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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: It’s the last regular day of school! Cook out today for the kids, tomorrow we go to 6 flags! I’m ready to ride some rides, then enjoy my summer away from children.
    Rave: Have a date with the hottest guy on Friday… very excited
    Rave: Then I fly out to Europe Saturday!
    Rant: Still don’t have plans settled for my trip because my friend abroad is being typically flaky… hopefully we’ll get it figured out.
    But overall, things are looking up!!

  • Still grieving over the events in Orlando, even though nobody I knew was at that nightclub. I grew up there, and even though I moved away more than 20 years ago, there’s still a small pull (probably because I still have family there).

  • RANT: Bike share bikers on 11th street NW in the morning are the worst. They blow through red lights and stop signs without even looking. One will get hit soon. Most annoyingly, the bike share riders for some reason always move to the front of the queue at a red light (though they are obviously slower than everyone else). Silver spoon privilege at its finest. It’s too bad that one will get hurt before they realize they aren’t on some glam bike tour of DC.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Regarding the queue jumping – I think it is likely just a function of those in bikes that aren’t theirs being, in average, less familiar with biking norms and culture than people in their own bikes. (There are obviously exceptions to this, so don’t write back to tell me that you are an exception therefore I am wrong). Similarly, I’m a substantially faster than average runner. When I stop for traffic lights, I often have much slower joggers and people who are walking barge their way in front of me on the sidewalk, si that they can get out in front of me in the intersection as if there is some value in doing so. Thoughtful runners do not do that.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Rant: My phone automatically updated my keyboard last night. Most of the occurrences of the word “in” in the post above are supposed to say “on.”

      • I think that those folks barging in front of you on the sidewalk is just a sign of the entitlement culture that’s rampant in DC.

        • You’re definitely overthinking this.

        • “Entitlement culture”? That’s some fancy wordsmithery. Back in my day we just called it “selfishness”. And it was rampant everywhere.

          • fancy? Yep I agree they were just selfish. But I was just using the words that I’ve seen here so many times. Trying to be in with the cool kids here on Popville.

        • I think it is because the walk lights on many intersections are so short that if you don’t jump off the curb right away, you are in danger of being mid-intersection when the light changes. I’m especially aware of this when I have a knee or ankle injury and am walking slower than usual.

          I get biking etiquette on bike lanes, for sure. But I don’t think runners have a say at crosswalks. I don’t think there’s a rule that who gets there first gets to leave first with no one in their way, or that runners should have priority over walkers. Go run on a trail if you don’t wan to deal with pedestrians at crosswalks (and, yes, I used to run in cities, but I didn’t feel that I had any rights over mere walkers. As a runner, I was aware that I was running on sidewalks meant for pedestrians, and that I had to be careful when weaving in and out among them.)

          Runners are the people who, to me, have a sense of entitlement. When I am driving, I look very carefully for pedestrians and bikers (not to mention other cars) before making a turn – but many times a runner comes fast from behind where my peripheral vision can spot them and runs into the crosswalk as I am turning. Not only is this not safe, it is just plain dumb. When you are moving fast (and the faster the runner, the worse the problem) pepole can’t always see you coming. I have the same problem with skaters, skateboarders, and bicyclists who are stupid enough to ride on the sidewalks and use crosswalks. When you are moving fast, slow down at crosswalks so people can see you before you enter the street! Crosswalks are for walking in!

          • HaileUnlikely

            I don’t think runners should have priority over walkers per se, but I do think it is a jerk move to barge around somebody who is in front of you, for the purpose of then standing in front of them so that you can proceed before them, even though they were there first. In what other situation does order of arrival not matter? Do you barge up to the front of the pre-existing line at the grocery store?
            If I run up to a red light and there is already a group of people standing there, I don’t barge around them to be the first one who gets to go when the light changes, I wait behind them and pass them when we all get going. I just think it is even more absurd when the person who you are barging in front of has just passed you, and you know darn well that if you wait behind them, you will not be delayed because they will move much faster than you, whereas if you barge around them, you will impede them and require them to go around you again. That’s my beef.
            I agree with you about the crosswalk conflicts. I’ve been running in the city for a long time. I will freely admit that when I first started, in addition to being a decade younger and a lot faster, I was also a lot less experienced and dumber, and had a couple of close calls like this. I’m much more mindful of people turning from behind me now.

