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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Rented a room out to an intern and he showed up with almost an apartment worth of stuff. My normally clutter free countertops now have all sorts of appliances, racks/shelves and all sorts of other crap. I am not happy about this.
    Rave: The rain

    • That One Guy

      Did anyone else see the videos of Cleveland Park metro station flooding during one of the down pours yesterday? It was impressive.

    • For the next one, make sure you mention that your place is fully stocked/furnished, and that it is best for people bringing minimal items beyond the bedroom.

    • If you don’t want things added to your kitchen, why not say this is a condition of renting? Maybe because you are afraid you renting pool will go down? I’ve certainly talked to people about renting rooms in apartment in the past, that while they came with kitchen use privileges, the occupant made it clear that they didn’t actually want me to cook anything, as they were territorial about the kitchen. I passed. Why not try being honest – otherwise you will like with this unhappiness, where there is no reason to – there are people out there not looking to bring anything into your kitchen or cook.

      • Going to defend anonymous here for a second — if I were renting a single bedroom to an intern (and both those conditions were clear) I honestly never would have even THOUGHT to tell them not to bring KITCHEN APPLIANCES. Like, why would that thought even cross someone’s mind … until it happens? Most interns come with one suitcase and that’s it.

        • Interns can mean lots of things, and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re not local I.e. Moving like a normal person would. On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect an apartments worth of stuff.
          I think simply being upfront and not assuming in either case is likely best for all parties.

      • No I don’t care about pool- Out of 10 interns this is the first time this has happened. All thus far have only brought suitcase/clothes/shoes. Only one asked if they could store their bike and if parking was available. I list all of the things that I provide including list of appliances to bed lines/towels etc. The problem with this one is that he is hoping his internship turns into a full time gig here so he basically packed up all of his belongings and brought them with him.

        • I agree with AnonSpock above but it sounds like you tried, and he wasn’t transparent at all. He should have told you. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! Perhaps you could somehow carve out space for “him” and “you” separately? Or just tell him that things need to be unplugged and put in a cabinet when not in use?

  • That One Guy

    Trying to gauge interest in an informal HH and whether there is a preference between ice cream and adult beverages. I’m thinking sometime next week. What say you?

  • Rave: Very thankful for all the cheerleading and support that I received during yesterday’s RRRR.
    Rave: The baby slept five hours during first stretch of night sleep and then only woke up twice. I think he’s starting to feel better and recover from the daycare cold.
    Rant: Tall people who use the lower bars at on the metro. I’m short and can barely reach the top one. Do us a favor and don’t hog the spaces meant for the hobbit-folk.

    • Your rant – yes! Seriously, I’m not super short but I’m not quite tall enough to make grabbing the upper bars a painless feat – I always feel like I’m risking dislocating my shoulder and/or getting my purse grabbed when I have to hold on over my head!

    • Tall person’s perspective: I can reach the top ones, but it can be very uncomfortable! Reaching up (especially when I have a heavy bag) is definitely more taxing then holding something at waist level. This is particularly true when the train is lurching. I wish all of the trains had those pull down metal “straps,” those are my favorite.

      • As another tall person, I think those metal straps are great. I don’t strain my arm as much and somehow I keep my balance better during the train lurching.

      • As a tall person with relatively short arms, I hate the back-of-the-seat handles because I feel like I have to hunch over slightly to reach them and it throws me off balance. So no worries about me hogging them! I agree that the silver fold-down handles are the best, though!

        • @Books This short person appreciates it! And even I like the silver fold-down handles on the new trains. They work for people of many sizes.

      • I like the trains that have metal poles extending from chair top to ceiling every two rows or so. You don’t have to worry about being smacked by the straphanger things, the poles can accommodate a variety of heights, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching someone’s hair, etc. like with the back-of-the-seat handles.

    • I totally feel you on the rant. I’m super short and hate a packed train in which there are literally no bars for me to reach. I can’t even reach the top bar unless I’m on my absolute tippy toes.

      • +1. On the bus, too. I have a really really hard time reaching the bar. If someone is taking up those yellow hand-holder things and I’m towards the front of the bus, I’m probably going to fall over.

  • Rave: Initial beta test came back with really strong numbers (double what I had expected). We’ll see how they rise tomorrow.
    Rave: I have a giant container of watermelon chunks in my fridge. It’s one of those great reminders of why summer is so wonderful.
    Rave: So much kale growing in the garden.

    • YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Count me among the many who are really cheering for you. Great news and fingers crossed for tomorrow. This stage of things is so damn emotionally exhausting.

    • …double, eh?? 😉
      Glad to hear this! Hope all continues to go well!

    • Great news! Tip: you can check your levels as compared to others at the BetaBase. It will tell you the likelihood of singleton, twins, etc. based on your levels.

    • Yay for strong numbers!! Hope things continue to go well and I’ll keep my fingers crossed things keep doubling nicely and you get good news tomorrow.

    • Yessss!!!! #teamtwins

    • Fingers crossed that those numbers keep going up!

  • Rave: One month until wedding and honeymoon!
    Crowdsourcing: Does anyone have a good, reliable rec for a house / pet sitter?

    • Andie302

      Location/dates? I may have someone in mind for you!

      • The week of July 18, and then again the first week of August (we have someone in between), in Adams Morgan.

        • hammers

          I’ve used Sit-a-Pet a few times, and they are good, but probably a little pricey for 2 whole weeks.

