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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: cool weather instead of scorching hot wind and sun. Perfect for biking
    Rant: 4 more years of Brandon Todd… Are you KIDDING me ? it means more inaction for Ward 4 and weekly shootouts in ptw

  • Bear

    Rant: Seriously dragging today and I have a presentation to make to the higher ups. This baby is sucking up all my energy…it’s supposed to get better in the second trimester, right?
    Rave: Leaving early for an acupuncture appointment. I honestly have no idea if there’s any medical value to it, but I always feel much more calm/relaxed afterwards.
    Rave: Starting to plan our vacation to New Mexico and Colorado this summer, I’m super excited.
    Rant: We’re not going to be able to fit everything in that I want to see.

    • That One Guy

      Remember to count the number of needles they’re using and make sure the same number come out at the end.

      • I’ve never found that necessary – if they forget and leave one in, I always find it an remove it while putting my shoes and socks and sweater or jacket back on.

      • Bear

        She places them in the same spots for most of my sessions these days, so I’ve got them down. She’s very thorough, too – never had an issue.

    • I enjoy acupuncture too, even if I have a suspicion it’s a placebo effect for me. If anything, I get an afternoon/early evening nap in which certainly helps relax me! Good luck with your presentation.

    • Acupuncture is one “alternative” therapy that actually has some good clinical trials showing effectiveness. The really interesting thing however, is that it doesn’t matter where they put the needles!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Vincent Orange is gone!
    Rave2: Yvette Alexander is gone!
    Rave3: LaRuby May is gone!
    Rave4: Muriel Bowser – this is what happens when you try and cram a crappy plan down our throats!
    Rant: Brandon Todd won re-election. Hopefully he realizes he needs to step his game up – when three of your allies get booted, and you barely win in W4 with all the backing in the world, it should send a message.

    • Todd to Bowser: “Have you considered dialing 911?”

      • Bowser says she’s not here for that, she’s here for the kids and to jump into the pool..wweee!!

    • I was between White and Garber and your plea made the difference for my vote. So thank you!

      • Garber seems like a good guy and I seem to agree with his politics, but without the backing of the establishment, he has quite a way to go.

        • He’s not really a good guy, he just makes himself sound like one.

          • Care to elaborate? You’d think most politicians seek to make themselves seem like a “good guy” to get elected.

          • I read the comments – they don’t exactly explain why Garber is not a “good guy”. He’s highly inexperienced and is seemingly incapable of holding down a full-time job, but that just makes him a bad candidate as opposed to a “bad guy”.
            Just about every single politician elected to public office is “self-serving” – our political system almost requires a high level of egoism for someone to get there. Unless there’s some distinct evidence that he put his personal interests before those of his constituents as a commissioner, I’m not sure I buy that he’s not a “good guy” solely because he seeks to get elected.

          • Most of our local pols haven’t held down FT jobs because of the pool of people that can run. If you’re a contractor with a Federal client or a Federal employee, you can’t run in partisan elections. That takes out a massive swath of successful, smart people who live in DC.
            Why do you think so many of our pols most recent jobs were in real estate?

      • Accountering

        Glad I was able to help! I doubt I swung many, but I was on the bottom of the two splitting votes last time (Shapiro) and didn’t want that to happen again!

      • HaileUnlikely

        Ditto. Thanks Accountering, I voted for White rather than Garber yesterday in large part because of your advice that it was the way to go to overthrow Vincent Orange.

  • Rave: Unseated Alexander, Orange, and Ruby – eat $hit Bowser!
    Rant: Todd. RIP Petworth?

  • Rave: Had an awesome day off yesterday. Watched Littlest Anonachild graduate PreK and win ‘Most Talkative’ for the second year in a row… his funny from yesterday, I asked him if he was planning on driving each and every one of his teachers crazy with his incessant talking, and he replied “No, mama, I’m going to drive them *insane*!” Thanks for that clarification!
    Rave: Littlest Anonachild also got to go vote with me, and the poll worker were awesome with him. They all clapped for him when he handed in “his” ballot.
    Rant: The packing at my place has got to get done, and I just have no motivation! I hate packing!

