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  • Their service is abominable. If it’s “COOL NEW PATIO! SAME TERRIBLE SERVICE!” I’m out.

    • Anonomnom

      It is true that there are a lot of bad places (I still shutter when I think of the thankfully closed Pasta Italiana) but as someone who has lived in WP since 2012, I think things are slowly improving. McIntyre’s is a great addition, I am a fan of Cafe Sorriso, and I am excited for the new place by Duke’s that is opening (even though I will always be said for the loss of Zoo Bar). I still leave the area a lot to eat, but the options for when you are lazy have thankfully improved. My judgment is still out for Bar Civita though. I’ve only ever done happy hour at the bar which was great, but it is hard to gauge service when you are sitting at the bar unless something goes REALLY wrong.

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