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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Berry picking with a friend this weekend.
    Rant: Emily can’t come along.
    Rave: Because she’s on her way to New Orleans.
    Rant: Brexit. Really, Britain???

  • That One Guy

    To the people interested in the informal HH next week, which location sounds more intriguing: La Jambe or Takoda? Also Wednesday sound good?

  • Rave: Beta #2 came back with great numbers. We’ll hopefully get to see the amorphous Baby Bunny for the first time next week during the first sono.
    Rant: Waking up to the Brexit vote results. I don’t even know what to say.
    Rave: I will finally be getting my haircut for the first time in many months. I haven’t quite decided yet what to do with it. I currently have long (mid-back) length curly hair. I don’t know if it’s time for a major change.

  • Mega Rant: Brexit. This is how the far right wins, and if anyone thinks it can’t happen here, they are dead wrong.

    • I agree with you on all accounts.

    • yep. Never take “that’ll never happen” for granted

    • Yup. *gulp!*

    • Brexit has put me into a bit of a panic mode. For my own sanity I’ve been coasting on the belief that Trump can’t win in November. My safety bubble has been shattered. I’m terrified America is going to vote the angry cheeto into office.

      • omg ‘angry cheeto’ made me bust out laughing. brilliant 🙂

      • I agree. You know, I’ve said from the beginning as a joke, that when Trump wins, I hope my kids will visit me in the internment camp. Now? That joke isn’t so funny anymore.

      • Take some comfort in the notion that many Republicans and (independent conservatives like me) despise Trump even more than liberals do. Unless there is some convention miracle that produces a sane candidate, I am voting for Hilary, despite my fundmental policy disagreements. I am not alone.

    • I seriously think Trump will win. This election is a disaster.

      • Which states that Obama won will Trump carry against Clinton?

        • My fear is that what happened in Britain will happen here; I worry that liberals will think a Trump victory can’t happen – especially in states that generally sway Dem – and the turn out rates will favor Trump. I’m ashamed to admit that I could have voted in the Maryland gubernatorial election (had only partially changed my residency to DC) and didn’t thinking, meh, what’s one more Dem vote. Not saying that my personal vote would make a difference, but how many people think that way?

          • HaileUnlikely

            Same here.

          • Right. This is how I see it happening. Repubs are angry and do not want another Dem in the WH. Repubs are are going to turn out the way dems did in 2008 and 2012. Meanwhile, many young people will not vote. Then there’s the anti-Clinton people. They may be R or D, but they refuse to vote for Clinton. I hope I am wrong.

          • I agree with all of this, and the thing that worries me the most was the degree to which the polls were inaccurate. (However, that was what the GOP was counting on in 2012 – that there was a huge mass of unpolled voters which were going to swing for Romney. As Rick Perry would say, oops.)
            But again, it comforts me to think about the map. If Trump wins PA, OH, VA, and CO, you know what happens? President Clinton. Substitute Florida for PA and CO? Same result. Yes, if he wins OH, FL and PA, and doesn’t lose any other state Romney carried he wins, but the polls are inside the margins in Arizona, and ridiculously close in Georgia (Georgia!).
            Perhaps this is fool’s gold, and I don’t mean to suggest that it’s a done deal, or that HRC should let her guard down. And 5 months is a long time, and anything can happen. But that anything is equally or more likely to be Trump coming out with another ridiculous comment – or another dozen.
            BTW, this morning, when asked, he didn’t know who Boris Johnson is. WT ever lovin’ F.

          • HaileUnlikely

            dcd – Agreed on all of that with one major exception. When will it sink in that people who might vote for Trump at best do not care and are not dissuaded by his ridiculous comments, or at worst completely agree with and are energized by his comments that seem ridiculous to us. Racism? Misogyny? Unabashed ignorance about basically everything? Hell yeah! Make Amurika great again! Trump 2016!