        • Is it a dog? I’m in Adams Morgan and always looking to dog sit because I can’t have one at my apartment. I’m not available the week of July 18th but am the first week of August.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have used Sit-a-Pet but not lately. I’ve had some disasters with individuals who weren’t with an org like SAP – SAP is bonded and reliable. I was using Zoolatry, but I think Kathy must’ve retired cause the web site disappeared and she is no longer advertising in Washingtonian. Oh, BTW, look in the classified of Washingtonian or your local news.

  • Revel: Dates and cheap airfare aligned to schedule a visit to see cousin and his family in two weeks. Excited to see them, and excited to explore a new city with them and the fella.
    Rant: Need to both control discretionary spending and make more money at my next job. I’m ridiculous.
    Rave: Looking what i have in my life, I’m very grateful.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: We found out yesterday that a colleague died suddenly on Monday. It is a weird, sad day in the office today. The worst part is that his daughter is only 17. I feel so sad for her and her mother.

  • Rant: storm caused me to miss my connection in Atlanta to Quito
    Rant: next flight is at 6pm but delta did me a huge favor by giving me a voucher for $5 off for a hotel near the airport
    Rant: took me 13 hours to intercept my luggage. All I had were the clothes on my back until maybe an hour ago

    • $5? Really? At that price point, why bother?

    • ugh! I simply do not understand how the airline industry can continue to get away with treating customers like complete and utter shite. It is disgusting. I know they have no control over what the weather does, but to be able to charge the kind of prices they do – for every little tiny thing – and then offer absolutely no help when things go crazy, is such a crock. Hope the rest of your journey goes much better than it has so far.

      • That seems like a bit of an overreaction. What exactly in that post did you see as the airline treating customers like “complete and utter shite”? The $5 voucher is a little insulting, but I don’t think it’s their responsibility to provide hotel rooms. (Is it? Legally, I mean.)

        • I imagine LBP meant that in general, airlines these days treat customers like sh*t.

          • I imagine that LBP was referring to this particular incident, otherwise why bring up the general point here?

          • No, textdoc is correct, I was referring to airlines in general – my cousin got stranded last night on the last leg of her journey back from vacation, and the airline offered no help whatsoever, basically forcing her and her companions to rent a car and drive the four hours down to DC so they could make it to work on time. Airlines -what few of them there are – basically have a monopoly on this form of transport and so are free to charge astronomical prices without worrying about whether they’re engaging in basic good customer service.

          • Well yeah, I know it was a general point, but you were applying it to this incident. Otherwise it’s a non-sequitur.

          • how is that a non-sequitur? Spite cupcakes was talking about the sh*tty way she was treated by her airline, and I was remarking that that it’s sh*tty and unfortunately seems par for the course…? What is the confusion here?

          • LBP, the confusion is that textdoc has distracted you from understanding my point. I was questioning your assessment that spite c was treated like complete and utter shite. That’s all.

          • For years, customers have shown that they care about nothing but price, then are surprised that service has declined. It seems pretty logical to me. Also, they can safely transport me across the country in 6 hours for less than $400-$500, I wouldn’t really consider that “an arm and a leg”.

          • “LBP, the confusion is that textdoc has distracted you from understanding my point.”
            LOL, Anonymous!
            I understood what LBP meant. You didn’t… so now you’re trying to argue that her remark had to mean what you think it meant??

          • Well, feel free to interpret SC’s post as a glowing review of Delta if you will, but based on what I know as a personal friend, I’m sticking with my assessment. And CHgal, when fuel prices have drastically dropped but airfare prices and fees keep going up, there is a disconnect that reveals a disgusting level of greed on the part of these companies’ shareholders and top management. Not that most companies aren’t pretty much the same, but at least they’ll pretend to care and try to provide some level of customer service.

          • Do other private businesses drop their prices when their costs go down? Of course not. They charge as much as people will pay.

          • Well, when airlines _publicly claim_ that they’re raising their prices because of fuel prices going up, it’s not unreasonable to think that they would correspondingly lower airfares when fuel prices go down.

          • @textdoc – LBP has already said that her comment meant what I thought it meant (“Spite cupcakes was talking about the sh*tty way she was treated by her airline”). I was questioning that claim. And as I already posted I realize it was a general comment about airlines, but it wouldn’t have been brought up if it wasn’t being applied to the specific incident. If you’re not following my line of thought that’s fine but you don’t have to be rude about it. Maybe just let others have discussions every now and again?

          • Nope, Anonymous — you’re willfully misreading what LBP said. Spite Cupcakes was talking about a particular incident, and LBP identified it as part of a larger pattern of airlines treating customers poorly.
            And it seemed a bit rude (not to mention preposterous) to argue that I was distracting LBP from understanding your point.

          • “Spite Cupcakes was talking about a particular incident, and LBP identified it as part of a larger pattern of airlines treating customers poorly.”
            Which is precisely how I read it. What am I willfully misunderstanding? My subsequent point is that spite c’s incident was not necessarily a case of being treated like “complete and utter shite”. So what in there did I willfully misunderstand? Your assertion that I didn’t understand LBP’s point diverted the conversation to a discussion about whether I understand LBP’s point (I do), rather than about my response to it. Shame on me for taking the bait, I guess.

        • I think having to make multiple requests and having to wait 13 hours to get my luggage qualifies. They don’t have to I provide a hotel room but why even bother with the insulting discount?

          • Agree with the discount, that’s pretty ridiculous – no idea what the point of that is. The luggage thing – I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but the airlines are trying to get passengers to their destination. If they just go in and start pulling luggage out then it’s going to be exponentially harder for them to get people back onto planes and moving on if/when they find a way to make that happen. Once they know someone is definitely not going anywhere that day, then yeah they should probably get your luggage (which is out in the airplane though, with hundreds of other bags, so it’s not like they just need to grab it from the back room for you).

