Misdemeanor Sexual Assault on the Metropolitan Branch Trail


From MPD:

“The MPD is investigating a report on the Metropolitan Branch Trail as follows:

Misdemeanor Sex Assault Metropolitan Branch Trail (Mile Marker 1.9)16103150

C1 was assaulted when S1 grabbed her buttocks at the listed location. S1 was last seen north towards 8th and Edgewood. S1 was described as a hispanic male, with short hair, wearing an orange shirt and carrying a green backpack.

Questions, concerns, and information regarding this matter should be addressed to the Sex Assault Unit at 202-727-3700.”

One Comment

  • They need to change this trail’s name to the “Mugging and Rape Trail”. Not blaming the victims, but you’re taking your life in your own hands if you ride here. With the nearly weekly reports of violence, the District seems to have officially turned this one over to the miscreants.

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