          • @Halie – I agree that’s true for most of Trump’s supporters. But I still think (know) that there are many Republicans who are very uncomfortable with him, and every racist, misogynist, ignorant thing he says is makes them more uncomfortable. I can list a legion of people who I would never, ever have though would vote democrat in their lifetimes who either will vote for HRC or just stay home (which may be preferable, in certain states). Who’s to say when comes the straw that breaks each particular camel’s back?
            Plus, his campaign issues are real. Forgiving the $50 loan million was a necessary, but in no way sufficient first step to putting together an actual campaign, ands that matters in a general election. He’s got a long way to go, and it’s not clear how he gets there. I am a long way from worried that he’ll be elected. Not to say I won’t get there, but not now.
            But yeah, he’s got a solid, baked in base of support. And win or lose, that’s very worrisome in and of itself. .

          • On the other hand, this could motivate liberals to get out and vote precisely because they’ve seen firsthand what could happen if they assume a victory and don’t bother to vote.
            And for those who still thought Trump could possibly be presidential material– his reaction to all this removes any shadow of a doubt. The diehard Trump supporters probably aren’t paying attention to what’s happening overseas, and don’t care that Trump hasn’t been either. But it has scared everyone else, and will therefore strengthen Democratic support.

        • Virginia for starters. You may not think people will vote for Trump, but they will. I personally know A TON of Virginians who are voting Trump. Some of them it’s not too surprising. Others…I am like REALLY?!?! YOU’RE voting for Trump. Ugh.

  • Rant: That stupid idiot from KY trying to add open-carry laws in DC onto the federal spending bill. Honestly, stop that sh*t please.
    Rant: Brexit, cannot believe it. I am all fired up today.
    Rave: It is almost the weekend.

  • Rant: My last remaining mentor at my office is stepping down because of health issues–she’s not sure if/when she’ll be able to return to the office full time. damnit.
    Rant: Brexit.
    Rant: Too much travel already planned to contemplate a trip to take advantage of the weakest the pound has ever been.
    Rant: Some mornings feel like marathons before even getting out of the house.
    Rant: Not feeling very ravy today.

    • dcgator

      I’m not judging you at all, because, as you’ll see, my point in this is that many, if not most of us, think this way. My point: it’s interesting that Brexit has you annoyed/upset, but that you also would love to visit the UK now in order to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. I feel like this is analogous to people bemoaning the actions of characters from The Big Short; it’s just that most of us didn’t have the foresight or knowledge to invest against those bad loans, right? This isn’t a critique, just an observation. I just feel like many times, people are overly judgmental in situations where they would potentially do just the same.

      • I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. I don’t believe I would have voted to leave if I were a UK citizen. That said, there’s nothing I can do about it now, and it would be theoretically nice to take advantage of cheap exchange rates. A silver lining, if you will. But I would rather have seen to UK vote to remain in the EU.

        • Yes, that comment didn’t make any sense to me. I think Brexit is a horrible idea, and a long term catastrophe. That said, it is rare that anything is all bad, or all good, and as Jed Bartlett said, those things usually involve body counts.
          I would have voted against Brexit. But if it forces interest rates down, I’m definitely going to refinance my mortgage. And given the choice of destinations for overseas travel, I may very well choose the UK because of a more favorable exchange rate. My actions won’t have the slightest impact on Brexit – it’s done – and we have to live in the world as it is. I don’t see any hypocrisy about that.

      • “it’s interesting that Brexit has you annoyed/upset, but that you also would love to visit the UK now in order to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. ” I didn’t take Anonomom’s comment that way. After all, the British economy would benefit from spending on tourism. And it’s going to need all the help it can get.

      • Your comment that people are “overly judgmental in situations where they would potentially just do the same” – sorry but I find this very hard to swallow and I think it shows a narrow view/misunderstanding of what the British exit from the EU actually means. The only parallel we would have in this country to Brexit would be a vote for Donald Trump. Something tells me Mtpresident will not be wearing her “Make American Great” trucker hat and casting an enthusiastic vote for Trump this November.

