Car Flipped on Mass Ave Sunday


A reader reported on Sunday:

“On Mass Ave near the Rock Creek bridge. Don’t know the details, but one of the bystanders said everyone was alright. Apparently one person in handcuffs in a squad car. Anyone get any more information on this?”

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  • How do you manager this on Massachusetts Ave? How do you do this one any street in DC, in a car for crying out loud?

  • I ran by this accident during the clean up. A tree on the eastbound side of the street looked hit (bark had been freshly removed from the lower part of the tree), and there appeared to be no other damaged cars (they may have been towed away by that point, but didn’t look like there was another car). It looked like the car’s passenger side may have gone up the side of the tree which caused the resulting flip.

  • This was an accident between the (upside down) Uber car and a van. I don’t know who was at fault. But I have noticed Uber and Lyft drivers getting wilder and wilder – they spend more time making u-turns than going straight.

    Since Uber asks riders and drivers to rate each other they should offer a way for others to report unsafe driving. Maybe this would chill them out a bit. I’m willing to wait a bit longer for my ride in exchange for not getting run over.

    • You can absolutely report unsafe driving, just leave a rating of one or two stars and it will ask for a further description as to why you gave such a rating.

      • They also have a specific page on their website for reporting unsafe driving. I reported a guy who drove so dangerously I was legitimately afraid he was going to cause a crash. They refunded me in full and responded with an apology and a promise to investigate and possibly expel the driver from Uber altogether.

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