    • Last time I moved, I just couldn’t get it all done. My back really hurt, and my place was a sea of boxes. I put off the move a few days, and had the movers send a couple of packers who spent a day packing stuff I hadn’t got to – the kitchen, and my books. (I used to love packing my books.) Think I was spoiled for packing by previous corporate relocation move, where the packers did it ALL. (Hate when that happens – was like when I could afford to take cabs at night rather than wait for transportation – spoiled me for waiting. Which is fine, as long as you can afford it, like paying for packing.) Getting help packing was one of the smartest things I did with that move. I’m not as young as I used to be, and I have ever more stuff. The packers could stack the boxes higher than I could, which meant there was room to move between the stacks of boxes to finish up the packing after they left.

      • I really don’t have a whole lot to justify assistance, I just need to get my butt in gear. But, the next time I move? I am totally hiring someone to come pack all my crap!

    • I Dont Get It

      Perhaps was correcting you for use of the ableist term “crazy”. 😉

    • hammers

      My rant is unpacking- I just don’t have enough places to put things. My last place was tiny, but efficient. Now I am left with whole rooms with junk on the floors. I need more storage furniture but I’ve already spent a good chunk of change.

      • I have this issue too. The new house is huge (well, huge for me), and I feel spoiled for places to put things. I also hear you on the spending. Moving just is not cheap. I’m hoping to not be so broke in the near future! For your storage furniture, have you checked out CL? It’s that time of year for people to be leaving the city, and usually you can snag some good items cheap or free.

      • Issue ever frackin’ time I move. It doesn’t even seem to matter if the place is bigger or smaller, or needs more storage furniture or closets, or not. There’s the minutae of reorganizing kitchen cabinets and drawers, and bathroom storage, and closets – where everything is just different enough to require new storage boxes and bins and the like – it always takes me a few years to get it all done. And often, I’m moving again before everything has been squared away to a really organized place.
        And then, there is the storage furniture (stuff that goes on closet floors, for example, but also other furniture pieces) for which there was a perfect use in your last few homes (and may be again in your next home in a few years) that has absolutely no place to fit in your current home … maddening.

      • Agreed with Anonamom — the Craigslist free section has LOTS of stuff this time of year, and you might also find items being offered for free in the CL furniture section. (IIRC, you don’t have a vehicle, though — does Mr. Hammers have one? If not, do you have a Zipcar membership or something similar?)
        What kinds of things do you need to store? Depending on what they are, consider pantry cabinets, bookshelves, chests of drawers.

        • hammers

          I’ve been looking on craigslist and freecycle! Transportation would be tough, and negate some of the “free-ness” (Ser Hammers has a small little zippy car) Also, the house is pretty small with tight corners. I swore off plastic storage furniture, but pretty much need to find a place to store lots of items- clothing, shoes, toiletries, linens, but most troubling is that random layer of “jumk” that you don’t want to throw out, but you don’t know what to do with. e.g. air humidifiers (I have 3), reference textbooks, tools, sporting equipment, cords cords and more cords (I believe these can be recycled at best buy, and I’ve been telling myself for years I’ll take them). It’ll all get sorted, I just want everything to be perfect now!

          • Rant: A little worried about my kitty — she was behaving somewhat atypically yesterday, which made me wonder if I should take her to the vet.
            Tentative rave: She seemed to be back to normal this morning.

          • Oops, meant this as a post unto itself, not a reply to Hammers. Sorry!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have used Town & Country to do the packing, and Clutter Busters (Elaine+1) to do unpacking and organizing. Some how about a dozen pairs of sox got separated and I still have not put them back into pairs. I also don’t have enough storage. The 10 lb cat knocked one of the high shelves down in the walk in closet so that’s another mess. Yikes.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Walked into Whole Foods planning to buy some kumquats, but they didn’t have any on sale.
    Would a Kumquat tree thrive in our area? It would be awesome to plant a seed and at some point in the distant future have the ability to just pick and eat them.

    • “kumquat” – highly underrated

    • You realize you can buy it in a small tree form online? Just bring it inside in the winter. Seed form would take quite some time….

    • +1 to that question. I’m not sure that it would but it would be awesome. I used to be able to pick kumquats off the tree and eat them, and I miss it.