        • Also, I have strong ties to the UK but haven’t been back since having kids. I would totally take advantage of the weak pound to visit if I could. Sounds like all of my friends could use a distraction anyway!

        • HaileUnlikely

          I read dcgator’s comment differently. Not criticizing bemoaning Brexit generally, but simultaneously bemoaning Brexit and bemoaning not being able to capitalize on Brexit for personal advantage.

          • dcgator

            Right, I didn’t mean I would do the same as voting for Brexit. But I appreciate the dialogue and other thoughts–fka Shawess, good point on potential for increased tourism. My point is that the “silver lining” is only for those who stand to profit from it (us, as foreigners looking to the favorable exchange rate).

          • Even if that’s the case, if the former is a given–that I have no control over–then what is wrong with the latter. As I stated above, I’d still prefer that the vote turned out the other way. But given that it didn’t, it would be great to use it as an excuse to visit.

        • “only parallel we would have in this country to Brexit would be a vote for Donald Trump” talk about a narrow view/misunderstanding of the Brexit.

          • See, the problem with your statement is that even Trump is drawing comparisons to his campaign and the Brexit campaign. But please, enlighten me with other parallels in this country. I look forward to having my mind opened.

  • Anyone have a good place to donate canned foods? I’m moving in a month and traveling for a bit, so don’t want to store a bunch of food. I’m in Columbia Heights, but anywhere close or where I can drive/park easily will work. Thanks!

    • Martha’s Table on 14th is my go-to for donations.

    • Second Martha’s Table..also we donated some soap and other hygiene items after the passing of a relative. They were really, really appreciative and told us that they need those types of items desperately. Just a reminder to folks who may want to donate something.

      • Thanks. RE: the soap – if I have a half-used bottle of shampoo, do they take that, or just new items? I am cringing at all of the stuff that can’t be stored, but has been partially used so has to be discarded.

  • Rant: Brexit
    Rant: DOG not eating anything but grass
    Rant: DOG elbow callous is open and pink, will require a trip to urgent doggie care today
    Rant: new time keeping system at work two days before end of the pay period with inadequate instructions
    Rave: had a nice drink with LBP at Homestead last night, the place really is nice looking
    Rant: they opened with a skeleton crew, it took at over 20 minutes to get service, sitting at the bar, and the couple next to me who know the bartender had to order it for me. I don’t blame the bartender, it was just him, but I was dying for even water.
    Rave: they insisted on leaving the drink on their tab, which was unnecessary, but very nice. Yay neighbors!

  • That One Guy

    If you have a pile of cash sitting around today might be a good day to invest it. Also buying things from the UK may be a good bargain with the exchange rate.
    But really, eh…this too shall pass.

  • I kind of wonder if this is going to be the Archduke Ferdinand assassination of our generation. The precipitating event that the history books hang everything on.
    Dramatic, yes.

  • Rant: Coworker acting all put-out and won’t even look at me. I don’t like being a part of office drama, I’d rather watch it. Also, she’s a good ten years older than me and acting like a teenager.

    Rave: My fiance actually enjoys The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! He’s a serious guy so I didn’t think he’d appreciate it. Glad he’s into it so I can watch more often.

    Rant: It’s just now 10 a.m. and I’m already bored. Going to be a long day.

    Rave: FRIDAY!

  • RANT: Brexit
    RANT: GF slipped on a wet floor at Verizon Center last at the concert and majorly bashed up her knees. Getting Xrays today.
    RANT: Does anyone have experience with GI Bill fraud at the Dept of Veterans Affairs? My brother is a veteran and currently studying at a for-profit trade school, paid for by the GI Bill. Long story short, the school kicked him out yesterday (after taking his GI Bill money & 7 weeks before graduation) with a false claim made against him. He was told to sign a paper, he did not understand what he signed (he thought he was just in trouble/on probation) and now the school is saying he “voluntarily” terminated his student enrollment. It’s a blatant case of fraud, misrepresentation, and slander.
    Do any of you know who we should contact at The VA? Are there VA caseworkers/OIG who handle this? He’s far from home, doesn’t have a car, and basically feeling really helpless. I’ve already told him to write down every last detail of the past few days. The school sent him off campus with no documentation or paperwork. And the school won’t discuss the case with us (my father and I) because we are not designated as FERPA contact.

