Feel the Bern at RFK Thursday

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

From Events DC:

Bernie Sanders is hosting a rally on RFK Festival Grounds – Lot 3/Maloof Skate Park, this Thursday, June 9, from 4:00 – 8:30 pm.

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged (click here to RSVP). Admission is first come, first served.

Commuter parking will be temporarily re-located to Lot 4. Dillon’s buses will be temporarily re-located to Lot 6. Parking is available on-site for event goers, carpooling is strongly encouraged and the Stadium-Armory metro station (orange, blue and silver lines) will be operational.

For security reasons, please do not bring bags, and limit what you bring to small personal items like keys and cell phones. Weapons, sharp objects, chairs, and signs or banners on sticks will not be allowed through security.

With the DC primary coming up on June 14, Bernie will be holding a conversation about the issues that matter to him: making college tuition-free, getting big money out of politics, combating climate change, and much more. Here are the details:

A Future to Believe In Washington, DC
Thursday, June 9
Gates open at 4:00 pm
RFK Festival Grounds – Lot 3
2001 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC”

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  • I’m already heading to the O’Malley rally at that same time. #suspendthebern

  • Joshua


  • Sanders needs to stop his ego trip, end his campaign, and endorse Hillary now. She is far from perfect, but the time has come to unite fully against Trump and the racist and xenophobic bile that he is peddling. If Trump wants to live in DC, then he can book a room at his hotel.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      It’s really a drag in American democracy that we have to endorse someone who is “far from perfect” in order to unite against someone who is admittedly much, much worse.

      • It’s not like Senator Sanders is the paragon of virtue and perfection either.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          I didn’t say he was. I’m just saying we deserve better than those kinds of options.

          • Well, you complained that we are endorsing someone who is ‘far from perfect” which infers you think Senator Sanders is. Unless there is some imaginary pure candidate out there you think can lead this country.

          • Time to let it go and unite.

          • I didn’t get the impression that NH Ave Hiker was talking about anyone in particular, but the system in general.

          • Every President we have had has been far from perfect. Every person serving in Congress is far from perfect. Why should Hillary be condemned for being as imperfect as the rest?

            I’m tired of the rhetoric that Bernie has promoted this year against her is taken as fact instead of the opinion it is. There are a great deal of people who like her just fine and think she’s more than qualified. We just don’t need a bunch of rallies to make ourselves feel right about it.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          Also, I’m not supporting Sanders necessarily, I’m just saying that’s always the defense I see from Hillary supporters. “She’s far from perfect.” Of course no candidate is perfect, but people shouldn’t have to say that about their chosen candidate constantly.

          • As you mentioned, it’s the *defense* by HRC supporters but not the offense. As implied by your choice of words, HRC supporters are so often forced to defend against some real or imagined faults despite the compelling reasons for supporting her.

      • Yeah, but Bernie Sanders is “far from perfect” – although you wouldn’t know it since he has been handled with kid gloves by the media. If you think that there isn’t an opposition file on Sanders, you are mistaken. But Clinton went negative on his policies, not on him. The Republicans would most certainly not have done the same if he became the nominee.

        • Right. As much as he has wined about how unfairly he has been treated, Clinton has gone very very easy on him.

        • Accountering

          He would have gotten absolutely unloaded on if he was the nominee.

          • +1000. There is absolutely no way Republicans would let him get anything done.

          • Accountering

            Not only that, day 1 of him as nominee would be the ad with the stock footage of the middle class parents poring over bills, with the dad with a furrowed brow and a nervous mom, overlaid with Bernie saying “Yes, I am going to raise taxes on the middle class”
            It would have gotten ugly so quickly.
            We know what we have with Hillary. They are going to attack her on emails and Benghazi, and absent an indictment, those are both losers for the Rs.

          • Kinda like Clinton will. Hillary supporters absolutely blow my mind. She is completely two-faced and will accomplish nothing except making her rich buddies richer.

          • Accountering

            Clinton has been attacked non-stop for the last decade, they have made little progress, and she is still the nominee, and very like next president.
            Accomplishing nothing to me is much preferrable to Trump getting in. Decades of progress could be toast in a year with a R House, Senate, and President.

          • justinbc

            I’ve actually seen multiple articles (written by Republicans) encouraging them to vote for Hillary over Trump because at least then the Congress can fight her and get their way. It’s very hard for Congress to go against the POTUS if they are the same party, and Trump will bully them into whatever agenda he wants, which frankly isn’t very conservative minded at all.

      • We settle for perfect all the time. If we let perfection be the enemy of good enough nothing would get done.

