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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: upgraded macbook to el capitan and it completely crashed on me during a gig. never upgrade.
    rant: metro commute gets worse and worse by the week
    rant: not landing anything job search wise and still stuck in a government office while it’s really nice out.
    rave: spending the weekend in nyc!

  • Rant: Someone may have hit on this yesterday, but the sentence for the Stanford Rapist, and the letter from his father to the judge, make my blood boil. 6 months in prison for rape? “20 minutes of activity”?!?!?! A harsher sentence would have too much of an impact on the life of the rapist? And, not to beat a dead horse, but I’d like to see the numbers of 19 yo black men who are convicted of rape and given 6 month sentences because anything more would adversely impact them. (Note – I am not suggesting those sentences be reduced, but the Stanford Rapist should have gotten far more.)

    • Action. Dad calls it “action.” Because the rape of a girl is is UNCONSCIOUS can somehow be equated to good old fashioned “action.” This absolutely infuriates me. Rape is rape.

      • *who is, not is is… sorry, too mad to proof read!

      • The dad claimed after the outcry that he meant “action” not as a euphemism for sex, but as “events” or “activity.”
        Even if he did, though… just because something doesn’t take a long time to happen doesn’t mean it can’t have lasting consequences. I mean, you could murder someone in just a few minutes.

        • Agreed. I read it his way, but the part about using it that way is that it just further removes the accountability from his son. These actions just happened. Poof! It’s like calling it a car accident instead of a car crash, these inanimate objects just collided of their own volition.
          I can imagine that it has to be really hard to accept what he did, but the incredible circumnavigation of the responsibility is sickening on both their parts.

        • I don’t believe that explanation at all. It’s awful convenient that he chose to use a word with a very well-known double meaning. He was trying to equate this rape to sex in order to make it seem less like rape and more like youthful indiscretion.

    • Have you read the letter from his friend? Also disgusting. Here’s a highlight: “But where do we draw the line and stop worrying about being politically correct every second of the day and see that rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists.” I honestly didn’t find the sentence too surprising since rape cases very rarely end in prison time. Which is so upsetting.

      • No, I hadn’t seen the letter from the friend. But that someone could think it is “political correctness” to convict someone of raping an unconscious woman is just beyond the pale.
        I rarely donate to politicians of whom I’m not a constituent, but I have heard that there is an effort to run someone against he judge who “imposed” the 6-month sentence – though “gifted” is probably more accurate than imposed. He’s currently running unopposed. If that’s the case, I will gladly donate to that campaign.

      • Wow. Just found it and read it. Was she completely unaware of the condition his victim was found in????

      • YES. friend: oh, well no one saw it and it wasn’t public, so it CAN’T be rape.
        i have been so GD livid the last few days. i cannot stop thinking about.

      • What???!? “rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists” – WTF?

        • She goes on to say something about alcohol making people make poor choices. I guess her logic must be that a college student who commits rape while both parties are intoxicated is somehow not a “real” rapist.

    • The Stanford case made me so angry! 20 minutes of activity? What about the victim’s life that that rapist messed up? The victim would never be the same again!

    • I got so angry reading the letters from his dad and friend, then cried reading the girl’s testimony. It’s an outrage.

    • +1000 to what you and others have said. I hope the survivor finds some amount of healing in knowing how powerful her statement was and how it has affected others.

    • I didn’t read about this until late yesterday, but it is appalling. That said, the woman’s victim impact statement is the most impressive thing I’ve read in a very long time. I will be printing that out and saving it to show my kids when they’re older. She is a hero for standing up for herself and therefore standing up for the many other women who were unable to do so.

    • Oh–and totally agreed about your comparison to black men. They basically said, here’s this privileged young man–because of his privilege, he stands more to lose, so let’s heap on MORE privilege and give him a light sentence. Disgusting.

    • Yes. This whole situation is absolutely nauseating. The apologists for this kid, from his father to the judge to his idiotic friends need to do some serious soul-searching. I cried reading the young woman’s victim impact statement. To be so in denial about the irreparable harm you’ve done to another human being, and to be so immune from justice because of your privilege, is mind-boggling to me.

      • +1000
        The only thing that makes me feel a teeny tiny bit better is at least he will now be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. So at the very least he will have a life time of something that reminds him of what he did.