          • HaileUnlikely

            p.s. I’m more bothered when other runners do this (stake out their spot in front of me, at the intersection that I reached before them, while waiting for the light to change) than when walkers do it. When another runner passes me midblock, and then comes to a stop at a red light, I wouldn’t even dream of barging in front of them so I can take off before them when the light changes. How in the world would that be anything other than selfish?
            I’m definitely not complaining about people who try to get up there for the purpose of being able to clear the intersection before the light changes again. That’s a totally different thing.

          • Runners doing this – that’s definitely a dick move as they should know better – but I don’t think it’s fair to ascribe that to walkers who likely don’t recognize these rules of the road.

          • HaileUnlikely

            That was my original point (note the context in which we are discussing this). I suspect that a lot of the (much) slower runners and vast majority of the walkers don’t think about this, just as I suspect a lot of the bikeshare users just don’t think about this.

      • As someone who bikes to work, people of ALL walks of life cut in front of people. These include bike owners, bike share riders, men, women, gay, straight……if anything, I think bike share people are a bit more cautious than the more “hardcore” bikers.

      • It is not my responsibility to gauge your running ability when approaching the intersection…since your faster than me, go around me.

        • You’re missing the point, you don’t have to gauge anything. When you approach the intersection, wait *behind* the people that are already there waiting.

        • HaileUnlikely

          If somebody passes you on the block leading up to the intersection, and gets to the intersection before you, and stands there at the intersection at the red light, and you walk around them to stand in front of them at the intersection knowing full well that they will have to, and will, go around you more or less immediately, barging around them to be first at the intersection is just a selfish dick move.

    • They really are horrible. Hopefully the police will sit at that intersection again soon and give out tickets. So many cyclists that blow through those lights/signs think that swerving around people in the crosswalk is an acceptable alternative to stopping.

      • When I lived at 11th and W, I occasionally saw MPD flagging down and ticketing cyclists who blew through the 4-way stop. However, I only saw the sting happen two or three times in 2.5 years of living there.

    • FYI – to call out only “bike share bikers” as doing these things is absurd.
      As someone who both bikes and drives, I think it’s absurd how people draw a line in the sand. Car drivers who complain about all bikers or bikers who complain about all car drivers, bike share riders vs. bike owners, etc. – to lump everyone in as one is just a waste of time.

      • I think HaileUnlikely made a good point that many Bikeshare riders bike less often and are thus less familiar with biking etiquette than more regular riders:
        “I think it is likely just a function of those in bikes that aren’t theirs being, in average, less familiar with biking norms and culture than people in their own bikes. (There are obviously exceptions to this, so don’t write back to tell me that you are an exception therefore I am wrong)”

        • I wonder if part of it is trying to rush to a dock before it gets filled up (they may not be near a corral spot?)

        • I see bikers – on regular bikes and bike share- do this ALL the time. If anything, I encounter more people on regular bikes thinking they are “more serious about biking” that want to cut in front. To lump all of these into one and say they’re the problem is pretty lacking, in my opinion. I don’t think people are making decisions based on biking etiquette, they simply just care about themselves. To say bike share riders care more about themselves than other bikers is pretty ridiculous. The fact of the matter is there are selfish, oblivious, – whatever you want to call them – people that drive, ride bikes, roller blade, run, etc.

          • dcgator

            Ditto. People with their own bikes tend to do this more often, in my experience. I’m okay with people doing it as long as they’re gonna fly when the light changes. I’m a Bikesharer, and I push it every time (because I have a ridiculous need for speed), but totally recognize the better bikes are usually going to pass me.

  • Rave: Daughter’s boyfriend seems to have been 86’d. Nice enough guy, just not LTR material.
    Rant: Daughter a little sad (though, not TOO broken up); no more free coffee.
    Rant: G/F and I both have major events today, there has been stress in the house.
    Rave: Stress-free by 5PM! And (assuming, here) the satisfaction of a job well done.

    • Does your daughter know about your rowing teammate being interested in her? 😉

    • I always like reading how you talk about your daughter. It is so clear that you have a great relationship and truly care about/respect her.