    • re: GI bill….

      there is the veterans legal service project…there is IAVA that might be able to help as they wrote the bill…and the GI bill folks are generally helpful. Otherwise, contact your Senator. Blumenthal is very active on this issue if you happen to have any CT ties.

      • We don’t have any CT ties, but those are good places to starts to researching. Thank you very much for the help. It’s truly a sh#tty and stressful situation for all of us.

    • Contact the Attorney General’s office in the state where he is located – many AGs have current cases against for profit colleges. They can definitely help. Also, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can sometimes help with for-profit college misconduct, especially around loan abuse. They have a hotline at 855-411-2372. They may also have some good referrals if they can’t help.

    • Sorry to hear about your brother–very stressful situation. I work in higher ed policy and second what Colhi said about contacting the AG’s office where he’s located. I’d also look into Veterans Education Success which not only is a great resource, but may also be able to help your brother out with his situation. http://veteranseducationsuccess.org/

  • Rant: The UK – I am utterly stunned that “Leave” won. So many friends – native-born UK citizens and expats living there alike – waking up to so much uncertainty, be it their residency, their legal status, their jobs, or just what this says about the fabric of their country. This is incredibly discouraging.
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: Nice time exploring Homestead last night. They need more staff, and things are still a bit in flux, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope it will be a wonderful fixture in the neighborhood for years to come.
    Rant: Anxiety. About pretty much everything. For no real reason. Grrrrr….

  • Rant: Brexit. That is happened and that it took me way too much coffee to get why it was called “brexit.”
    Rave: Friday!
    Rant: Baby Artie decided that two am was a good time to throw a squirmy dance party in his bassinet. I am tired.
    Rave: Baby Artie is adorable when he smiles and coos, even at two in the morning.
    Rave: I have discovered a really good yoga studio near my office. My goal is to go to a class at least once a week during my lunch hour. I think this is the only way I am going to have anything near a consistent yoga practice for the next year or so.

    • Ugh on the 2am dance party. Would he have hung out & partied by himself? Or was he upset if you weren’t with him?

      • Oh I think he would have been fine without me. He was just kicking up a storm and babbling to himself. But he’s still in a bassinet in our room, so it kept me awake. He’s lucky that he’s so cute! He’s going to make the transition to a crib in the next month or so.

        • Ah gotcha. That’s tough, then! But yay that he was happy on his own/happy to put himself back to sleep–that’s a helpful skill in the future.

  • Rant: Reading mojo stalled by Middlemarch. Not into it even though I’m 500 pages in. Turning to an awesome biography to give myself a break before diving back in to see if I like it any better.
    Rave: Friends from Chile visiting – love showing them my cities!
    Rant: Tension, drama, anxiety about family issues and friend issues.
    Rant/Rave: Work travel confirm so starting Sunday until mid-August it’ll be non-stop crazy back and forth between international trips and cities in the US for both me and the husband. Happy to travel, would rather be with the husband though.

    • Have you tried the “Middlemarch” TV adapation? It might enliven your book-reading. For me, the book was a very engaging read… but I’d seen the TV adaptation first.
      If not… IMO, life is too short to make yourself read books you don’t want to read. (Unless you have to for school or something.)

      • I’ll have to check it out and see if it sparks my interest – Any suggestion on where to watch? I checked my usual sites and couldn’t find it.
        I’m usually of that school of thought too, but I’d like to finish it so we’ll see if I can make my way through it.

      • +1 “life is too short to make yourself read books you don’t want to read” – I just quit my book club book. I felt a bit bad about it but there are so many other books on my reading list.

