Bonus GDoN – Pool Above the Garage Edition?!?!!


Well this absolutely wild and I couldn’t wait ’till tomorrow so bonus GDoN today! Thanks to Puck Buddys for sending. I honestly thought I was being punked but Puck insists it’s for real. So hear goes.

It’s located at 2010 Upshur Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Irresistibly gorgeous Michigan Park home with swanky private rooftop POOL! Offering, 3BR, 3.5BA over an open and bright layout, hrwd flrs & modern high end finishes. S.S appliances in kitchen, sun room w/pleasant neighborhood views & fully finished basement w/wet bar!! Spacious outdoor POOL just above the garage with BA + easy access from master bd!!!! This home is PERFECT for entertaining!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $789,000.

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  • Why are they describing the pool as “just above the garage” when it appears that the construction of the pool has made the garage unusable as a garage? (Except possibly for hobbit-sized vehicles?)
    The decision to leave half of the garage door in place rather than covering it up is very, very strange.

    • I had the same question about the hobbit garage door. Out of curiosity I looked it up on Google Street View and the garage has looked like that since at least 2007. Which makes me even more curious now.

      • A prior owner probably added the pool. Can’t imagine the contractor who did the usual, ugly contractor flip of the interior adding the pool – they wouldn’t bother to spend for the reinforcement needed to hold all that pool water. Wonder if whomever installed the pool did that right.

        • I lived in that neighborhood and the pool has been there at least 7 years.

          • I grew up in the neighborhood, having lived there for decades. I’d bet that pool was put in as early as the 80s, if not before. We all marveled at how unusual it was for someone in the neighborhood to have a pool and even more strange to have it over the garage. At any rate it’s been there way longer than 7 years. Probably at least 20-25. Check the permits.

  • Instead of having a pool over the garage, you could just light a bunch of money on fire every year. It would be almost as useful and just as expensive.
    Did an insane developer or an insane homeowner do this? Either way it has to take about 100k off the value of the house.

  • Is the former garage space just a storage space now? One can assume that this space now houses the pool utilities but that would be the one curiosity of mine.

  • KSB

    With the PG Pool waiting list as long as it is, these new owners could make a killing in garage-pool day-pass sales.

  • I have driven by this house for years never thought the space above the garage was a pool (see street view for ‘before’ exterior pictures.) If the garage was still usable this would be great. I assume they just use the garage for pool pumps?

  • This seems like a bad deal? Why would you pay so much to live on a few blocks from Eastern Ave, when you can get something in Mt. Ranier for so much cheaper?

    I love pools and would gladly trade a garage for a pool as long as I had some off street parking. This setup seems like a strange floorplan/traffic flow to access the pool, but at least you get a pool, some storage space underneath the pool, and off street parking.

    Also, unclear why the flipper did not pop out the attic to make some more useable space.

    • The price is a bit high for location, but you are so close to the park where shady characters hang out and drug deals go down on a daily basis!

  • This looks like a disaster….

    That was what it looked like just in January. NO THANK YOU

  • Eh, I prefer the house with the smaller but normal pool in Capitol Hill!

  • From the pre-flip listing:
    “Tremendous opportunity to develop the wonderful potential locked in this gem. An oddity exists in that a pool has been built over the garage, HOWEVER, the right buyer will know exactly what to do with this property!”
    I’m not sure that this property found the “right buyer”…

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