Update Reunited! Found Dachshund near H Street, NE

found pup

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking my dog this morning and came across this distinguished gentleman (he’s a black and brown dachshund) cruising the streets by himself. He was found on the 600 block of F St NE wearing a blue collar with no tag. We brought him to Union Vet to be scanned and he has a chip but it is not registered. If anybody recognizes him they they can contact me at sam.zivin(at)gmail.com.”

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  • Oh, what a charmer! I hope his person come forward to claim him soon. Will you please keep us posted?
    Rescuer and Fan of Senior Dogs

  • What a great portrait! Just a snapshot of a little lost dog, but the colors and composition are fantastic. I hope his owner appears, and also hope they thank you for the great picture of him!

  • Good reminder to everyone that if you microchip your pet you actually have to register your information. It doesn’t just automatically happen.

    • Being an ignorant first time cat owner, pet owner really as I hadn’t had a pet of my own as an adult, I didn’t realize this. A few months ago I checked to see if I had updated my cat’s info when I moved and turns out I never fully registered it after I adopted him from WARL, the chip was still in their name. I think I missed a step and the chip company missed a step in the process. All fixed now! It’s also good to have the chip checked to make sure it’s working at their annual checkup.

      • I was like you with my first cat, who disappeared for six months. When he was found, half the people who knew him didn’t think it was the same cat! I wasn’t sure myself but I really had no way of knowing.

      • I wouldn’t say “ignorant.” Anyone doing anything for the first time doesn’t know what questions to ask.

    • When you rescue your little one from a shelter and you think you have filled out all the appropriate steps to register and even checked with the VET, imagine your surprise when you find out the info isn’t in a database. But glad you can judge so easily. Have a wonderful day.

    • GREAT NEWS for doggie! agree on microchip – good reminder and no judgement. i just checked on my dog’s registration and apparently it had expired, and i had option to do a yearly registration or a lifetime registration (which bf must have opted for annual the first time). i don’t know if there was another option out there, but I was kind of surprised the registration cost money, and she was chipped (?) by the humane society in south east. which btw is an awesome low cost option for spay/neuter and vaccinations – atlas (love them!) is our primary vet, but when my friend told me the cost of spay at humane society, we took her there for that procedure and first set of vaccines (HUNDREDS of dollars less). http://support.washhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=spayneuter

  • Thank you for bringing him in. He’s a sweet boy and we sincerely hope his family finds him soon.

  • This is my dog Bo! I just sent the person who found him an email. Can you please help me get him back.

  • Bo is about to be reunited with his mom! Win for the Internet!

  • Owners who don’t put a tag on their dog shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet. Ticks me off reading these stories.

    • Yes, people should tag their pets, but even if they did, dogs (especially small ones) can sometimes slip out of collars.

  • Nicole: so glad you got your little man back. He’s a total cutie!

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