  • rant: orlando and more gun violence to come. it wont end here. we have too many politicians who care more about votes than lives. I just……..i can’t.
    rave: nice weather we’re having

  • Rant: generally been in a glumpy mood. Between the Orlando shooting, and some personal stuff, I just feel down. At least I have therapy today. On that note, anyone have recs for psychiatrists? Particularly one that focuses on adult ADHD.
    Rave: Seersucker ride on Saturday! I’m in outfit planning stage. I really want to decorate a hat for the ride.

  • RAVE: the really nice guy mowing lawns on my street this morning who agreed to take a short break to mow my lawn for me. Thanks Joe!
    RANT: Way too many shootings in DC. Every morning I read about another shooting, usually in NE or SE. Is MPD doing anything about this?
    RANT: captcha authentication on Popville login

  • Rant: Have a cold and my eyes are killing me. I seriously need new glasses so that I can give my eyes a break from contacts. Anyone have a recommendation for a good place to buy glasses in the district? I have a high prescription and a small face, so need a pretty large selection to find the right frames, usually…

    • Have you tried Warby Parker?

      • I did, but the frames are generally too big for my face.

        • I mean, have you tried Lenscrafters? They have a ton of frames, not sure where you’d find more. Usually you can get a good sale if you don’t have vision insurance (also AAA discounts).

        • I have a small face and have always gotten my glasses from Costco. I have pairs by Calvin Klein and Colours by Alexander Julian that fit my face well.

      • Warby Parker is NOT the place to go for a “high prescription”….

        • I have a really high prescription (my contacts are -5.5) and Warby Parker lenses worked just fine for me, FWIW.

          • Anyone in the high index sense range should consult with a Dr, not just check a box on a website. Warby Parker has a cookie cutter approach – but that’s not how vision works. It may work for you, but complicated prescriptions are not something WP does well.

          • I looked at Warby Parker for frames, but would have the lenses made elsewhere. My contact prescription is -11.5.

          • I’m laughing at the notion that -5.5 is considered a really high prescription! Mine’s 8.5, which is still nothing compared to my fiance’s.

          • That One Guy

            VO.orthuis (really Voorthius) on Connecticut Ave is great. Their expensive but I’ve never had a bad experience with the quality or service. It’s worth going in and talking to them.

          • Mine’s just higher than most, but definitely not the worst it can get. Not trying to claim a medal. 🙂

        • I think Warby’s cutoff is something around -8 (it’s on their website, I believe). I’m -9 and can’t do Warby…love the Costco suggestion!

    • Burton Optician (Virginia Burton) in Georgetown is great – it’s not the selection of a place like Lenscrafters but many more solid options (including specifically for small faces – I got the best-fitting glasses I’ve had there and have a small face). I don’t have a strong prescription but went with a friend who did and he also found a great pair. Not super cheap but was less expensive than some others I looked at (See, Georgetown Optician).

    • Have you checked out See in Georgetown? They have funky, stylish frames in all sorts of shapes, colors, and materials. I’ve been going to them for a few years now, and I have a strong prescription.

    • I don’t have a high prescription – but have little tolerance for error in lens-making, as in centers being slightly off, or edges being cut imperfectly, as my eyes are sensitive to stuff. I need opticians who can not only make lenses correctly, but who actually know how to adjust frames correctly, and help me pick them out for my also vey narrow face – and who are patient enough to do these things.

      Go to an eye doctor for your prescription – you owe your eyes all the other stuff they check for. Then go to Apex Opticians (there’s one downtown, one in Wisconsin in NW that I got to, one up in the burbs somewhere.) When I moved to DC and needed to find an optician for people who are really picky about their glasses, I found them online with great reviews suggesting that they were the place for people like me who are picky about glasses, and they have totally lived up to those reviews. Not cheap, however – that’s a whole different shopping experience – but not one of those really fashion high-end fancy, either, just solid (haven’t seen those super-expensive one in DC, but have seen places with prices on frames in NYC that are astronomical.)

  • Don’t forget to vote today if you haven’t already.

  • Rave: turns out riding slowly next to a runner in the bike lane (no touching or yelling) annoys them enough to move onto the sidewalk where they belong! Move to another sidewalk if there are too many tourists by the White House!
    Rant: runner jabbed his sweaty elbow into me. Ick.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed. I am a runner and am distinctly not a biker – I can barely even stay up on a bike. Nonetheless, runners: the bike lane is for bikes. Get out of the bike lane.

