Stone.

    Rant: I can be too stubborn for my own good. I had a moment where I stood up for myself this weekend, and while I was right, I’m worried it will come back to bite me. We’ll see.

    Rave: My sister got a job working for the same hotel chain I worked at for years! I think she will really thrive in that environment, and also I can get the baller hotel discounts again. I swear the discounts were part of the reason I stayed so long.

  • Rave: Feeling better/less anxious after a lazy weekend, even if I am kicking myself a bit at doing nothing.
    Rant: My phone is seriously on its last legs. Such BS to pay like $500 for a phone that starts becoming a paperweight after barely 3 years. Grrr….
    Rave: Going up to see family this weekend!
    Rave: GoT
    Rant: Having to wait 10 months for more GoT
    Rant: How is it already 10 a.m.?!

  • Rant: Having a really hard time focusing at work today.
    Rave: Baby seems fully recovered from his cold. He’s babbling and smiling so much more these days. Such a social little creature.
    Rave: Finally crossing some things off my to do list.

  • Rant: loud coworkers on my job. Just shut up already!
    Rave: Yesterday’s weather was just cool enough for me to sit out on my balcony.
    Rave: The time on my balcony actually helped my depression to lift a bit.
    Rant: Side effects from full dose of antidepressants: muscle aches in my back, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness
    Rant: Catch-22 is that these the full dose of meds with my racing thoughts and allowed me to be interested in my hobbies again. Lower dose has less of an effect obviously but allows depression to creep back in.
    Rave: 4th of July weekend coming up this weekend.

  • Rave: Alaska is booked! I’m adding three states in August and barely going to work that month!
    Rave: I finally hiked the Billy Goat trail yesterday and it was awesome.
    Rave: I had a great weekend.
    Rant: I didn’t make any time this weekend to get ready for the week or to clean.

  • Rant: The article today about the First Lady of Maine working as a waitress in Maine. We generally go to that restaurant at least once a summer, and frequent its sister restaurants 4-5 times over the course of a week, for lunch, dinner, or drinks. However . . . the governor of Maine is the most hateful, vindictive, boorish politician in the United States today, and that includes the orange-hued fellow running for President. Yes, really. He’s awful. Now I’m conflicted – can we still go? If I do go and she waits on me can I request another table? Can I stay at her table at the end of the meal tell her what I think of her husband? (I know the answer to that is no, but it’s the most appealing option.)
    As a side note, LePage is an odious human being. But separate from that, it is utterly ridiculous that the Governor of Maine makes $70,000 per year.

    • I’m confused; the governor isn’t serving you, his wife is. Why are you concerned about her serving you? Last time I checked, it was 2016, and women could have positions on issues that differ from their husbands’ positions.

    • She’s not the owner, she’s a waitress, so you aren’t enriching him. Surely she deserves even her tip for good service for her service. And really, she surely knows more than anyone else alive just how boorish he is.

  • Rave: Found my (formerly) lost fitbit
    Rant: Loud speakerphone conversations in the hallway then in office next door. People listening to music/watching videos on their phones without headphones. My usual low tolerance for noise is lower these days!
    Rant: Bus blew past my stop this morning – it was half full. Complained to metro, not believing it will make any difference
    Rave: Looking forward to some farm time this weekend

    • Buses have been blowing past my stop only half-full (once, almost totally empty) once or twice every two weeks or so for the past few months. One day, two buses in a row sped past almost empty and there were so many of us waiting. I keep complaining to Metro but they don’t even respond anymore … I’m glad its not just me.

  • Rant: Finally going to get a consultation to get my wisdom teeth removed, about 10 years after it was suggested. Not excited about the pain, or the $$! The assistant on the phone said a panoramic x-ray was required to see roots and nerves, but that’s gonna add about $300 to just the consult. UGHH.
    Rant: Partner in training in Fredricksburg all week. I get the bed to myself, but things tend to get messy when she’s out of the house.
    Rave: made a cream cheese pound cake this weekend and grilled it alongside peaches, finished with french vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

    • Question: Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Something tells me that if you’ve gone 10 years without getting them out, and you’re not having major dental issues, then you really don’t need them out….

      • Ugh sadly yes. Two of them are partially impacted and so posing some oral hygiene problems, and one has begun throbbing on and off over the last month or so, in addition to some signs of infection. I’m hoping I can just get two of them removed and leave the two of them that aren’t bothering me in there, though anticipating the oral surgeon will likely try to sell me on all 4. I know it’s silly, but I’m nervous about being able to advocate for myself and knowing where the line between sound medical advice and production upselling is.

        • Oh noooooo. In that case, you’re on the right track. Sorry you’re having to deal with this! It’s literally my worst nightmare.

        • I have an impacted 12 year molar. It sucks but doesn’t bother me much. I’ve been putting off having it removed. Thanks for the reminder.