        • Accountering

          It sucks… One of my good friends in college was killed by a drunk driver. He was a .25, and was widely known as a regular drunk driver. He rear ended my friend doing ~60 MPH. My friend died, he got 5 years. Today, my friend is still dead, and this punk gets to move on with his life. Same situation, rich dad, he was a “good kid” and all that nonsense.

    • Andie302

      +1 to all that you said. And I would love to know if his dad would feel the same way if he was raped by someone else while he was passed out drunk. Of course not – because sodomy is something else and blah blah blah. Makes me want to do some face punching.

    • Shaun King wrote an impressive post on facebook about his feelings and real life knowledge/experiences with comparable incidents. It’s great. It touches on the differences of sentencing when black men are convicted of similar crimes.
      my favorite quote from the piece: “I like to say it like this — our criminal justice system isn’t broken. Nah. It’s functioning just that way it was designed to work — on the backs of people of color and poor folk all over this country.”

    • justinbc

      There’s a simple problem here that everyone seems to be having with their reaction to this letter. It’s written by a parent, a wholly biased party to the case. In (almost) all circumstances parents do what they can to defend their children, even to the point of defying logic and falling on their own sword, if you will. It’s somewhat instinctual. Now, we can argue that parents shouldn’t do that, that they should let children learn the hard way that there are significant punishments due to those who commit crimes, but you should not approach this letter with a full expectation of reason, knowing the source.

      • Andie302

        This is true and part of the reason why I mentioned how he would feel as the parent of a victim above (in a not-so-nice way, this whole thing makes me cringe). If it really feels like his son is being punished too harshly (aka victimized) to him, can he not then empathize with the feelings of the victims parent(s)?

        • People get blinders when it comes to protecting their own. I’m sure feels terrible for his son and the victim and the parents of the victim, but his son is more important to him than anyone else’s child. Find me a parent that wouldn’t say (and mean) the same.

          • justinbc

            Yep, pretty much. And I’m admittedly stereotyping here, but we’re talking about someone enrolled at (insert highly respected private institution of your choice here), a subset of academia which usually has higher aspirations, and often a legacy of success to uphold. It’s not just the heir he’s fighting for, but his own name.

      • That is absolutely correct, and I have no doubt I would do the same (though I’d like to think I would be a little more sensitive about it). I’m actually more infuriated at the Judge, who doesn’t have those parental instincts.
        I just found out there is an effort to recall him – the website is recallaaronpersky dot com.

    • topscallop

      I saw something on Facebook yesterday that struck a chord: when women are sexually assaulted, their past is often looked at for clues about what they might have done to deserve this – what she drank, what she wore, who she hangs out with. For men who perpetrate sexual assault (at least, for white men of means), often their future is looked at for clues about what they have at stake to lose.
      In the father’s statement, the part that especially infuriates me is that he says his son has never done anything violent, INCLUDING the “events” of the night he sexually assaulted this woman behind a dumpster. The level of denial is unfathomable. I see where Brock gets his inability to take responsibility for his actions. He dragged her unconscious body behind a dumpster and assaulted her. Read her statement about the abrasions and the trauma she experienced and tell me it wasn’t a violent act. Ugh I’m just so disgusted.

      • I saw that same post on Facebook last night and it made a lot of sense. Also, that part of the father’s statement is truly infuriating. Unfortunately, many jurisdictions have rape laws which require “force” outside of the sex act itself. So ridiculous.

  • Rave: went to an awesome concert by Gregory Porter last night at the Howard. There were rumors that FLOTUS was also there, but I didn’t see her!

  • SilverSpringGal

    Rave: I’m becoming a homeowner to my dream neighborhood.
    Rant: Four more months until construction is done. >.>

  • Rant: Gf keeps getting $100 tickets while using my VPP (tik states the car was seen before). She lives w/ her parents, and has submitted all required docs to prove that, but believe someone keeps calling her car in
    Rave: 1 day with no rain
    Rave: Next holiday is right around the corner

    • hammers

      VPP is not the same as ROSA so I bet it has to do with that.