  • Rave: I am wearing new pineapple print pants today, an they’re making me smile.
    Rant: I really needed some whimsy in my life thanks to the UK. I really don’t understand.

    • “I really don’t understand.”
      It’s the remnants of a declining middle class lashing out at all the wrong people. It all goes back to economic insecurity, driven by large companies and wealthy individuals not wanting to pay their taxes. Austerity, failing infrastructure, cut in social welfare benefits, job loss, and real wage stagnation….the same set of circumstances apply to the U.S.

      • Let me clarify–I understand the reasons people may give for voting in favor of the Brexit. But, leaving the EU will not fix any of these issues, and, in fact, is likely to exacerbate them. I will never understand why people are so dead set on voting against their own interests, even as I acknowledge that it happens all the time in many different societies. It is very frustrating to watch.

  • Rant: Brexit.
    Not sure: I bet Scotland is going to seek independence again. I didn’t agree with the idea last time, but I do now — I can understand why they wouldn’t want to be dragged out of the EU against their will.
    Rant: Legislators from elsewhere trying to interfere with D.C.’s laws. As if it weren’t bad enough that we have no congressional representation
    Rant: Was all set to join LittleBluePenguin and Jeslett at Homestead last night (had a cute dress picked out and everything!)… and then had to scrap my plans because I wasn’t feeling well.
    Sour-grapes rave: Sounds like the service there was rather frustrating.
    Rave: Feeling better this morning.

    • The Spanish foreign minister just stated that Gibraltar should be under dual/shared sovereignty. No more UK-only. Cameron is going down as next Neville Chamberlain.

    • Glad you’re feeling better!

    • I honestly think that the even bigger implications will be for Northern Ireland. Given the long standing issue of to which country NI belongs, having membership in the EU allowed a certain amount of neutral ground; one did not have to be British or Irish, they could be both (literally – people born in NI can have either a British or Irish passport or both if they want). Also, the border was demilitarized. No check points. No border crossings. Now? There certainly will need to be some as you can’t have an international border without them. This, I am sure, will bring up emotional and psychological wounds. There are factions and individuals who would gladly exploit this for their own gain in order to bring an end to any sort of peace. Also, this takes outside the issue of Northern Irish Sovereignty beyond Unionist and Republican/ Protestant and Catholic. There will very surely be people who would normally be Unionist who would prefer to remain in Europe, thus preferring the Republic to remaining a part of Great Britain.
      I’m sure this will also galvanize the Scottish Independence movement, and there certainly be efforts to mobilize the very minimal Welsh Independence movement.

  • Rant: People ranting about Brexit and other matters that they don’t understand. 52% of the British voters decided the EU was a bad deal for them. It’s a democratic country and the people looked at 40 years of history and said no more. If Cameron, Blair, Obama etc could have provided a greater rationale for staying other than “you’ll be sorry”, perhaps the voters would have decided otherwise. But they didn’t and the vote went against them. Now people on this blog (most likely wasting time on the clock like me) feel they know better. So, proceed to attack in your de riguer self-congratulatory manner.

    • I appreciate the realness of the post. Folks on this blog really have tunnel vision on many of todays current events. Its okay for people to have a different point of view than you.

    • Because it was older voters swayed by fear and xenophobia who have decided to ruin the future of the UK. These people won’t even be around to reap the after affects of this decision.

      • I mean it seems like the majority rules, where is the information that shows this claim is true? Just playing devils advocate.

        • Since you asked for the information that shows these claims are true, this article shows that it was the older demographic that voted to leave the EU, solidifying skj84’s argument: http://www.politico.eu/article/britains-youth-voted-remain-leave-eu-brexit-referendum-stats/
          This article indicates that many voters actually had no idea what the ramifications of their vote would be:

          My partner is British, so this actually has very real, instant ramifications for us and our family. However, if you look at your 401k, this also has very real, instant ramifications for you as well. Yes, this is what the UK populace voted, and that is their right to vote as they please, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to be disappointed in the outcome.

