Your Afternoon Animal Fix

If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. Your photos will go into the queue (usually 2 weeks wait) and will be posted in the order I receive them. If you’ve already entered your pet and would like to do so again – that’s no problem – just space the entries out a bit. Please try to send horizontal photos 640×480 (medium size on your iphone) if possible. If you’re not using an iphone any size is fine.

Seamus & Wisin of 16th Street Heights

“Seamus & Wisin of 16th Street Heights were fighting ten minutes ago, but nothing gets in between true napping buddies.”


“Diandian is enjoying sunbath in Meridian Hill Park”
Name: Diandian (“spot” in Chinese)
Neighborhood: Meridian Hill Park”


“Willow, all curled up in Park View.”

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  • Love the embracing kitties, the happy dog, and the Ovalcat.

  • Emmaleigh504

    cuddle puddles of kitties are the best.
    Love Diandian’s happy face.
    Willow has such pink ears! Love her little feet sticking out.

  • May as well just retire the Animal Fix column, Seamus and Wisin have won the contest we didn’t know was on. Goodness that’s SO cute!

    (in other news: yikes! It’s already time for the afternoon animal fix?? How did it get to be 4:00??)

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Cat fights are just a prelude to sex – or cuddling!

  • Awww slow eye blinks, Seamus and Wisin!

  • LOVE the snuggling nap partners!
    That pup looks So. Flippin. Happy! I’m jealous, I want to feel that way!
    Willow! I know her! I know her!

  • Great set of cats and pups.
    I love how willow couldn’t even.

  • binntp

    Beware that gorgeous Willow cat–I know from experience that she’s a lovable shedding monster who’ll turn your lap white in an instant 🙂

    • 🙂
      Do you think she sheds more than other cats? Or is it just more noticeable because she’s white?
      I try to brush her once or twice a day, but there is Always. More. Fur.

      • binntp

        I’m spoiled because my kitty is black and her hair blends in with most of my clothes. But I do think Willow’s shed factor is a bit higher than most. But that’s probably also what makes her extra soft!

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