      • +1 She needs to get the rosa exemption. Can be done online if you have access to a scanner or good camera. One of the tickets, car registration, copy of license, and a mortgage (maybe also utility bill) from the parent’s home. As far I know, she’ll need to have her name on something related to the home for it to work out, but easy enough to look up.

      • Thanks! Pretty sure she what she submitted was the ROSA paperwork. Is waiting on adjudication I guess (submitted 2 weeks ago). In the meantime the tiks keep rolling in at about 1 per week. This is in Adams Morgan…so what if Dan’s is an Virginian’s favorite watering hole? Will they start to see tiks issued at 130am every weekend?

        • There shouldn’t be any adjudication. Someone just needs to look at it and confirm the info. Mine took a week or so, and I didn’t get any tickets during the waiting period. I’d submit it online again. FWIW you will be able to fight those tickets by proving she doesn’t live here, but get it started now; otherwise, she may end up on the boot eligible list (3 or more unpaid/not being adjudicated tickets).

        • Is she parking legally? We have a couple people who park in illegal (“NO PARKING HERE”) spots in the ally behind our building in Adams Morgan, and management calls them in for ROSA and parking violations and then they get pissed. Also once you’re flagged in the system for ROSA, you’ll get a ticket even when you’re parked legally.

          • Lucie – She is parking on Ontario. The only signs are for street cleaning and ‘resident only’ parking hours. She is not so brazen as to ‘create her own spot’ to taunt the ticket patrol.

            Anon Spock – thanks. I’ll have her re-submit and/or contest the tiks. She seems to think there is some adjudication period. She provided all the documentation you mentioned, but has not seen a submission confirmation email or received anything in the mail. She was smart and did a screen capture of the conf. # after she submitted, so that’s probably enough to go off of when contesting the tiks. What a pain.

    • To add to this, question for anyone who has been through the ROSA process: my boyfriend just submitted the ROSA paperwork (after getting four $100 tickets/warnings in a span of a few weeks), and he didn’t hear anything back. Do you get something in the mail? How to you know it has been processed?

  • Rant: Mind was racing last night and I think I slept maybe two hours.
    Rant: Alarm was set to go off at 5:20am and my fire alarm decided 5am was better. So I just got up.
    Rave: Finally starting to seriously think about a career change. It will take a while, but I think it will be worth it!
    Rave: This weather. I love my morning walks to work!

  • Rave: Accomplished so much at the house yesterday, but woo what a long day!
    Rave: Saved my painter and tenant from a parking ticket. They were both parked on the side that has street cleaning and the parking officer was making his way down the row. I texted my tenant to see if he was parked on that side. When he got to my tenant’s car I said “can I move that real quick?!” and luckily he was nice enough and let me. I had to make a mad dash into the house to find spare keys though!
    Rave: I had lunch at Small Fry yesterday and it was really good! Only my second time eating there.

  • Rant: So tired. I am definitely not bringing my A game to the office.
    Rave: Coffee. Give me all the coffee.
    Rave: Finished the last of the banana bread this morning for first breakfast. Delicious.
    Rave: Sweet morning snuggles with the little guy before heading off to daycare and work.

    • Bear

      I’d say just getting through the first week in tact is a major accomplishment! All the coffee is for you mama.

    • Regarding your first rant–give yourself a break. It’s your first week back. Totally fine to take your time catching up on email and the current status of projects. It takes time to re-acclimate (and adjust to new schedule/working around being up at night/etc).

  • hammers

    rant: moving is happening so much faster than I planned for. Was planning to take the month to slowly pack, move, and paint and clean the place. The timeline is now moved up to Saturday. Unrelated inspection of the place is Thursday, and they will begin showing it Saturday at the latest. Not sure what this inspection is for, but the paint and kitty are probably no-no’s.
    rant: I just HAD to sloppily glob on dark colors in this place. 3 coats of primer for my bathroom! (not really a rant, I loved every minute of those dark color!)
    query: does anyone know just how much primer you need? For example, I have a large dark spot painted on my wall. Does it need to completely disappear behind primer in order to match the rest of the wall? Or is just getting it lighter good enough?
    rave: potential to get security deposit and half a month’s rent back?
    rave: by Saturday, I’ll be living the good life!

    • On your query: I don’t have a solid answer one way or the other, but are you using stain-blocking primer?