          • THIS. I don’t see anyone saying they “know better.” I see people saying wow, I cannot believe this.

          • Adam is right about one thing; the British people did absolutely vote by majority to leave the EU. However, he is missing the fact that the “Remain” movement was winning all polls until yesterday. He misses that this result was a very clear surprise. He misses the fact that the reason it passed was to the efforts of UKIP – known xenophobes and racists. He misses the fact that the “economic difficulties” that swayed the vast majority of working class Britons to vote for Brexit were actually put in place by the Tories and have so very little to do with Europe at all. I mean, he actually thinks Blair still has something major to do with UK politics when Blair has been out of office in 2007 and his name is now analogous with George W Bush.
            Also, he fails to recognize that some of us have ties to the UK, or perhaps we are just good global citizens with a right to have a concern for arguably one of the biggest geo-political shifts in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. But you know, what do we know.

          • +1 to anonamom.

          • +100000 to anonamom

    • Britain has parliamentary sovereignty so this isn’t a binding deal in the gloom and doom way the media is portraying it. And the EU can negotiate with Britain to avoid them leaving (Article 50). Does the EU WANT to do this? Who knows.

      • I think this is an important point. Although the referendum’s outcome says something about the sentiment of voters who turned out yesterday, it’s going to be a long two years before there will be any concrete changes, and so much could happen in that time.

        • Once Article 50 is invoked, a withdrawal is a must and there is no going back or means of cancelling. The article merely dictates the process by which EU and the departing member will negotiate the terms of the withdrawal – not whether it will or won’t.

        • It’s annoying to me because when people say “Britain has left the EU”. No it hasn’t. There was a non-binding referendum on the topic. But it’s much more salacious to say they’ve left.

        • A good friend of mine pointed out that one of the major issues now is that there is no real plan in place for actually making Brexit happen. Cameron is stepping down, there will need to be a general election. There is some hope that it will not go through, that there will be another referendum in the very near future in order to reverse this one, but who knows.

          • Why would there need to be a new general election? Yes, Cameron is stepping down, but once Tories decide on a new leader (perhaps Boris Johnson), they could continue governing for remainder of the Parliamentary term (Tories continued for two years under John Major after they forced Margaret Thatcher to resign in 1990 before holding a general election).
            Also, the UK is extremely unpopular among other European leaders right now, because they had been continually negotiating for special perks over the past several years. It seems many European leaders are now saying “good riddance” and are pressing for the UK to be kicked out as quickly as possible (see comments by Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament).

          • Because it is unlikely that the entire Tory party will unite behind one person who will want to lead the country out of Europe, I think they will need a new election. Boris Johnson is an incredibly polarizing person. Could it happen? Sure. But I would imagine there will be a general soon.

    • Seriously? We’re not supposed to care about what happens elsewhere in the world now? While yes, a majority voted to leave, we cannot mourn the negative repercussions for others? Perhaps I should just go live under a rock?

    • Having to somehow respect what the majority votes on or thinks is a canard. I am smarter than the majority of people and most, if not all, of the people in my social circle are as well.

      We can be shocked and horrified by the actions of a majority here or there.

      Hiding behind the idea of the wisdom of the majority and just throwing up your hands and saying “oh well, I guess they’re right” is just anti-intellectual.

      You could get a majority of voters on any given day to vote for any number of stupid things in the US.

  • Rave: Great coffee meeting with a potential new friend/professional ally yesterday. I may have forgotten what it’s like to talk with someone at my professional level as a colleague, sad as that is. We have lots of plotting ahead of us.
    Rant: Brexit. Xenophobia and fear won.
    Rant/rave: Life’s too short to not go after what you want. I’m going to lay my cards on the table this weekend and see what the response is. You may hear from a very sad Bizzinger on Monday, but at least I’ll be coming from a place of truth.
    Rave: Friday. Finally.