    • Yes, kumquats will grow in this area (in a pot, as it won’t survive freezing temps). Check out fourwindsgrowers (on-line), or try calling around to local nurseries to see if they have in stock. Lowe’s sometimes has dwarf citrus.

  • Rave: Still working out daily and for the most part, eating really healthy, this is a weird thing for me but I’m getting used to it.The containers on the 21 Day Fix are helping a lot.

    Rant: Still have lost zero weight!

    Rant: Weird lump on my toe means podiatrist appointment tomorrow (and I’ve been wearing flats for over a week). Hopefully they’ll sort out what is going on so that I can wear heels again!

    Rave: Had a great time at the Nats game last night, even though they lost.

    Rant: I am so. freaking. tired.

    • hammers

      is it a bunion? If so, that could mean bad news on the heel-wearing front.

      • I have no idea what it is. It just exists. I guess they’ll tell me tomorrow morning?

      • A bunion wouldn’t be on the toe–it would be where the first toe meets the rest of the foot because it stems from the bones going from | to < (not quite so dramatic, but that's the idea) where the toe bone connects to the metatarsal.

        • I think that’s probably what it is, based on the location?

          • If so, it’s not a big deal so long as it isn’t causing you pain. My guess is that it isn’t that bad yet if you’re just noticing it. They run in my family, though I got them earlier than usual–I had corrective surgery on one of them 10 years ago. Now the other one bugs me periodically, but not enough to be worth doing the surgery yet. It is a pain for shoe shopping, though! Heels can make them worse, though, likely because of the additional pressure placed on that part of the foot.

          • I had corrective bunion surgery on both feet (two years apart) in college. Thank you years of ballet + genetics. Since I had them done very young and one was quite severe, my doctor did a very aggressive version of the surgery on that foot to avoid having to redo the surgery decades later. The normal version of the surgery is much easier to recover from and shoe shopping is so much better these days! I wear heels regularly at work but they are pretty low and supportive versions.

    • palisades

      All these Cubbies games feel like a playoff series and I love it. I wish more Nats fans showed up to these important games, but we all know how well-traveled Cubs fans are (AKA they’re everywhere now that the team is good).

    • That’s always the way it is when you are building muscle – you don’t lose weight, but the muscles getting stronger makes you look better and slimmer in places. Plus, when I work out regularly, I need to eat so much more to keep up. Being tired from working out means I tend to sleep better, though being tired from all the exertion when awake is a drag.
      Heels are unhealthy in general. Besides feet issues, studies have shown that they definitely cause arthritis in the knees.

    • Might be eating too healthy. Most strict diets recommend a cheat meal or day to shock the system.
      Perhaps not enough calories.

      Fasted cardio is always recommended as well.

      • Checked out the fix. Was it correct that you eat more fruit than anything else?

      • What is fasted cardio?

        • Cardio on an empty stomach very soon after waking up. My fitness model friend swears by it, and she’s looking pretty slim and trim.

          I checked it out. I’d do more fat and less carbs/fruit if you’re missing something anyway. More carbs than protein seems very strange to me, and if their setup isn’t working anyway, I’d change it up.

          • Ooh I’ll try the fasted cardio. I barely eat any carbs on this plan (because I love them and have a tendency to only want those) — if I haven’t lost anything after a month, I’ll re-evaluate.

        • Basically AM cardio on an empty stomach to promote fat loss prior to food storage so that when you do eat, you burn it off right away.

          I do this with weigh training.

    • Cant always look at the scale. Are you getting more toned? Do you weight train? Weight training burns fat for days at a time after a good session.

      • I always notice a lot of seemingly woman centric plans (the fix, etc) really skimp on the weight training. Woman centric in that the marketing seems directed at women, and I saw no men in the ads.
        Muscles burn more calories.

        • Agreed which is why I mentioned the weight training because I notice the same thing and its really a disservice to women that are truly trying to lose weight and get in shape.

          • +1. I got very into weight training in the last few months. No cross fit or anything but simple circuits to tone and increase strength. The results have been amazing and I love it. I have attended three gyms in three different states since I started and I am routinely the only women using dumbbells and cables.