      • hammers

        I don’t have it in front of me, but I just told the guy at Annie’s I needed to cover dark paint.

    • Congrats on getting a new place! I guessed I missed the news earlier. Are you staying in the neighborhood???

    • Good luck with the inspection and move! I look forward to catching up sometime soon (when things are more settled, of course!)

    • That One Guy

      I would say the amount of primer depends on the paint you’re going to use to cover said area. If it’s all in one you really shouldn’t need to prime, however, if the paint is a light color trying to cover up a dark one then you may need multiple coats. If the paint is not an all in one you may get away with one coat of primer. Just make sure you let it dry before you paint over the primed surface.

      • hammers

        Basically, I just wonder if in order to make the dark paint blend in with the rest of the wall, I need to prime it until it’s completely white. I’m at 3 coats primer now, and you can still pretty clearly make out that there was paint there.

  • Tom

    Rave: Just started biking from Bloomingdale to my office in Arlington again after a 10-month hiatus, and I forgot just how much I loved it.

    Rant: That hill in Rosslyn on Custis Trail reminds me that it’s been a long, lazy 10 months. Also, I have to take the Metro to my girlfriend’s place in Silver Spring later and am hoping I don’t get SafeTracked.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Adirondack chairs Andie and I ordered are coming today! We have bought stuff like this on CL in the past, but we pulled the trigger and bought a very nice set with leg rests and table from Costco. Comes with a 20 year warranty. Hooray nice things!
    Rave2: In preparation for the new chairs, we did the polymeric sand in between the bricks of the patio out back. Very easy!
    Rant: I bought four buckets of the stuff for our 11×14 patio. We needed 1/2 of one bucket. Hopefully HD/Lowe’s will give me a store credit for the last three buckets. They have been sitting out back for like a year 🙂

  • Rave: Had a pretty good vacation.
    Rant: Saw my uncle at a dinner right before I left to come back here. When he saw me at first, he thought that I was my sister. (Asking me about my son when I don’t have any kids. My sister has a son though) I guess not seeing someone in nearly 9 years would do that. But right after he did that, he started to brag about me and my job to someone that he admitted he hadn’t seen in over 30 years. You don’t know what I look like but you break your neck trying to brag about me? That really burned me. I hate it when folks brag about me to make themselves look good.
    Rant/Rave: Had to see that damn security guard this morning at my office building this morning. He said “Good morning” and I scanned my ID without acknowledging him. He yelled “Hey E” as I went to the elevator and I didn’t say a word. I was nervous but I ignored his ass. I got so sick of the “Hey baby”/ “Hey darling” stuff. I also got sick of him focusing on me and asking about my work schedule which he didn’t need to know about. I hate that I felt compelled to say greet him even though he makes me uncomfortable because of how I was raised. I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable coming into work everyday just because some dude I don’t know wanted some attention.

    • Oh, I feel for you. I had this problem at my first job out of college and started going in a different entrance to avoid the guy. In retrospect, it really pisses me off that I adjusted my routine to accommodate some creep. But its a tough situation.

    • You should report him. We had a similar issue in my building with a creepy overly friendly security guard. He was promptly asked to leave. There is no reason you should feel uncomfortable at work.

      • I wonder if there’s an option for a probationary period. He gets a talking to, they check back in with you X weeks later to see if he’s complied adequately. Maybe that’s not a permanent solution and I agree that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at work and if he can’t adjust he should go, but this way he can learn what the problem is, that it needs to be fixed and maybe doesn’t lose his job.

        • Well, I went out for lunch and scanned my ID to get in the building. He didn’t say anything to me then so maybe he got the point.

  • I did to get tenant friendly bars made for 2 windows. I think someone recommended a copy recently, but I do not recall the name. Any help Popvillagers?

    Rant: Crappy property managers making transition more difficult than it needs to be.
    Rave: Summer is shaping up nicely.
    Rant/Rave: Overtime, and the fat check that comes with it.
    Rave: I know a lot of awesome folks to recommend when someone needs help.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Hydrangea season!
    Rave: The hydrangea volunteer I transplanted is doing well.
    Rave: The hydrangea I thought I lost is making a comeback. It won’t bloom this year but I’m glad to see it return!
    Rant: Have I mentioned lately how much the boxwood I moved hates me?
    Rant: Cute Boy was in my p/t session again. I couldn’t help but notice that he got a before and after massage while all I got was a hot towel put on the wrong shoulder by the intern.