      • I almost ran out of gas driving my new car away from the dealership, but I caught it in time. Pulled in to a gas station, and could NOT figure out the gas cap. After about fifteen minutes I finally got the gas station guy to help me. Felt very inadequate.

      • Oops – that was supposed to be a reply to your comment below. Sorry. (Feeling inadequate again…)

      • +1. Also, people who wait to cross the street by standing in the middle of the bike lane. I secretly hope one of them gets plowed over (but not badly injured) one day just to prove a point. The road is the road — don’t stand in the middle of it!

        • Blithe

          As a pedestrian, one problem I’ve noticed — that has become the norm in places with right-turn-on-red — is that oftentimes cars never stop to let pedestrians cross. To compensate, pedestrians often step off of the curb into the street to establish their right of way by already being in the crosswalk before the cars turn. I’m not arguing for pedestrians being in the bike lane, because we/they don’t belong there. But instead of plowing down pedestrians to prove some point, it would be great if we could collectively re-do the rules so that pedestrians, who would be the most vulnerable in a crash, had protected time to cross the street that’s just as valued as the protected space (bike lanes) and protected, if mis-used options (right turn on red) that other travelers have.

          • I agree – that’s why the intersections where the walk light comes on a few seconds before the car gets the green light are great. Of course, that only works all the time if there’s no right turn on red (something NYC gets right by forbidding, except for the few intersections where it is allowed, better all around for pedestrians) or if there’s enough auto traffic to prevent drivers from even thinking about turning on red. Drivers should always wait for pedestrians before turning, and it is irritating when they don’t.

    • PREACH. I’m a runner, occasionally bike, and the runners in the bike lane annoys the crap out of me. I see it all the time on East Capitol Street where the sidewalks are pretty decent. If you can’t run on cement or brick, maybe you shouldn’t be running at all. The city is not your personal track.

  • Revel: Picked up my new car today, but I drove my old one to work today because it has 3/4 tank of gas while the new one is on E
    Rant: I’m finding that I’m super emotionally attached to my old one. I looooove my 2000 accord with an ugly body, and its quirks like the broken hood latch, drivers’ side lock cylinder, etc. I’m trying to convince my friend to buy it so I can visit it. I wish I could afford the insurance on it to keep it.
    Revel: Down to the last few days of school
    Rant: Stupid travel-mate (boy I’ve been involved on and off with who decided he is going too but on a different flight) is being flaky

    • HaileUnlikely

      I know more than one person who ran out of gas in their new car the day after they bought it. Gas not included. Who knew?

  • Rant: Stepped in some nasty goo on Metro yesterday. Don’t even want to know what it was.
    Rave: Had a good session with therapist yesterday. I talked about some of the things that I wanted to do with my life since I seem to be moving into another phase of my life (just turned 40, finished with school, in a good job). One of them was going to Paris and London. I’ve never been but have always wanted to go. She asked me. “What’s stopping you from going?” I felt like I was hit by a brick. I realized that I had been holding myself back from stuff that I wanted to do for so long it seemed routine. Need to work on that.
    Rant: I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday.
    Rave: Worked on my short story again after a month away from writing due to being sick and depressed. Felt good.

  • Rant: Feeling so beyond frustrated and angry re: the Orlando shootings, for so many reasons. From idiots spouting anti-Muslim hate, to idiots spouting anti-gay hate, to idiots spouting pro-stock-up-on-guns idiocy, to idiots spouting pro-ISIL-propoganda, there’s just so. much. stupid going on.
    Rant: Day full of meetings, which means I won’t actually get that much done today.
    Rave: at least the weather is gorgeous.
    Rant: Anxiety trying to creep back in through all the crevices in my life.
    Rave? Have only gotten a few intermittent texts/photos from my parents on their cruise, so I trust that that means they’ve been having so much fun as to have forgotten about the rest of us for a while!

    • The mental gymnastics of some of the gun nuts is astounding. “Oh the Upstairs Lounge tragedy was caused by fire, so why aren’t there calls for banning of matches”. They won’t acknowledge this is the worst shooting in American history, now some of them are ‘correcting the media” by stating the massacre at Wounded Knee was. Never mind non of these asshats probably gave a fuck about the Native population or Wounded Knee until yesterday. They just can’t admit that Guns need to be regulated and also the people who dies aren’t the “perfect victims” in their minds so that can’t be bothered to be outraged. It’s sickening.