        • Just get all four removed. My wife just had three removed and it wasn’t too bad. However, she had one removed when she was a teenager. Having to go back and get the other three out almost 10 years later seemed like such a pain to me. I had all four of mine removed at once and never regretted it.

          • +1, this happened to both of my parents (taking 1 or 2 out early and then having to go back a decade later). I had all 5 (I’m extra wise?) removed at once and would never want to go through the procedure again. Also +1 to anonymous 12:55 – “you don’t want to be lucid”!

        • For what it’s worth, I got two of my wisdom teeth removed recently (both bottom), and was just told that since my uppers are now un-opposed I’ll need to get them removed as well. I wish I had known that going in, since I really really don’t want to go through it again.
          Also, insist on at least a Valium or something if they won’t put you under. For my two teeth they only gave me local anesthetic (novacaine) and it was traumatizing being so aware of the procedure, even if there technically wasn’t much pain. You don’t want to be lucid. That said, I’ve been told that the bottom teeth are harder to remove than the upper teeth, so I’m just lucky

          • So I’m confused about how the top/bottom dynamic works, because I am missing a bottom wisdom tooth on one side (it just doesn’t exist) and my dentist has always said that’s totally fine, and the top ones are staying in without any problem. It’s not pushing my teeth or hurting my gums or anything. Maybe it’s situational?

          • I was always told that Wisdom Teeth are completely case-by-case. My top two wisdom teeth came in on their own with no issues whatsoever, so they get to stay. The bottoms are just sort of hanging out. One just barely broke the surface, but that was probably 5 years ago, and has not moved since. Old dentist said they need to come out, new dentist says wait and see. I’m 34, so the likelihood that they will grow more is pretty slim.

          • I’m surprised they didn’t do a side at a time.
            Friday- with no tooth there ever, I think your alignment wouldn’t be off add your teeth have always been that way.

        • Upselling happens, but there is also comfort. I had a bad time with my wisdom teeth removal, and I am glad to have done all 4 rather than have the swelling, pain, etc twice.
          Look at the xrays and see. Mine were growing in sideways. There was no way they wouldn’t cause shifting or a cavity as they continued to grow.
          Take a copy of the xrays, so you can get a second opinion if desired.

          • yes, I was going to say second opinion is the way to protect against unwanted upsetting. That, and your instinct. Plus, there are two kinds of people when it comes to “just get it all done so I never have to worry about it in the future” and “do only what’s necessary” – only you know which kind of person you are. I’m guessing you are the latter, since you haven’t done it in ten years. I’m that way myself.
            I’ve got nothing to say about wisdom teeth – other than when my dentist told me in my 30’s that I just didn’t have any in my gums, so I never had to worry about them growing out – after surprise (I didn’t know that was even a thing), and relief, my next feeling was pissed – as in, why did you never mention this in all the years I’ve been coming to you for X-rays? Because I had seen so many friends have painful experiences with getting them removed, and it would have been nice to know that was one thing I’d never have to go through. Good luck with the procedure, whatever decision you make.

      • Wisdom teeth can also mess up the alignment of your existing teeth.
        People in Japan typically don’t get their wisdom teeth removed, and people in the UK often don’t get them removed either. I lived in Japan for a year and have spent a lot of time in the UK, and I’ve seen some REALLY crooked teeth.

    • Grilled/toasted pound cake with fruit and ice cream is the perfect summer dessert. Yum! Did you use the Smitten Kitchen cream cheese pound cake recipe by any chance? I’ve been meaning to try it out.

      • Yes! Sadly I made the mistake of trying to de-bundt while it was still too warm and half of it remained in the pan while the other half came out (never made a bundt before). Luckily it was just in two pieces so they fit back together pretty well, and it was DELICIOUS.

    • Ya know what, I was in your boat about 18 months ago. I put off getting my wisdom teeth removed for so long they were starting to cause problems (impacted, infections, etc.). I finally got all four out in December 2014 at Maryland Oral Surgery Associates in Silver Spring. Lisa Cohen was my doctor, and she was great. Highly recommend her and the staff. Definitely have them put you under, and I agree that doing them all at once is a better option. Then you never have to worry about them. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the recommendation! I have a consultation on Wednesday with Dr. Guttenberg of Washington Institute for Mouth Face & Jaw, but may be seeking a second opinion, so I appreciate the additional info.

        • You’re welcome! Dr. Guttenberg was also recommended to me, but he didn’t take our insurance. One of the upsides to oral surgery is getting to eat ice cream, full fat yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc without guilt because you need to get your calories from somewhere!

  • Rave: Great race course yesterday followed by more running and then an epically long Netflix binge. It was nice to finally have a day to myself.
    Rant: Ran my 10k in an hour and was still towards the very back. Local races with mostly elite runners = not great for the self-esteem!
    Rave: “Proposed” to two more bridesmaids – so fun!