          • If I’m stuck here for a 22 hour layover, it’s not unreasonable to expect to get my bag back in less than 13 hours.

        • Accountering

          They essentially have zero liability to do anything when it is weather related. The problem is, there can be a situation where the flight would be 100% safe to take off and land, but they the plane would not be able to take off from the next location the following morning or whatever in the next location, so they just don’t take off from the first location. They can blame that on weather.

    • That One Guy

      Enjoy your trip! (Watch out for pick pockets.)

    • I’m so sorry for all the frustrating. Travel can be a major, stressful, pain!!! Hopefully you will be in full vacation mode soon.

    • For what it’s worth… I don’t see any indication that Spite Cupcakes had cried or yelled at the airline employees, or was planning to do so. She was just posting a rant about the flight being canceled. I think most of us would be pretty cranky in that situation.

    • I understand that very well. But the voucher was flat out insulting and the airline isn’t gaining any goodwill by giving them out. I did not throw a tantrum at anybody or attempt to be manipulative in any way. Sh*t happens and sometimes I cry. The end. Also I rebooked the next flight on my own. But it’s one that only leaves once a day and that’s why I’m still here. Thanks for your concern though!

    • wow, the anonymouses are really trolling spitecupcakes in full force today.

  • Rant: The US game. Ugh, so depressing. Had we competed a little bit I wouldnt have minded a loss. Messi is a God, and Argentina really has no weak links, but we looked like school children chasing the varsity team around.
    Rant: Ubered home last night and left my bike at work because of the storm. Went outside this morning and there was no bike! Panicked it was stolen for about 90 seconds. Doh!
    Rave: Ill be in Rome in 2 weeks with my mom and i cannot wait! Any recs from Popville for food or things to do? Havent been in 5 years!

    • I love the Rick Steves guides (I think that’s his name?). We used them for all of our restaurant selections and were never unhappy.

    • I will second the Rick Steves books. I would also recommend Trip Advisor – both the restaurant reviews as well as the forums. When I was planning a trip to Milan, I had wonderful input from people all over the world.

    • It’s one thing to lose to the best team in the world, but “school kids playing varsity” sums it up pretty well. I felt a tinge of embarrassment for US soccer: complete lack of composure, all the leaden touches, Bradley’s precocious knack for making lead passes to the opposing team, holding the ball for far too long when there are clear, open passes to be made, bunching on the ball, etc etc.
      Folks keep calling for Klinsmann’s head … while I agree that we need a coach capable of actually coaching/teaching, our players just don’t have the requisite skills to compete with the big boys.

      • Im usually not a bradley hater, I think he has been one of our most consistent players for 5 years, but he was truly AWFUL last night. I counted probably 6 unforced giveaways, plus if i recall he totally missed a tackle on Messi that lead to Wondo’s foul. Klinsmann should have subbed him at halftime honestly. And Nagbe should have been in the whole game. I surely hope this is the end of the Wondo experiment for US Soccer.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I also like the Rick Steves books, even though Rick and I have different ideas of what is a must see. He covers all the bases so I can see what I want, not what he thinks I should see.

      • This is good to know — I’ve never consulted his books, but perhaps now I will.

        • His books are great. I used one in Paris and saw everything I wanted to and didn’t feel guilty about all the parts of the Louvre I skipped, because he gave a great route to follow to hit the important stuff.

    • Obica mozzarella bar in Campo dei Fiori near the Pantheon!

    • Best meal in Rome was at La Botticella in Trastevere

    • Historic Center
      Le Domus Romane: fabulous partially excavated Roman ruins under a palazzo. Buy tickets online for an English tour before you go.
      Elevator to the top of the Emmanuelle Vittori Monument where you can get great views, including overlooking the Forum. Nice for a sunset. Kind of expensive, at 10 euros each (I think).
      The church next to Emmanuelle Vittori Monument is in a beautiful baroque style.
      Salatto 42: Wine bar in Piazza di San Pietro (between Pantheon and Trevi fountain) across from Hadrian’s Temple aka Il Tempio di Adriano. Quiet when we were there; nice respite from the crowds.
      Borghese Gardens
      If you make it to the Borghese gardens or museum, we had a surprisingly nice lunch at little stand at Piazzale delle Canestre in the park. House made ravioli and a nice bottle of wine.
      Vatican & Nearby
      Castel Sant’Angelo (formerly fortress and castle, now museum). Wandered in after the Vatican. Has little bar/cafe with nice view on top.
      Sistine Chapel – if you do the Vatican museums, you can avoid a long walk by using the “group” exit from the Sistine Chapel (technically for groups only, but I don’t think the guards really care ) instead of the other exit. The group exit is a lot faster for getting out of the museum and over to St. Peter’s basilica. (Thanks Rick Steves)
      Pizzeria Ai Marmi: Gruff, no frills, combination of locals and tourists. Very good simple pizza. They also serve carafes of the house wine from a big tap in the wall.
      Ristorante Roma Sparita: cacio e pepe in parmesan cups.
      Have fun! I’m jealous!

  • hammers

    Rant: Job, having no pride in my work, and feeling like I’m just wasting 80% of my waking hours
    Rave: Outside of work, things are going pretty well I s’pose.
    Random: if someone is looking for a small, well located and well priced 1br, and doesn’t cook much, gmail me at andhammers.

