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  • Popville should just start creating special tags for “14th and Columbia violent crime” and “8th and Jefferson gunfire.”

    • +1. Agreed. It’s always the same corners. Until they finally put more MPD presence there and then it’ll move a block in either direction -_-

  • The police presence around the neighborhood last night (early evening) was impressive. Either they all clocked out after dinner, or literally nothing will prevent this shit.

    • Removing Brianne Nadeau in the next election is our best option for change.

      • That’s the plan.

      • I agree that Brianne needs to go, but is she any softer/tougher on crime than Jim Graham was?

      • No it’s not. You’ll do more by replacing the Police Chief and the Mayor – these are the ones who decide where cops go and how many. And maybe the entire City Council in one fell swoop for not appropriating enough funds to hire more cops. Nadeau can’t do sh#t about number of beat cops on the street or their location on her own. And I say this as someone who would never vote for her.

  • I live close to 14th and Columbia, it is basically perfect for crime: a 711 and high density housing projects all crammed at one corner.

    • Right! Like the corner of 27th and P!
      Wait… no, same criteria apply, result varies. What went wrong?

    • No the problem is rental owners of the low income housing is under budgeting private security to places like Trinity Towers and Columbia heights Village..If you think MPD is enough better think again

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