  • Since the Obamas are staying in DC for a few years, maybe we can get Barack to run for Mayor. Whose with me.

    • If only they were moving to Jack Evans district, I’d encourage him running for City Council…

    • maxwell smart

      I mean, yes – but also, I feel like the man deserves some time off from politics for a while.

    • I want Hillary Clinton to nominate him to the Supreme Court.

      • Blithe

        +! I’m am so stoked for this — although I have no idea if he’d want the job, or if the Obama family would have any interest in staying in DC beyond Sasha’s graduation from high school.

      • Once Hillary’s elected, won’t Congress just confirm Garland to avoid getting a liberal nominee from her?

        • When Hillary wins, Garland can withdraw from consideration and give her the chance to appoint a more liberal judge.

          • I’ve heard this theory before, and I really don’t get it. This is an extraordinarily accomplished man who is *nearly* at the pinnacle of his career. He has one step tp go, and he has been nominated to take that step. Do you really think he’s going to say,
            “You know, I know I’m about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, but it would be better if someone with a different ideolody and approach than mine (an ideology and approach that I’ve spent decades building, and which is widely regarding as being above reproach by friend and foe alike) would be better for the country. So I’m going to withdraw my nomination, go back to the DC Circuit, and let whomever ultimately takes the spot second-guess my work.”
            There’s just no way. Now, HRC could wirhdraw his nomination (I doubt she will), but he’s not withdrawing it on his own.

          • +1 to dcd
            The Senate will vote on Garland the Wednesday after the election. It will be near-unanimous. It will be interesting to see when RBG decides to retire. I imagine she will want to give Hillary her seat for appointment.

          • dcd – the one thing I’d say is that it’s Obama’s nominee, not Hillary’s. Not sure why she would be expected to keep him as a nominee. A president nominates, not the party.
            I would love it if he was nominated though – although can’t imagine he would ever be considering his background in politics.
            Anonymous – not that it’s being said in stone, but Hillary also has to win this election. It may seem like a breeze, but this country has gotten behind loons before. Trump is crazy, but he plays up simple messages – even if they don’t make sense. He’s not going to bring back coal mining jobs to PA, yet goes around telling them he will and people will believe it. Democrats have a history of not having backbones and not attacking – doesn’t have to be dirty, but the whole Kerry “flip flop” theme was horribly defended, for example. The Republicans won’t keep on bashing him themselves forever…

          • @JohnH – as you say, he’s Obama’s nominee. The lame duck Senate will vote him in before HRC takes office (a point I missed in my original post), and Obama’s certainly not going to withdraw the nomination.

  • Rave: The Economist–I always learn something random. Apparently TGI Fridays used to be a singles bar.
    Rave: got the kids to bed on-time last night!
    Rant: Smoke detector battery in mtpkiddo’s room needing replacing 20 minutes later–poor kid was laying in bed with her hands over her ears. And didn’t get to sleep any closer to normal time as a result.
    Rave: Still helps with building on good routines. It’s a work in progress.

    • Our dog got tortured with being in the house during a (false) security alarm a couple of years ago. Our house alarm is super-duper loud, and I don’t want to think about her suffering during those 20 or 30 minutes until it went stopped.
      she now runs for cover on the first “beep” form a smoke detector telling us that its battery is low.

  • Rant: I was in a good mood until I came into the office. Just so frustrated by some work policies and incompetencies.
    Rave: I have a job, and it allows me to have the life I want.
    Rave: I took the baby with me to vote this morning. The beginning of his lifelong tutelage in civic duties.
    Pins & Needles: Keeping my fingers crossed to hear about some potential life-changing news.

  • Question: Any recommendation for an HVAC contractor who can service my AC on a regular basis?

  • Rave: Love this weather. Perfect for biking.
    Rant: Tweaked my bad toe over the weekend, and now my calf is really sore from walking so funny. I’m falling apart.
    Rave: Second interview for an interesting position this Friday. Still going to work on some apps this week, as I don’t just want to keep jumping by want to go somewhere I can build from. Still, it’s time to get out of the happy clappy place.
    Rave: Finding moments of joy in a scary world.