  • Rant: Dog park cliques. Someone brought cupcakes yesterday for a group of about 10 (who brings food to a dog park?!). And then one of them told me to keep my dog away from theirs “because she can get aggressive with dogs she isn’t already friends with.” I remembered why I rarely go to dog parks.
    Rave: This time next week I will be in Hawaii!

    • Haha wow, that’s some passive-aggressive BS. Once kids enter the equation, these people will be leading the Mommy/Daddy cliques too. This juvenile high school mentality never leaves some people.

    • LOL, oh wow. Sometimes I feel sad about not being able to bring my crazy antisocial dog to the dog park, but then I hear stuff like this and I feel better about it. That is crazy.

      • Yeah. I take mine when there are 3 or fewer dogs and if they’re all up in DOG’s face and he isn’t into it, we leave. Why is it so hard to understand that if you dog is the one with special socializing requirements it’s on you to remove your dog when the scenario doesn’t fit those?

    • Jeez. How annoying of them. 🙁

  • Rant: In supreme scattered brain mode today. Overslept, just barely got my bus in time. And just called called someone a half and hour earlier than scheduled. I need to rally.

    Rave/Rant: Ticketmaster. I was eligible for free tickets, but actually booking a show was a fiasco. Tried to get tickets to Gwen Stefani, had the tickets in my cart, but forgot to copy my code. Went back for the code and couldn’t get to the voucher page. By the time I could access my voucher hours later they were sold out. I ended up getting tickets to Kool and The Gang. But I really wanted to see Gwen.

    • Bear

      I have a bunch of vouchers, and there are exactly zero shows I’m interested in that I’d be able to get to. They say they’re going to keep updating the site with more shows, so we’ll see.

    • I couldn’t get on the voucher page all day yesterday. I just checked and apparently have seven sets of free tickets, but the concert list is abysmal. Was it better yesterday? I can’t see a single show I would even remotely want to go to.

      • Accountering

        Keep in mind the vouchers dont expire until 2020, so you have some time 🙂

        • I just checked for the first time and I have a slew of vouchers (probably from tickets purchased for hockey games?) and all of them are listed to expire in 2018.

        • Bear

          I hope they keep adding shows, because yeah…

        • Yes but don’t they all disappear once they’ve reached the threshold for total $ amount redeemed? Something like $10million?

          • Yes. The vouchers are void once TM hits their agreed upon settlement cost.
            Even when TM is compensating people they ripped off, they still manage to suck.

      • I still can’t get on the voucher page to see how many I have??! I can’t tell if it’s a work firewall issue or if I keep logging in at the wrong time.

  • Rant: I woke up at 2am to alarm going off somewhere.
    Rave: cranked the white noise machine, used the Nest app to turn on the fan for an hour, put in ear plugs, and slept the rest of the night.
    Rant: It was still going off when I woke up at 6. I feel bad for the people who could not sleep through it.
    Rant: my hair looked good. Then I walked outside.
    Rave: almond milk doesn’t make my morning smoothie taste any different.
    Rant: almond milk makes my iced latte pretty gross.

    • For your last rant–I thought I hated almond milk in my coffee at first, but part of it was that it tasted different from what I was expecting and part of it was that I had vanilla almond milk rather than original–and the original is much less cloying. So perhaps it will just take time and experimentation? Good luck!

      • I like coconut milk for coffee drinks. Less weird aftertaste and has a skim milk consistency.

        • Does it taste at all like coconut? Coconut is my nemesis. I’m also not a fan of skim milk consistency, at least almond milk is a bit thicker.

          • I hate coconut too.
            I haven’t tried packaged coconut milk, but I’ve been curious about it because I was surprised to find out that the Thai dessert of mango and sticky rice is made with coconut milk. At least in sticky rice, it doesn’t taste or feel remotely like coconut.

          • It doesn’t taste like coconut to me. I think the coffee/chai covers it if it does.
            I don’t think you’ll find a perfect milk sub, but I’d pick flavor over consistency if I had to do it.

          • I find the canned coconut milk is thicker than the milk in the dairy section. I’ve never drank the canned option, but cooking with it didn’t leave my dish tasting like coconut at all.

          • FWIW, I’m not a fan of coconut milk in my coffee. It’s possible that I’ve just had bad coconut milk lattes, but I love coconut generally and find the coconut aftertaste in coffee totally offputting.

        • justinbc

          +1, almond milk is terrible for coffee drinks. We love it, but have to keep something else on hand for coffee. Coconut milk is the best I’ve found if you can’t drink the real stuff. Cashew milk is also pretty good but it’s very different and takes some getting used to.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I’ve tried the coconut water – it tastes sweet but not like coconut. It’s in the fancy milk section of the refrigerator.

      • Time + experimentation, yes! Some almond milks are definitely better than others for coffee drinks. The Califia brand’s “Barista Blend” is probably the best I’ve tried so far for lattes. The tricky thing is that almond milk is easier to burn than regular milk and a lot of baristas singe it. Which is gross and tastes exactly as bad as you’d imagine. After a while, you learn which places do it well and which don’t. (Compass Coffee is pretty consistently great.)

    • Additional Rant: I didn’t dip into my week WW points yesterday and I went to sleep hungry and now, even after my PB banana oat smoothie and coffee, I feel light headed. I need to plan better.

      • Eat some protein and fat before bed. Going to sleep hungry is a bad idea.