  • Question – Trader Joe’s sells frozen artichoke hearts, which I love because usually you have to get them canned any they’re super briny. I used to live close to TJ but its a haul since my move – anyone know other places to get them?

    • I know that Bird’s Eye, the random supplier of assorted frozen veggies, makes (supplies? freezes? curates?) them. I’d scope out the frozen section of your nearest grocery store!

      • It amuses me to no end that people rave about the most ordinary things at TJs. Frozen vegetables, what will they think of next!

        • Have you seen frozen artichoke hearts at your regular local supermarket? I don’t think I have. It’s possible Whole Foods has them, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • I just rinse the canned version…works fine for beans.

  • Rave: totally relaxing weekend in LA with my family! Ate all the food and drank all the wine but it was much needed
    Rant: SAFETRACK! Well, I dont know if it was safetrack or just summer chaos but the traffic this morning was CRAZY! In my 3 years as a daily bike commuter I have never seen more bikes on the street, which should be a good thing, but 1) people need bike etiquette lessons 2) there were also so many cars making it a total clusterf***! Gotta start getting to work early to hopefully avoid that madness
    Rant: Poor fellow bike commuter who got into it with a crazy lady. She was starting to get sassy with me at a red light (who knows why) and he sorta tried to intervene and she went off on him and followed him while yelling at him! He and I both laughed later up the route, but better to just mind your own biz I guess!

  • Rave: Just got a text from my mom that they’re about to board their flight and she’s so excited! I’m really happy for my parents, and so glad they get to take a little adventure!
    Rant: I’m stuck here in this hot disgusting swamp.
    Rant: “Alarm Troubleshooting” just announced at my building coming up in a few days. My poor kittens, I guess I’ll leave the closet door open so they can hide in there as far away from the sound as possible.
    Rave: At least we’re getting a heads-up this time?
    Query: I need new contacts and glasses soon. I have a good vision plan but I’d still like to pay as little as possible. Any suggestions?

    • Accountering

      LASIK! 😉

      • I don’t think my vision plan covers that! I guess I could look into it, but I’m still so scared that something would go wrong!

        • Accountering

          Anecdotally, they have a 100% success rate 🙂

          • Where did you go for your Lasik? What all steps did you have to go through? can you give me a rough estimate of what it costs? It seems as though I may have some sort of percentage discount with my plan, but I don’t know if that would make it affordable enough….

        • No plan covers lasik.
          Care credit is an option to pay for it. It’s a cc for medical only, human and animal, and some offices offer 6, 12,24 month no interest.
          The interwebs tell me 3-5k both eyes.

          • Accountering

            Bingo. Mine was $4610 at TLC Laser Eye Center in Rockville (I worked near there at the time) but there is one at 18th and K. Dr. Holzman has done like 50,000 surgeries, and they are the best in the area.

          • yeah, my plan says that I “can have laser correction surgery at a reduced price only from VSP-contracted laser vision centers. You’ll save an average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price from participating centers.” I don’t think that’s going to save me enough money to make it feasible. Blerg. I don’t think I want to open a care credit, although I am intrigued that you can use it for animals, too!

          • I keep meaning to make an appointment at TLC (and/or other places) to get evaluated.
            The annoying thing is that the interwebs tell me that people who wear rigid gas-permeable contact lenses (as I do) can’t wear them for three weeks prior to an evaluation for refractive surgery. (I guess they have an effect on the shape of the cornea.) I am not enthused about the idea of wearing glasses all day long for three straight weeks.

          • Textdoc, what’s your Rx? I’ve also heard that the worse your eyes are to begin with, the more likely you are to have some more significant regression after several years, i.e. it doesn’t “hold up” as well for people with super-sh*tty vision. But this could be totally wrong, I don’t know. I just know that I have really bad (like, -8.5) vision. And three weeks without contacts sounds like torture!

          • Something like -10 in one eye and -10.5 in the other.