  • Rant: Colleague’s husband had a massive heart attack and died yesterday morning. Early 50s, in good shape, worked out regularly, no history of cardiac issues, no family history, someone who regularly saw the doctor . . . just a bolt of lightening out of the blue. They’d been together since they were in college, two kids (who, thankfully, are out of college, but still). Simultaneously heartbreaking and terrifying.
    Raves: Not a damn thing.

    • A similar thing happened to my father 5 years ago when he was 51. He had had a heart attack at 40, but cleaned up his act, worked out regularly, was super fit, healthy BMI, then just didn’t wake up. I think it helped hearing other similar stories that these things happen, I felt less cheated out of my dad.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Very sorry to hear about this. It is terrifying indeed. When I was in college, a guy just a couple years older than me, who was literally a world-class athlete (among the 20 or so best in the world at what he did), died of a massive heart attack while sitting in the cafeteria eating his lunch.

      • His was probably something congenital, to die at that young age. Those in their fifties? More likely our sedentary office-working lifestyles (studies have shown that if you sit 8 hours a day, working out regularly doesn’t cut your risk), combined with our food – and probably some genetic predisposition toward heart disease. That’s my un-medically-educated take on these things.

  • Revel: Two foster kittens adopted, and two new ones bouncing around the house. This is the height of “kitten season” so if anyone has been thinking about adopting – please do!


  • Bear

    Rave: Flight of the Conchords show was great, I was laughing so hard through the whole thing.
    Double rave: Got to meet them after the show – super nice, chill guys.
    Rant: I didn’t get home until close to 1:00. I am not as young as I once was…

    • I was at the show, too! I was in tears by the second song and didn’t stop the rest of the night. I’m envious you got to meet them!

    • OMG. such a good show.
      rant: ended up getting two extra tickets, and only got to sell away one…so it was a super expensive show.
      but that jazz song….shady rachel…all of it. so good.

  • Anyone have any recommendations for moving companies? I’ve got one in mind, just wanted to pick people’s brains. Too much going on and moving last minute.

    • Clueless

      Assuming it’s a local move, Bookstore Movers. They helped me move from Arlington to DC, and I know others have also mentioned (and raved about) them in previous posts.

      • Yep it’s local, I got a quote from them this weekend and it was way too expensive. I just have a studio condo with maybe 3 pieces of actual furniture that need to be moved from one place to another.

        • If you aren’t doing anything major and wanting to do it on the cheap, I’d check out craigslist or post a “wanted” ad on Craigslist. You may just get a couple guys who show up with a pick-up truck but if you want cheap and simple…there ya have it.

      • +1. Everyone always mentions these guys and it’s because they really are the best. I made a frantic move where I didn’t pack the most gracefully last summer, and they were very helpful and speedy even with several odd boxes and bags. The entire move was done in under 3 hours (from glover park to U St.) and everything was in perfect condition when it arrived at the new place.

        • Hmm, I’ll have to look into them again. I was on the U-Haul website and they had some recommendations and based on what I was looking at, they came out way cheaper than Bookstore movers, but I’ll run the estimates again.

          • I can’t speak to any local movers, but I used U-Haul’s list of recommended movers for a previous move of mine in Phoenix. I was really happy with what I received, but you need to be careful that the movers are insured. U-Haul had listed a bunch of folks with ridiculously cheap prices who were basically Joe Schmoes willing to move you for $50. That’s great until something happens, and your regular insurance won’t cover it because you paid someone for their service. I was able to find a mover for a reasonable price who was insured, but it took a bit of digging.

          • Clueless

            Understand there are likely cheaper options, but definitely consider Bookstore Movers for a future/subsequent move! To add to FridayGirl’s notes, I had zero worries with the Bookstore team: they were on time, did everything within the allotted time, and they went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly (i.e. I moved on a very snowy day and not only did they move forward, they brought their own snow shovels and cleared away piles of ice and snow in the loading zone, on their own). And all my furniture came out damage-free.

          • Clueless – did they set up your furniture for you in your new place?

          • Clueless

            I didn’t have much furniture – just two tables and a bed – but yes, they set it all up. They wrapped the bed frame and mattress separately, then unwrapped and arranged it for me in my new place. Same idea with tables.

          • domrep – they specifically asked me where I wanted all my furniture and re-pieced together the few larger items that were moved in separate pieces (i.e. put the drawers back in my daybed and put the wooden slats back on and the mattress back on top, etc. They made sure I was 100% satisfied with where things were placed before they left. It was expensive but well-worth the money.