      • Me again, with more unsolicited advice:
        1. Big breakfasts work for me, and I make sure I have fiber, fat, and protein (at least 15g but sometimes 20+). It is often my “pointy-est” meal of the day.
        2. Yup, 30 points can only be 1200 calories, which is not enough! Though I can game the system to make 30 points come out to around 1450 calories, it took me a while to learn how to do that, and, honestly, I still need more than that. Thus, eating weekly points–all of them! (I usually do 2-3 weekly points per day 5 days out of the week, and then divide the remainder between 2 “more festive” days).
        3. While you’re getting used to this whole thing, may I suggest Skinnytaste for recipes? The website includes the points for every recipe, which is so helpful, but unlike the WW website, it also usually includes full nutritional information, which makes it easier to make sure you’re getting enough fat/protein/fiber and enough calories, period.
        4. It’s you’re first week and you’re still figuring out how this works. If you go over a little bit on your points, it’s not the end of the world–you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Just do your best!

        • Thanks!
          What are you favorite breakfasts?

          • My lowest point breakfast that I regularly eat is 3/4 cup of fat free Greek yogurt OR 1 cup of plain Siggi’s skyr (this is what I mean about gaming the system–I’ve figured out how to get the most calories–and protein and healthy fat–for my points) mixed with fruit, a couple tablespoons of chopped nuts, and a couple tablespoons of any variety of Bear Naked Fit granola (you could skip the granola and double the nuts, but I like the crunch/sweet). Whole grain toast with avocado and smoked salmon is also really good–and FYI, 1/3 of a Haas avocado is the same points as 1/4 of a Haas avocado. Ditto for 2 oz of salmon vs 3 oz. I often do a homemade egg mcmuffin–the base is whole wheat English muffin plus and egg and a slice of light Jarlsberg cheese (it’s made with part-skim milk, but the ingredient list is non-scary and it tastes good). Points vary regarding whether I use a Thomas’s muffin or an Ezekiel muffin and whether I add anything else–avocado, ham/Canadian bacon, turkey sausage. If I have more time in the morning, sometimes I’ll scramble one egg and two whites with some vegetables and salsa–usually with whole grain toast or wrapped in a tortilla or multi-grain flatbread (often with cheese and/or avocado added). Also, if I have leftover roasted vegetables–or even a savory grain dish–I’ll just throw an egg or two on top. I love oatmeal, but I find I peter out around 10am if I don’t add to it. In the winter, I was adding chopped nuts and having a glass of skim milk with it, in the summer I do overnight oats. For 4 servings, I do 2 cups oats, 2 cups skim milk, a grated Apple, and a bit of lemon juice. In the morning, I add more fruit, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and about 1/4 cup of plain skyr. If I’m feeling really unable to cook anything, a couple slices of Ezekiel bread (always in my freezer) toasted and topped with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. All of these meals range from 6 points (Greek yogurt parfait, basic egg and cheese sandwich, avocado and smoked salmon) to up to 11 points (breakfast tacos with cheese and avocados). And I still usually have some fruit around 10 or 10:30.

          • Wow, that’s a lot of great information. Thanks so much for sharing.
            I will admit that light options and reduced calorie options tend to scare me. I don’t get what their aversion is to dairy products with any fat. Studies show adults who drink 1% milk maintain their weight better than those who drink skim.
            We’ll see how it goes.

          • The reliance on fat-free dairy annoys me, too. Some of the additives in fat free stuff are really bad for you–and we all need some fat in our diets! Full-fat dairy (except for hard cheese, for whatever reason) can upset my stomach, so I wasn’t eating a lot of full-fat yogurt or whole milk before. But I definitely still eat full-fat cheese sometimes, as well as low-fat yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese. Skim milk and plain fat free yogurt are the only fat free dairy that I find appetizing (and that generally don’t use a bunch of chemicals to replace the fat!).

        • Have they changed the points system that much? I double tracked between WW and MyFitnessPal for a while, and WW would always allow me more calories than MFP. This was before the last change though.
          Anyway, I agree, the first week is all about figuring it out and adjusting, and is definitely the hardest. It will get easier!!

  • Rave: we have the best neighbors and I love living in a building with such an amazing sense of community. My husband’s father recently passed away, and we came home after being away from the funeral to find a sympathy card that *all* our neighbors had signed, an orchid with a card from one neighbor, a bottle of whiskey with a card from another neighbor, and a really really sweet personal card from another neighbor. It was just so heart-warming. Yay for community.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Fresh asparagus from my grandpa’s garden – so good last night!
    Rant: I’m still calling it my grandpa’s garden even though he passed away last spring (and is being tended by family). It still doesn’t always seem real that he’s gone.
    Rave: Catching up with some ladies I haven’t seen in awhile this evening
    Rant: Doubling down on a weird hair trim and going back tomorrow to see if I can get the front fixed. This could go one of two ways. Fingers crossed that our long weekend with accounterings family in MN doesn’t include a bunch of pics with my worst haircut ever.

  • Rant – I managed to get caught in a downpour yesterday that started exactly when I left work and ended exactly when I reached the metro. And I had no umbrella. :-/
    Rave – Proud of myself for improvising a decent dinner using what I had on hand instead of ordering take out.
    Rant? – How skinny are skinny pants supposed to be? I got a pair of high rise ponte pants, they fit great and are super comfy, but they basically look like thick yoga pants, except for the ankle opening which looks like normal pants. Are these acceptable to wear in the workplace? How tight is too tight? Why are women’s pants so complicated?