    • +1

    • He will, but damn as a DC resident I would at least like the chance to vote before we’re stuck with just one candidate. As for ego, Clinton didn’t concede until a week after Obama cinched the nomination.

  • If I want to hear a cranky old man who will never be president shout, I can just call my grandpa.

  • Well then. Part of me is super annoyed since this is by my house and will probably mess up the commute home. Part of me wants to watch for the entertainment factor.

  • Awesome, still can’t wait to vote for Bernie. Realize he may not be the nominee, but he’s the direction I want the party to head in.

    • MAY not be the nominee? You doin’ okay, pal?

      • This kind of comment is what drives Bernie supporters crazy. The Clinton camp just let a win be a win. They want to short-circuit Bernie’s right to see his campaign through to the end and let every primary matter. At least save the victory dance for next Wednesday. The fact that the AP called the race on a day when no elections had occurred tells you everything you need to know about how broken the primary system is.

        • The AP called the race immediately following Clinton’s victory in the Puerto Rico primary. The primary system has been what it is for decades. It’s not clear why this is the first year it’s being so widely condemned as “broken” (aka “rigged”)

          • Yeah, I’m not in the “rigged” camp and I think it’s too easy for Clinton supporters to label all Bernie supporters as conspiracy nuts as a way to shut down debate. The superdelegate thing is messed up and has been for a long time. So is the idea that a candidate can win 70-30 in the popular vote of a state and each candidate will get half of the delegates. It went both ways so each candidate benefited from this at different times, but man, that just seems like a system that breeds resentment.

        • Accountering

          I don’t think it is broken in the least. She got millions more votes, and won. Seems like it worked pretty well?

          • NH Ave Hiker

            Yes it worked out this time. But just because a candidate gets the most votes doesn’t necessarily mean they will get the nomination. The system really does need to be fixed.

          • Tell that to Al Gore.

        • I think the AP should have waited to make the call. But their defense, which is reasonable, is that Clinton clinching the nomination was a newsworthy event. AP has been surveying super delegates all year to see who they plan to vote for. On Monday night there were enough super delegates firmly committed to Clinton for AP to make the call that she was the presumptive nominee. They did the same thing with Trump, who was announced as the presumptive Republican nominee on a random Thursday.
          As for the “broken” system – Barack Obama started the 08 campaign in the same super delegate hole that Sanders was in at the start of this campaign. But by this point in the 08 race, Obama had flipped a majority of the super delegates to his side and had a majority of the pledged delegates. So the idea that the super delegate advantage Clinton had at the start guaranteed her a victory is belied by recent history.
          Interesting that Sanders hates super delegates, but loves caucuses – which are really low turnout affairs when compared to primaries. It only took 253 caucus voters to get Sanders a win in North Dakota. I suspect that he will push for open primaries and getting rid of super delegates in the future. Query whether he will stick with that proposal if or when the DNC says “fine, but we’re going to get rid of caucuses too.”

          • If Bernie was getting the votes/delegates/super delegates Hillary got, his bat shit crazy, unemployed/stoned college student supporters wouldn’t be saying the system is rigged.

          • “bat shit crazy, unemployed/stoned college student supporters”

            Funny that you think that’s who Bernie supporters are. Maybe that helps you feel superior, but it just isn’t the case.
            Sure Bernie supporters will complain that the system is unfair and Clinton supporters will say tough luck, but how about Clinton takes that on and tries to reform the system when she is in office and has that power as head of the party? No one ever does this, so the system perpetuates and winners never feel obligated to fix a system that leaves losers feeling cheated. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • I’m conflicted, because there is a Stanley Cup rally for the Caps at the same time, and I wan to support them both!

  • I’m voting Trump because he is not a socialist boob. Bernie is a wacko

  • What about the free shit?

  • Accountering

    It’s time to hang it up…. You are going to get absolutely crushed in DC, and rightfully so. Please do not throw away all the goodwill and progress you have made by continuing on with this useless crusade. You lost, fair and square.

    • All these Hillary supporters sure are sore winners.

      • I am only sore because she basically was skewered in 2008 despite being much closer to winning than Bernie is for waiting four whole days to concede to Obama. And if she were doing this as far behind as Bernie is, she’d be completely massacred by the media and Bernie supporters. But we get it. If Hillary is or does something, it’s bad. WE GET IT.

        • So Bernie isn’t being skewered? I haven’t heard anyone say anything positive about Bernie doing this. Are we doing an eye for an eye in our own party now?

          • Not enough. He’s still being softly handled because people are afraid his supporters will lose their minds. In 2008, a sitting senator (Feinstein) stepped in and intervened to get Hillary to see the writing on the wall. I don’t see many people doing that to Bernie.

