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  • Yuck. One more crappy fast-food joint to litter up the place.

    • Ha. You aren’t wrong. But I kind of love JJ’s. I’ve never been to any of the fast food around DCA USA ever. I will shamefully devour a JJ’s sandwich occasionally, and then feel awful about myself (physically and emotionally) for the next 24 hours.

  • I’ve got to get there before Emma C. does!!

  • So I guess they aren’t any good? Never been.

    • They’re not a gourmet meal or anything, but I like them.

      • I live 0.40 miles from them and I’m somehow not in their delivery area. Therefore, I hope this location is an utter failure.

    • Some people seem to really like them. In my experience they are people who went to school in a midwest college town where a JJ was a fast cheap option. Personally, I think they are pretty bland sandwiches. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually think Subway is better in many ways.

    • I considered them decent sandwiches in high school and college, with pretty good bread. Not sure if that’s changed, if I was content to eat bad food, or if it’s just become popular to hate on them for not being something they’ve never pretended to be.

    • A lot of the hate comes from the fact that the CEO is a bit scummy. Big game hunter, not great to employees (the big news was that they make their front-line employees sign a 2-year non-compete clause, which, let’s face it, is, at best, really poor form), etc.
      I liked them in college, in a town where they were one of the few places that would deliver to my slightly far-flung apartment, but haven’t eaten it since. Given that my taste buds were far from refined at that point and it was over 10 years ago, I won’t comment on the food, given that I couldn’t even begin to remember how it tastes.

  • they’re not gourmet but their subs are pretty good (definitely better than subway). but, seriously, f*ck this location. I live 0.40 miles from there (in mount pleasant @ 17th and Lamont) and they won’t deliver b/c I’m outside their delivery radius??

  • Why does every Jimmy John’s get announced here?

  • Ha. Same here. .5 miles away and they won’t deliver??? Don’t they know I do everything within my power to prevent having to go to this part of Columbia Heights??? It’s a sh*t show.

  • The worst intersection in DC deserves the worst sandwiches.

  • Makes enough money from fast-food to finance his twisted desire to murder “big-game” animals all over the world.

    • I hate to break it to you, but if you knew the personal beliefs, hobbies and general attitudes of CEOs, you probably wouldn’t be a fan of many conpanies….
      If you wanna hate on a company like Chick Fil A that transfers those beliefs to the company, go for it. But to boycott Jimmy Johns because their CEO goes hunting – are you personally investigating the lifestyle of every company’s CEO that you’re a customer of??

      • JohnH – He’s not just the CEO, he’s the founder of JJ’s. So yeah, not contributing to his earnings because I find his love of killing beautiful wildlife to be disgusting seems totally reasonable to me. As for your “logic”…doesn’t really hold up under even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

    • Where do you think the everyday beef, poultry, fish, vegetables comes from? So ALL these restaurants – big and small, even ‘locally sourced, organic’ are serial killers?

  • Be glad they don’t deliver. OTOH, an 8-10 minute walk is probably better for you than what they serve.

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