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  • Can someone explain this more? I know it was a thing way back -like the 40’s, with real soapboxes – but what’s up with it now?

    • I think they still do it because kids still enjoy building and racing small non-motorized vehicles.

    • The idea is that the kids are supposed to craft the vehicles themselves. Same idea as in the 40s. What’s up with it now is that, much like in the 40s,some children still enjoy crafting things, and some parents enjoy encouraging their children to do things other than sit behind a device. You know what also still exists? Rubix Cube competitions. Jump Rope Competitions. 4H Clubs. Etc.

  • Sorry – my question was based on the photo – which looks pretty sleek – not like made from a “soapbox.” And the wheels are clearly not old bicycle wheels. Of course I could google it. But someone posted it here, so I’m thinking they might have real info to give us. Clearly not old time soapbox built out of scrap in the garage – so what is it all about?

    • Found a website with info about the competition – http://www.soapboxderby.org/greater-washington.aspx

      Looks like they’ve standardized the cars, taking away some of the challenge of building one. Must be to ensure the safety of participants and to avoid lawsuits. Apparently, it’s been going on since 1934. Wish I’d known about this when I was growing up. Looks like fun.

  • I Dont Get It

    One long ago Mother’s Day my sister and I were playing on a Soapbox Derby car that my father had in his temporary possession, I think he was a race official or something. Anyway, she put on the brakes and managed to cut the tip of my big toe off resulting in a run to the Emergency Room. I still call my sister on Mother’s Day to remind her of this incident. I’m classy that way!

  • The local Soapbox Derby organization has this race every year, and the winner of it goes to the Soapbox Nationals, in Akron, Ohio. The race is downhill on Constitution Avenue by the Capitol, and since that area is under the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police, it takes a Congressional resolution to allow it – probably the only bi-partisan issue in Congress.

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