          • Not being able to wear hard lenses for 3 weeks for potentially not having to wear them again seems like an easy trade off.
            -formerly blind me

          • Not being able to wear hard lenses for 3 weeks for potentially not having to wear them again seems like an easy trade off.
            -formerly bad vision

  • Rant: The two week wait is driving me nuts. I really don’t understand how time can move so quickly for half the month only to feel like it suddenly stops for the second half.
    Rave: My father is recovering nicely from his surgery. He should still be able to take his dream trip to Alaska next month.
    Rave: No real work needs to be done today so I think this will be a cooking and crocheting day.
    Rave: Shockingly, my sister-in-law found out she was granted citizenship a couple of months ago but a miscommunication left her out of this news until yesterday! She is now a proud citizen of Spain.

  • Bear

    Rave: Got close to 8 hours of sleep last night. It’s amazing how much that extra hour or so does for me to avoid wanting to kill everything in my path.
    Rave: Belly is starting to look more like a pregnancy and less like I ate too many cheeseburgers.
    Rant: Not sure how I’m going to handle it when people start wanting to touch it. I really don’t like strangers invading my personal space, much less feeling on my belly.

    • It may not happen–I don’t think I had people trying to touch my belly during either pregnancy. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to you either!

    • I got through all 37 weeks without any unsolicited touching. A couple friends asked first, which was sweet. With those people, I wouldn’t have minded the hands even without prior permission.

      Regardless of RBF, you will get a ton of unsolicited advice. That sadly is unavoidable.

    • No one ever tried to touch me, but I did get lots of friendly interest, and some eye-roll-worthy advice. “Sleep now! Tee hee!” The “helpful” strangers come out in force once the baby’s born, though.
      In other gestation news, a pregnant woman boarded the bus I was on last night, and four people popped out of their seats as if they’d been goosed.

  • Rave: been out of DC and the office for nearly two weeks.
    Rant: back at it today
    Rave: but at least it’s just telework so I can ease back in
    Rave and Rant: was on a work trip and felt a few sparks with a fellow traveler (but not a co-worker). I think the ball is in my court to indicate my interest at this point, but I’m terrified I’ve misinterpreted his attentiveness. I don’t know the right play to make, so I’ll probably do nothing.

    • topscallop

      See if he wants to hang out some more now that you’re back in town and just take it from there?

  • Rant: Anyone have a good mason/stone fixer? My front steps are a mess. The grout between the stones has fallen out, pieces are breaking off, and plants are growing in the cracks. The bricks that hold the whole thing up are in bad shape, too. Any suggestions?

  • Rant/Revel: I think it will be time to buy a new car in the nearish future. I’m sick of putting money into the relatively small things that keep going wrong all the time.
    Rant: It’s hard to find cars with manual transmissions!
    Revel: I managed to run 28 minutes without stopping last night. It was only about 2.5 miles so I hope I’ll be ready for the 5k Friday but I don’t know..

    • If nothing else, adrenalin will almost certainly get you the additional 0.6. By the time you’re 2.5 miles in there’s no way in hell you’re going to let yourself not finish.

      • +1 You should be able to see the finish line by then, so let that be your motivation to keep pushing.

      • Accountering

        You will have no problem getting the extra .6. Race day adrenaline will for sure get you over the hump. Congrats and good luck!

    • Oh I totally feel you on the finding cars with manual transmissions! Mr Eggs and I went through this about a year and a half ago. Our only other requirements were reasonably priced (preferably under $25k new), four door, and being able to get what I consider standard options (A/C, auto locks and windows, cruise control). We ended up with a Scion xB, which is not the prettiest car but has been so incredibly useful with helping friends move, getting large items home from Ikea, etc. We also test drove the Honda Fit which I liked a lot too. The only other real options were brands we weren’t comfortable with. Good luck! If you decide to go with Toyota/Scion, I’d recommend Jack Taylor in Alexandria. Oliver was the guy who procured the exact color xB we wanted, and he personally drove it from southern VA to get it to us. Such a great process.

      • I’m looking to buy used…no more than $12k which is even more problematic..

        • Andie302

          Search autotrader – the results will give you the contact info for the dealership (or at least the name, where you can then google). I did a quick search and there are 516 cars within 25 miles (of 20001) with manual transmissions under $12k.