          • Our party? Senator Sanders, lifelong Democrat? Sorry, no.

        • Bernie is not really a Democrat. He doesn’t need to concede to a Party that never really accepted him. If he really believes in the movement, then he will fight to the end for the sake of progress
          In 08, Hillary conceded to get a made Secy of State and wait eight years to run again when the primary competition was weaker. Bernie has nothing to lose.

          • This is the thing that drives me crazy. Bernie is not a Democrat. He was not a Democrat until October of last year. Why are we expecting the party to kotow to him if he wasn’t even a member for the majority of his career?

          • The party will kowtow to him if they want his votes. Votes are everything; it doesn’t matter if he is a longstanding member or not.
            Hillary and the DNC need to choose–go after the progressives or pivot right and get the moderate republicans that are afraid to vote Trump.

          • justinbc

            Well, Trump wasn’t / isn’t a Republican either, but it seemed to work out pretty well for him regardless.

          • Then he can do that in his own party with confetti and unicorns, BUT he became a Democrat, tried to be the Democratic nominee, and is trying to change the rules to be the Democratic nominee.

            Now you are telling me that since he isn’t a Democrat and that this was him being a parasite using the party for his own uses and will throw it away when convenient?

            Sorry, if a lot of Democrats are rightly furious at that kind of sentiment and are happy that Clinton who has worked in the party for decades and has gotten actual liberal policies become reality along with a cohort of fellow liberals.

          • @no_you
            He wants to change the party to reflect more progressive values. That is how political parties work–they are not cast in stone. The fact that he has been such a disruptive presence this cycle–stealing the youth vote from Hillary–shows that the party is out of step with the population.
            Also, some of us have been voting D for many decades and waiting for politicians to push the party back toward the left, away from the triangulating centrism of the Clintons. Obama started us toward Hope and Change and Bernie is pushing us even harder. He is a too good to be true–not a parasite.

      • Accountering

        I AM sore about this right now. It is crucially important that Trump not win. Hillary is our nominee, and all Bernie is doing at this point is further dividing the party.

      • The HRC supporters are just a bit tired of hearing Bernie and his backers drone on about how they can *still* (somehow) win the nomination by using tactics they openly disparaged just six months ago. Perhaps you can excuse them for hoping that someday they all feel the math and figure out that we all live in the same universe.

        • Put another way…superdelegates are baaaaad (unless they vote for our guy in which case they’re goooood)

      • If declaring victory makes you a sore loser, I’m not sure what that makes Bernie.

      • This. Can’t we wait until our own DC primary is over before the victory lap starts? What irony to have DC be the only primary that doesn’t get a chance to matter.

        • It actually seems quite apt to me. I mean, considering we are already void of congressional representation. Also, you forget that DC Republicans already voted in their primary. Also, the reason that the DC Democratic primary was moved was actually to encourage increased voter turnout for council/mayoral elections. Considering that the DC Democratic Primary pretty much decides who wins, it seems better to elect these officials as late in the year as possible. It’s not all about presidential politics, after all.

        • That is basically what happens every single election year because we hold primaries on a calendar of many months instead of all at once. The schedule often shifts/changes and not every state stays in the same order from one election to the next.

          DC is going to vote overwhelmingly for Hillary, so again, it doesn’t really matter. Last night didn’t really matter after she cross the majority pledged delegate number because then Bernie could never have caught her in pledged delegates. Without that, he really didn’t have an argument to make with superdelegates.

          Also, you could have voted already in DC.

          • Sure, and voting is an inherently illogical act of civil engagement since the odds of a single vote deciding an election is microscopic. So I guess why bother right? Just have a coronation for the latest Bush or Clinton and get it over with…

    • “Useless crusade”? Dude has lost mathematically, but this is POLITICS. The more support he can show, the more he’ll be able to bring our party’s neo-con frontrunner further left.

      Every vote counts. Especially those in DC. I’ll let you be the one to tell the citizens of DC who choose to vote in the democratic primary, “you have one choice for president. Suck it.”

  • Bernie’s staying in because Hillary might be indicted over the summer, and then Bernie will win. Don’t forget to vote in the DC primary next week. .

    • This is my understanding, as well. If HRC is indicted then the emails become a huge liability. As of right now, the email issue is a sideshow. Bernie is keeping himself in as the fall back option. Serious question: has any nominee been under indictment while running for the Presidency?
      TBH, it’s pretty ridiculous that it’s coming down to this. I can see why voter apathy is at an all-time high.

