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  • Holy Cow! I used to live on that block and that building has been unrepaired for at least 15 years since it got hit by a bus. I guess anything is possible.

  • Hooray! I LOVE restaurants!

    • Hey, a little less pretentious is fine with me….
      It could include the words….”small plates”, “upscale diner”, “gourmet”, “Mexican restaurant you have to pay for salsa”, “craft”, “program”, “speakeasy”, “hand crafted”, “ice program” and all the other absurd crap we’ve seen in this area…

      • Yeah, but I think the sign is attempting to exploit that exact same fervor for new and trendy sit-down restaurants—the kind that issue absurd news releases.

      • justinbc

        At least we know it will be an actual restaurant, rather than a concept.

  • The Dresden? Holy irony, Batman.

  • justinbc

    That’s awesome! Restaurant makes the best food!

  • And the hottest new club in Shaw is… “Restaurant”

  • Andie302

    I thought this is where Ambar was going

  • That building appears to be getting dismantled brick by brick.

  • This wasn’t where El Centro was supposedly going to be is it? That was a couple years ago.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. This is probably just the latest in a long series of schemes to keep the property ‘under construction.’ That way the scofflaw who owns this dump can keep getting out of paying the blighted property tax rate ($10 per $100).

    This guy has been as much as $250,000 behind on his property taxes over the years, somehow without it ever being successfully sold at tax sale. Could it be b/c of his buddies down at the Wilson Building??? Gee I wonder… Even now the tax bill is at $75,000 according to the real property database with no payments since January, 2015.

    Yeah, would be nice if something happens here but don’t count on it.

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