      • Blithe

        Another vote for Bookstore Movers. They were awesome! Very sweet, very professional. They even moved (I asked beforehand) several formidable pieces of furniture already in place so that the furniture being moved in could be set up the way I wanted it to be. I highly highly recommend them. That being said, if I only had a small amount of easy-to-replace possessions, I could see cheaping out. When I’ve done this before though, furniture got damaged, boxes marked “fragile” got squashed, and tempers flared. Unless you’re in the truck too, you’re giving all of your life’s possessions, some of which may be irreplaceable, to a bunch of strangers. Having well-vetted strangers with this last move was well worth the expense.

    • Great Scott.

    • My Truck Buddy was wonderful for me, and I was moving 1BRs across town. They were incredibly fast, careful and nice. Shaw to Cleveland Park in under three hours, and one unit was a 3rd floor walk up.

    • We had a really great experience with Anytime Movers. They had a much lower quote than the other highly ranked companies and were very professional.

    • Another vote for Bookstore.
      If they’re too expensive (though they’re worth it), pick another legit company with lots of good reviews and insurance. You’re handing these guys nearly all of your possessions. A few years ago, with the help of some amazing DC police officers who went above and beyond, I helped save a friend’s stuff from sketchy movers who were trying to ransom her for it. They still broke/lost a lot of her things. It’s also happened to one other friend in another city. Don’t risk putting yourself through that.

    • HaileUnlikely

      For local moves, I personally recommend both Bookstore Movers and Two Marines Moving. My wife used Bookstore multiple times before we were married and really liked them. Bookstore was not available for our last move so we went with Two Marines and they were really excellent.
      I have no experience with My Truck Buddy, but many of the established regulars here recommend them as well.

    • Great Scott Moving (or Movers?) – Hyattsville address. Priced well, and careful.

  • Clueless

    Rant: Drinking gallons of coffee over the past decade have nearly ruined my teeth (color, enamel).
    Rave: This blend from Vigilante is too luscious to pass up right now.

  • Rant: Still in tears about Orlando. My brother is a gay latino, and this one hits close to home.
    Rave: Found out a friend is following his dream and going to grad school. He told me, “Just find that one thing that you can’t stop thinking about, and pursue it” which may be what I needed to hear to get my butt in grad school gear.

  • Rant: Marathon training while constantly walking on cement in NYC.
    Rave: Looking at so many open doors. It is crazy how much law school ranking matters in terms of recruitment but I would not be going to 3-4 firm recruitment receptions each week if I were not in this position.
    Rant: My fiance and I had to walk out of a movie theater this weekend because no one in the audience would stop talking after 25 minutes in. At least we got a refund but that was ridiculous.
    Rave: Seeing my dad for dinner tomorrow night and going to a bridal shower with my mom this weekend. I love how often I get to see my parents.

    • You have to choose the theatres you go to as much for the patrons as the films – I have my favorites. First, art house theaters that show independent films and independent neighborhood cinemas, and only chain ones if the film isn’t showing at one of the former – and then, you still have to pick by location. I’ve got my DC choices down – I assume your theatre-going was in NYC, and it has been awhile since I lived there…

      • This is so true. I have never had such a bad experience but have now learned my lesson. This was a big, chain theatre that is close to my apartment. The next night we went to a local, independent theatre and had a far superior (and cheaper) experience.

    • So if you can share, what are you doing this summer? My 1L summer was spent splitting time between the DC government and the Department of Labor. Unpaid, thankless work. (At Corporation Counsel, we used to have to fish used paper out of the recycling bin to print drafts, and every attorney had a personal, hidden ream of paper to be used for printing briefs in final.) Hopefully, you’re getitng paid to do something.
      And yes, two significant criteria for a summer associate position are (i) law school prestige and (ii) class rank. They’ll get you an interview, at least. If you have lots of opportunities, congratulations on doing so well!

      • Yes, an odd profession it is that values the school attended over students who actually do substantive work and gain real legal experience in their jobs. And odd that attorneys to use law students to do anything other than legal work. Still, prestige is what matters, so you are doing the right thing. I did the smart thing and learned at lot – which didn’t matter for years – but since the financial crisis and the glut of attorneys, all that matters is prestige, even if one is can’t do anything well.

