Here’s Where the Other Pidizza is coming in Chinatown

740 6th Street, NW

A couple weeks ago we learned Pidizza was coming to Ivy City. Here’s where it’s also coming to in Chinatown.

Pidzza aims to bring a more health-concious attitude to pizza while also adding a Turkish flare. The restaurant boasts organic and a mostly locally-grown menu. It is Pidzza’s hope that allowing people to choose from these healthy ingredients that pizza can be seen as something to be championed.


Remember when?


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  • I miss Burma.

  • Seems like “pizzda” is some internal Douglas doing. We’ll see, though I don’t have the highest of hopes.
    Does anyone know whether the city forced Douglas to “reconstruct” the historic building on the left? They really screwed the pooch with proportions here. (See the buildings just right of the new development for reference as to how it should’ve looked.)

  • Ugh, bring back Burma.

    Also is it just me or does this new building have the exact same FAR as the three it replaced?

    • There’s clearly more density in the new building (4th floor seems to take up the entire area save for the historic building), but I had a similar thought when I first glanced at the pictures.

    • I think it has a little more gurth in the back. But, I do miss the old building. It was far from a gem, but it has the organic urban vibe than is largely missing in DC. The new building loooks to have a net reduction in non-office space.

  • RIP Bistro Med too!

  • Pizza is the new Hamburger?

  • Ugh.

    Pizza is not, and never should be, considered a health food.

  • I miss Burma so much. Great people there. Also nice to my kid. So sad.

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