      • Indicted for what, exactly? The progressive left has become as bat-sh*t paranoid as the far right wing conspirators. The Clintons are about the most scrutinized politicians in history and yet there’s still no “there” there.

        • Did you not read last week’s report from State OIG? Potential things she could be indicted for, both of which violate the Federal Records Act:
          -Not receiving authorization from State to setup an independent server
          -Breaking federal records laws by not preserving and turning over her email correspondence to State after leaving the office of SoS
          People have been fired from federal government employment and criminally charged for much less serious infractions related to handling of government information. I’ll happily vote for her in November, but she straight up broke the law. If I did the same in my job, I would be crucified by my agency’s OIG and have the case sent to DOJ for potential charges.

          • NH Ave Hiker

            The report also mentioned that several other SoS have done similar things (Colin Powell, for example). Doesn’t make it right, but just pointing that out.

          • Are there criminal penalties for violating the Federal Records Act? No. Also, the Act was amended in December of 2014 to include the clarifications that essentially put her in non-compliance and she was no longer Secretary of State then. What she violated was standard policy. Rules. Not laws. The OIG has zero police power here to indict, arrest, etc. The FBI isn’t even investigating whether she violated the FRA.

            She did not break the law. And you are not the Secretary of State. Welcome to reality where we understand not everyone gets treated the same in life. I also imagine if you were using personal email for work, you probably would have been reprimanded or fired, but I seriously doubt you would have faced criminal charges. Please stop making stuff up.

          • NH Ave Hiker

            Duponter, the issue at stake is whether she discussed classified information on her personal server. Although they haven’t found any evidence of this (and I doubt they will), this is what’s against the law. If I sent classified information on my personal email, I could face criminal charges.

        • She is literally under criminal investigation by the FBI. Possible espionage and RICO charges. You can’t set up a private server with lax security and have classified information flowing through it. Google search “Brian Pagliano” or “Guccifer.”

          • RICO? Really? Hillary Clinton is under investigation for operating a criminal enterprise while Secretary of State? I am skeptical.

          • Dude please. RICO charges? This is just getting silly. Please go back to talk radio and stay off the interwebs.

        • The OIG report says nothing about breaking the law – and criminal laws at that. To be clear, an indictment requires that someone be charged with a criminal offense. Not following the rules at your workplace does not even remotely qualify. And no, people have not been “criminally charged” for things that are not, in fact, crimes. Remember Petraeus? What he did was demonstrably far worse and he ended up paying a fine. The idea that HRC will be indicted for anything is nothing short of a fantasy.

          • Er, um — Patreus was basically forced to resign as a result.

          • a) As I said, what Petraeus did was demonstrably far worse, and b) resigning from your job is not a criminal indictment. Remember this thread all started when someone raised the notion of Bernie ascending because Hillary gets indicted.

          • You said Patreus ended up paying a fine when in fact he also ended up resigning; so it would not be far-fetched to imagine Mrs. Clinton withdrawing from the race if the allegations against her cast a shadow. You know?

      • justinbc

        It’s hard to say, since pretty much any reasonable search you can think of returns 75% right-wing blog posts about Hillary.

    • Indicted for what, exactly? First, she is not going to be indicted for anything. Second, the convention is in six weeks or so, so unless she’s indicted between now and then, this is moot. Third, Bernie could still be handed the nomination at the convention even if he concedes that he has lost today. There is nothing formal about conceding the race such that superdelegates are no longer able to pick him in July. Literally nothing changes except he doesn’t look like such a dick for pretending Hillary didn’t trounce him.

      Also, she’s not going to get indicted. Stop watching Fox News. You sound crazy.

    • Accountering

      Yeah, she isn’t going to get indicted.

  • justinbc

    I’ve been a hardcore Bernie supporter from the very beginning of his campaign, but it’s time to hang it up pal. The threat of Trump is too real to continue being divisive in the party. He’s already caused Clinton to change stances on several major issues (minimum wage, Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc), igniting a new generation of voters (the largest, population wise, in American history), as well as offering a potential future model for financing a campaign without turning to big donors. I would say, for a guy that the pundits wrote off throughout the whole process, that’s accomplishing quite enough to be happy with this time around. Shillary might not be my choice, but she’s got plenty of credentials to make me OK with her as my POTUS, unlike the inevitable competition.

    • +100 and a round of applause. I whole heartedly agree.

    • I agreed with you till you referred to Hillary as Shillary.
      Can we please have sensible political debate on the left that doesn’t have to resort to childish name calling?

      • justinbc

        I dislike her, and would certainly not vote for her were her opposition not Donald Trump. Trust me, my names for him are much worse.

