GDoN “Designed by Percival Emmert in 1911” edition

1854 Wyoming Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 1854 Wyoming Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stunningly renovated Kalorama townhouse w/8 BRs, 5 full & 1 half BA. Designed by Percival Emmert in 1911. This home is all of 7,000 interior sqft; main level w/distinct dining, living & kitchen spaces w/breakfast nook, & rear patio. 2nd level incl. an incredible master-suite w/Florida kitchen, master BR w/waterworks features, heated floors, & walk-in closet. Sep. LL 1BR/1BA rental. 2 car garage.”


You can see more photos here.

This 8 bed/5.5 bath is going for $2,599,000.

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  • What on earth is a Florida kitchen?

  • That painting is creepy AF.

    • My thought exactly.
      That shower stall is larger than any bathroom I’ve ever had.

    • Funny. I thought the painting was awesome! If I was buying that house I would ask for them to include it in the deal.

  • It looks like the dining room is in a (large) foyer, which seems very strange to me.
    I wish there were a floor plan in the photo tour — I’m curious about the configuration of this one, and about how it would originally have been configured.

    • The layout looks very original to me (maybe with the exception of the kitchen bump-out).

      • I’ve never seen a dining table right by the main staircase like that. How are these houses laid out — is the main staircase in the middle (or back) of the house, rather than closer to the front?

        • It looks like whoever staged the house placed the dining room in what was previously intended as a parlor, and the parlor in the dining room. They didn’t actually change the building layout – just furniture placement.

          • OK. That’s what I thought — that they took a room not originally intended as a dining room and used it as a dining room.

        • I’m thnking to get to the dining room, you go straight from the foyer through the columned arch. So it is the next room after the living room, and the stairs spill into the dining room on the opposite side of the house from the front door. And then the den/parlor is after that.

          Also, isn’t this really Adams Morgan since it’s been 18th and Columbia and behind the Hinkley Hilton?

  • That shower. It looks like a rich persons version of a high school locker room shower. From the pictures it looks like 3 people could shower at the same time. Or maybe more like a human car wash–you rinse at the first nossle, suds up in the middle, and wash off in the third?

    I have 3 preschoolers. That shower would be awesome for kiddo shower night.

  • Leaving the decor aside, the price actually seems very reasonable for the size and location.

  • Leaving the decor aside, the price actually seems very reasonable for the size and location.

  • That bathroom might be bigger than my first apartment was. Is the long window-ed room off the bathroom a dressing area? I like the idea of natural light in a dressing area, but it still seems like a strange use of space.
    I wonder about the pricing – it sold for $2.1m in 2007 and has been renovated since. So it’ll probably go for above asking.

    • 2007 was the peak of the bubble, though. It’s possible that the value went down in 2008, and thus the difference between the 2007 sale price and the 2016 asking price isn’t as much as one would expect.
      In my old condo building in Adams Morgan, prices are way more than when I bought in 2002… but they still haven’t caught back up to their circa-2007 peak.

  • When you’re rich, you aren’t weird, you’re eccentric.

  • I like the king painting.

  • How about a post for people who don’t want a house, and why?

    • Wouldn’t the “Today’s Rental” posts qualify for that purpose?

      • No. Open to people who own condos, too. I mean, a lot of people have no interest in having a house, a yard, etc. It would be interesting to hear others’ reasons why. Houses look like enormous pains to me, and I don’t understand their appeal. Am I alone?

        • Maybe a Friday Question of the Day — “What do you see as the respective advantages/disadvantages of buying vs. renting, and of houses vs. condos/apartments?”

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