Paging Paul Ruppert, Paging Paul Ruppert – Former El Sol Space for Sale on 14th

3911 14th Street, NW

The former El Sol space is now listed for sale:

“Established local restaurant/retail commercial building in busy expanding Col Heights corridor; can be sold with/without equipment ready-to-start. Includes commercial hood, bar, loading area, expanded patio area – this is prime. Includes Patio License! New Condos coming up everywhere nearby – great pedestrian traffic & builtup clientele.”

It’s going for $960,000.

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  • This just got popular. Why on earth are they selling?

    • El Sol didn’t own the space. Obviously the owner wants to cash in on the rising real estate values.
      Such is the dilemma many small businesses face.

  • El Sol moved a half a block away to open new concept – Mexican Cucina & Mezcalria. This block is about ready to explode. Little Coco’s opening in a couple weeks by the owner of El Chucho, Slash/Run. Red Derby, Lyman’s Tavern and Taqueria Habenero across the street. There have been five new condo developments open recently as well as about four more under development at the intersection of Spring Rd & 14th St. Entrepreneurs get in while you can! This will be the next Upshur St.

  • New spot for Domku

  • With what Little Coco’s is doing with their roof deck space under construction a couple doors down, this would be a great spot for a restaurant with a nice outdoor space on the roof. Here’s to wishing they open a tap room with good burgers and sandwiches!

  • justinbc

    This is a pretty small space, whatever opens will have to be a lowkey kind of operation.

    • Nah, they can get creative. It’s not as small as you think on the inside. Plus with sidewalk and seating and (hopefully) a rood deck like Littl Coco’s; any restaurant will absolutely crush it here. With all the bars, the strip is severely lacking (non-mexican) food options. I’m dreaming Boundary Stone, Alfie’s or Red Hen…. A solid bakery, coffee shop or deli would also do well.

      • I would kill for a good little bakery like the one I lived near in NYC….Ah, Hungarian Pastry Shop, how I miss thee!

      • Would LOVE a good bagel place / deli. This area already has so many beer / burger places, do we Really need another?

      • justinbc

        I’ve been in inside many times. There’s absolutely no way a place like Red Hen could operate in here, sorry to bust your bubble.

      • This area is not a far walk from Le Caprice, a fabulous bakery.

        A wine bar would be great. No one up here serves reasonable wine. I love me some Derby, Lyman’s, Reynolds, KBC, etc. but I don’t want to drink craptastic house wine.

  • I’d be very into Chinese because the spot across the street kinda blows. But I guess I can’t see the patio being useful for a Chinese takeout spot, and all I really wanna do is sip a drank on that patio again.

  • Yeah because got knows we need another overpriced, overrated restaurant by Rupert.

  • My hopes for the block remain dim so long as Golden Paradise (and its ilk) attract those looking only to get blasted on the cheap. Also, across the street around the bus stop loiter 24/7 some fairly nasty inibriates. I don’t question their right to do what they do, but I have a hard time thinking any restaurant will floursih among all the barfing/fighting/pissing/drug-use, etc.

    • U St is doing just fine and there’s plenty of that going on.

      I live just around the corner and hope for the sake of my home value that this block continues to improve!

      • I own a house on Randolph and am similarly invested. But I don’t think the 3900 block of 14th will ever have the draw of a U Street that allows patrons to overlook the more seamy elements.

        • It’s about critical mass. U St was plenty seedy in its day. The only thing this area is missing is easy access to a Metro station. The further you go up 14th St, the more limited you are to buses.

        • I agree. MPD and Social Services need to be more involved here. Too much illegal activity and drug/alcohol issues.

      • Oh, I dunno. U/14th Sts had their seamy days. So did Adams Morgan. Those areas did ok and this is ripe for improvement.

    • Yeah, it was awful last night! Cops out and people arguing and crying and making a huge mess around 130-2am. Golden Paradise is such a bad addition.

  • Definitely not worth the price, at least not yet

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