  • justinbc

    Rave: The Pope’s statement no gays. Now if only he could spread that sentiment further into American Christian culture, especially with those folks at Westboro…
    Rave: Finished my irrigation systems for the front yard and the herb garden in the back, hopefully saving hours down the road.
    Rave: Game of Thrones finale, particularly the first 20-30 minutes, easily some of the best the show has ever put forth.

  • Rave: Vacation is so close I can taste it. Just 5 more days of work!
    Rant: In a total funk and stuck in my head/feelings. Not sure how to get out of it.
    Rave: Kids are back!!
    Rant: An incident occurred while they were with their dad that is very serious in my mind though an accident, but their dad never said a word. Not quite sure what to do or if I should do anything.

  • Revel: Had an awesome birthday party this weekend! All of the important people showed up and we played Code Names for hours. Plus, I made Scotcheroos. 🙂
    Rant: Not really in control of my life at the moment and it’s frustrating. Ready to be done with my job but not really looking for another job b/c the fiance is waiting on one that will probably take us elsewhere in the country…and unfortunately not sure where exactly that is. Can’t set a wedding date for the same reason…and also b/c if he gets this job it will mean three months of training elsewhere. Also can’t set a wedding date until we get all of the church-type paperwork completed, which could take a while. All of this uncertainty and lack of control has left me a little depressed.
    Revel: Meeting with the priest on Wednesday to START the process! Focus on the little things, I guess.
    Revel: Made plans to watch the fireworks from the top of a friend’s office building. Now I can check that off my DC bucket list.

    • What a place to be in! When I am ready to leave a job, starting to look for a new one always makes me happier. Why not do that anyway? You may not get one, but getting interviews may cheer you up. Good practice for when you do move, anyway. And if you get offers, if you can get more money in the meantime, and a change of scenery, why not? I can’t imagine putting my life on hold while waiting on someone else’s job search.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Lots of fun this weekend.
    Rant: We’re still trying to come to terms with our colleague’s sudden death. I keep expecting him to walk in.
    Rave: Middle Zelda seems to have acquired a boyfriend. He’s adorable and, as a bonus, is what she calls “mixed like me.” [white mother, Asian father]

  • query: Just got a quote for catsitting that was $40/visit for two cats. That seemed high to me, but we haven’t had a catsitter in awhile. We’ll be gone for about a week next month if that makes a difference.

    • That seems high to me. I usually pay around $15 a visit. Only for one cat though.

    • That does seem high – we pay $15 or so per visit for one cat, and throw in a little extra for medicine and nail trimming. If you like, I can get the contact info of our cat sitter and send it to you.

    • That seems high to me as well. I pay $15 per visit for two cats, and have my petsitter come by twice a day, so $30 per day. And that includes giving a pill to one cat twice a day, as well as the usual feeding, litter box maintenance, etc.

      • If you’re in a desirable location, you may be able to get people to pet-sit just for the chance to visit DC and stay for free in your house. I always post it on my local list-serve/neighborhood blogs – many people like to have family visit and not have to actually stay in their small condo.

        (And I’m offering exactly this set-up July 7-10!) 1/2 block to Columbia Heights Metro.

        Also – anyone looking to adopt the best kitten/cats (teenagers – 5 months) ever – check out my current fosters Brandon & Braxton! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5647950597.html

  • maxwell smart

    Really hoping the US is taking note of Brexit and the ongoing political situation in the UK. Let this be a warning – voting has consequences.

    • Yup, we will see what the outcome is in the UK. Might not be so bad after all, although its all doom and gloom from the left media. will be interesting to see how the rest of the EU responds (if others leave, is the UK wrong?)

  • Rave: I was able to pet a cute little puppy this morning. I still have a smile on my face.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: it’s going to be a looong day at work, and I’m not feeling up to it.

  • Rave – Fun weekend with lots of time spent outdoors enjoying the glorious weather.
    Rant – Back in my windowless cubicle 🙁 I hate it here. I (sorta) wish I could be a stay at home dog mom.
    Rave – I started rereading some my favorite Judy Blume books. <3

  • Rave: The Battle of Sacramento! I hope the hospitalized antifa are going to be OK.
    Rant: All the people kvetching about “Free Speech.” Hello, the First Amendment restricts the government from censoring or penalizing speech. That’s it!
    Rant: All the people complaining about “antifa violence makes you just as bad as the Nazis. Ignore them and they will go away!” So British Jews, leftists, and others shouldn’t have smashed Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists at the Battle of Cable Street? The German Left shouldn’t have battled the Nazis in the streets in the inter-war years? The Nazis themselves later said that sort of thing could potentially have stopped them!

    Rave: SCOTUS! No more HB2, and hopefully this screws over TRAP laws all over the place!

  • Anyone know anything about the police presence on H St NE around 5th St last night? Around midnight, a cop car was blocking off H St right at 5th and there were several more cops/fire trucks.

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