    • Andie302

      If you saw someone else wearing them would it occur to you that their pants are informal? If not, wear away! (I wouldn’t think they are too informal, but my standards are admittedly low)

    • Depending on your work place, you could probably wear them with a longer shirt that covers your butt. I wore those type of pants in my less formal office with boots in the winter and a long shirt.

  • Rave: My DC tax return FINALLY came through! Now I can take my cats for their annual checkup and get me some new contact lenses! Now just waiting for the Federal return to get sorted!
    Rant: I have been sleeping so poorly as of late. I’ll fall asleep, but then wake up several times, and then wake up around 5 and not be able to go back to sleep at all. I would get up and try to just be productive, but I’m still so tired. I feel like a zombie today.
    Rave: Still enjoying these sunlit mornings. Soo much easier to get out of bed when there’s sunshine.
    Rant: Have such a bad headache. I don’t want to take my migraine medicine at work (because then I really turn into a zombie), but I may have to if the ibuprofen and tylenol and coffee doesn’t cut it.

    • i used my return to finally have my cat’s dental work done (that i put off for way too long). glad you are to do similarly and i hope they get a clean bill of health!

    • Pet peeve, but it’s your tax refund, not your return. Your return is what you file to get your refund.

  • Rave: Walked a mile yesterday. I am restarting my workout routine after finding out at the doctor’s office that I am way out of shape and overweight. I felt good afterwards. Hopefully I can keep it up this time. Something always happens that causes me to lose faith and stop.What I have always wanted to do is to run a race like a 5K. I’m 40 so I don’t know if I’ll ever get up to the level of being able to run but maybe it’s worth a shot.
    Rant: Still ignoring creepy security guard at work. Not responding and not looking him in the eye.
    Rave: Did Day 6 of mindful meditation via Calm app yesterday. I liked it. Helped me to calm down my mind and actually acknowledged the mind wandering. I used to meditate and the mind wandering got on my last nerve. The app helped me not to feel bad about that.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: finally getting excited about going to New Orleans this weekend.
    Rant: a little nervous about seeing my dad sick. I’ve never really seen him sick.
    Rave: New Orleans!

    • Hugs and happy thoughts coming your way! Have a wonderful time in Nawlins, and I hope the time you spend with your dad is full of joy and laughter.

    • Quotia Zelda

      So much envy!

    • justinbc

      There was a time when you weren’t excited about going to New Orleans? Something hit you in the head?!

      • I’d imagine that the excitement factor this time was tempered by feeling apprehensive about her dad’s health.

    • I definitely understand, when my dad was in the hospital a couple months ago was the first time I’d ever seen him in any way shape or form be sick (other than like, a normal cold). Good luck and lots of hugs 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thanks for the well wishes, y’all. I plan to have a great time with friends and family and good food 🙂

  • Rant: I’m so sick of reading about “manspreading”. Maybe it only happens in NYC? Every single time I have an issue sitting down on a bus or Metro in DC it’s a woman who’s the problem. Either they want to sit their oversized purse in the seat or they’re oversized themselves and spill into both seats. And when I ask them to make room I ALWAYS get massive attitude back for slightly inconveniencing them.

    • Yes! I’ve never had a man sit on me, and manspreaders have always tightened up when I’ve asked. I’ve given up my seat more times than I can count because I’ve had someone’s body or purse spilling into my seat.

      • I saw a guy sit half-on-top of another guy (literally, the other guy was small and taking up less than his seat) on the bus a few days ago. And I couldn’t understand why because there were two free seats right next to each other about 4 steps away.

        • When I caught the bus, a woman would get on daily and only sit in the first seat facing the front. I usually sat there because it was the first available one at my stop. She would just plop on top of my leg or slam me into the window because she took up more than 1 seat. Eventually I either had to get up when I saw her coming or sit further back to begin with. Same situation: plenty of empty seats nearby.

    • I wouldn’t agree with “every single time” but women are equal offenders on the metro when it comes to taking up far more space than one person is entitled to.

      • To be fair, I think a lot of women put their stuff on a seat because they don’t want to sit next to a (potentially creepy) man. I can’t really blame them for that.

    • Manspreading is profitable clickbait for Feminism Inc. blogs.
      People can take photos and then they get posted! It’s interactive! The kvetching never ends! And the click $’s keep rolling in…

      • I’ll put my bag on the seat next to me when there are empty rows on the bus, when the bus starts to fill up the bag goes on my lap

    • I have had problems with both men and women. Some of you might remember the time a guy called me a cunt for asking to sit in the last free seat on the entire double-bus (which he was blocking by sitting in the aisle seat). But women putting their bags on the seat seems to be a common theme, too.
      Like if people don’t want to sit next to someone they either need to hire a taxi, drive themselves, or just not sit down.

      • justinbc

        I definitely wonder sometimes what on Earth some of these women are carrying in their 2 to 4 different bags. And these are not homeless people lugging around their life’s possessions, but well dressed ladies who would seemingly be better suited just rolling a suitcase into work every day.

        • Honestly, I’m not sure. I carry one backpack, it fits on my lap, and it’s only ever full if I’m carrying my week’s worth of snacks and coffee creamer along with rain gear, which is usually one morning a week. In short, Who knows.

        • hammers

          normal purse stuff, plus gym clothes, plus work shoes, plus lunch, possibly a laptop, groceries, who knows. It adds up. I only carry one bag though because I don’t want to have 20 lbs of baggage everywhere.

          • What baffles me is why you don’t see more men hauling all that stuff around. I guess they’re less likely to pack lunches, work shoes, or umbrellas.