        • Yeah if you’re looking used you should actually have more options. Good luck!!

    • I just searched CarMax.com and there are 104 manual transmission cars for less than $12k at the DC area locations (note that this includes Laurel, Frederick, Dulles, etc.) Might even be worth taking a trip to one or two locations and checking out some different models all in one go. Also their no-haggle pricing is nice for those of us who don’t like to haggle.

    • maxwell smart

      THIS is exactly why I hold onto my 2001, despite driving maybe 1,000 miles a year. It still looks and runs fantastic and it’s near impossible to get manual transmissions anymore, so it would be impossible to replace (quite literally since Nissan no longer makes Xterra’s).

    • Granted, I bought my car in ’06 and bought it new, but I did not find it hard to find manual transmissions in the small hatchback cars I was looking at. Using the internet was a great way to find out what dealers’ inventory was.

      I also think buying used would be easier. Are you looking at dealers, or tying to buy from owner-sellers? I bought my previous manual from owner-sellers – more time consuming, but I figured I would get a better maintained car – the people trying to sell themselves had all their maintenance records.

      If you can swing a cheap, new car, you will get a few years of not having any of the small stuff to fix. Hard to get that with a used car for long…

    • WOOHOO good luck and have fun!

  • justinbc

    Rant: When we left in early May for our honeymoon my rose bushes were off to a record start, spilling over the walls with stems so bloom-laden I was worried they would snap. Now that we’ve returned after 3 weeks untouched they are almost completely decimated by sawflies (even though they’re not present, I know it’s them because we had them last year too). Lots of trimming last night, and some spraying this week will hopefully return them to their glory. I don’t want to miss out on the whole rest of the season of blooms and vases for the house and friends.
    Rave: The trip was incredible. Hopefully I’ll have some photos up to Flickr by the end of the week, but the procrastinator in me knows that it will probably be next week.
    Rant: Forgot to take a PoP T-shirt, woops. We had planned to compile photos from all 6 states.
    Rant: Still no wedding photos back, 2 months after the date. We had someone who was a professional, but also a friend, so I’m trying not to be pushy, but what’s normal for folks who’ve had them done?

    • We had a teaser photo the night of our wedding! Then he posted a small gallery within a few weeks, but we received the full gallery 7 weeks after our wedding.

    • As an aspiring wedding photog myself and someone who is studying the business, two months is a bit long. 4-6 weeks is the norm from what I see. Did you sign a contract with friend, because the promised timeline should be in there. You also should have at least received a first look within days after the wedding, which is common for most photographers these days.

      • justinbc

        Yes, signed contract, however no date in there. I should point out that she doesn’t shoot digital, it’s actual medium-format film that has to be processed and then scanned using high-res scanners. So understandably it takes a bit longer (and why there are no immediate preview images), but we’re now at the point where people are asking regularly and it’s a bit annoying…

        • Ahhh, I love film and am doing that for my wedding! Your pics will be great. But yes, even for film that is long. I’ve seen many film photographers have first looks and blog posts up within a month.

    • Bear

      I think it was about 8 weeks for us, but our photographer also posted a blog post with about 10 teaser images.

    • SilverSpringGal

      Not a wedding but I had professional headshots done and I had everything in hand within 5 days. 2 months seem suspect even if the wedding photog had to outsource editing.

    • Seems long to me based on conversations with all of the wedding photographers we have been considering. We had our engagement photos back within five weeks.

  • Rant: Slept terribly because of upsetting dreams, including one where I was dancing with a child at a party and the child was abducted. Woke up with a gasp. Terrible.
    Rant: Need, need new job. I’m underpaid and surrounded by a toxic culture.
    Rave: Sunshine.
    Rave: Book club and seeing the fella again on Thursday. Gives me time to work on job applications.

  • Rant: A “local investor” just left me a voicemail saying he buys lots of homes in DC and found my info in the tax records. He wants to know if I am interested in selling my house, cash offer, no contingency. Ugh really? Is this a thing?? They’re going through tax records and calling people??

    • I get these about once a month. They are gross.

    • I can’t even understand how this is a good use of their time. They are obviously going to offer the craziest low ball offer. But I guess there’s some really dumb people out there.
      My guess is that there is someone trolling the records on behalf of an investor and that person gets a finders’ fee, if they can land a meeting.