    • If the argument is that Bernie should give up when the outcome was clear, he should have dropped out back in April (or, hell, never gotten in since this was Hillary’s year all along).

      If he should drop out once Hillary has clinched the nomination by pocketing enough pledged delegates to get over the threshold, then we’re not at that point.

      If he should drop out when the AP declares that a survey of superdelegates has handed Hillary an overall delegate win, I think he has a right to question that and continue on.

      I think he has every right to run a campaign in every state AND DISTRICT even if we’ve known for weeks/months that it won’t result in victory. It does help his camp influence the party platform and that’s what matters at this point.

      • Accountering

        I agree with you – he should have dropped out back in April when the outcome was clear. He should definitely drop out now that the result is locked in stone.

        • Look, if we just want the whole primary process to be decided once one candidate gets a delegate lead, I don’t think anyone would be happy with that. Yeah, Bernie’s math became difficult weeks/months ago, but his campaign has always been about more than the nomination, and he has every right to influence the party platform as much as he can by accumulating as many delegates as he can.

          • He does, but remember that his secret service protection is on the taxpayer while he remains in the race, so staying in just to prove a point, as if everyone will forget about him if he does the gracious thing, is costing us money.

          • He has stayed in so Jeff Weaver can keep getting paid. Fleecing people $27 at a time for a lost cause.

            After last night, she crossed the line for a majority of the pledged delegates such that he was never going to catch her using that metric. She also vastly widened her already insurmountable popular vote lead. At some point, the metric is, do you have any legitimate argument to make to the only other metric left – superdelegates. The superdelegates have basically said loud and clear – no, you don’t.

            Pack it up and go home.

          • So I guess he should have dropped out in March, allowed Clinton to have no competition for the latter 40 states of primaries, she would end up with 80% of delegates, and he would have 20% and have 20% influence on the party platform. OR he could stay in, keep fighting to get a larger share of influence and be able to say that 40% of primary voters when given a choice want different policies on a few core issues. I’d rather he fight to have that representation at the convention, even if the nomination has been obvious for months.

            Of course for the Clinton camp it’s always only been about the nomination, so they are bewildered that this old guy keeps grumping about the issues even though he would have to win 70 or 80% of remaining delegates to win the nomination. This whole primary season has been apples and oranges and Clintonistas still don’t see that.

          • Read Politico’s article today and then keep telling yourself Bernie doesn’t care about Bernie. By any measure he has wildly exceeded expectations and it’s completely gone to his head. Meanwhile, the subtle misogyny of slamming Hillary for being ambitious and actually (gasp) wanting to achieve the presidency is some kind of fatal flaw. You make it sound like she hasn’t actually *done* anything in the preceding decades.

          • Let’s also remember that racking up incremental delegates without any choice of winning doesn’t magically *earn* Sanders anything. It’s not like you get proportional representation at the convention. Either you’re the winner, or you’re not. This idea that somehow continuing to accumulate delegates gives him some lever to pull is something completely made up. I don’t recall Hillary in 2008 threatening to show up at the convention and make demands of the DNC leadership and committees.

      • justinbc

        She beat him handily by every statistical measure. If the superdelegates changed their mind and voted for him, despite the numbers in their respective states, it would actually be against everything he argued for previously with respect to them. I respect Bernie a lot, but he’s used the threat of superdelegates both for and against him quite inconsistently, and it’s a bad look.

        • Yes, but Bernie knows HRC might get in trouble over the summer (right?) and so he’s hedging his bets. That makes what he’s doing perfectly sensible. What if HRC “does” get in legal trouble and she is the only Dem candidate? Yikes! And count on Trump to trot out all the Clinton baggage.

          • None of those are reasons to stay in if the voters have told you that they don’t care and want her. Unless of course you don’t think their voice matters.

  • I think Bernie is really inspiring and will vote for him on Tuesday even though he can’t win. I am also excited to vote for Hillary in November. It’s about time we have a woman president! No candidate is perfect. Let’s be happy that we have two competent, exciting candidates to choose from. Look at the poor Republicans who are stuck with choosing between a toupee on a can of expired cheez whiz or (I guess?) Gary Johnson.

  • Hopefully, Clinton will pivot to the right. She has the ability to pick up scores of centrist republicans that are rightly scared of Trump–turning red states blue and giving her sweeping wins in the national election. This will disgust many Bernie Progressives (including me), but I will still vote for her because Trump is terrifying.
    Best case scenario: The republicans dissolve into chaos, the dems become the new right, and the progressives coalesce into a new left around the Bernie platform.
    Best election in decades!!

  • Any idea when he will actually be speaking?

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