      • I can’t get too explicit but I’m in a government office. The resources are limited and the job is unpaid but the work is fascinating and I think I am getting a lot out of it. Luckily, my school doesn’t rank students and employers actually don’t get to see our GPAs until after they interview us. Apparently this means we will be fine as long as we can pass the “who would you want to be stuck in the Des Moines airport with” test and our GPA ends up being around or above median. But I will report back on how this actually turns out.

        • I will add the disclaimer that there is more to the recruitment process and how we end up getting interviews, this is just the simplified/silly version we tell ourselves to lessen the stress of it all.

  • I Dont Get It

    Great raves!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Still getting used to not having the downstairs dog; out of habit I still look for her when I come downstairs in the morning.
    Rant: Someone on the call I’m on now is breathing heavily and not on mute. I reminded everyone to go on mute yet still hear it. #Annoying
    Rant: Weird dream last night where I was explaining the historical significance of my new office in the that it overlooked Larry King’s old tennis court. WTF? Where did that come from?
    Rave: Eating healthy but
    Rant: Eating a LOT of healthy.

  • Rave: thanks to everyone again for your kind words yesterday. Weirdly, I still feel like I did something wrong even though I rationally know I didn’t. Funny how that works. By the way, has anyone else tried to catch themselves before using the word “crazy” to see if another word might be a better choice? It’s sort of interesting, but also a bit maddening, because context matters just as much as individual word choices do. D-mn it, I’m really correct about this! 🙂

    • I did think about the fact that I was using the word “crazy” in my post above before actually posting but decided to proceed anyway. I also then wondered if describing people’s actions as “ridiculous” could be labeled as an ableist. It really is maddening and… crazy-making to self-police on the use of “crazy”. You are definitely really correct about this!

    • “has anyone else tried to catch themselves before using the word ‘crazy’ to see if another word might be a better choice?”

      No. Although I if I am specifically referring to an individual with mental health issues, I usually use other terms that fit more their diagnosis, i.e. “bipolar,” “in a manic state,” “obsessive,” “compulsive” “paranoid,” etc. I try to be mindful, but sometimes, people are just nuts, with or without having a diagnosis that fits in the DSMV. (And that, in and of itself, is a controversial starting point, anyway.)

    • “Weirdly, I still feel like I did something wrong even though I rationally know I didn’t.”
      Ugh, I am such a sucker for authority that even when I get yelled at/reprimanded and I’m not in the wrong I still feel bad. I think if you’re a compliant or just empathetic person you feel bad when some tells you you did something “wrong” or that made someone feel bad.

      • I think you nailed it Jeslett. I’m not sure if I’m more compliant or more empathetic, but honestly I don’t recall being admonished like this in my life. Like ever.
        By the end of the exchange, one woman was swearing at me and another two were cheering her on. The moderators were telling the original poster that they were “so sorry she had to deal with this.” The whole thing was haunting. Like something out of a horror movie made just to get under my exact kind of skin.
        Is this cyberbullying? Serious question. (If anyone is still reading this at this point.) I feel like I have some mild form of PTSD after this.

        • “Is this cyberbullying?” Sure seems like it to me! I’m sorry you had to put up with what I will unapologetically call someone else’s crazy!

        • So the moderators didn’t mind that someone was swearing at you, but they supported another member’s contention that your use of “crazy” re. $500+ baby wraps was objectionable?
          The whole thing is just… crazy.

          • The moderators were among the ones swearing. I love that the word “crazy” is considered more objectionable than the phrase “for f-cks sake!” (sarcasm)

        • I’m wondering why you stuck around long enough to see it get to that point? Is there some reason you didn’t just step away when it started getting weird?

          • It escalated extremely quickly. At first we had what seemed to be a very cordial discussion about our differences of opinion. Then the whole group really flipped out when I told them I had left the group, accusing me of wasting their time and learning nothing from the exchange. We went from agreeing (somewhat) to disagree to them cursing at me and banning me in less than 60 seconds. At that point, I blocked them all and got the heck out of there.

          • “the whole group really flipped out when I told them I had left the group” –> translation: the group I had convened to privately chat about the issue flipped out when I had told them that I had left the Facebook group.

    • Yes, I have been using ‘wacky’ a lot more, where I might have used ‘crazy’. I’d heard of other objections to the word, and want to stay far far away from anything like what you had to go through. (You have my sympathy.)

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