          • AliceinDC, where did you get info on what kinds of circuits to do? I like to weight train, but I never know what to do when.

          • Jeslett- bodybuilding dot com has tons of plans and technique videos for all fitness levels.

            I guess I do “circuits” too, but don’t overthink it. I do simple splits upper day and lower day/abs, and make sure to hit each muscle once. My routine is a bit less circuity since I’m going for reps and not time, but I just hit a round robin in the gym based on what’s available.

            AliceDC- I love nothing more than picking up a heavier weight than the guy next to me.

          • My old personal trainer actually makes google doc logs for me because I really dislike figuring out my own workouts and it helps keep me accountable. I have used bodybuilding dot com and I really like Jessica Smith TV on YouTube for ab work and cardio circuits (which you can add weights). I don’t really go for time either, more like reps but I alternate corresponding muscles and keep to similar exercises.

            Anon Spock – the guy next to me is usually lifting heavier weights but just barely and in incredibly poor form. Before loudly dropping it. So the feeling is similar. 🙂

  • Rave (and Rant?): Samantha Bee’s rant this week on guns

  • Rant: Baby was up 5 times last night. I am so tired. I can’t tell if his dry cough is allergy/post-nasal drip related or the start of a cold.
    Rant: Yesterday I forgot milk at work. Today I forgot my lunch at home. So sleepy.
    Rave: I did not forget the baby.
    Rave: Lots of exciting changes in the works. 2016 is shaping up to be a good year, just one that requires a lot of adaptability.

    • I like your first rave. 🙂

    • Yuck on the nightwaking. Is it something in the air? Mtpbaby had been doing a lot better on the sleep front (up once or not at all for a week or two), and was up twice each the last two nights and up early on top of it this morning–waking up his already overtired big sister. Ugh. Hard to not take it as a personal failing that my kids aren’t getting enough sleep these days–and of course, neither am I!

      • Whenever I start to personalize things, my partner reminds me, “He is just a baby being a baby.” There are some things we can do to promote sleep but others are just out of our hands, right? Be gentle with yourself!

        • Lol, thanks–though some of it is a bit more in our control. Bedtimes have been lapsing for awhile, especially for my daughter, so I’m putting more of a concerted effort on getting her evening routine back on track.

          • Hearing these rants really makes me feel for me parents! I was the baby who ceased napping entirely at six months and never went to bed before 11pm. Poor mom/dad/babysitters.

  • Rave: No more Vincent Orange!
    Rant: If I have to hear ” be a man” or “take it like a man” one more time I will go off. Can people please just be people in all the weird, wonderful ways we exist?
    Rave: trip to Alaska planning seems to be back on. Planning with a coworker who’s visiting her kid is going to be challenging. All I ask is that we make it to Denali.
    Rant: I really need to make myself get to bed earlier.

    • oh! Alaska trip sounds like fun – my parents are supposed to be spending 4-5 days in Denali, I think next week, it looks amazing!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I just realized that it is Father’s Day this weekend which means I need to run to CVS to purchase a Father’s Day card featuring either power tools or a necktie. #IMissPulp
    Rave: Lucy has suddenly learned to climb stairs again!
    Rant: Although conceivably true, it is less than kind to suggest that perhaps Lucy noticed what happened to the last dog who decided she could no longer climb stairs.

    • Allison

      Oh man, finding father’s day cards for “non-traditional dads” is the worst! Nothing with BBQ, football, cars, tools, beer/alcohol, ……….. I usually just try to find the simplest one, maybe with a silly pun.

      • I found one with bulldogs (right? because other dogs aren’t man enough). I am going to put my dog’s head on it because my dad loves DOG.

        • Such a good idea! I was at a loss this weekend when I tried to pick a card for my dad. I should have done this with a picture of Tiny Dog (who he regularly tries to steal).

        • This year I found one with a Schnauzer on it (no obvious tie-in to the message, just a random Schnauzer). My dad loves my Schnauzers so I figured that was as good as I was going to get.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Well at least you still have a father!

      • I Dont Get It

        I am lucky…86 and going strong!

