“Change of Train Schedule along New York Ave?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

“I live off of New York and Montana NE. Sometimes you can hear a train whistle blast loudly or a train fly by, but never consistently.

All day yesterday the whistles sounded like they were right next door instead of 2 blocks and a DPW truck site away. They also came at a greater frequency and the whistle actually startled me once when I was upstairs in the bathroom with the door shut.

Out of shear interest does anyone know of any track work happening? schedule or safety policy changes? Or some other reason I might have started to notice this more over the weekend?


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  • Every year for about a week, they test the whistles or something like that down in the Amtrak yard. Can’t remember exactly when it happens, but it results in trains blowing their whistles ALL. THE. TIME. and at all hours. It’s necessary for safety, but a bit annoying if you live nearby. It’ll be over in a few days!

  • probably rerouting of trains during the massive tunnel construction under the city now. I’ve never heard of “whistle testing”.

    • The CSX construction has been going on for over a year now, and OP is asking about something that sounds like it started yesterday. In the 7 years I lived within earshot of the Amtrak yard, we always came to dread this week.

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