          • Anon, I think part of it is that men are less likely to carry so much stuff, as you point out. Additionally I think men tend to cram everything into a single bag rather than carry multiple bags, so it may seem like less stuff.

          • “What baffles me is why you don’t see more men hauling all that stuff around. I guess they’re less likely to pack lunches, work shoes, or umbrellas.”
            Guys simply DGAF about all this stuff. They will wear the same dirty gym clothes kept on the floor of their office multiple times. They will just wear their work shoes while commuting. They don’t lug yoga mats. They will just get wet or toss on a North Face jacket, if it rains.
            Women are more likely to pack everything because they want to “be prepared” just in case….of? In my wife’s case – and most women I suspect – it stems from anxiety. She practically carries an entire CVS store in her various bags on a daily basis because “she might need it.” And make-up is bulky and heavy.

        • I am a total bag lady when I go to work (although I actually ride my bike). I bike in spandex so inside my bag is: work clothes and shoes, clothes to work out in at lunch (can’t work out in my biking clothes b/c they will be sweaty and gross to put on at the end of the day), my lunch, plus regular “purse” stuff – wallet, keys, cell phone. on the rare occasions, like yesterday, when the weather is really bad in the afternoon and I leave my bike at work, you will encounter me on the metro with a GIANT backpack that is completely stuffed. it does fit on my lap though, if I have a seat. I can imagine a scenario, though, where a person might have a purse, a gym bag, and a separate lunch container.

          • oh right and I forgot if I’m working from home the next day, laptop as well. that could be the fourth bag in the 4 bags on public transit scenario: gym bag, lunch bag, laptop bag, & purse.

          • Ah, this makes sense. I guess I’m spoiled — my gym has an apartment complex so I never even thought of working out during the day, and since I’m a fed I can’t carry my computer home.

          • justinbc

            “and since I’m a fed I can’t carry my computer home”
            That’s more of an agency thing than a fed thing. Lots of feds take their laptops home. And thanks Rachel for explaining / speculating, that sounds like quite a load!

          • Oh really? Maybe it is an agency thing…. huh. I always thought part of the charm of federal employment was not having to drag a computer around because security hazard.

          • justinbc

            I think a lot of that changed several years ago when feds were continually having work canceled by OPM for snowstorms that never came. Now almost all agencies have telework policies, unless they’re working with classified information.

        • My GF looks like a Himalayan sherpa most days of the week: (i) large yoga bag or workout clothes bag, (ii) backpack with work laptop and various work papers + lunch/breakfast, (iii) large LeSportSac cross-chest purse (with wallet, various OTC medications + first aid items, personal grooming items, sizable cosmetics bag, cables for various devices). At least two days per week she has an item that needs to be returned to a store or Amazon, so she’ll have another shopping bag for that.
          Her posture is really bad when she’s loaded down with so much stuff and she complains of achy shoulders. I told her I’m buying her one of those rolling backpack things and she gave me the icy stare of death. I don’t know how she manages on the bus each day. I think she commutes via Uber in the mornings way more than she admits to me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Men and women are equal opportunity spreaders, they just do it in different ways. The worst are Gonzaga boys. They manspread and spread their million bags everywhere and they always stink.

    • I mostly see it from men. If he’s pushing his legs/arms too far into my space I’ll usually assert myself by using my purse as a barrier, so my leg isn’t pressing against his (always being careful to keep it on my side of the seat). This usually works. This made one (smallish) guy furious once. He seemed to feel so entitled to half of my seat that he nearly pushed me off the seat onto the floor with the force he was spreading his legs into my area.
      I’ve never gotten attitude from asking women to move their bag so I can sit down. FWIW, I’m a small to average size female.

    • I actually thought manspreading was much worse in DC than in NY. Men in NY routinely scoot over to make space. I usually had to ask men in DC to do. I also had issues with men sitting on the bench seats in DC putting their arm on the back of the seat really close to me or the person behind them.

  • Rant: Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis. One of my cats has it – a little-understood auto immune disease that causes puffy, ulcerated paw pads. This morning there were bloody little paw prints all over the house.
    Revel: There are no other systemic issues, and many cases resolve on their own. And she actually likes taking the fish-flavored doxycycline.

    • this sounds awful, not to mention scary to see when you wake up in the morning. I hope your kitty is able to feel better and kick the problems (I don’t know anything about it other than what you’ve said, but glad self-resolution is a possibility!).

      • It isn’t common, but not completely rare. The vet (a good vet) wasn’t really up on it, but I had spent an hour the night I discovered it on Google and went in the next morning with the diagnosis in hand for him. I felt bad because she probably had it for a couple of weeks before I noticed. No limping, licking, paw chewing etc. No signs of distress. Only noticed it when I had houseguests who were lying on the sofa I don’t usually sit on, and the cat walked across the back.

  • Rant: Back after a terrible vacation to France during the EuroCup. Lots of blow ups, lots of tensions, lots of stress with family members acting badly and I had to do all the coordination and logistics and French speaking.
    Rave: Back after a fantastic vacation to France where I feel deeper in love with my husband being such a kind, considerate, supportive man, and where we watched fabulous soccer, consumed copious amounts of wine and cheese, and visited beautiful places.
    Rant: I need a vacation after my vacation.
    Rant: Returned to work with uncertainty around funding. So not ready to settle into job searching but looks like it’s a necessity.
    Rave: Friends visiting from Chile! They came bearing manjar and new Chilean music for me to listen to.

