“We are fighting a fire on CSX RR bridge over Potomac with both land units and our fireboats.”

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  • How does a bridge catch fire? Or what exactly is burning? Isn’t the bridge metal?

    • Sparks from the wheel flanges.
      Sure would be nice if CSX replaced that bridge with something safer and more befitting the entrance to our nations capitol. Between the rust and graffiti, you would think that CSX wasn’t a multi-billion dollar company.

  • OK – Googling “wheel flanges” just fried my brain. So it sparks, and the sparks land on what to start a fire? The wooden ties? I’ve worked hard to start campfires with flint sparks – clearly I need a bridge!

  • Hmmm. Why does it feel as though every couple of weeks there is a new CSX fire or other safety incident somewhere in or near the District!?. CSX carries hazardous materials, yet they seem to be careless about safety.

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