      • I just choose to see reminders of Father’s Day as a chance to remember mine, who has been gone almost 10 years.
        But then, he did live a long life, longer than I ever expected him to – as did many in that generation, given how life expectancy rose so much in the last century – so I don’t feel as if he went prematurely. I feel for you if you feel that.

      • Amen to that!

      • You know, my boyfriend said to me the other day that he is stuck wondering what is better: To have an awesome father for a short time, or a shitty one for your whole life. He lost his dad when he was 8 and used to say that sort of stuff all the time, until he saw what having a shitty father does to kids first hand. Just saying, even though some of us “still have a father” that doesn’t mean we actually have a dad.

        • +1 to this. My father is somewhere but I’ve lived my life being glad he’s not in mine. My mom filled two parents shoes better than my dad ever could have filled one. And I am okay with that.

    • I was convinced it was Father’s Day this past Sunday and wished my dad a happy Father’s Day then.

    • Dads usually get a bad rap around fathers day. Not hardly the celebration that mothers get on Mother’s day. I am not sure that I have seen one Fathers day commercial on TV yet. There will be plenty of mothers that will be celebrated on Fathers day in homes where the father was absent physically and/or mentally.

  • Rant: Battling a headache this morning that really needs to go away soon.
    Rave: It started to rain lightly right as I was stepping outside to water the garden. I love when that happens.
    Rave: I think today calls for brownies.

  • Rant: Feeling overwhelmed by work/life. I don’t want to be a grownup sometimes.
    Rant: Feeling sad/mad/frustrated/hopeless about a lot in life. I’m trying to focus on the good things, but it’s a struggle.
    Rave: made a delicious tikka masala in the crockpot last night, and have lots of leftovers. Yum!
    Rant: I wish I could get my brain to focus. I can’t focus on anything for an extended amount of time. Not conducive to getting sh!t done.
    Question: When is the next PopVille (Official or Unofficial) HH?

  • Girl on a Hill

    Rant: Obnoxious verbal harassment on the X2 bus last night. If I hear someone call me “Snowbunny” one more time…
    Rave: Stranger, who also happened to be a juggler (so cool), stood up for me
    Rant: It caused quite a scene, harasser was shouting and getting way to close to the juggler and his buddies were encouraging it. Gross.
    Rave: Dinner with my sister tonight!

    • How did you know he was a juggler (I’m hoping there was some actual juggling going on)?
      Whenever there’s a creep on the bus I just remind myself that they’re most likely mentally ill. It makes me hate them less and just tune them out.

      • Girl on a Hill

        He had a bag full of clubs! It was awesome. The harasser man kept yelling “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? HUH?” and he was like “…I’m a juggler…these are my clubs.” Typically, I tune out these idiots too, but this one singing a song about me and making slurping noises to the delight of all his pals. ick

  • Rave: House renovations almost complete.

    Looking for security camera recommendations, looking for DIY (starting looking into Piper, Nest, etc.), but if some people have good experience with a security firm (ADT, etc) I would like to hear about.

    • Pretty satisfied with the doorbell camera and glass break technologies from Vivint. The iPhone app comes in handy as well as it senses motion within feet of the front door and provides a live feed and microphone capabilities.

  • Rave: Glad I voted yesterday, was on the fence and the outcome convinced me it did matter.
    Rant: The traffic craziness downtown since safetrack started. It’s a battle with cars not sharing with cyclists, cyclists on the sidewalk in the downtown core, and just feeling like the times I’m a pedestrian during rush hours I will get mowed down. I’m all of these at various times too. My suggestion to the universe is that WABA, Metro and DDOT need to mount a public education campaign about the laws and how we need to accommodate everyone sharing the roads and sidewalks as legally appropriate for the next year.
    Rave 2: offer of an extra ticket to see Peter Gabriel/Sting concert next week!

  • My commute is now officially 45 minutes longer than it used to be. I cross into VA for work and the 395 tunnel work, combined with metro shenanigans means I just sit and sit and sit in traffic to turn onto NY ave. I’ve tried every alternative route and they all suck. Is there any recourse at all? Or is this just the norm now?

    • The light cycle is off-sync again, and DDOT hasn’t fixed it this time. It happens every year or so. Now, when you turn onto NY, only 10 or so cars can make the right per cycle, because the lights at 3rd and NJ are still red, and remain so for most of the 395/NY green light.