  • Rave: Settlement tomorrow, said my final goodbyes to my apartment last night. Somewhat emotional, but ready for the next chapter in my life.
    Rant: Just read about Kane being arrested for second degree assault and the first comments that I’ve read are basically questioning whether his wife is telling the truth. Unbelievable.

    • Serious question: why is Kane so popular among DMV residents? I couldn’t last 10 minutes through the Kane show. It was just so stupid. Why does anyone care?

      • justinbc

        I thought the post was about the old wrestling star, woops…

        • Wait – it isn’t? I thought domrep was a WWF fan who didn’t know his Bible. This is an actual person?

          • He hosts a popular morning radio show on HOT 99.5. He’s based out of DC and I think he’s now nationally syndicated in some market. Really popular with your typical MD ‘burb and exurb commuters. Terrible music, terrible radio personalities. He talks a lot about viral stuff, crappy pop culture, and his divorce.

      • This may sound awful, but after listening to his show (years ago, can’t stand it now), I’m actually not that surprised that he was arrested for assault…

    • I saw the news about Kane yesterday too. I knew their divorce was nasty, but jeez. The thing is supposedly the girls were there and saw it (makes it even more terrible) so they’d be able to corroborate her story.

    • Wait, what?! I haven’t seen this. Crazy.

    • I’m seriously judging anyone who listens to that morass. He’s really, really stupid to the point where it’s painful to hear. Not the least bit surprised tha someone with his intellect would do such a thing.

    • I accidentally listen sometimes because I play 99.5 in the evenings when picking the kids up because it is tamer than some of the other stations so I catch him in the morning before I change stations and the bulk of his commentary is about relationships and marriages. I assumed he was in a really good relationship and not anything like this. His voice and his crew is super annoying to me though. Cant listen beyond 3 minutes or so.

  • Does anyone have any ideas how a person can catch uber or lyft from Fedex field?

  • Rant: Have not been dealing well with the move. As crazy as it sounds, leaving DC has been much harder emotionally that I thought it would be. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to live in DC. Of all the places I have lived, this has been my favorite and basically the only place that has ever truly felt like home. And then I up and leave. It’s just been harder than I thought it would be. I’m sure these emotions are not helped by the fact that kids are also away this week, so I’m just trying to hang in there and hope that it will get better soon.

    • This is my fear! Fiance and I are both from the Midwest and want to raise our kids in the same environment we were raised in. We also want to be closer to our families……but I’ve been in DC for 11 years now, my entire adult life, and love it here. I also can’t drive, and am terrified of being stuck in some suburb with no way to get around. I know there are other cities out there but I also recognize that it will be an extremely tough move.

      • Is there some reason you can’t learn to drive? It seems crazy to think about living in any but a handful of cities without being able to drive, especially if you have kids.

    • I was the same way, and moving to a new city was harder than I thought it would be. I always wanted to live in DC and then we were so lucky to even be able to buy a house! BUT I am sure there are great things about where you’re living now. I was back for a week and it was good to visit, but I was happy to come back “home.”

  • Revel: During my commute this morning I passed a mama and her ducklings hanging out on a street corner being guarded by two men in business suits who were trying to keep them out of the street. Warmed my heart and made me smile.
    Revel: Had a delicious impromptu dinner last night with someone new who also makes me smile. Pretty big, too.
    Revel: Having an offsite lunch with coworker today as a treat to ourselves.
    Rant: Nope. I’m going to ignore those today and roll with this whole smiling thing. I deserve it.

  • Rant: Bored at work. Reading PoP while boss is out of the office, but soon he’ll be back and I’ll have to look busy.

    Rant: Super tired lately and wondering if something is wrong. Fell asleep on the couch by 8:30 last night and could barely function aftewards. Second time this week.

    Rave: Boss talked with the offending coworker. She’s giving me the cold shoulder but at least it’s out in the open…and boss is still on my side.

    Rave: Have a run planned with a friend tonight! She’s been running for years and does much longer distances than I do, but it very encouraging and, while pushes me, is willing to go my pace. Super happy to have a running buddy!

    • I’ve been super tired too, and a few friends/coworkers have said the same. I’m wondering if it’s allergies.

  • That One Guy

    Rave/Rant: I remember why I don’t wear these pants anymore. It conjures up memories of my dad telling me I was wearing “mambo pants.”
    Rave: Restfull sleep. I actually didn’t toss and turn/throw blanket off and crawl back under it too often.

  • Q: Is there a name for the type of troll(s) who spend(s) time looking for reasons to get offended by things, then pounces (sometimes en masse) on comments who offend them? I’m seeing a *lot* of this behavior on other boards lately and figure I’m not the first to observe this phenomenon. I want to call it something like “inclusivity trolling.”

    • Also, I really need a blog so I can talk about this in much greater detail, but who has time for that?

      • I use my Facebook page for blog-type ramblings. There’s no schedule, so you can post whenever you’re in the mood. Since I don’t accept friend requests from people I don;t know, I’ll never be one of those bloggers with tens of thousands of fans. And the essays surely baffle some of my casual acquaintances and high school classmates. But I get to scratch the (writing) itch and I have my fans. Feels like a good compromise.

    • ” I want to call it something like “inclusivity trolling.””
      It’s like the bizzaro-world of the Washington Post comment section!

    • That One Guy

      Can you call them Toadwarts (or Toadies)? I know that we’re talking trolls and not ogres but for some reason the Bouncing Bears character came to mind.
      Yes, fear for my mental sanity.

  • Rave: Free Slurpees at 7-11 today
    Rant: the line for the for the Free Slurpees at 7-11 today:) (-but its not that bad)

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