  • Rant: It goes without saying Brexit. What a thing to wake up to.
    Rave: Set plans with bro for the weekend! So excited to hang with him and sister in law.
    Rave/rant: start my summer side gig tomorrow. I wish I was in a better place financially so I didn’t have to have a side gig, but its at least the job is something I want to do.

  • Rant: Shoulda kept at that PhD with a focus on Euroskepticism. Coulda been useful now 🙂
    Rave: CAMP STARTS MONDAY. I’m soooo tired of solo parenting.
    Rave: Just have to make it through the summer….sigh…

  • Rant: Lost my fitbit yesterday, reasonably sure it isn’t lost in my house (which has happened before)
    Rave: Two inches of rain this past week, good for things that grow
    Rant: Two inches of rain, also good for mosquitos. Wish I had resident barn swallows and bats!

  • Rant: I realize this is a very small complaint in the context of what it actually entails, but others have already summed up my bigger thoughts on this, so I’m going to go narrow and hope for the best. The term “Brexit” irritates me. As in, every time I hear or see the term, it’s like fingernails on a blackboard, so in addition to being sad and worried about the referendum’s result, I have a sort of dull headache just from the hearing and seeing the word itself so many times.
    Rave: The New York Times seems to be avoiding the word except in headlines.

  • Rave: Loving my new haircut! I was going for a version of Anne Hathaway’s hair in The Intern and really am happy with it. Best haircut I’ve ever had, not cheap, but she knew how to cut my hair type.
    Rant: Apparently I need to get all of my haircuts in NYC for $80 now since I’m not sure anyone else could match this!
    Rave: Looking forward to a weekend of seeing close friends and a 10k on Sunday.

  • Rant: Brexit.
    Rant: The irony of Hamilton opening soon on in the West End is palpable. Hamilton, who advocated for federalism as a way to bind the U.S. together financially as well as politically, would have been a big fan of the E.U. How sad.
    Rant: OMG the world is so hot right now. I’m melting.
    Rave: Friday! I cannot wait to get the weekend started.
    Rave: Going to see the Dixie Chicks tomorrow. I’m sure Natalie Maines will have something to say about the Brexit, because that’s the cool kind of girl she iss.

    • I am SO jealous of your last rave. I really wanted to see them this summer but couldn’t make it work. Have the best time!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: “Brrrrrexit” sounds like the noise the cat makes when throwing up.
    Rant: My house is a mess and somehow I’ve reached this stage in life without staff.
    Rave: It’s Friday and it’s payday!

  • Rant: These brexit jokes on twitter stiiiiiiiiiink.
    Rave: One of those Nature Conservancy panhandlers complimented me on my beard
    Rant: The CVS at K and Connecticut must be union, given how often they restock their shelves
    Rave: My friend Erik brought me more marmalade
    Rant: Spent 40 minutes in the pit of despair AKA Yellow/Green platform @ Gallery Place last night
    Rave: Grabbed the last bag of peanut butter pretzels at aforementioned CVS, because I love a good treat
    Rant: Feels like Dennis Hopper is controlling the elevator in my building
    Rave (in advance): Those who get that
    Rant: WBJ and their fascination with using the word disruption. Stop it.
    Rave: I’m out of toner so I think I’m just going to go home

  • Rant: Brexit, of course. For very personal reasons. I was in the midst of talking about a potential transfer to a UK office – a move that would have been made easy since I have an EU passport. Now am seriously considering putting the breaks on that, because who knows what will happen with freedom of movement (and I’m not exactly relishing being paid in GBP instead of USD right now). I don’t know. We’ll see how the next few weeks play out, I guess.
    Rave: A got to grab dinner with a friend from out of town yesterday who was here for work.
    Rant: Okay no seriously though. UK?!?!? How could you?!
    Rave: … at least it’s nice weather out?

  • Rant: That its far to common and acceptable for people to throw the “racism” label at anything they don’t agree with or understand, and that it apparently applies to everyone who holds that view.
    Rave: Hopeful USMNT revenge on Columbia tomorrow.

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