      • He said to call x number back and “he or his assistant would answer” so he definitely has someone working with/for him. The thing is, I’m not a sucker and won’t even entertain such BS, but I have to imagine there are some vulnerable or elderly residents who may not know what their house is worth. 🙁 It’s really gross. Part of me wanted to call back and just say sure, love to sell…for one million dollars cash and see what he says.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Hate it when I’m volunteered to put out a fire as soon as I walk in the door. Why I am the fire fighter?
    Rant: Some people raise children, I feel like I’m raising a parent. Smelled smoke from my room last night and rushed downstairs to find an unattended pot on the stove. I sent my mom to her room and told her to go to bed.
    Rant: Mom just called to see if I can take a day off in July to chaperone a day trip to Philly…for a religious film viewing. Should I convert to pastafarianism now to get out of this; how hot can wearing a colander on a head be, right?

  • Rave: Bachelor party weekend in Vegas was a success. Had a ton of fun, got a little teary eyed though. It’s weird, I don’t see this as the end of my social life per se, but every little event, i.e. bachelor party, or seeing my fiance plan her bachelorette party (or talk about it at least) hits me, as if to say wow this is really happening. It’s weird, I’m scared, nervous and excited all at the same time.
    Rant: I took a red eye and got in around 4 AM on Monday, and got very little sleep this past weekend so I’m struggling.
    Rant: Buyer wants the settlement date to be moved up another day or so, it’s already been moved up once at the buyer’s request. Hopefully I can be moved out in two weekends.

    • Accountering

      You still get to do fun things, even once you are married. If you are marrying someone who won’t let you do fun things, I would suggest re-thinking the marriage entirely 🙂
      Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

      • +1 to this. There is no reason that fun ends when you marry. You can still see your friends, and [gasp] see then without your spouse. You can still take weekends away with your friends (vacation time and budget permitting). Heck, I just went to Thailand with one of my oldest friends, and my wife spent the weekend at the flood that was supposed to be Jazzfest. You do have to balance things – you no longer have carte blanche to do or spend whatever you want. But the alternative is most definitely not never leaving your spouse’s side and eschewing everything you used to enjoy.
        Now, if you have kids . . . [Kidding! Mostly.]

        • Yep, that’s what I was getting at, the fun won’t end, but it’s definitely going to be scaled back a bit.

          • Accountering

            Meh, doesn’t have to be? Kids, for sure, but just because you make it official doesn’t mean your life has to change all that much, really at all.

          • I go out more and party harder now than I did in my 20s. That’s with kids and a bad hip. For one thing, I have more money now, which is a huge factor. I have stronger friendships. And I have a greater need to let off steam than I did when I was younger.
            It is what you make it, I guess I’m trying to say.

          • Accountering/wdc – I hear ya! I guess for me it’s all about balancing, I don’t have this “oh man, I’m never seeing you guys again” feeling, and she’s a pretty awesome girl and we’ve both discussed the need to see our friends b/c we have seen some of our married couple friends just fall off the map. It’s like dcd, finding balance.

          • “I go out more and party harder now than I did in my 20s.”
            For me, yes and no. I rarely, if ever, go out for a happy hour drink on a Wednesday that turns into a $125 (in 1999 dollars) bar bill. That used to be a weekly occurrence. I rarely, if ever, stay out drinking until 2:00. Hell, I don’t even like to go out on Friday nights, since I’m so tired from the week (though other, hardier souls are better at this). But, those changes are the result of growing older, having more responsibilities, and a longer recovery time, not anything to do with marriage.
            These days, I do take better trips, both with my wife/family and friends. I don’t drink cheap booze (life is way to short). I do eat at better restaurants. And I don’t see my friends as much as I used to, but I do have every bit as much fun with them as I used to.
            Sorry, I almost lapsed to a bad version of “Turn, turn, turn” there. Short version, domrep – many things, including friendships, will change as time goes by. Marriage absolutely doesn’t have to be a trigger – unless you want it to be.

  • Rant: Another long power outage on the 1100 blocks of Columbia Rd and Harvard St. Here’s hoping the groceries I just bought don’t go bad >.<

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