      It’s caused a backup all hours of the day for about 2 weeks now. I tweeted DDOT and got no response, unfortunately. They’ve been responsive to this exact issue in the past, however.

      • Oh this is music to my ears because it means there is a solution. I’ll contact DDOT too.

        • Please do. It’s killing me! Check google maps for traffic right now, it’s solid red all the way back to Constitution for no reason.

        • And, according to Google it’s magically fixed! If someone saw this and made it happen, thank you so much. Hopefully it persists.

    • I’m not exactly sure what the situation is from what you’re saying, so sorry if I’m completely misunderstanding what you’re doing, but a couple of thoughts:
      1) if you’re sitting, sitting, sitting in traffic, are you sure that it’s actually faster than taking the metro?
      2) Even if it’s about the same time, wouldn’t it be better to spend the time reading on the metro rather than frustrated behind the wheel of a car?
      3) Or maybe just alternate so at least there’s some variety?
      4) Alter your drive times? Sometimes even a half hour earlier or later makes a difference, and even if you have to kill some time be getting there early or leaving late, better relaxing in a cafe than not relaxing behind the wheel of a car?
      2) There are several ways to enter 395 from within the city – maybe it’s quicker using a different one that’s slightly further away? (e.g. check waze to see if it can find you a quicker route?)

      • re: Questions 1-3, also not sure but OP might never have taken the metro and might be affected by former metro riders who are now driving.

        • Yes, that’s a possibility, which is why I started with “I’m not exactly sure what the situation is from what you’re saying…”

        • Yep, Fridaygirl is right. Work isn’t metro accessible so unfortunately have to drive. Wayz has taken me on all sorts of fun driving adventures since this became an issue about a month ago. None are ideal commutes. Maybe it’s fixed now though!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Trip to Sweden was amazing.
    Rant: And unexpectedly prolonged because of a pilots’ strike.
    Rave: It’s good to be home. It’s even good to be back in the office.
    Rant: Wading through so many emails.

  • Can I ask you all to spam me with dairy-free casserole recipes? We don’t have a slow cooker and I don’t plan to get one, in case that matters (I’m preemptively Konmari-ing). Basically, I could use some inspiration for refrigerator- and freezer-friendly meals I can cook on a Sunday and have for meals the rest of the week/month if stored properly. The easier and less time consuming, the better. Extra points if it’s filled with vegetables/”healthy” (however you define that is fine with me).

    • Just sent you an email with a few ideas.

    • I think non-casserole options are easier when you are trying to do dairy-free (unless you use a dairy like substitute like cashew cream. Some ideas: Smitten Kitchen’s chole recipe. It freezes really well and is delicious! Along the same lines: daal or lentil soup is easy to make and freezes well. Use the crockpot to make vegetarian chili (even more delicious when frozen). The leftovers are great defrosted and used to top roasted sweet potatoes.

      I also make ahead batches of rice and beans. You can freeze them in portion-sized ziploc bags and defrost as needed. Saute some onions and peppers, add defrosted beans, put on tortillas and you have veggie taco night done.

      I will think of more.

      • Love these all! Thank you! (And I’m a big cashew cream fan.)

        • If you like cashew cream, I think you could do a dairy-free take on a recipe that I make a lot. Broccoli, rice, chickpea casserole (a healthier take on the broccoli, rice, chicken with disgusting cream of mushroom soup casserole from my childhood). Saute onion; make rice and par-boil/steam broccoli, assemble the ingredients in casserole dish. Pour cashew cream (to replace bechamel sauce and cheese). Top with panko bread crumbs for some texture. Cook in oven at 350 for 30 minutes or until bubbly. For a different flavor profile, add tumeric. You can easily prep this ahead and pop in oven later in week.

  • Rave: Still coming down off the high of the Beyonce concert in Baltimore on Friday. SHE WAS SO AMAZING OH MY GOSH IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT I WILL BE EATING RAMEN FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH.
    Rant: allergies coming back.
    Rave: lots of good job leads for teaching jobs, and a interview next week for a part time summer teaching job.
    Rant: Waiting for health insurance to go through. Terrified I’ll have some sort of accident before it does.
    Rant: Also have a screwed up knee, and because of aforementioned lack of health insurance, I can’t get it looked at, which means I can’t run. Seriously screwing with my mental happiness as well as my training for the Marine Corps Marathon.
    Rave: A friend in from out of town tonight!

