Dunya and their Dope Roof Deck Closed in Shaw

801 Florida Ave, NW just east of 9th and U Street

Thanks to a reader for passing the word that Dunya closed Sunday night:

“It’s time to say goodbye… FAREWELL weekend at our bar;
We want to say thank You all for supporting us and enjoying with our service, staff and DJs…”

Dunya opened pretty recently in December 2013. Updates when we learn what happens to the prime space – and roof deck.

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  • Do we know what is coming to this location? Hopefully not another cheap bar….

  • I really wanted to try this place out, but all the reviews were terrible.

  • I heard one of the owners or former owners is about to open a place on Kennedy Street.

  • I heard that they were getting tons of complaints about how loud the rooftop was.

    • I think it was more of a desperate attempt to draw customers inside. This place lacked any sort of a defined character and failed to draw in folks. It’s almost as if they simply banked on all the newcomers going there out of sheer proximity, completely neglecting the fact that they’re surrounded b a plethora of established (and establishing) drinking holes that provided something more than an $8 beer. This just goes to show that it takes more than $$$ to open a successful business.

  • What a bummer. They had a decent brunch. And the rooftop was pretty sweet.

  • This place always looked dead or desperate for patrons… Good location, but some sort of disaster happened early on and never recovered…

  • Good riddance. I could frequently hear the rooftop music inside my home a block away, clearly too, not just the bass. Plus during the day of the Funk Parade there were concerts in front of the Shay and instead of letting people enjoy it Dunya blasted their music to compete with the live musicians. No class. Glad to see it go.

  • Oh thank you god. This was THE worst meal/experience I had in 2015 – or actually in a few years.

  • Maybe if Trump is elected president, they can rename it Dubya to attract all the neocon kiddies.

  • Good riddance.

  • I liked this place because the roof deck was quiet but I guess that is not good for business. I though a roof deck essentially on U would be a can’t miss with summer liquor sales alone. Recently when I walked by I would hear Latin music playing (Bacata maybe?) and it reminded me of my summers in the Bronx.

  • The food was actually really good the two times I went. A bit heavy for spiring and summer but great in winter. They also had a great flourless cake.

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