    • Kukki Bakemono

      Sorry about your knee and I feel you on the screwed up mental happiness. When I was near the end of my training schedule for the MCM10k back in 2014, I jacked up my IT band and thought I could still run the race. About a mile in, my leg had other ideas. I couldn’t run w/o pain for about 5-6 months afterwards and it almost brought me to tears…the not running part, not the IT band hurting part. I really hope your knee gets better soon.

    • I don’t know your situation, but whenever I have signed up for health insurance, it was retroactive back to the day I signed up. So if anything happened to me, I would be covered retroactively. You might check to see if this is true of yours – even if you choose to not, say, get your knee looked at, it might relieve your worries about an accident happening.

  • Rant: A little worried about my kitty — she was behaving somewhat atypically yesterday, which made me wonder if I should take her to the vet.
    Tentative rave: She seemed to be back to normal this morning.

    • what was she doing that had you worried?

      • She was meowing from the chair where she sleeps/dozes/chills, which she doesn’t usually do. Her meows didn’t sound like she was in pain, but I’ve never seen/heard her do that before. She was also licking three different rugs.
        Two of the rugs were ones she’d vomited on last week.* In one case, it looked like she was licking the spot where she’d vomited, which I took as a sign that I must not have cleaned it as thoroughly as I thought. But in the second case, she was licking a _nearby_ spot, and in the third case, she was licking a rug that she hadn’t vomited on. (At least not recently.)
        She was also licking her lips for no apparent reason. (I was worried because last time she did that, it turned out that she’d ingested a teeny-tiny portion of a toxic plant.)
        *She threw up when I switched the type of treats I was using, even though the new treat type was one she’d been fine with a year or so ago. The first time I thought maybe it was because I’d given her too many treats (four, to reward her for letting me clip her claws). The second time I gave her only one treat and she threw up, so then I realized it must’ve been the treats.

      • She doesn’t throw up very often. She did throw up 2-3 weeks ago when I gave her canned food that had beef in it. I figured she must be allergic (or something) to beef.

      • She’s also been going for longer intervals between urinating. (Even longer than her usual ~24 hours, which I’d taken her to the vet for when it first started happening.)

        • hmmm….it’s possible she has a massive hairball lodged down in her gut….My kitty who gets bad hairballs does the meowing, lip-licking thing, throwing up, although in her case she usually pees more because she drinks tons of water to try, I’m assuming, to flush it out. I can bring you a couple of the hairball treats I use for my kitty, to give it a try? Also, make sure she has access to plenty of fresh, ideally running or cool water (some cats’ll just drink out of the toilet like a dog if you leave the lid up, something about it being fresher/cooler)

          • I used to have plastic fountains for her, but they gave her chin acne (and were a pain to clean) so I got rid of them.
            I don’t think it’s a hairball — I brush her a LOT, and she’s had hairballs only twice, back in the days before I discovered the ZoomGroom rubber brush. (She hated the metal slicker brush.)
            I wonder if there’s something else she’s trying to throw up and if so, what it might be.
            Thanks for the offer of some hairball treats, but I think I’ll hold off on the hairball treats for the moment, given her reaction to the last treats I tried with her.

      • She also seemed sleepier than usual.

        • My rule is if I’m worried all day then I take my cat in. You could see how she is when you get home tonight and call for an appt tomorrow. She could also be constipated and uncomfortable, a side effect of kidney disease (in addition to affecting urinating frequency). Petromalt or plain petroleum jelly can also help with hairballs but that doesn’t sound likely.

          • Thanks, Tall E!
            Yeah — if she seems “off” tonight, I’ll take her to the vet tomorrow. (

          • Good advice, TallE – and texdoc, I have petromalt if you want! My cat HATED it, but other cats don’t mind, apparently!

        • Look closely at her lips & mouth. There is a swelling called “rodent ulcer” that is not always easily noticeable, but might cause some licking/general symptoms.

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